Chapter 36.2 – A Slap In The Face

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Song Yu felt that his attitude in admitting he’d been wrong was good and wanted to continue with his point, but his cell phone started to ring and interrupted his train of thought.

He glanced at the caller, Ou Yilian.

He decisively rejected the call.

However, Ou Yilian seemed to be fiercely committed and kept calling.

Song Yu could guess what had happened.

It must be about Wang Ci.

He stopped rejecting the calls and accepted it.

“What’s the matter?”

Ou Yilian’s angry voice came out from the other side of the phone, “Is Xie Sui with you?”

Song Yu: “Guess.”

Ou Yilian was in an extremely irritable mood and her voice could already be described as sinister, “I called his home phone number  and his grandmother said he hadn’t gone back yet, but when I called his cell phone, it was turned off. You’re the only one left to call. Can you find him? When you do, tell him to come to my office right now! If it’s any later, he won’t even have to come to class next Monday.”

Song Yu was smiling from anger. When would it ever be Ou Yilian’s turn to give him orders? However, she didn’t even know that she was about to be done for and would have to leave soon, so Song Yu decided to give her one last lesson.

He looked at the cell phone and smiled, “He’s here, he’s going over immediately. It’s buy one get one, and I’ll be coming too.”

He put away his cell phone and spoke to Xie Sui, “Let’s go, I’ll go avenge you.”


Outside the office.

Ou Yilian hung up the phone, her face filled with fear and panic. After remaining outside the office for a long time, she walked back inside with her high-heeled shoes.

There was a woman sitting in the office.

She had delicate make-up on, wore a long dress, and held a bag in her hand. She sat on a chair with a cold expression on her face.

Wang Ci’s mother.

Ou Yilian put on a flattering smile, “Madame Wang, I’ve already called that student over. When the time comes, you can ask him everything you want to ask directly.”

Wang Ci’s mother was furious, “My son is currently still lying in a hospital bed! If the driver hadn’t gone inside to look for him because he didn’t see him show up at the entrance, would he have been locked up in that little broken building all night?!”

“What’s there to ask? What else is there to ask? He’s so vicious at such a young age! I think that he should just go to jail for a few years!”

When faced with Wang Ci’s mother’s anger, Ou Yilian could only try to maintain her smile. She didn’t dare to offend the Wang Family and echoed her words, “Yes, yes, yes, you’re right.”

The teaching director sat to the side with an ugly expression on his face. He was very dissatisfied; he knew Xie Sui as a good student from Senior One. How could he appear there for no reason? The situation was strange at a glance.

However, he was the one who’d almost locked them up, and the Wang Family was indeed a family that an ordinary teacher couldn’t afford to provoke. He smoldered and kept silent.

Wang Ci’s mother had been in a bad mood these days. Her fingertips were about to pierce through her bag. Her tone was furious, “Does he only have one grandmother in his family? It’s not surprising that a thing like that with no parents also has no upbringing. Call his grandmother over as well and let her see what kind of trash she raised up.”

Song Yu heard this as soon as he came to the door.

He pushed the door open.

“You might as well take a look at what kind of trash your son is.”

The youth’s voice was cold and mocking.

Ou Yilian saw that it was Song Yu.

Her expression grew ugly. However, she also had a vicious thought in her heart, thinking that Song Yu would probably be dealt with until nothing was left once he encountered the Wang Family. Society would definitely teach him how to behave.

Wang Ci’s mother suddenly stood up, glaring fixedly at Song Yu, “Is it you?!”

Song Yu pulled out the text messages that Wang Ci had sent him on his cell phone, stopped, then held it up for Wang Ci’s mother to see, “Can you read? This number is your son’s number, right? Take a look at what kind of trash character he is.”

Even if she didn’t look closely, the words ‘prostitutes’ ‘destroy’ and ‘hell’ in the messages were enough to show that the text messages were filled with malice.

It was just that Wang Ci’s mother glanced at the number, confirmed that it was her son, and didn’t change her thoughts. Her anger didn’t lessen, and she lifted a hand, wanting to slap the cell phone away, “Do you think you’re qualified to teach me what kind of person my son is?”

Her gaze was icy, “Do you think that you’ll be fine just because you’re young? I’ll contact my lawyer. This matter isn’t over and we’ll see you in court!”

Song Yu quickly took back his cell phone, his face expressionless, “Oh, legal means? That’s even better.”

Internally, Ou Yilian was extremely happy. She was afraid of Wang Ci’s mother’s anger, and was delighted that someone was here to bear the brunt of it. It was great that Song Yu had come up to bump the muzzle of the gun.

See you in court. What could an ordinary family pull out in order to see the Wang Family in court? Just the lawyer fees alone were difficult to afford.

The corners of her lips curved up happily and she stepped forward, “Madame Wang, he’s not Xie Sui. He’s Xie Sui’s deskmate.”

Wang Ci’s mother had already been incredibly angered by Song Yu. Her line of sight swept over, her gaze holding the kind of cold disgust that only upper class ladies had as she sneered, her tone cynical, “As expected, all trash.”

At this time, Xie Sui took a step forward, pulling out the backup video from Jiang Xiu on his cell phone. He spoke lightly, “Teacher, why don’t you ask me what happened first?”

Ou Yilian was surprised, “What?”

Wang Ci’s mother sneered.

Everyone in the office’s gazes were focused on him.

The video on the cell phone began to play.

It was the sound of Wang Ci’s voice.

Greasy and disgusting.

“I just knew that you would come if i took that photo. I’ve been too lazy to come to school these past few days and was bored at home, so I investigated your life.”

“I heard that your mother sold herself? It’s no wonder that you’re also so attractive…”

“You should know, your grandmother is getting old. If she encounters some random accidents, it’s possible that she’ll be gone just like that…”

“If you want your deskmate and grandmother to be safe, let me play with you for a month.”


Dead silence.

The meaning behind the words was too obvious, explicit and filled with malice. Now Wang Ci’s mother had no way to maintain the expression on her face, cracks appearing in her composure.

It was the same for Ou Yilian. When Wang Ci had asked her to change seats, she’d approximately guessed a part of it, but it was still ambiguous. Now everything was laid bare.

Xie Sui turned it off and said indifferently, “He threatened me with my grandmother and wanted me to go there. After that, he took a group of people with him and tried to rape me. I fought back in self-defense and escaped. We were in the clinic when you called Song Yu. It’s that simple.”

There was an awkward silence in the office.

Ou Yilian opened her mouth and tried to organize her words, “This… Student Wang Ci is just making some jokes. Don’t take jokes between students so seriously and overreact…”

Wang Ci’s mother was much calmer than she was. With her identity, how could she place any importance on two high school students who were powerless and had no backing? She gave a superficial smile, her eyes still filled with ridicule and disdain, seeming as though she’d seen through everything, “What kind of woman has my son not seen? How could he be interested in you? You’re so vicious, and you even turned out to be a disgusting homosexual. You went because he told you to go? How come I feel like you’re the one who sent yourself up to the door, flattering and fawning, and when my son wasn’t interested, you got angry from embarrassment.”

She smiled slowly, her red lips curving sarcastically.

“After all, you can’t clap with one hand1you can’t clap with one hand – basically, she’s implying that this kind of thing takes two people. I think it’s you––”


A crisp sound resounded through the office.

A bold and unrestrained slap on the face.

The Ou Yilian who’d originally wanted to chime in was really shocked.


Wang Ci’s mother looked up in disbelief, covering her red face. Her composure broke completely and she glared at him in a rage.

Song Yu stood there, a cold smile on his lips, his eyes filled with anger. He asked her, “Clapping with one hand, doesn’t it make a sound?”

Clapping with one hand, doesn’t it make a sound?

This sentence landed in Ou Yilian’s ears and made them buzz.

Wang Ci’s mother was furious, “Call his parents for me right now! Let them see how their son dragged down their entire family! They had better not think about staying in Jing City in the future!”

Song Yu sneered and called first, “You don’t need to call them, I’ll call them myself.”

He called Meng Guang’s phone number.

But he hadn’t expected that it would be a female voice answering the phone.

Her voice was light and gentle.

“Hello, Yuyu? Are you coming back now?”

Song Yu was stunned, “Au-aunt?”

On the other side, Mother Meng laughed. It seemed that she was washing fruit, “It’s me. Your grandmother is personally cooking today, and I took Meng Guang’s cell phone and drove him off to help with buying groceries. What’s wrong? Do you want me to send someone to go pick you up?”

Song Yu: “No, it’s nothing.”

Forget it… when dealing with this kind of woman, maybe his aunt would be better at it.

He looked down.

“Auntie, can you make a trip to No.1 High?”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Looking forward to Gentle-Voice Aunt tearing off Wang Pig Mother’s face :3

xiin: face slapping begins~ bye bye, bitch teacher Ou!

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    you can’t clap with one hand – basically, she’s implying that this kind of thing takes two people


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