Chapter 37.2 – Calling The Family

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Wen Yuan’s lips curved briefly.

“Using drugs to climb into bed and become a mistress, then outlive the original wife and step up into an official position, marrying yourself to a man 20 years your senior in order to climb into the Wang Family. Do you really think that you’re something?”

The more Wen Yuan spoke, the colder her gaze became.

“You’re a nobody who climbed up the social ladder just to become a joke for us—scolding my nephew as a bastard, what gives you the right.”

The entire office was silent.

Song Yu stood to the side, blindsided by the social secrets of the upper-class society in Jing City. Although he knew early on that his uncle was gentle and even, while his elder cousin’s irascible character came from his aunt, he hadn’t expected that his aunt would really be so fierce when she started on people.

Ou Yilian was also shocked silly. She looked at the aggressive woman in front of her and all sorts of emotions gushed out; inferiority, fear, and even terror.

“You’re, you’re Song Yu’s aunt?”

Wen Yuan’s gaze swept over coldly. She looked Ou Yilian up and down and saw through to her essence almost at a glance. She smiled mockingly, “Yes, I came to pick up my nephew. I heard that he was being held at the office. What happened? Tell me about it.”

Ou Yilian’s face was ghostly pale. Her lips trembled, and she couldn’t speak.

Based on Wang Ci’s mother’s reaction, it could be seen that this woman’s identity wasn’t simple. That social class wasn’t something she could afford to provoke.

So, Song Yu…

She was so flustered and panicked that she almost passed out, but she bore the brunt of Wen Yuan’s gaze and forced out a semblance of a smile, her face still pale, “In fact, it doesn’t have much to do with Song Yu, it’s that I… I misunderstood him… Here, I’d like to apologize to Song Yu for taking up so much of his time…”

She raised her hand, appearing to wipe tears from the corner of her eyes. Her gaze shifted over to Song Yu and she spoke in a quivering voice, “Just now, Teacher was too anxious. After all, you’re all students from the same class, and you’ll have to get along with each other for three years. Wang Ci is now in the hospital, so I spoke without thinking and said some things I shouldn’t have said.”

“I hope, hope that Song Yu won’t take it seriously.”

Song Yu pursed his lips and was too lazy to pay her any attention. In any case, he’d always treated Ou Yilian’s words like farts.

Wen Yuan tapped the table, “I just want to be clear about what happened today.”

Ou Yilian’s face paled again and she stood there helplessly.

From beside her, Wang Ci’s mother, who’d been splashed with hot water and slapped twice, was now a sorry mess. The pride and arrogance that she’d shown at the start was now gone. She stood there, trembling with anger, her teeth gritted, and said nothing.

Wen Yuan looked at her, then lifted her long hair and stepped forward to speak politely to the teaching director who’d acted invisible from start to finish, “Hello, teacher, I’m Song Yu’s aunt. I hope you can tell me about what happened this afternoon. Thank you.”

The teaching director saw that the situation had already progressed to this point and sighed a little inside. He’d only received news that there was a fight going on between students in Shushan Building and hadn’t expected to end up getting involved in such a thing.

He took off his glasses and wiped them. After deliberating over it for a long time, he ultimately chose to stick out his neck, muttering, “Regarding this matter, Song Yu and Xie Sui are both in the right. Regarding student Wang Ci, it can be considered… getting what he deserved.”

Wang Ci’s mother couldn’t hold back anymore. She abruptly raised her head, speaking through gritted teeth, “My son is currently lying in the hospital, yet you’re saying that he’s getting what he deserves?!”

The teaching director’s hands trembled slightly, still holding onto his glasses.

His love for the students in his heart overcame his fear of offending the Wang Family.

He sighed, “There are both text messages and a video recording. Wang Ci used Xie Sui’s grandmother to threaten him and drew him to an abandoned classroom, then brought others to bully him. Xie Sui injured Wang Ci and escaped, and it was student Song Yu who took him to the clinic. That’s how this matter started.” 

Wen Yuan sneered coldly. She turned her head and looked at Wang Ci’s mother whose face was pale, yet still had venomous eyes, “The Wang Family really has quite a lot of weird characters. There was one who just entered the police station last time, and there’s about to be another one already?”

Wang Ci’s mother had always been envious, jealous, and afraid of Wen Yuan, but when it came to her own son, she refused to step back. She gritted her teeth, “Get it clear, the one currently in the hospital is my son!”

She pointed a finger at Song Yu and Xie Sui.

“They—they’re completely fine!”

Wen Yuan ignored her. She stepped over on her high-heeled shoes, walking up to Song Yu. Her momentum gentled, and she smiled slightly, “Yuyu, do you and your friend still have the evidence?”

Song Yu tilted his head to look at Xie Sui.

Xie Sui took his cell phone very naturally.

She expressionlessly watched the video all the way until the end.

Wen Yuan stifled her rage and took a deep breath. She turned to look at Wang Ci’s mother and said, “You just watch. Wang Ci’s not an adult yet, but even if he doesn’t go to prison, I’m still going to send him to detention.”

“This kind of scum shouldn’t appear in a pure place like the school campus.”

At this time, Wang Ci’s mother was completely flustered and panicked.

Last time, Wang Beidan had been arrested for taking drugs, causing the Wang Family to lie low until the trouble blew over, behaving well and not daring to make any trouble. But her son was now being targeted by the Meng Family at this juncture, and she also thought about what other things Wang Ci had done while she doted on him.

Remorse and fear climbed into her heart.

She only had one son, and he was the one thing she could rely on in the Wang Family.

“No! This matter is just a joke between children! Wen Yuan! It’s enough! Don’t keep latching onto this!”

Wen Yuan laughed, “Aren’t you the one who latched onto the issue? You insisted on making Yuyu stay, insisted on calling the family. Alright, the family is here now, are you satisfied?”

Are you satisfied?

Each word was like a knife that stabbed into her heart.

It was like falling into an ice cellar.

Wang Ci’s mother’s eyes showed extreme regret. Anger and anxiety attacked her heart, her eyes turning red. When she thought about everything that had happened today, she turned around and slapped Ou Yilian across the face.

Her eyes were crimson as she roared, “It’s all you! It’s all you—if it wasn’t for your inability to manage your students, how would my son be in this situation?!”


“Stupid and poisonous and incapable of judging people! It’s all you!”

Ou Yilian was beaten into a stunned daze.

She’d never thought that things would develop to this point.

She looked dazedly at Song Yu, her brain blank, her teeth chattering.

At this time, Meng Guang’s voice came in from outside the office. It was very loud, “Mom, what’s going on? You’re just picking someone up, why is it taking so long?”

And behind him.

An entire group of people came over.

It was the headmaster and several school directors, chatting and surrounding a gentleman dressed in a suit and leather shoes.

They were all smiling broadly and talking until their mouths were parched as they tried to find topics of discussion. The mayor had made a sudden visit to the school; even if it wasn’t for an inspection that had been arranged by the higher authorities, it still made their breaths stutter. They specifically followed him as he toured, saying high-sounding words about the work at the school.

Meng Guang had made a stop over on short notice. He wore a dress shirt and trousers and looked very much at home. He chattered freely as soon as he entered the office, leaning over like a big boy child, “You should give me back my cell phone now! How old am I already? Yet you’re still pulling this trick, how childish.”

Wen Yuan rolled her eyes.

Meng Guang: “What exactly happened with Yuyu? Dad called the headmaster, but the headmaster didn’t know about it either, so he simply came over to the school to see you guys.”

Wen Yuan sneered, “You can thank the Wang Family for this.”

Ou Yilian stared at the group of people entering the office in shock.

The man who was surrounded by a group of school directors.

…… Song Yu’s uncle.

She felt a chill spread out from the soles of her feet, regret and despair washing over and drowning her like the sea. Her limbs were cold and her head felt short of oxygen.

Her voice was confused and trembling.

“City… Mayor?”

She felt the skies whirl and spin.

The only thought in her head was.

She was done for.

Thoroughly done for.

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