Chapter 37.1 – Calling The Family

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Mother Meng paused for a while, then smiled and asked, “Jingcheng No.1?”

Song Yu nodded. He looked at Ou Yilian and Wang Ci’s mother and spoke in a calm tone, “Yeah, I encountered a bit of trouble, and the teacher wants me to call the family.”

“Call the family?”

Mother Meng was obviously a little confused.

From the other side of the phone came the sound of fruit being arranged on a platter. At this time, a servant came over to say something, and Mother Meng replied with a few sentences.

She then picked up the phone again. This time, her tone of voice grew serious, “Alright, wait a bit, Yuyu, I’ll drive right over.”

Wang Ci’s mother stood nearby, her gaze still frigidly cold. The slap she’d taken from Song Yu just now was simply like a thorn that was stuck in her throat.

However, she held on to her own identity and couldn’t bring herself to fight back like a shrew.

Calling over Song Yu’s parents was a result that made her happy. Matters between adults could be resolved in an adult way.

Song Yu would regret it—regret it for a lifetime. Children at this age needed to see the cruelty of society before they understood when to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Wang Ci’s mother sat down calmly, her face cold as she smiled a superficial smile, “You called your aunt? Not your real mother? You really are a piece of trash that was born with a mother yet raised without one. Those with no upbringing just like to gather together; I really don’t know how many generations of bad luck was accumulated on my son for him to have encountered the two of you.”

Ou Yilian only felt that the anger that had been stuck in her heart for several days because of Song Yu had finally been smoothed out. Song Yu had the headmaster’s care because of his illness, and she herself was a class teacher, so it was impossible for her to make a move. She’d constantly had to suppress her dissatisfaction and words towards Song Yu, so it made her simply elated seeing that Song Yu had now provoked the Wang Family.

She frowned falsely and persuaded, “Song Yu, no matter what exactly happened with Wang Ci, hasn’t anyone taught you that you can’t hit people? Come on, apologize to Mrs. Wang.”

When Song Yu wasn’t happy, every sentence he spoke was provocative enough to choke on, “Was it a person that I hit?”

Ou Yilian was so angered that her face turned red, “You’re still cursing!”

With the Wang Family in her back pocket, she now had the backing to say what she wanted out loud. In any case, the fiercer she scolded him now, the happier Wang Ci’s mother would be.

She pointed angrily at his nose, “Do you really think you’re so great? Do you really think you’re something? You’re so fierce when fighting and swearing, what are you coming to school for? When your family comes later, have her take you away and get lost.”

“Teacher has eaten more salt than you have eaten rice. In so many years, I’ve seen all kinds of students. Those like you can only show off your prestige at school. When you get out into society, we’ll see who looks up to you then.”

“I tried to give you advice, but you refused to listen. Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit, people like you are just cheap.”

Every word was clear and crisp as they landed, ringing out inside the office.

The teaching director who’d been silent the whole time couldn’t listen on anymore and tried to stop it, “Teacher Ou, isn’t a bit overboard to say such words to a student?”

Ou Yilian was just getting started and she had a natural-born sense of superiority, “Instructor Tian, you don’t understand. There’s no saving this kind of person. He should be scolded more harshly so that he’ll remember it in the future.”

Song Yu’s expression didn’t change as he listened to this slew of words, treating her words like farts. His delicate and pale face was cold, his light pupils frosty as he looked up at Ou Yilian, “Have you spoken these words to many students before?”

Ou Yilian: “That has nothing to do with you.”

Song Yu sneered and mocked, “You really are a cancer in the education sector. Since you love catering to the rich and powerful so much, why be a teacher? You should go to the Wang Family and become the dog that guards their door instead.”

Ou Yilian was embarrassed into fury, her face turning pale with anger.

Song Yu didn’t want to listen to her talk anymore. He spoke calmly, “It was Xie Sui who was led into that classroom, the one who was verbally abused was Xie Sui, and the one who was forced to fight back in self-defense was also Xie Sui. Just based on Wang Ci’s words, if I had been there at the time, he wouldn’t just be lying in the hospital, but in the cemetery.”

“You didn’t think about getting justice for the students and are just standing there turning black into white and distorting facts, even dragging me into the water.”

“Ou Yilian, are you worthy? Do you still remember the girl that you forced to nearly commit suicide out of depression? If you don’t know how to repent, then you should go to prison and reflect on yourself.”

His eyes were cold and sharp. They seemed to penetrate straight through to her soul.

Ou Yilian was frozen stiff on the spot. She stared fixedly at Song Yu, her eyes wide and her teeth trembling.

There was panic, guilt, and incredulity—how did he know? How had he learned of it?

Wang Ci’s mother finally couldn’t bear it anymore, “What do you mean? You even want to kill my son?!”


When she heard this word, she stood up abruptly, lifting up the paper cup filled with boiling water in her hand. She spilled it forward fiercely, aiming at Song Yu’s face.

There was no doubt that the ugliness and nastiness in her bones were exposed as she spoke through gritted teeth, “Hidden murderer—you cheap thing! You don’t deserve a natural death!”

Hot water was bound to leave scars if it was poured on the face.

She’d attacked very suddenly.

Song Yu didn’t have time to come back to his senses. He could only watch as the water cup flipped through the air.

Then, he was pulled by the arm and tugged back a step.

Someone was standing beside him, his body giving off a cold aura. He reached out neatly for the paper cup and tossed it back without mercy.

Wang Ci’s mother immediately covered her face with her hand, but the back of her hand was still scalded red, and her eyes burned from the heat.


Ou Yilian was really shocked silly. She hurriedly rushed over and took out wet wipes, “Mrs. Wang, are you alright?”

Wang Ci’s mother trembled with anger, “You’re done for! Song Yu! You ill-bred thing, I’m going to ensure that your entire family can’t continue to live on in Jing City!”

Song Yu sneered.

Then, the door to the office was pushed open.

The sound of high-heeled shoes stepping in was clear and crisp. At the same time, a woman’s voice spoke in a cold, icy tone, “You want who to be unable to live in Jing City?”

Song Yu was stunned and turned back to look at the newcomer.


It was his aunt who stood at the door.

Ou Yilian was filled with glee when she heard the voice—Song Yu’s family was here? That was great! There was a deep sense of vengeance in her heart; to her, Song Yu was nothing more than a child from an ordinary family, and such guardians would be quite easy to deal with.

It was just that when she turned her head, she ended up thoroughly stunned.

She was some distance away, and the walls reflected light, making it so that her features couldn’t be clearly seen, but Ou Yuilian could tell that the woman standing at the door had a very special temperament.

There was a haughtiness that was similar to Wang Ci’s mother’s—but it wasn’t so annoying. On the contrary, it was more elegant and bright. She wore a smoke gray shirt paired with a wine red fishtail skirt and chestnut curly hair, her entire person’s temperament elegant and charming.

When she walked in, Ou Yilian was also able to see her appearance—she was wearing light make-up, had well-maintained skin, and seemed to be going out casually.

Out of a woman’s subconscious reaction, Ou Yilian quietly looked and compared herself with her. In the end, she gritted her teeth and held onto the corner of the table anxiously.

As soon as she entered the door, Mother Meng came forward a few steps. There was a cold smile on her lips as her eyes focused on Wang Ci’s mother.

“Ill-bred? Who did you just scold for having no upbringing?”

Wang Ci’s mother still had her eyes covered and didn’t try to look at the newcomer. She scolded furiously, “Are you unable to see who the ill-bred one is? It’s that murderous, bastard nephew of yours—”


A slap was flung at Wang Ci’s mother’s face.

After all, the water hadn’t really entered her eyes.

Wang Ci’s mother raised up her gaze in fury, “You—”

It was just that the sentence caught in her mouth and wouldn’t come out.

The blood on her face faded away, and all anger and resentment turned into shock.

She turned stiff on the spot and stared at the woman in front of her. Half a beat later, she squeezed out a trembling voice from her throat, “Wen, Yuan?!”

Mother Meng—Wen Yuan, was also able to clearly see who it was. The amusement in her eyes didn’t lessen, mocking and sarcastic, “I wanted to know who it was who was so powerful that they could make my entire family unable to live on in Jing City. So it turned out to be you, Wu Xinmei.”

Her lipstick was bright and gorgeous, but her words were harsh when they reached the ears.

“Ill-bred? Do you deserve to say these words?”

Wang Ci’s mother felt like she’d just been slapped again, but she couldn’t say anything in front of Wen Yuan. Wen Yuan’s entire life was like an existence that simply contrasted hers.

She was born as a well-bred young lady of note, and she married into the equally powerful Meng Family later on. Her entire life’s path was as smooth as flowing water.

She just hadn’t thought that Song Yu’s aunt—would actually be Wen Yuan!


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