Chapter 42 – So Curious About My Grades?

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Teacher Cheng’s words stirred up a thousand waves, causing Class One to explode.

Everyone was afraid of Wang Ci. After all, there were only a few aristocratic families in Jing City, and for most of the students, their families just had a little money and weren’t anywhere near the level of the Wang Family. Additionally, most people’s characters were still pliable, so they’d attempt to curry favor with the strong. 

Wang Ci hadn’t appeared that often during the first week of school, but his domineering aggressiveness and wanton insidiousness made them feel uncomfortable.

It was a good thing that he’d directly changed classes.

The crowd breathed a deep sigh of relief in their hearts.

Song Yu pursed his mouth lightly and said nothing. It was good that Wang Ci had left, and it was best if he stayed out of his sight for these three years while he was in Jing City.

Teacher Cheng didn’t say much about Wang Ci. He simply asked two taller students to move that group of desks away.

He looked at the class seating arrangement and sighed, “We’ll rearrange the seats after the monthly exams. If you guys keep your current seating, you won’t have to worry about not being able to find someone to talk to during class.”

The class burst into laughter.

Teacher Cheng glared at them, “I’ve only just transferred to Jingcheng No.1, and it’s your class that I’ve taken over. This first monthly exam is related to my reputation, so don’t make me lose face—if you mess up in the exams, I’ll make sure you get more than you bargained for.”

Everyone liked this new class teacher very much after having a class with him.

The atmosphere in class was relaxed and their attitudes were casual when they got along with each other.

One of the boys raised his hand, laughing brightly, “Then, Teacher, will there be a reward if we do well in the exams?”

Teacher Cheng sorted out his teaching plan, pushed up his glasses, then slowly said, “If the average score in the class is within the top three in the grade, we’ll arrange a team building activity for the class.”

“Ohhhhh, okay!”

The whole class began to howl and egg each other on.

“Teacher, I want to eat hot pot!”

“Teacher, I suggest having an outing.”

Someone sneered, “Are we primary school students? What outing? Teacher, let’s go singing.”

They hadn’t even had the exams yet and everyone was already excitedly putting forward their own opinions.

Teacher Cheng picked up his teaching plan and slapped it down on the platform, his tone grumpy, “Quiet! Just based on how you guys are howling and wailing now, how are you going to compete with the other classes? Everyone will need to go and run three laps around the playground if your average score is the lowest.”

Run three laps around the playground.

All of a sudden, many people began to wail.

Their new class teacher suddenly looked down at his name list again when he finally headed out of the classroom and said, “Song Yu, come visit me in my office.”

Song Yu, who’d been looking at the study plan that Xie Sui had given him, “???”

Why had he been called again?

He found out why when he got to the office.

Their new class teacher pointed gently to the seat beside him, “Don’t be nervous. Sit down. Teacher just wants to ask you if you’ve encountered any trouble in your first few days at school.”

Song Yu sat down, a little confused. Encountered any trouble? Although he really didn’t want to admit it, it seemed that in recent days, he’d been the source of the trouble that other people encountered.

Teacher Cheng’s voice was gentle, “The headmaster also told me about the situation regarding your health. If you feel any discomfort or encounter any trouble, you can come find me in my office. Let me call your phone now so you can save my number. Your current deskmate is Xie Sui, right? He’s a conscientious and diligent child. You can study with him in peace, and tell me if anyone bullies you.”

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu: “Okay, thank you, Teacher.”

Class One had practically exploded during the time when Song Yu went to the office.

A whole group of people eagerly came over to Xie Sui while shouting ‘God Xie’ one after another, wailing pitifully and saying things like, “It’ll be up to you to drag up my scores for the average class score” and, “You’re carrying the hope of the whole class”.

Xie Sui hadn’t yet said anything…

… But Ma Xiaoding had already started yelling disgruntledly, “What’s going on, are you guys not taking our Brother Yu into consideration?”

For once, Xi Bowen’s thoughts were the same as his when it came to this matter. He felt quite proud, like he’d mastered a secret that nobody else knew, “Oh, you guys are superficial. You’ve probably all been cheated by Brother Yu’s identity as a school bully. In fact, Brother Yu’s also a study god. He came to Jingcheng No.1 to directly challenge God Xie for first place in the rankings. Are you guys scared?”

The whole class: “???”

The whole class: “Wow!!”

They recalled Song Yu’s hard-working appearance in class. The more they thought about it, the more they felt that it was very possible.

The whole class had shining eyes, “God Xie, God Xie, is that true?”

Xie Sui: “……”

He felt that these two were tossing Song Yu into a pit.

In order to make it so that things wouldn’t be too embarrassing for that child when the time came…

Xie Sui tapped a finger on the desk and thought about it, then smiled and profoundly said, “Song Yu’s very smart, but there are some differences between the teaching materials from A City and those from Jing City.”

Song Yu, who didn’t know that he’d now been crowned as a ‘study god’, returned to the classroom.

He felt that the crowd was looking at him with strange gazes, their eyes filled with shock and surprise.

Ma Xiaoding asked him, “Brother Yu, what did the new class teacher call you over for?”

Song Yu thought about it, “Nothing much. Just some everyday things.”

“Oh, oh.” Ma Xiaoding then went on, wanting credit for his good deeds, “Brother Yu, you have to get good results in the monthly exams this time and win glory for our class. I just told everyone about your hidden identity as a study god.”

Song Yu: “??”

He turned around abruptly, his eyes wide and his face filled with incredulity, “What did you say?”

Ma Xiaoding didn’t realize that his death was imminent and proudly answered, “I just told them about your identity as a study god in A City, just a bit short of 800 points. It was time to speak out about it and blind everyone—Oh hey, Brother Yu, why are you hitting me?”

Song Yu rubbed his sore hand and ignored Ma Xiaoding’s aggrieved gaze. He turned back, maintaining his calm as he said to Xie Sui, “Is there any way to improve by 400 points in two weeks.”

Xie Sui laughed lightly, “Yes, in your dreams.”

Song Yu: “…… Dammit.”

There would always be a day when one’s true identity was revealed after playing around with their character settings so much.

The last class was PE, and they could do whatever they liked.

Song Yu sat under a tree reciting words, his hard-working appearance making the whole class feel moved. He was handsome, could fight, and even loved to learn! How could there be such a good person in this world.

Xie Sui had originally been accompanying him, but he’d been called to the office by the class teacher towards the end.

Inside the office.

Teacher Cheng hesitantly asked, “How do you feel about being deskmates with student Song Yu?”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “It’s quite nice. He’s very lovely.”

Teacher Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and lifted his pen, “In that case, Teacher will arrange for you two to continue sitting together next month. Student Song Yu isn’t in good health and should have a quiet environment. Sitting with you is a good thing.”

Xie Sui couldn’t ask for anything better. He nodded, “Thank you, Teacher.”

When he stepped out of the office and went downstairs, someone called out to him by name.

“Xie Sui.” This voice was as gentle as water and held a hint of a smile.

Xie Sui’s steps paused. He slanted his head to the side and saw a girl he didn’t know standing in the corridor.

She was wearing small white shoes, a light blue shirt, and a white gauze skirt with a belt around her waist, revealing her pale and slender legs. There was a light layer of makeup on her face and she’d used orange lipstick, her long black hair draped her shoulders in the back. Her temperament was fresh and gentle.

Xie Sui stared at her, his eyes pure black. He always gave off a cool and distant feeling when he looked at others, and, when he didn’t smile, the sense of coldness and alienation was very obvious, rejecting others from thousands of miles away.

Bai Xuexin was stunned for a moment. This was the first time she’d felt this kind of oppression from her peers. But wasn’t it more of a challenge this way? He hadn’t yet returned to A City, and this time period was her best chance. She was very confident about her appearance as she took a step forward, her face carrying a look of pleasant surprise along with a trace of shyness, “You’re Xie Sui, right? I… I heard my deskmate talking about you before.”

Xie Sui looked at her. His gaze remained cold.

Bai Xuexin’s eyelashes trembled like small fans and she said in a low voice, “God Xie, speaking of which, I want to apologize to you. It’s about Chen Zhijie from our class. I didn’t know that he was going to go make trouble for you, but this matter was because of me. I’m very sorry that it made things difficult for you.”

She held out her hand, offering him a pen, “Can… can I have your contact information? You can write it on the back of my hand.” She laughed a little sheepishly.

Apologizing on behalf of someone who was chasing her.

Her words were innocent and pure.

But they could easily arouse a man’s vanity—having the unattainable goddess of the person who disgusted them come and show her favor.

It was presumably due to Song Yu’s influence, but much of the cold aura around Xie Sui’s body had dispersed and disappeared. He was still very polite when faced with this kind of clumsy pursuit, “Thank you, there’s no need to apologize, and no need for contact information.”

He turned to go after saying so.

It was the first time Bai Xuexin had ever been rejected. Her eyes opened wide, her pure and clean appearance almost collapsing. But she still bit her lip and took a step forward, clinging to Xie Sui’s arm and stretching out her words to act coquettish, “God Xie, isn’t refusing girls like this a little too cold and cruel?”

“In my opinion, the only person who is close to you in No.1 High is Song Yu. Is it because he’s good to you? In fact, I can be very good to you too, even better than him.”

She stuck out her tongue charmingly, her right hand offering the pen while she exposed the back of her left hand. She blinked and smiled, “Leave your phone number? I can surprise you.”

Xie Sui broke away from her hold, the smile on his lips ice-cold.

He’d rejected countless women in his last life—celebrities, stars, the pure, the lustful, and those who’d used means of seduction to achieve their ultimate goal.

In his eyes, Bai Xuexin’s performance wasn’t up to standard at all.

He took the pen from her hand.

And while Bai Xuexin had a slightly proud look in her eyes.

Xie Sui dropped his gaze, his attitude careless. He smiled, “Don’t mention Song Yu. You’re not qualified.”


The pen was dropped and left in the stairwell, rolling down after it fell.

Bai Xuexin’s expression was stiff, her entire person standing there, frozen on the spot.

Xie Sui had already left.

Leaving behind Bai Xuexin with her angry gaze and slowly clenching fingers.


In the days that followed, Song Yu would pester Xie Sui countless times a day.

And the matter of whether he was a real or fake study god also made its way to the forums.

[ Take a guess at Brother Yu’s monthly exam results ]

Main post: As a representative of the blood and rain on the forums, he should naturally have a separate thread of his own [manual dog head]. A student from Class One told me that Brother Yu is intrinsically a study god. Do you guys believe it? In any case, this poster is suspicious and has started looking forward to Brother Yu’s monthly exam results.

1L: Heeheehee, of course my husband is skilled in both the arts and sciences.

2L: I believe it, I believe it. Brother Yu tried to get everyone to uninstall the forums in order to focus on his studies back then, did you forget?

3L: I believe it. Sui x Yu is locked in. God Xie’s grades are so good, how could his boyfriend have bad grades?

4L: I don’t think it’s very credible… I’m not bragging, nor am I trying to discredit him, but I feel that Brother Yu is more like a learning scum.

Song Yu had been immersed in learning for many days and didn’t appear much on the forums. After class, the traffic flow to the forums increased, and the haters who’d disappeared for a period of time also reappeared.

34L: Like hell I believe it. You guys should just focus on bragging that he can fight. Don’t insult the words ‘study god’ with him. He’ll be living a life of moving bricks on a construction site in the future, don’t affect the people who are studying hard.

35L: Has a certain Yu’s identity as a troll been washed white after he stopped coming for a few days? He scolds people and fights. This kind of society youth, tsk, tsk, tsk, I really have to respect the blind girls in our school.

36L: I’m waiting for a certain Yu’s results to come out and slap him in the face. I’ll laugh to death. Keep bragging, you guys.


56L: A while ago, you guys were cowering so much you didn’t even dare to come out and say a word. Now, you’ve all popped out again, sigh.

57L: … Although I really want to fight back, I think it’s better not to make this too big of a deal. I always feel that it’ll be too humiliating for him when the time comes and Brother Yu isn’t actually a study god.

The haters became even more energetic.

84L: I bet that his total score won’t be any higher than 500, and his spot in the rankings will be calculated from the bottom up. He looks like a gangster, okay.

85L: That’s right, that’s right. Song Yu being a study god is the funniest joke I’ve heard this year.

86L: Hahahahahahahahahaha


88L Your Husband, Brother Yu: Is it very funny?

89L Your Husband, Brother Yu: Are you all so curious about my monthly exam results?

90L Your Husband, Brother Yu: If I don’t get into the top 100 in the grade, then everyone in this thread is done for. Don’t even think of running away, I can’t waste my status as school bully [smile]

Song Yu leaned back on the bed. He was expressionless when he read the forums and expressionless when he finished replying. He took a sip of juice and rolled his eyes.

He was only worried about the monthly exams because of his dad, okay? Would he let them see him make a fool of himself?

No.1 High forums.

There was dead silence.

The haters: “……”

A very long time later.

People commented in the thread like crazy, wishing they could tear the haters apart with their own hands. 

[ Did you guys laugh until you peed aaaaaahhhhh ] 

[ Was it very funny?? Was it funny?? ]

[ Damn it, I’m going to tear apart the haters with my hands tonight!!! ]

The haters all wilted.

Damn it, wasn’t Song Yu focused on studying?

If he was focused on studying, then why was he on the forums.

Someone tentatively offered up their opinion.

151L: Does anyone want to team up to assassinate the people in senior one’s top 100? Take me along, I don’t want to die, I want to send Brother Yu into the top 10 TUT

The author has something to say: 

Song Yu: I’m not the one who is afraid of the monthly exams, they are.

Butter’s Thoughts:
Don’t bother with assassination, just ask them to turn in blank test papers, for the good of the school!

XavierForest’s Thoughts:
Is it time to start lighting Brother Yu some candles? Or should the candles go to everyone in that thread? 

xiin: Song Yu, the one even haters are afraid of~


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