Chapter 34.2 – Shushan Building

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In fact, Song Yu didn’t pay much attention to class all day long on Friday. After chatting with Xie Sui the night before, he’d had a good night of sleep, but he was still sleepy when it came to Ou Yilian’s class. The window was open, letting the cool air blow in, and he fell into a deep sleep.

When Ou Yilian turned back from writing on the blackboard, she was greeted with the sight of Song Yu sleeping. All her discontent and resentment broke out at that moment, and she spoke in front of the whole class, “Some people really have no self awareness.”

“Do you think that you can get more preferential treatment just because you’re sick? Once you go out and enter society, will you rely on your medical records to make others give you a job? Even beggars have more dignity than that.”

Her eyes were fixed on Song Yu and the irony and sarcasm contained in her words was very obvious. She was making it a point to let others know that Song Yu was sick, without saying clearly what this ‘sickness’ was.

The entire class didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

This was the first time she’d publicly expressed her dissatisfaction with Song Yu during class. It was probably because Song Yu was sleeping and had no opportunity to snipe back at her.

After the class bell rang, Ou Yilian left with her teaching plan in her arms. Some students had questions they wanted to go over with her and called out for a long time without getting a response. She made it so that one of the female students ended up standing there, feeling especially embarrassed.

Ma Xiaoding: “There’s something wrong with our class teacher! It’s dawn, let’s change English teachers.”

Xi Bowen: “Ha? Isn’t the saying supposed to be ‘the weather’s turned cold’?”

He knew that Ma Xiaoding’s language skills had been brainlessly memorized, but he hadn’t expected that he would brainlessly put it to use too.

Ma Xiaoding was stunned for a moment, then tried to turn things around and retain the original meaning, “You don’t understand, it’s dawn and she’s dead, which means she was stabbed last night.”

Xi Bowen’s expression was cold: How funny.

Ma Xiaoding grew angry from embarrassment and lifted up the book to block his gaze, “Close your eyes, close your eyes1close your eyes – i’m pretty sure this whole thing is a reference to Werewolf Killing (also known as the mafia game), the sky is dark, and I’ll be knifing you tonight. You’re dead, with no last words, don’t talk trash.”

When Song Yu woke up, it was to the sound of Ma Xiaoding and Xi Bowen having a conversation. He rubbed his eyes, “What did Ou Yilian say in class?”

Xie Sui gazed at him for a long time. He felt that when this child woke up, he was docile and confused, well-behaved, and very cute. He said lightly, “She said that she’s sick.”

Song Yu was still rubbing his eyes, “In that case, she’s quite self aware.”

She was going to get kicked out soon anyway, who cared about her.

The Chinese class representative came over to collect homework. And as the only person in the whole class who’d interacted with Song Yu…

She carried a heavy responsibility from all girls from the class.

She carried the hope of the entire village and plucked up her courage in the process of waiting to ask, “Brother Yu, are, are you nervous about this afternoon?”

The corners of Song Yu’s lips curved up in a disdainful arc, “Yeah, I’m nervous.”

The Chinese class representative’s breath caught for a moment and the girls who were nudging each other back and forth also secretly sucked in breaths of cold air.

Even without mentioning that Brother Yu was a national level troll… national level husband, just based on the fact that Song Yu was a member of their class! This made this battle a fight for everyone’s dignity!

An entire class of students all started to worry.

The class representative laughed nervously, her gaze worried, “Are you really nervous?”

But Song Yu had already tilted his head and started laughing, “Of course I’m nervous. I’m going to have another son this afternoon. As a new father, I don’t have any parenting experience.”

After a moment of quiet.


Class One laughed so hard they were rolling around.

Maybe because Song Yu didn’t seem so cold and difficult to approach, the class atmosphere suddenly became particularly harmonious and happy.

A more daring girl raised her hand and smiled as she said, “Then, big brother, would you consider me? Do you mind having another parent for this child? I’m not afraid of trouble and I’ll help you raise him.”

The girl beside her quickly tugged on her hand, laughing and scolding, “Are you crazy? God Xie will kill you tonight.”

The God Xie who’d been cued curved his lips upwards, but he didn’t appear particularly happy.

Although Song Yu always said that he wanted to interact with the female students, in a real situation, he was actually very careless and casual about it.

He flipped his pen and sneered subconsciously, “Won’t consider it. Not accepting suggestions. Don’t try to trick me, who are you calling big brother? It’s been a long time since I fell for your girl––”

The hand that was flipping his pen stopped.

He shut up.

Because he felt that something wasn’t quite right.


The whole class started laughing again.

And they’d already finished the words that Song Yu didn’t say.

The number one cold-blooded scum man had a well-deserved reputation.

Song Yu: “……”

F*ck! He’d even ridiculed Ma Xiaoding for being doomed to live a lonely life! But wasn’t he also holding up this damned reputation?!

Ma Xiaoding was laughing so hard that his stomach hurt.

Song Yu finally handed in his homework.

He began to think about how it might be God’s will that he couldn’t find a girlfriend.

After this episode during the class break, Song Yu found that his classmates, who’d originally been playing background board roles, gradually became more active around him. Someone even purposely handed him a bottled drink after class, saying, “Go, Brother Yu!” before running away with flushed cheeks.

Song Yu really couldn’t understand it, “What the hell?”

Ma Xiaoding was a straight man who was unusually sensitive to matters between two men but extremely slow when it came to matters between men and women. He scratched his head, “I don’t know, is it a new routine?” He looked eagerly at the drink in Song Yu’s hand, “So, Brother Yu, did you fall for this one?”

Song Yu glanced at him. “……”

After school, Xie Sui said that he had something to do and would leave first. Song Yu asked him about it for a long time, but Xie Sui kept silent, and simply smiled and blinked at him.

The Brother Yu who proclaimed to understand everything naturally had a ‘I get it’ expression on his face as he nodded.

Even though he didn’t actually get anything.

The decisive battle at Shushan Building.

Someone had started up a live text broadcast on the forums.

[ Welcome to Jingcheng No.1 High School’s special martial arts (Parent-Child) program –– who is the school bully (Who Will Be The Father) ]

[ I am commentator Big K ]

[ Right now, I’m standing at Shushan Building’s… building beside it. Hey, the scenery here is really good. The wind is rustling, giving it a kind of Huashan sword fight feeling. The loudspeaker is set up, the lights are in position, and the fans are starting to yell and cheer. ]

The posts below were all very supportive.

Both boys and girls were all laughing, hahahahaha.

Shushan Building was the teaching building for Senior Two. There was a rooftop at the top of the building that was regarded as the holy land for lovers, the place where they expressed their love in Jingcheng No.1 High School.

Many onlookers had come to watch the show, but there was a weekend holiday after Friday, and most people still chose to catch the bus home and look through the forums for updates when they got bored.

If there was a competition, then there would be a winner and loser. If there were winners and lowers, then there would be betting.

The thread happily began to fill up with such things.

[ I bet a packet of spicy jerky that Brother Yu will win ]

[ I’ll donate a building to the school if Brother Yu wins ]

[ I’ll send a Maserati to the headmaster ]

[ Myself! I’m using my first kiss that I’ve treasured for many years to bet that my husband Brother Yu will win ahhhh! ]

[ Badass, I want to join in too, I bet that Brother Yu will win, and if I’m right, I’ll draw a little girl at random from the thread and give up my virginity that I’ve treasured for 17 years! ]

[ 66666666 ]

The bets became more and more dirty, and after that, it was mostly a group of boys playing around, all starting to offer up their first night.

The commentator stopped things in time.

[ Please keep my thread clean, okay ]

[ I’ve already marked down the names of all of those who offered up their first kiss, houses, and cars. Don’t forget to pay up when the time comes! ]

The atmosphere in the post was surprisingly cheerful.

Song Yu had no idea about these things.

Ma Xiaoding and a group of his young brothers followed behind Song Yu, filled with momentum.

They clustered around Song Yu and made him seem like a mafia boss.

Song Yu, who’d originally wanted to quietly finish the fight and leave, “……”

There were quite a few people scattered along the corridors on the way over.

The rooftop area was very open and empty.

The sky was clear and blue, and the wind blew through Song Yu’s school uniform, messing up his hair. The teenager’s pupils were light and indifferent. He wanted to rush back to do his homework, so he was a little impatient and looked like he wanted a fight––like he was crazily looking to fight.

Gao Feng coughed. He thought about the matters on the forum and decided to make a move first.

He sneered, then threw down a cigarette that he hadn’t even lit, which he was just using to put on an act, onto the ground, then stepped on it with his foot, using one hand to adjust his collar. His tone was nasty, “You’re that guy…”

Wait a minute, what was Song Yu’s internet alias again?

His little follower noticed his embarrassment and quickly said, “Your Husband, Brother Yu! Your Husband, Brother Yu!”

Gao Feng: “……”

What the hell was up with this name!

He certainly couldn’t repeat the full name, but just saying ‘Brother Yu’ or ‘Husband’ was no worse than killing him directly. This name had four words, three of which couldn’t even be said out loud. This was really a f*cking genius name.

Song Yu saw that they were guessing back and forth and probably wouldn’t even figure it out by the time bloody rain came down for a week. He sneered, then said faintly, “Yes, that’s right, I’m Your Husband, Brother Yu.”

Gao Feng: “……………………”

Everyone on the roof: “……………………”

A group of straight as steel, iron men were inexplicably taken advantage of.

The girls who were quietly watching from the corridor.


Commentator Big K held up a telescope and continued giving commentary for everyone on the forums.


Xie Sui stayed in the classroom for a while after school on Friday and that other person sent over another message, leading him toward an old teaching building in a remote corner of the campus.

Butter’s Thoughts:
SY: That’s right, I’m Your Husband, Brother Yu
XS: Whose husband?
CP fans: Your husband! Your, Xie Sui, husband!

xiin: happy 2021! hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020~

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    close your eyes – i’m pretty sure this whole thing is a reference to Werewolf Killing (also known as the mafia game)


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