Chapter 39 – Illness

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Meng Guang covered his chest and didn’t dare to look anymore. He felt that his soul had suffered a severe attack; his cousin’s simple and clean text message made him feel like an old beast who’d been blackened by society.

Song Yu held onto his cell phone for a long time, thinking to himself. Xie Sui would probably refuse, right? After all, he was rejected every time he invited Xie Sui to his apartment for dinner, and the rejection would generally happen in less than three words.

Xie Sui’s reply came shortly after.

[ Okay ]

Sure enough, it was less than three words, but he’d actually agreed.

Song Yu was stunned for a moment before the corners of his lips curved up.

[ Alright, I’ll send you the address. See you tomorrow morning. ]

Meng Guang recalled his own youth that had already passed him by when he saw his expression. He was a little sour, “You’re inviting a classmate over to do homework, yet you’re making it seem like you’re asking out the school flower. Do you have to be so happy about it?”

Wen Yuan rolled her eyes from the co-pilot seat. She lifted her long hair with one hand then coolly said, “Just let your garbage ideas rot in your stomach. Don’t say them out loud and harm your cousin. Messing around with relationships between men and women, you just wait and see if I break your leg.”

Mayor Meng, who was driving, couldn’t hold back his smile. He said, “Yuyu, don’t listen to your elder cousin. At your age, doing homework together is about right.”

Meng Guang was on the receiving end of snide remarks from both parents and bitterly touched his nose, saying in dissatisfaction, “What did I say?! How did it turn into messy relationships between men and women? It’s not funny, mom, you’re really not funny.”

Song Yu was in a particularly good mood. He slowly stared at him, his lips curving in a smile, then said meaningfully, “I didn’t make a date with the school flower, but I did make a date with the school grass.”

Meng Guang was instantly not angry anymore. He grew interested, “Great!”

He then asked more questions.

“But your deskmate’s appearance really is excellent. What about you? Did you get some sort of grass title? School grass, grade grass, class grass? You can’t let him take all three titles, right? Oh, that’s not right, Yuyu is going to take the study god title.”

Song Yu: “……”

Excuse me, I’m sorry, but I didn’t manage to get school grass, class grass, or study god. I got the school bully title instead.

Of course, how could he dare to say this in front of his aunt and uncle? He avoided the weighty matters and focused on the small things, answering Meng Guang’s earlier questions.

“Although me and Xie Sui are pulling even, I don’t like being in the limelight. The girls in our school haven’t found me yet for the time being, so I haven’t been named as any sort of grass.”

Meng Guang was amused.

“Then their eyes aren’t good enough. How about this? I’ll label you as the city grass and have my father support it officially so that you get some of your own back.”

Song Yu couldn’t stop laughing, “Although I live up to the name, doing things that way isn’t very good.”

The people in the car all laughed.

Neon lights flashed by outside the window on the road leading to the center of the city.

The atmosphere was warm and happy.

After returning home, the whole family had a pleasant meal together.

After dinner, Grandma Meng asked him about his life during the first week of school.

Song Yu’s brain stalled and his words stumbled. He depicted his high school life like he’d only shuttled back and forth between the classroom and his apartment. In any case, he studied hard, and his life was simple and full.

If it wasn’t that his family all knew about his school achievements, he might’ve even managed to set up an image as a conscientious study god.

He went back to his room upstairs.

After Song Yu finished writing a paper.

He went to lay in bed, playing with his cell phone.

First, he went to harass Xie Sui.

[ What homework do you have left to finish? ]

The other side replied very quickly.

[ Depends on you, I’ve already finished it all. ]

Song Yu was stunned all over, the keyboard clacking as he typed.

[ You’ve already finished it? You already finished it on Friday night? Then what kind of homework are you coming to my house to do?! ]

Xie Sui replied.

[ Helping you with tutoring. ]

[ Completing my new term goal. ]

Xie Sui’s goal for the new term.

Help his deskmate win first place in the city.

Song Yu: “……”

He actually felt a little touched, what was going on?

Okay, this first place was something he would strive for! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to live up to Xie Sui’s trust and intentions!

After switching out of the conversation interface.

Song Yu glanced at his screen and discovered his conscience. He clicked on Ma Xiaoding’s gloomy Sadako profile picture and took the initiative to send him a message for the first time.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: ? ]

A question mark was enough to show his concern. It was neither too polite nor embarrassing. Perfect.

Presumably, all straight men had similar ideas.

It was unknown what kind of brain circuits Ma Xiaoding had, but he could understand the deep concern behind Song Yu’s question mark at a glance. He first made a series of wuwu, wawa, and other such noises, then sobbed and sniffled.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Thank you Brother Yu QwQ, I’m fine QwQ, I managed to survive my father’s hand QwQ ]

He was finally able to QwQ without triggering the autocorrect. He felt that it was very novel, something to be proud of, and used it three times in a single sentence.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Talk properly. ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: QwQ ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: …… ]

Ma Xiaoding quivered and his communication style finally returned to normal.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: … But I think you might get in trouble, even though I told them to shut up and not tell anyone that it’s you. Someone recorded your fight and the video has probably spread through the forums by now. The teaching director might come find you. Brother Yu, be careful [candle] ]

When it came to the teaching director.

Song Yu wasn’t worried about this. What had happened later with Wang Ci and Ou Yilian must’ve given that extermination-style teacher an endless headache, so he wouldn’t have any attention to spare on them.

Song Yu frowned slightly after being reminded about the forums, logged into his account, and went in to have a look.

His fight with Gao Feng in Shushan Building today had attracted much attention. After the fight, the entire forum basically knew that he was the owner of the ‘Your Husband, Brother Yu’ account.

The home page was filled with all kinds of proud and ostentatious posts, as well as fangirl confessions.

He used to be considered an online troll, but now he was a handsome and fierce school bully.

All of a sudden, the forums exploded.

There was a lot of shouting and hollering into thin air.

[ Those brothers who yelled that they wanted to beat up Brother Yu back then should all come out and get a number. ]

[ Those brothers who insisted that Brother Yu was short, ugly, and weak, come on, come on, show us a photo of yourself. ]

[ Why are the sisters upstairs so polite? Tsk, I’m just going to yell it out directly—stupid haters, hurry up and come out to get beaten. ]

Of course, there were other posts with different styles, like these:

[ Brother Yu won. Then, what about those people who offered up their first night, first kiss, their cars, and their houses? ]

[ I’ve already told the headmaster anonymously that he’ll receive a Maserati in three days. You guys can do as you like. ]

[ Don’t do that, big brothers and sisters [crying loudly][crying loudly] ]

[ This little brother is good for nothing beyond this special feature; my first time has to be saved for my wife, yingyingying [poking index fingers][pitiful look] ]

[ Good for nothing beyond this special feature??? ]

[ It’s okay, give me your first night, I’ll use the back. ]

[ ???!!!! This is a student forum! I suggest that the moderator give upstairs a yellow warning ban for a week! Give me back my pure forums! ]

The corner of Song Yu’s mouth twitched as he glanced through the posts floating on the forum. He didn’t pay much attention to them.

In fact, he’d logged back in again this time because he was just a little curious about the post that Xie Sui had mentioned.

“The future is like the sea, and Sui x Yu are happy together.”

This name, how come it sounded so crazy?

Song Yu’s fingers stopped on the screen for a long time, but in the end, he still gritted his teeth and clicked in.

The content displayed in the main post was particularly impressive.

––My husband, Brother Yu, I’ve found you a husband, are you happy? [showing teeth][showing teeth][laughing][laughing]


Song Yu: “……”

I’m not happy about it, little sister 🙂

He’d clearly seen it once before, but he felt suffocated when he looked at it now.

Forget it.

He’d look at it next time.

Song Yu didn’t plan to accept any of these messy things for the time being. He set down his phone and went to sleep.

The next morning, the sky wasn’t as clear as it had been over the past few days. It was overcast and seemed like it was going to rain.

Song Yu slept all the way until nine o’clock. When he woke up, he was still a little sleepy. He remembered that he’d asked Xie Sui over to work on their homework today as he rubbed his eyes. He instantly stiffened, his expression changing. He washed up and quickly changed clothes, then ran downstairs in his slippers.

At this hour, his grandma was usually watering the flowers in the yard.

“Grandma, did anyone come to see me today?”

He pushed the door open and was stunned in place.

In the garden, Grandma Meng and Xie Sui were standing together and chatting.

There were many jasmine flowers in the yard. The green leaves and white flowers were fresh and elegant.

Xie Sui was wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, revealing half of his arms as he helped Grandma Meng water the plants. The youth was tall with delicate facial features. He was his own scenery as he stood there in the garden.

Grandma Meng seemed to be very satisfied with Xie Sui. There was a smile in her eyes as she said, “You’re Yuyu’s deskmate? In the following year, I might have to trouble you to take care of Yuyu a bit more. He’s in poor health and I’m always worried that something will happen to him at school. Alas, I can only blame myself for being soft-hearted back then, letting him have his way and live at the school.”

Xie Sui was stunned, tilting his head to ask, “He’s in poor health? What kind of illness is it?”

Song Yu was just a stranger that he hadn’t had much intersection with in his last life.

In his vague impression of him, he could faintly remember that he was in bad health, but he hadn’t cared much about it.

After all, the Song Family had declined by then and had gone overseas to develop, gradually fading out of the top echelons in A City. By that time, he was already the leader of the Xie Family, and a sickly Third Young Master Song wasn’t worthy of his attention.

Xie Sui frowned briefly.

Song Yu had been getting into fights and quarrels every few days ever since he came to Jing City, and the rhythm of his days had even almost made him forget about this illness thing.

He only remembered it now that Song Yu’s grandmother had brought it up.

Grandma Meng sighed and shook her head, “Who knows? Yuyu fell into the water once when he was a child, and his body has always been bad ever since. It’s been so many years, yet so many doctors at home and abroad still haven’t been able to give a specific reason for it. Some doctors even said that it was a mental illness.”

“Don’t look at how he’s jumping around and lively right now. When his illness flares up, he’s really hollowed out. It’s not like a cold; he becomes delirious, and it’s enough to scare someone to death. His condition is stable now, and the frequency of the flare-ups has lessened, which at least makes people feel a little more reassured.”

After thinking about it, Grandma Meng added another sentence, “You also don’t have to worry about it too much.”

Xie Sui smiled slightly and nodded, “Okay.”

He just bowed his head, his eyes somewhat distracted.

Song Yu called out to Xie Sui across the distance, interrupting their conversation.

The efficiency of studying at home was too low. In the end, Song Yu proposed going to the library.

Xie Sui’s original intent was to help him study, so he naturally followed his suggestion.

Grandma Meng sent them out, frowning as she fussed, “It’s going to rain. Isn’t studying at home good? Why insist on running around outside.”

Song Yu stood outside the carved iron door and gave a seemingly clear and logical reason, “The library is conducive to concentration.”

Grandma Meng’s tone was grumpy, “Don’t work so hard then let your grades backslide even after coming to Jing City.”

Song Yu tsked, then tilted his head to say to Xie Sui, “I’m relying on you, Teacher Xie. Don’t let my grades backslide.”

Xie Sui was still pondering the matter of his illness. His dark eyes swept over to glance at him and he spoke lightly, “Your achievements leave no room for backsliding.”

“Have some respect in your words!”

This was a roar of rage from an incompetent learning scum.

“Do you believe that I can call over a whole car of people to beat you up with a phone call!”

What he said yesterday about not engaging in privileges and following socialism had evaporated into thin air.

Butter’s Thoughts:
SY: If I don’t want to use privileges, that’s up to me. If I want to use them, that’s also up to me!  

xiin: Xie Sui’s words – one hit, instakill.


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