Chapter 45 – Busy School Bully

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Song Yu had gone to bed a little late yesterday. He was in a bad mood now that he’d been woken up.

So, his gaze was cold and irritated as soon as he opened his eyes.

His line of sight was like a knife as he looked at the people who’d woken him up.

The gangster noticed it too. He tilted his head to look at Song Yu, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Seeing Song Yu’s delicate and weak appearance and looking at how neatly he’d worn his uniform, the gangster’s mouth quirked. He brought his legs down and stood up, saying maliciously, “Hey, transfer student, I want to talk to you about something.”

Song Yu rubbed at his eyebrows with his hands, his face gloomy.

The student in front of him now had eyes as red as a rabbit’s, sniffling and crying as he crouched down to pick up his books.

Most of the students in the last exam classroom were ignorant teenagers. They couldn’t afford to stir up trouble and could only pretend to not see anything.

The gangster often skipped classes and went to play on the Internet, indulging in games and ignoring even things that were happening outside his window. He naturally didn’t know that a new school bully had come to Jingcheng No.1 High and didn’t recognize Song Yu. He just thought that Song Yu looked easy to bully. He leaned over, placed a hand on Song Yu’s desk, and sneered, “Take care of your fellow brother when the exam starts. Pass on an answer for every question you do, or we can trade exam papers. You don’t look like a fool to me, so you should know what I mean, right?”

The corners of Song Yu’s lips pulled down. He raised his head slightly, his eyes mocking and his voice cold, “But you look like a fool to me.”

The gangster was stunned for a moment, his face suddenly becoming gloomy. He grew angry, reaching out for Song Yu’s collar, “Do you really want to do it the hard way? I think you don’t need to take the exam at all.”

Song Yu caught his wrist, tugged him forward, and kicked him in the knee, sending him to the ground.

The gangster’s eyes grew wide. He couldn’t move.

Song Yu expressionlessly pressed his head down, his other hand pointing to the books and stationery on the ground. His voice was cold and indifferent, “Pick them up and wipe them clean. If even one thing is missing, I’ll screw your head off.”

His movements were too overbearing and handsome, leaving the crowd in the classroom, who only dared to swallow down their anger, in a stunned daze.

Sunlight shone through the glass and landed on the youth’s light-colored hair. His entire person looked transparent and clean, his momentum magnificent.

Someone in the classroom recognized him, “Brother Yu!”

The whispering increased instantly.

“That’s Brother Yu?”

“… Holy shit, he’s really that handsome in person?”

The boy who’d been crying was frozen in surprise. His eyes, which were as red as a rabbit’s, stared at Song Yu from behind his thick glasses.

The gangster could feel his knees creak from where he was kneeling on the ground and now understood that he’d come up against a hard thorn. His prestige was gone, and he was scared into almost losing control over his bladder. His hands shook as he picked up the books from the ground, wiping them on his clothes before giving them back to the other party.

He supported himself on the desks and limped back to his own seat like a lost dog.

The people in the classroom sucked in a breath of cold air and lamented in their hearts that Brother Yu was really terrible.

The boy still held a pencil case in his hand and timidly said, “Thank you.”

Song Yu’s sleepiness was almost gone. He rubbed his eyes again and replied, “No need, it’s the school bully’s job to punish evil and promote good.”

The gangster was incredibly angry after he returned to his seat, fidgeting so much that he made his chair creak and moving restlessly the whole time.

Song Yu raised his eyes, his gaze like a knife.

That area suddenly fell silent.

Song Yu turned his head back and added, “Also, maintaining discipline.”

The whole class: “……”

You school bullies are really busy.

The bell signaling the start of class rang, and the exam invigilator came in. The first exam was Chinese. The invigilator was quite clear about the students in the last class and basically turned a blind eye to what went on. As long as it wasn’t too extreme, they could pass around notes everywhere.

But it was different today.

Those who could sit in the same classroom were basically all cast from the same mold. With Song Yu, the Great Buddha, present, they didn’t even dare to cheat.

The invigilator teacher sat at the platform and played with her cell phone. After playing for a while, she lifted up her head and met the gazes of nearly half the students in the class.

The air suddenly grew a little quiet.

The students: “……” Their thoughts were blank. They didn’t know what to do.

The teacher: “……” She was dumbfounded. Were the students expressing an opinion about her playing on her cell phone?

The teacher coughed, put away her cell phone, and began to walk around and patrol. She walked back and forth, her gaze finally attracted by Song Yu, who was in the last row. After all, the quiet and handsome teenager stood out from the rest of those in the classroom. She stood next to Song Yu, then looked at his comprehension and ancient poems and prose answers, which were all done properly; he’d gotten all the points right.

The teacher had a smile in her eyes and nodded with satisfaction.

When this action was seen by everyone else in the class, it became a signal.

A guess silently rose up in their hearts—damn, was Brother Yu really a study god?

Chinese composition was a topic that Song Yu had found particularly annoying over both his lives. He felt very refreshed when he handed the paper in.

He went back to the apartments with Xie Sui at noon.

Song Yu said, “I think I’ll be able to get into the top 100 of the grade this time as long as my composition wasn’t off-topic.”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “Great.”

Song Yu was in high spirits, “Let’s compare answers for the multiple choice; was it AAAD?”

Xie Sui glanced at him, “Don’t think about it after the exam. Prepare for the next one.”

Song Yu had a bad premonition. He stared at him, “Damn it! Did I choose the wrong ones?”

Xie Sui suppressed a smile and breezily said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s just 12 points.”

Song Yu remained where he was, his expression collapsing. He suddenly felt a sense of loss; after all, he’d worked so hard, yet he still failed in the first Chinese exam. In this instant, his entire person was like a drooping ball of frustration.

Xie Sui: “You’re already sad?”

Song Yu was listless and didn’t speak.

Xie Sui laughed, “I was just scaring you. It’s AAAD. You didn’t get any of them wrong.”

“Really?” Song Yu’s head abruptly rose, his light brown eyes filled with an ecstatic light. He then realized what had happened and became especially angry, “What did you scare me for!? Are test results something that should be joked around with?!”

On the other hand, Xie Sui smiled as he looked at him, “Do you remember now?”

Song Yu: “What?”

Xie Sui: “Don’t compare answers with others after the exam.”

Song Yu: “……”

Indeed. That kind of sudden sense of loss after comparing answers that led to a depressed mood really didn’t feel good.

Song Yu didn’t ask Xie Sui about the answers for the following exams.

The monthly exams went well.

With Xie Sui there to help him circle the key ideas and focus on a few knowledge points, math and physics weren’t difficult.

Even the final question was similar to one that he’d done before.

The answer hadn’t changed: A=5.

The last subject was English.

Song Yu felt like a completely new person when he handed in the final exam paper.

Although the results hadn’t come out yet, the monthly exams were finally over and he was confident that he would have good results.

No.1 High’s exam papers were marked very quickly. The results for the monthly exam would come out the day after tomorrow.

There was a self-study period in the evening after the exams.

Song Yu began to toss a coin. It was like a method of psychological sustenance; if it was heads, then the results were good, and if it was tails, then the results were bad. But if it was tails, then it was also because there was a problem with the coin and it needed to be changed.

Ma Xiaoding lost his soul during the English exam. He rolled his eyes, “The English composition part was about Li Hua1Li Hua – from Baidu: a frequent figure in the English composition portion of the college entrance examination, first appeared in the 1995 national college entrance examination and even earlier in individual city simulation papers. He is usually a student of a middle school and serves as the president of the student union of the school. He often helps others and takes an active part in school activities. again! This Li Hua goes out shopping, eating, and participating in activities with his male classmates every day. Is he gay or something!”

Xi Bowen laughed loudly from beside him, “This composition wasn’t that hard to write.”

Ma Xiaoding asked Song Yu, “Brother Yu, how was your English exam?”

Song Yu tossed another coin. It was heads; his luck was pretty good. He had a smile on his lips, and his reply was languid, “When it comes to exams? It’s thirty percent destiny, seventy percent hard work, and the remaining one hundred and forty percent depends on the teacher’s mood.”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

Xi Bowen’s eyes were practically glowing. He asked Song Yu, “Brother Yu! I heard that you taught some bad boy a lesson during the exam? Maintaining discipline in the exam room? There’s a post about it on the forums and it’s praised you up to the heavens, saying you’re both righteous and handsome, and that you’re not a school bully but a national husband.”

Song Yu closed his hand. He smiled brilliantly, “Really? I’ll take a look when I get back.”

After he went back, the first thing he did was call his family. He’d gained enough confidence after the exams.

He called his father’s private number.

Song Yu got straight to the point.

“Dad, congratulate me in advance on entering the top 100 in the grade. Are there any rewards?”

On the other side, President Song, who dealt with many important matters every day, was surprised, “Are the results out?”

Song Yu’s tone was light, “Not yet, it’s congratulations in advance. It doesn’t matter if the results are out or not.”

President Song: “……”

What came after was another series of scolding from the grumpy President Song.

It was so explosive that Song Yu’s ears felt very painful even from across the cell phone.

President Song’s anger soon died down.

In fact, he’d made this monthly exam agreement just so that Song Yu would have something to focus on and stay in school.

President Song started asking about the matter that he was more concerned about, “It’s been three months since you left the hospital. How do you feel?”

“I feel great.” Song Yu hadn’t felt any different over the past three months. He was able to eat, fight, and troll, and he was even a little curious about the original owner of this body’s illness, “Dad, how did I get this illness?”

President Song’s tone was fierce and angry, “Blame your third uncle. He bought an island and bragged about it everywhere, insisting on dragging you there to play. As a result, you nearly drowned while playing by the seaside and fell into a coma for over half a month. After you woke up, your body never recovered.”

Song Yu was stunned.

President Song paused for a moment, then sighed, “It’s also your fault. It was storming, but you insisted on going out and nobody could stop you. Forget it… Last time, when you were discharged from the hospital, Dr. Xu said that your condition has started to stabilize. You don’t have to worry too much about this illness. It’s not a terminal illness.”

Song Yu’s heart suddenly felt a bit sour. He sighed.

Dad, it’s a terminal illness. It’ll be Game Over in five years.

Half a beat later.

President Song continued awkwardly, “What haven’t you gotten from childhood to now? You’re already so old, yet you’re still clamoring for rewards. How childish are you?”

Then, his words turned into, “Say it, then. What do you want?”

Regarding this father and son pair.

It really didn’t matter if he’d gotten good grades or not.

Song Yu’s depressed mood instantly recovered. He smiled after thinking about it, his eyes bright and clear, “Dad, can you find someone to buy a watch for me? I want to give it to someone.”

President Song: “???”

The reward he wanted was a gift for someone else.

President Song was sour, “Is it for that friend you mentioned?”

Song Yu’s lips curved, “Yeah.”

After chatting with his father, Song Yu fell into a trance while holding his cell phone. In fact, his memories had been vague after he entered this world, particularly the memories from before he was six years old.

However, these ten plus years of vague memories hadn’t made him feel uncomfortable, nor had they made his family suspicious of him.

“Is this the system’s automatic repair function?”

Song Yu frowned. He shook his head and tossed this matter to the back of his mind.

He sat down in front of the computer and opened up the school forums. He wanted to see how people were praising him in the post that Xi Bowen had mentioned, but he found it dull after really going in to see it. As expected, they praised him for being handsome, overbearing, kind, and righteous, with a whole pile of ahhhhh, wuwuwu, and rainbow farts. There were even a few guys who’d come out to provide an objective analysis, turning from haters into fans.

233L: Wuwuwu, I still remember that day at the start of school when I yelled that Green Brother Yu had climbed over just for God Xie, wuwuwu, I was wrong, I’m sorry, Brother Yu, you’re so handsome, and God Xie is so excellent, you guys are a perfect couple.

234L: Great, I just want to watch handsome guys falling for each other qwq

235L: Previous poster little sister, restrain yourself! Go to the dedicated thread, go to the dedicated thread!

236L: [nose pick][nose pick] Are you guys not worried about Brother Yu’s monthly exam results?

237L: Weakly offering up an opinion, I feel that Brother Yu should be in the top 100. During the exam, the teacher looked at his paper and smiled. TuT Brother Yu, don’t let us down, us little brothers are on our knees begging

He was probably the only school bully whose monthly exam results could make other people feel so concerned.

Song Yu clicked out of the post and saw the thread that he’d already seen hundreds of times.

Now, it was always on the front page.

Song Yu held his mouse, briefly thought about it, and still chose to click in.

[ The future is like the sea, and Sui x Yu are happy together ]

His mouse scrolled all the way down. There were all kinds of punching in, all kinds of picking up candy, and all kinds of made-up romantic declarations based on their names, appearances, birthdays, or other random nothings. Forcibly making something out of nothing.

Song Yu felt that he might even end up brainwashed by the thread after looking at it for too long, so he went straight to the last page. His eyes landed on a publicity post.

[ Fellow sisters, heeheehee, I wrote an article. I’ll use this identity to post it, just click and see the master post to get your share of happiness. The sugar is only for private enjoyment, don’t leak it out! Don’t leak it out! I don’t want to disturb their lives qwq ]

[ Hahahahahaha this desire for survival ]

[ Don’t worry!! Keep it in the circle for our self-happiness! ]

[ The writer is worried about disturbing their lives, but the readers are worried about Brother Yu beating up our dog heads ]

Song Yu: “……”

He couldn’t help himself and clicked to see the master post.

[ I’m starting!! This is fiction! Fiction! ]

[ Thank you everyone for your support!! ]

[ Copy:

People in Jingcheng No.1 High School all know that their school grass, Xie Sui, is cold and indolent, distant and unattainable. He refused countless pursuers, cold and abstinent like a kaolin flower, as though he would never be touched by emotion in this lifetime.

Later on, a new transfer student came. His appearance was clean and excellent, his character eccentric and unreasonable, going up against heaven and earth. At the start of school, he beat up the former school bully and became the national husband.

These two people became deskmates.

Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain.

Everyone felt that they would either remain like silent strangers or they would find the other person displeasing to the eyes and fight endlessly with each other.

Until one day, they saw the cold school grass who’d always been cold and indifferent pressing his little deskmate up against the wall.

The whole school was stunned silly. ]

[ Oh my hahahahahahahahahaha ]

[ Pressing up against the wall and kissing???!!!! ]

[ Full score for the copy, full score for the copy ]

[ Fighting, great one! ]

Song Yu: “……”

As the party who’d been pressed up against the wall.

He logged into his own account.

Amidst a whole crowd of ‘hahahaha’.

One comment was particularly striking.

2515L Your Husband, Brother Yu: ……

There was a pause.

[ ???? ]

[ Am I blind? Can any of you fellow sisters lend me your eyeballs ]

[ F*ck me!!!!!! It really is Brother Yu! It’s Brother Yu!! ]

[ …………. ]

[ Sister, you’re done for. Oh, wait, you’re on fire! ]

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    Li Hua – from Baidu: a frequent figure in the English composition portion of the college entrance examination, first appeared in the 1995 national college entrance examination and even earlier in individual city simulation papers. He is usually a student of a middle school and serves as the president of the student union of the school. He often helps others and takes an active part in school activities.


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