Chapter 35.2 – It Hurts A Little

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After cursing, Song Yu directly made his way downstairs.

But he hadn’t expected that Gao Feng, who’d just pretended to be his son, would refuse to acknowledge his defeat and turned against him as soon as he recovered.

After losing face in front of the entire school, he felt both ashamed and angry.  He charged up, then directly held onto Song Yu’s leg, wanting to tackle him to the ground.

“Laozi isn’t done with you today!”

“Get lost.”

Song Yu didn’t have time to pay attention to him anymore. He mercilessly kicked him away.

Gao Feng covered his stomach, rolling on the ground. He roared at his little followers, “What are you guys doing! Avenge me! Are you going to let him go so easily today?!”

A group of people all charged up one after another, but Song Yu’s face was livid and impatient and he didn’t even look back as he dealt with the crowd of people, his actions cruel and cool, with no hesitation or delay. He wore white clothing and black trousers, and his hair wasn’t even mussed up despite the strenuous exercise.

The girls in the corridor all screamed shrilly, but this handsome big brother who’d taken down so many all on his own had no time to pay attention to them. He took the stairs two at a time and went downstairs in a hurry.

There was another flurry of activity in the thread [Decisive battle at Shushan Peak].

[ … Sorry, Big K’s cell phone almost dropped just now. Next, I’d like to review some of the events that happened just now. Song Yu grabbed Gao Feng, and Gao Feng shouted out daddy. Gao Feng was unsatisfied with the result, and went to challenge Song Yu again, but Gao Feng was beaten up and Gao Feng’s little followers couldn’t watch on anymore, going up to fight against Song Yu in a group. Gao Feng’s little followers were then beaten up, too. ]

The replies.

[ ???? ]

[ … Am I f*cking blind? So Song Yu, who looks like such a weak chicken, is actually such a fierce character? ]

[ Ahhhh! I can testify! And he admitted it, he admitted that he’s Brother Yu! ] 

[  He’s gone now, and he was just as handsome when he was leaving. I’m so happy wuwuwuwu ]

[ Am I the only one who cares about those people who said they’d give away their first time? ]

The style of the thread ended with a wave of roaring and flailing!

[ No way, ahhhhh, wuwuwu no way, people who are in Shushan Building, f*cking run quickly––the teaching director is heading over! ]

Jingcheng No.1 High’s teaching director had always been known as the extermination master. He was cold and emotionless, and those who were caught by him couldn’t escape being ‘spoken to’ beneath the national flag. Of course, the most excessive thing was that he would call the students’ parents over for any small mistakes, and if the parents were out of town, he could remain on the phone with them for three hours.

The crowd of girls in Shushan Building all sucked in breaths of cold air, put away their cell phones, and quickly ran downstairs.

However, the teaching director had done a very good job. He’d taken a key with him and directly locked the door, then picked up a loudspeaker and yelled up at them from below.

“You bunch of bunnies upstairs! I’ve already locked the door! None of you should even think about getting away!”

“Not going home on Friday? Watching a brawl here? Ha. How about calling your parents and asking them to come pick you up. I’ll let one go for every parent that comes!”

Everyone in the building: “……”


Song Yu had run to the second floor when the teaching director arrived. His voice was so loud that he could hear every word clearly, and as soon as he heard that they’d have to call their parents, Song Yu felt a headache coming on and frowned. What a mess.

Several girls were crowded together in the same corridor as him. Seeing that he was fidgety and impatient, they stuttered and suggested, “B-b-b-brother Yu, if you’re in a hurry, you can jump down from the classroom window on the far left.”

His biggest problem had just been solved. Song Yu glanced at the girl who’d spoken and smiled happily, “Thanks.”

He was born good looking, the clean, clear, and high-spirited type of youth. When he smiled, his eyes shone like a river of stars, lighting up the narrow, dark corridor of the old building.

“No… no need for thanks.”

The girls blushed, crazily overjoyed.

They followed him over, standing in the corridor of the second floor and poking their bodies out through the window to watch.

They watched the figure of the teenager jump down from the window, his actions fluid, cool, and handsome.


But their screams were accompanied by the teaching director’s loudspeaker as he roared in a fit of rage.

“That window jumper over there, do you think I’m blind?! You really don’t think much of me! What class are you from! Give me your name right now!”

Song Yu had already jumped down onto the lawn. He ignored the sound of the teacher’s loudspeaker, dug through his memories for the teaching building, and ran south.

The teaching director was in a frenzied rage, “You’re done for! If I don’t catch you today, my surname won’t be Tian!”

Song Yu was young and energetic, and his legs were long. He soon got rid of the teacher.

Finally, the teaching building came into view.

He took a shortcut and didn’t go through the main entrance, but it was close enough. The abandoned classroom was on the first floor, and there was a window facing him.

Beside it was a wall covered in ivy.

Song Yu was very anxious. He didn’t bother thinking about anything else as he climbed up to the edge of the window, slapping at it with his hands, “Xie Sui! Xie Sui! are you in there?”

Xie Sui was seated on the desk, waiting for Song Yu.

The floor inside the classroom was filled with fallen people.

He’d stabbed a few more times afterwards, and Wang Ci’s hand was probably going to be useless.

He was no stranger to this classroom.

There were many things that had happened in Jingcheng that he’d forgotten over the years. He needed to go to a specific place to remember things bit by bit.

For example, the wall at the back entrance to the middle school with its shocking red handwriting was during a dark and gloomy period of humiliating years.

For example, this room.

In his previous life, he’d also been blocked here by Wang Ci and his requests had been even crazier. But at the time, his hand had been injured during the summer vacation, and it wasn’t as stable in a fight as it was now. He’d harmed himself worse while hurting others, and by the time Wang Ci and his group fell to the ground, his own body had been covered in wounds, his school uniform stained with a lot of blood.

The heavy dust and dim lighting. It was filled with nausea that clogged the throat.

The main door was locked, so he’d also jumped out of the window.

However, he’d been too confused and his mentality had collapsed at the time, and when he jumped down from the window, that moment of weightlessness that he felt had made him feel that suicide would be a good choice.

The lonely and desperate fifteen year old.

When Xie Sui came back to his senses when he heard Song Yu slapping against the window and lowered his gaze to dispel the darkness.

He jumped off the desk, went to the window, and opened it.

“Xie Sui!”

Song Yu was almost about to break the glass to enter. Unexpectedly, Xie Sui opened up the window for him and, all of a sudden, his eyes lit up.

The wind from outside blew away the dreary, decaying atmosphere in the classroom. Song Yu smelled like laundry detergent, fresh and bright.

Xie Sui was stunned for a moment. He looked at him, half crouched on the window, the brilliant sunset behind him.

And there was also the teaching director, who was still hollering and swearing as he rushed over.

The noisy world, real, fresh youth.

Song Yu saw his soulless appearance and made up a bunch of things in his mind. He made himself angry and jumped in from the window, “Where’s that stupid fool, Wang Ci! I’m going to beat him up today until his mother doesn’t recognize him!”

Xie Sui came back to his senses and smiled as he pulled him back, “It’s okay, I’ve already dealt with it.”

Indeed, if Xie Sui wasn’t hurt, then ten Wang Ci’s weren’t enough to fight against him.

But Song Yu was still angry.

His line of sight suddenly landed on the blood on Xie Sui’s hand, and his eyes widened abruptly.

“Damn, why are you bleeding?! Does it hurt?”

It was other people’s blood.

How could it hurt.

But when he looked at Song Yu’s anxious and worried appearance, Xie Sui’s eyelashes trembled. He barely managed to pull out a wan smile, along with the fatigue he’d patiently suppressed for a long time.

He spoke in a hoarse voice.

“It hurts.”

Song Yu was now too distracted to deal with the fool Wang Ci, saying anxiously, “Then, let’s go to the clinic first!”

The teaching director was panting for breath as he rushed over. He hadn’t seen Song Yu, but in this corner of the school, there was only this one building.

The teaching director held up his loudspeaker and roared from outside, “Do you think that I won’t be able to do anything to you if you keep hiding inside?! Are you coming out or not?  I’ll lock the gates if you don’t come out and let you stay there all night!”

Song Yu cursed.

Xie Sui smiled as he looked at him, “You don’t want to get caught?”

Song Yu: “This person’s going to call the parents.”

Xie Sui: “Did he see your face?”

Song Yu was quite confident about this point. He straightened up his chest, “No, I snuck out and only showed him my handsome back figure.”

Xie Sui suppressed his laughter, “In that case, we’ll go straight over the wall.”

He picked up his school uniform jacket from the desk. His long leg stretched up and he jumped up to the window.

Song Yu gritted his teeth hatefully as he glanced at Wang Ci, who was still groaning and moaning on the ground, “You’re letting him go just like that?”

Xie Sui extended his hand to him and smiled, “If you want to deal with him, I’ll certainly accompany you.”

Song Yu was indeed worried about his injury.


“… You look more like a gangster when you jump out of the window than I do.”

Xie Sui’s lips curved, “It’s a talent.”

After jumping outside with him, Song Yu finally noticed that something wasn’t right, “Ah, didn’t you say that it hurts? Why do you look like you’re fine?”

Xie Sui smiled briefly. Wasn’t it easy to pretend to be an injured person?

His face paled, and he gave a muffled moan after taking two steps forward.

Song Yu’s expression changed swiftly and he came up to help him.

Xie Sui’s arm curved around Song Yu’s waist in an action that seemed weak and dependent.

Song Yu was nervous, “Are you alright?”

Xie Sui took advantage of this moment to act a little coquettish. He leaned in close to his ear and laughed in a low voice, “It hurts a bit.”

… This child’s waist was really thin.


Butter’s Thoughts:
Beat up the bad guy, check
Get SY’s sympathy, check
Touch SY’s waist, check
Whisper into his ear, check!
Butter can only say: 666

xiin: yes, baby song yu’s still a child… (?????)


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        XS seems the dominant one, plus the taller one, etc., but in his previous life wasn’t he the bottom?

        But SY is too cute and wild so who knows, maybe both will exchange roles? •°○♡u♡○°•


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