Chapter 35.1 – It Hurts A Little

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

In the old teaching building, in a long abandoned classroom that was now used as a storage room, where the desks and chairs were scattered around messily.

As soon as one pushed through the door, they would be greeted by the stench of decay.

There were cobwebs in the corners of the walls, and the dust was thick and heavy.

“Tch, Brother Ci, he’s here.”

There were three tall boys seated at the desks, the same ones who’d made trouble for Song Yu on the first day of school. Black T-shirt, Shaved Head, and a guy with three rows of earrings called Jiang Xiu.

Wang Ci had originally been playing with his cell phone. He set it down when he heard them and turned around.

His features were naturally gloomy and there was a trace of a smile between his eyebrows that seemed to say he would definitely get what he wanted. It was dark and evil, “Oh hey, the school grass is here.”

The two words, ‘school grass’, were spoken in an extremely ambiguous tone, and his gaze seemed to want to stick itself to Xie Sui’s body.

When Xie Sui stepped inside, he closed the door behind himself very politely and smiled, “Yeah, I’ve made you wait.”

His reaction, which was nothing like that of a normal person, confused the others who were in the classroom.

Wang Ci narrowed his eyes and stood up, “Do you know what I called you here for?”

Xie Sui’s expression remained unchanged. He smiled, “Tell me, I’ll listen.”

Wang Ci looked him over for a long time, then said vaguely, “Xie Sui, I quite like you.”

Xie Sui was calm and elegant, “Thank you.”

Wang Ci’s beady eyes stared at him in silence.

Jiang Xiu had already stepped to the side and started recording with his cell phone.

They had been hanging out with Wang Ci for so long, how could they not know what he was thinking? As long as they recorded a video, Xie Sui would be within their grasp.

With this leverage in their hands, he could be bullied however they liked in the future.

Who would think of it?

Jiang Xiu adjusted the angle, the corners of his mouth curving upwards. It seemed that this Jingcheng No.1 High School’s iceberg was easy to mess with. No way, something so fun, he had to share it with everyone.

Wang Ci came forward, “I just knew that you would come if i took that photo. I’ve been too lazy to come to school these past few days and was bored at home, so I investigated your life.”

He came close to Xie Sui’s side and spoke in a low voice, “I heard that your mother sold herself?”

He laughed, “It’s no wonder that you’re also so attractive, so spirited.”

Xie Sui listened to these words and dropped his gaze. His expression was still calm and light. Combined with his impeccable facial features, his temperament was one of cold abstinence.

Wang Ci felt his brain heat up, “You should know, your grandmother is getting old. If she encounters some random accidents, it’s possible that she’ll be gone just like that. Last time, when you sided with Song Yu against me, I didn’t get angry. He’s just a poor relative of the Meng Family who can’t be shown to the public, acting like a bully under the protection of someone powerful. Killing him off would be quite easy for me.”

He reached out his hand, wanting to touch Xie Sui’s face. His smile was extremely greasy, “It’s fine if you want your deskmate and grandmother to be safe. If you let me play with you for a month, I’ll…”

Wang Ci was unable to say the words that came after. His beady eyes widened.

His hand had been stabbed by a fruit knife.

Xie Sui’s lips held a trace of a smile, unusually chilly. There was a sheet of iciness at the bottom of his eyes.

His fingers were long and slender, and his actions wielding the knife were sharp and elegant.


For a moment, Wang Ci’s scream rang out throughout the classroom.

Xie Sui dropped the knife, then picked up the desk beside him and hit the loudly screaming Wang Ci over the head with it, smashing him to the ground.

Wang Ci held his hand, eyes appallingly wide, but the pain had made him delirious as he rolled on the ground, his words coming out intermittently.

“Xie Sui, you, you want to die.”

Xie Sui spoke lightly, “You should be glad that I don’t have a gun in my hand right now.”

These developments had happened too quickly, so the others hadn’t quite reacted to it.

Xie Sui, however, had already strode forward and snatched the cell phone from Jiang Xiu’s hands, pressing the pause button. He smiled briefly. His voice was understated, but listening to it made one’s scalp go numb, “That’s enough recording.”

Jiang Xiu was stunned silly, “You…”

Xie Sui had originally wanted to transfer the video to himself as a backup. Unexpectedly, it was open at the interface where Jiang Xiu had sent messages to Song Yu.

He had already memorized Song Yu’s number and wouldn’t be wrong about it.

Jiang Xiu had taken a few pictures of Wang Ci from behind. From this point of view, it seemed like Wang Ci had bad intentions, and that Xie Sui himself was about to be bullied.

The text messages were also filled with malice.

[ Do you see that? This is what happens when you offend Brother Ci ]

Xie Sui’s fingers paused. A while later, he laughed quietly and tossed the cell phone back to Jiang Xiu, “You’ve actually managed to do a good thing.”


Shushan Building, rooftop.

Gao Feng was enraged, “You’re f*cking taking advantage of laozi!”

After Song Yu finished speaking, he was stunned for a moment, thinking about who wanted to be his husband.

“Can you not talk so much nonsense?”

A math paper, an English paper, and a diary essay were still waiting for him.

Gao Feng had been waiting for this opportunity to show off. How could he let this fight happen so easily? He rotated his wrists, “What’s the hurry? I’ve fought so many times, but this is the first time that so many people are watching. So many spectators squeezed themselves into the building to watch, we can’t just be perfunctory. Since you’ve brought people, and I’ve brought people, it’s better to be polite first. Let’s not use weapons like knives and sticks. How about a fight with bare hands?”

Song Yu’s eyes swept around them, then he sneered, “I recall that I came up to become your father.” He took a step forward, “I think that as long as you shout daddy, it’ll be over.”

Gao Feng was very angry at his contemptuous attitude, and his expression grew cruel, “You’re dreaming!”

Song Yu: “Oh, wanna bet?”

Gao Feng glared.

Song Yu had already come forward. He didn’t make any fancy moves, simply reaching out and grabbing his collar directly. Poor Gao Feng, a burly youth, hadn’t yet responded when he was pulled forward by his clothing. The collar around his neck tightened, and breathing became very difficult. Gao Feng’s face turned red, and his eyes widened, “You––”

He reached out to pry apart Song Yu’s fingers, but Song Yu’s strength was shocking, and he couldn’t shake him off at all.

When he thought back to the last time at the basketball court, Gao Feng finally realized that Song Yu’s actions at the time hadn’t been a fluke. His eyes started to show dawning fear, “What are you trying to do.”

Song Yu held on to his clothing and dragged him forward.

The others on the rooftop platform were also stunned and dumbfounded, but the fight had started off as a duel between the two people.

Gao Feng’s followers wanted to go up and help but were stopped by Ma Xiaoding––

When their Brother Yu was performing handsomely, these idle people should step back and wait.

Ma Xiaoding: “What are you so anxious for, little fellow? We’ll have you see what a real school bully is like.”

The Shushan Building roof was fenced, but the fence wasn’t high. The school was afraid of accidents happening and had strictly prohibited students from coming up, but was unable to stop students at this lively and active age from regarding this place as the holy land of love.

The corner of the rooftop was piled up with some wood that was left over from a previous construction session and hadn’t yet been dealt with.

Song Yu dragged Gao Feng along, jumped up to stand on the boards, then bowed his head and laughed coldly, “Do you love to show off so much?”

Gao Feng stared at him. His throat was being strangled and he had no chance to do anything at all.

The Yude Building was across from the Shushan Building, and a row of melon eating onlookers were watching from the corridor of the sixth floor.

The ones raising their cell phone and pointing the camera their way were also confused by this scene.

Song Yu had also dragged Gao Feng up to the boards. The board was a little higher than the fence, and standing there and looking down gave one a view from six stories up in the sky. It was so exciting that it made people’s vision grow dark.

Gao Feng’s legs were about to go soft.

Song Yu was determined to teach this brat a lesson today. He patted him on the shoulder, then pointed to the other side, “Do you see the audience over there? Their cell phones are all pointed at you. Don’t you like the attention? Come on, say ‘hi’.”

The group of people in Yude Building: “……”

They wanted to laugh, but when they looked at Gao Feng’s tragically pale face, they also couldn’t laugh because he really looked damned miserable.

How could he really say ‘hi’!

Gao Feng’s surname might be Gao, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t afraid of heights1gao – the word is actually the same word as ‘tall/height’!

In fact, if he was a little more careful, he would find that Song Yu’s line of sight never dropped down. He stood very steadily, but his mouth was begging for a beating, “Don’t do that, brother, give the camera a smile.”

Gao Feng couldn’t resist flaring up, “Song Yu!”

He wanted to fight back, but this space was too small and dangerous, and he didn’t dare to make any big moves.

After that, the little bit of resistance he’d come up with became useless. When Song Yu pulled him forward by the collar, his face directly facing the empty air, one glance already made Gao Feng’s chest feel stuffy, and he was almost scared to death.

Song Yu chuckled, “You specifically asked me to fight here, so I thought you liked high places.”

Gao Feng was really about to be scared to death, “I was wrong, I was wrong! Ahhhh! Brat, don’t let go! Don’t let go!”

Song Yu smiled a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “Do I have to remind you what you need to call out now?”

The feeling of having his life hanging on a thread made his scalp go numb.

Gao Feng closed his eyes and yelled, “Daddy, daddy, daddy!”

Everyone on the roof had their mouths open so wide that duck eggs could be stuffed inside. Yude Building was filled with even more screams, phone camera flashes going off one by one.

Song Yu jumped back, dragging the Gao Feng whose soul had been scared out of his body back with him.

He’d wanted to wrap things up quickly, and this was the fastest way. He turned on his cell phone, wanting to see what time it was, but then saw that he’d received a message from a stranger.

Under normal circumstances, any messages he received from strangers on his cell phone was never good news.

He clicked in. Sure enough.

There were two photos, both of Wang Ci and Xie Sui.

In the first photo, Wang Ci was seated in a chair with his legs spread wide, and Xie Sui’s head was bowed, looking very stoic.

In the second one, Wang Ci was reaching out a hand to touch Xie Sui, blocking Xie Sui’s expression.

However, Song Yu was about to explode from anger thanks to the gaps his brain had filled in for him!

His deskmate!

His deskmate, who was aloof from the rest of the world, and kind and gentle all the way down to his bones!

He was currently being humiliated by a bastard like Wang Ci right now!


xiin: Song Yu to the (unnecessary) rescue!

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    gao – the word is actually the same word as ‘tall/height’


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