Chapter 4 – Xie Sui

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translator: xiin
editors: baumkuchen & butter

The lights in Linshui’s corridor were particularly dim and tinted a cool blue. Each private room was tightly closed and isolated from the outside world.

The thick red carpet absorbed sound. Song Yu followed the lights and headed to the innermost part of the floor.

Song Yu washed his hands after going to the toilet and thought that he might as well send his cousin a message before bailing. In any case, he didn’t want to listen to them sing anymore.

At this time, two staff members in the Linshui uniform came out of the stalls and chatted with each other beside him.

Their voices were clearly transmitted into Song Yu’s ears over the sound of splashing water.

“Are all children so tough nowadays?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if he’s stupid or naive.”

“It’s such a show of bravado. You can tell with a glance that that woman is in that line of work. Is she a pure white lotus just because she can shed two drops of tears? I’m guessing that she just didn’t expect to run into a cruel one like Second Young Master Wang and plans to run away when she can, then have that new boy go and help her sort things out.”

“Second Young Master Wang is never soft hearted when playing with women. She pushes others into the fire pit when she doesn’t want to suffer; it’s really vicious.”

“The key point is that the kid believed that pile of outright lies. It’s so funny; does he think that he’s safe because he’s a guy? Second Young Master Wang’s private life in the circle is extremely chaotic and messy. With the kind of looks that the kid has, he’ll have lost half his life by the time he comes out after delivering the alcohol.”

The tap was turned off. One of them stopped for a moment, then suddenly asked, “I heard the manager say that the kid’s still a high school student, right? If something goes wrong, it’s going to end up on the society news.”

The other person sneered, “Who can they blame? One’s willing to fight, and the other’s willing to suffer. Nobody’s forcing them. And, you can rest assured that, with the Wang Family involved, this news won’t spread out.”

Song Yu wiped his hands with a paper towel. He thought about how the world of the rich and powerful was so wonderful in literature that society’s rules were treated like window dressing.

Of course that was the case. Otherwise, how else could they make it so convenient for those stupid people to do such beastly things?

Song Yu wasn’t a person who would refuse to save someone if he saw that they were dying. He planned to report this matter to the front desk later; he couldn’t just watch on as some child was being ruined.

He took out his cell phone and edited the message he was about to send his cousin, “Cousin, I’m going to take a taxi back first.” His hand pressed the send key.

That was when he heard the conversation continue between the two staff members as they headed towards the door.

“What’s that boy’s name again?”

“It seems that his surname is Xie, Xie… Xie Sui, right, it’s Xie Sui!”

His fingers stiffened.

Xie Sui?!


Song Yu was shocked all over. He put his cell phone into his pocket and suddenly strode outside, calling out to the two staff members.

“Wait a minute!”

The two staff members were caught by surprise. They turned back to see a tall, 15 year old teenager rush out of the toilet.

They worked in Linshui, so the quality of their service was still in place. They could tell from Song Yu’s clothing that his background was extraordinary and asked, “Hello, what can we do for you?”

Song Yu’s tone carried traces of anxiety, “Which room?”

The staff were very confused, “What?”

Song Yu suppressed his inner impatience, “Which room is Xie Sui in?”

The staff were put in an awkward position, “Ah…”

Song Yu gazed at them quietly, his dark eyes full of serious intent and spoke slowly, enunciating each word clearly, “Xie Sui and I are classmates.”

The staff sighed in their hearts. They weren’t cold blooded people, either.  “He’s in 305.”

Song Yu said “Thank you” in a low voice and ran downstairs.

He edited and sent another message to his cousin on his way down, “I’m in 305.”

Song Yu would also have gone to help if it was a stranger, but he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry. The name ‘Xie Sui’ caused the worry and uneasiness in his heart to immediately climb up to a peak.

This was because Xie Sui’s constitution not only had ‘provokes perverts’ in it, there was also another characteristic, which was that it was particularly easy for him to arouse other people’s sadistic desires.

In short, it was ill-fated and disastrous.

Others may just have a drink and throw up. For Xie Sui, it would end up with breaking his leg and smashing his brain. There was nothing the author wouldn’t do in order to abuse Xie Sui more.

Song Yu cursed the original novel’s crappy settings and ran to the front desk. His tone carried a shortness of breath from running, “Miss! I want to report a situation!”

The front desk lady was stunned silly for a moment, then recognized him as someone who’d been brought over by Meng Guang and asked respectfully, “What did you say?”

Song Yu: “I want to report, there’s someone making trouble in 305!”

The front desk lady with delicate makeup stiffened slightly, “Trouble? Okay, I, I’ll look into it.”

She was about to contact the service staff on the third floor but the machine  unexpectedly wouldn’t connect.

Song Yu was already slapping the table and roaring, “There isn’t enough time. Is your manager here? Lend me a few people first. My friend is in 305, I feel that something’s going to happen if we’re even one second late.”

The front desk lady: “……”

Where had this little brat come from? She really wanted to ask the security guard to throw him out. However, she still had to show respect for Young Master Meng. What else could she do? She could only smile stiffly and say, “Alright, alright, don’t worry.”

In Linshui’s back garden, inside the private room with the antique style decoration.

Meng Guang was tired after indulging in song. He sat on the sofa and was just about to open a bottle of alcohol when his cell phone suddenly flashed.

The screen slid open as he unlocked it, and he saw the messages his cousin had left him.

There were two.

[ Cousin, I’m going to take a taxi back first. ] 

[ I’m in 305. ] 

The two messages were only a few minutes apart.

Meng Guang could vaguely sense that something was wrong. He opened up a bottle of beer and casually asked, “What kind of person went to Linshui’s room 305 today?

The Young Master of the Wei Family was seated next to him. As a giant in Jing City’s food and entertainment industry, the Linshui club was one of their businesses.

Wei Ze replied, “305? What are you asking about this for.” He was shuffling cards at the moment and suddenly thought of something, “Oh, wait, I seem to have some impression. When I went upstairs today, I ran into Wang Beidan and his group, and it seems like the room they entered was 305.”


Meng Guang spat out all the alcohol in his mouth.

Wei Ze quickly shifted to the side and cursed, “F*ck me, are you trying to start a fight.”

Meng Guang was so angry that he crumpled a can as he stood up. His eyes were gloomy and his voice was cold, “Wang, Bei, Dan?”

The person beside him noticed that he was extremely angry and asked incredulously, “What’s the matter? Although that person is really disgusting, he hasn’t provoked you, right?”

Wang Beidan had an incredibly bad reputation in their circle.

He was fond of novelty hunting and his tastes were abnormal. Back then, he’d almost killed a third rate female star in her apartment, but the Wang Family had spent a lot of money to bury the news.

Meng Guang’s expression was dark. He raged, “My cousin is in room 305 right now!”

The group collectively sucked in breaths of cold air.

That Young Master from the Song Family looked cute, well-behaved, and elegant. That straw bag Wang Beidan shouldn’t have just blindly dragged him inside, right?

Meng Guang was anxious to protect his younger cousin. He strode out and gnashed his teeth, “Damn it, if my little brother1little brother – in chinese family relationships, they often ignore/overlook that they’re not fully related when claiming brother/sisterhood is missing even a single strand of hair, Laozi will send him to the ICU today!”

“Hey, hey, wait a minute, we’ll go with you.”

These several major Young Masters from Jing City also stood up in a hurry.

Were they kidding? If something really happened to Song Yu, their old men would break their legs.

Linshui, third floor.

The manager following behind Song Yu was miserable, “Young Master, how could one of your classmates be here?”

Song Yu’s small, young face was cold, “He is because I said he is.”

The manager felt like he was being pushed into a fire pit by this little brat, but he had no choice except to knock on the door.

It wasn’t long before the door to 305 opened.

The one who’d opened the door was a young man with bleached yellow hair. The area beneath his eyes was a grey-green, and the word ‘displeased’ was practically written on his face. “What?”

The manager was sweating profusely. “I heard that there’s trouble here, so I came over to have a look.”

Yellow Hair pursed his lips, “There isn’t! Get lost!”

After speaking, he attempted to slam the door closed, but the handle of the door was grasped by a youth’s slender, pale hand.

A slightly chilly voice sounded out, “My friend is inside.”

Yellow Hair lifted his gaze upwards and saw a teenager in a white T-shirt and jeans, and his eyes immediately lit up.

He had always liked boys, and he was used to bullying and taking what he wanted after following Wang Beidan in Jing City. Looking at Song Yu’s pale and tender face, he could feel a dry heat surge up from his lower hips. His eyes narrowed and he laughed nastily, “You’re talking about the one called Xie Sui? He’s your friend? It’s good that you’re friends, how about coming in to play together?”

The manager wanted to give Yellow Hair a reminder, “No, this person…”

He didn’t expect that Song Yu would push him aside and sneer, “Sure.”

Yellow Hair enthusiastically opened the door.

Song Yu stepped straight inside.

There was music playing in the private room. It was noisy and loud, and the lighting was chaotic and capricious. The room was full of smoke and the pungent smell of alcohol, and there were a few men seated on the sofa.

It was just that their arms were wrapped around women’s waists while they looked at the middle of the room with ridicule in their eyes. Their mouths were full of jeers.

“Drink it!”

“Young Master Wang’s words are reliable!”

“We’ll let that idiot woman go after you finish drinking!”

Song Yu followed their lines of sight and saw Xie Sui.

The protagonist of <Gentle Control>.

He was dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. Xie Sui still had a student’s childishness, but his face was already sharply exquisite. The coldness in his eyes seemed to turn to frost as the light fell on his brows and eyes.

Several alcohol bottles on the table had already been emptied out.

However, Xie Sui’s actions didn’t stop. His slender hand lifted up a bottle to pour out the alcohol, and he drank it down in one breath like an old hand.

The youth had undone his shirt buttons up to the second button. He raised his head, and the alcohol slid from the corner of his lips before rolling down to his collarbone. It was unspeakably sexy.

The bottle was finished.

He set it down on the table.


The youth dropped his gaze. His voice was cold.

In this deep abyss of excess and depravity, he was clean and indifferent, like a ray of light.

There was a woman who had already mussed up her make-up from crying kneeling on the ground. She raised her head and looked at him in a daze.

Ten bottles of Linshui’s most potent alcohol had entered his stomach. Even if he didn’t die, he should have still torn a hole in his stomach.

A fat man was seated in the center of the sofa, smoking a cigarette. His tone was full of meaning, “You really finished drinking it all.”

Xie Sui’s voice was indifferent, “Let her go.”

Wang Beidan stared lasciviously at the youth’s delicate face, licked his lower lip, and pressed the cigarette butt onto the table to extinguish it.

“Fine, I’ll let her go. However, I paid a lot of money for this woman. To let her go for a mere ten bottles of wine, I feel like I’m really making a loss. How about you compensate me with something.”

Xie Sui’s pupils shrank. He didn’t speak, but his hands slowly clenched into fists.

The people around them all showed deep, sinister smiles. The people that Young Master Wang had taken a fancy to that night definitely wouldn’t be able to leave.

Wang Beidan pushed the woman who was sitting on his leg away. His legs spread open and he laughed obscenely, “How about this. I originally called her over to vent my passions. How about you use your mouth to do it for me? We’ll call it even with that, how about it?”

At the entrance to the room.

Yellow Hair leaned against the door. He was very dissatisfied, “I’m playing with this little friend. Why are you coming over to join in on the fun? Scram, scram, scram, don’t ruin this daddy’s enjoyment.”

The manager was bitter, “Don’t, something will go wrong. He’s someone that Young Master Meng brought over; something will happen.”

Yellow Hair: “What? Who brought him?”

The manager was still thinking about how things would go wrong when, in the next second, there was the sound of broken alcohol bottles inside the room.

Bang! The sound was as loud as thunder!

Everyone was scared into a stupor.

A youth had shown up in the private room while they weren’t paying attention.

Without saying a single word, he’d lifted up a beer bottle from the table. His hand moved, and he threw the bottle at Wang Beidan’s head.

Wang Beidan’s pupils shrank. He was able to avoid it, but the bottle smashed into the wall and the rebounding pieces of glass still managed to bloody his face.

As soon as he touched the blood on his face, he instantly became enraged and roared furiously, “Who is it! Who let him in here!”

Xie Sui was also stunned. A second ago, he was still immersed in darkness, insulting words, and disgusting gazes that tormented his nerves and dignity bit by bit.

The next second, someone suddenly appeared and shattered this nightmare. After drinking so much alcohol, there was a pain that stabbed like a knife in his stomach, and his eyes, which were always cold, now held traces of confusion. He looked silently at the person beside him.

Song Yu walked out of the darkness. He was so angry his liver ached, and he sneered as he looked at Wang Beidan, “Isn’t it venting passion? I’ll help you.”

Real, hardcore venting.

xiin: thanks for the ko-fis! ML is here! and MC shows up like a hero, a light in the darkness, a ray of hope, a… *runs out of inspiration for words* hahaha~

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    little brother – in chinese family relationships, they often ignore/overlook that they’re not fully related when claiming brother/sisterhood


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