Chapter 34.1 – Shushan Building

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Song Yu clicked it and discovered that the photos were actually from the girl’s diary.

A few years ago, a righteous blogger had also sent them out on Weibo. However, some people had manipulated the situation, distorting the facts until the netizens couldn’t figure out the truth. The interest level for the post never picked up and the incident was gradually forgotten.

The girl’s tone was very relaxed at the start of the diary entries. She complained about her new school and new class, but her handwriting was beautiful, and the diary was filled with a bit of the childish whining of a fifteen, sixteen year old girl.

––Ahhhh, on the first day of school, I was punished for being late because of a traffic jam and had to stand at the door. How shameful [covering face][covering face]. We have a very good looking English teacher as our class teacher, so I hope I can fix their impression of me in the future.

––My deskmate is a boy… the way he looked at me made me feel very uncomfortable, it’s strange.

But it wasn’t long before the diary style began to grow depressing.

Her deskmate always made moves on her in class, the type that could be considered a kind of sexual harassment. The people at the desks in front of and behind her seemed to be unafraid of matters spreading out and recorded the scene during class, posting it up on the internet. The video was named, ‘see how flirty our new transfer student is’.

Words such as ‘I felt gross all day’, ‘I really want to throw up’, ‘what should I do’ started to appear frequently in the diary.

Incoherent insinuations. Her family background wasn’t very good. Her father had been hospitalized, and she didn’t dare to bring these things up and trouble her parents. She brought up wanting to switch desks, but her class teacher was Ou Yilian, who refused her directly, “Isn’t it the same sitting anywhere? If your EQ was a little higher, there wouldn’t be anyone you couldn’t get along with.”

Silent acquiescence and public opinion combined together to make her very uncommunicative in the classroom. She suppressed it until girls from a higher grade blocked her in the toilet, insulting and abusing her. She couldn’t bear it anymore and went to tell her class teacher. Ou Yilian, who’d been disturbed by this matter twice, grew annoyed. Her reply was, “If you don’t love yourself and act cheap, who else will respect you?” “That person in the video is you, right? It takes two hands to clap; if you didn’t allow it, how would he act so unbridled?”

These words were like a basin of cold water that chilled her entire body and she went back to her spot to cry. A kind girl from the same class couldn’t watch any further and went with her to talk to the headmaster about what had happened. After the headmaster went to speak with Ou Yilian, Ou Yilian went up in front of the whole class the next day and replayed the video of her being sexually harassed by her deskmate that was circulating on the internet. After playing it over and over, she criticized insincerely, “Some jokes between deskmates shouldn’t be played. For example, jokes like this.”

It was like a public sentencing.

The contents of the diary became very messy after that. It seemed that she felt too sad to continue writing.

Her family finally discovered that her state didn’t seem right, but that boy’s background was very deep, and it wasn’t an ordinary family that could be provoked. Her mother cried for several days and couldn’t sleep well, but their only choice was to go through the transfer process. Later on, when the incident spread out over the internet, the boy’s family paid money to suppress the news over and over, finding people to confuse black and white so that it wouldn’t stir up waves of controversy.

Song Yu’s emotions after he read through it all: I’m going to kill Ou Yilian!

He was so angry that his hands shook as he typed on the keyboard.

He asked a question.

[ Is the girl doing alright now? ]

The anonymous sender took a long time to reply.

[ She’s changed to a different environment and is doing much better. She probably doesn’t want to be disturbed again. ]

Song Yu paused. In that case, it was likely that she wouldn’t want to recall this section of her past.

At the start, Song Yu had wanted to kick up a big fuss about this issue from a few years ago and set up a hot search so that Ou Yilian would be ruined. However, this type of justice might end up tearing off the scabbed up wound of the other party and add a secondary layer of harm to the girl.

Song Yu asked him.

[ Who are you. ]

The sender replied.

[ You can think of me as a kind stranger. ]

A kind stranger?

Why would someone be so good and send him this information just when he wanted to deal with Ou Yilian?

Did he know who he was?

It seemed that the other side wanted to dispel his concerns, so they sent over another message.

[ I’ve been paying attention to Ou Yilian, and I’ve also investigated you. I hope you can bring her to justice, thank you. ]

Song Yu frowned briefly.

They’d been paying attention to Ou Yilian for a long time, so they knew that he didn’t get along with her?

And after investigating himself, they learned that his identity wasn’t simple?

It seemed to make sense, but he kept feeling that it was a bit strange.

[ Are you from Jingcheng No.1 High? ]

A teacher or a student?

But the other side didn’t reply again.

Song Yu exhaled deeply, then sent this information to the headmaster.

He then made another direct phone call to Meng Guang. For this kind of matter where he couldn’t rely on public opinion, the only other way was to do things according to the rules and file an anonymous report to the education department, where the response rate to these things was very perfunctory.

What’s more, Ou Yilian behaved so arrogantly that she had to have someone backing her up.

Meng Guang was a little dazed and dizzy when he picked up the call, “Hello, Yuyu, what’s going on this time?”

Song Yu: “Come, elder cousin, it’s time for us to punish evil and promote good.”

Meng Guang: “What?”

Song Yu: “I want to report my class teacher.”

Meng Guang clutched at his cell phone and first broke out laughing, “Your high school life is quite rich in experiences, hey, it’s been a week, and you first reported your classmate, and now your teacher, hahaha!”

Song Yu rolled his eyes. He thought about how he’d run into a Wang Ci and an Ou Yilian, and even a Gao Feng once he entered school, “Yeah, I’ll report anyone!”

Meng Guang was amused into laughing loudly. How fierce, reporting anyone.

Song Yu calmed down, then said, “Take a look at the information I sent over after this and you’ll know how much of a piece of crap our class teacher is.”

He forwarded all the emails to Meng Guang.

As expected, Meng Guang was even angrier than he was after he finished reading through the materials. He was so enraged that he slammed his fist down on the table, cursing Ou Yilian through the phone for a long time.

Song Yu dropped his gaze and grew a little distracted as he listened.

He thought of the girl and then thought about what Xie Sui had experienced in the book.

What about the Xie Sui in the book? He was such a proud person. How depressed would he feel in his heart when faced with Wang Ci’s harassment? Would he feel that it was ‘disgusting’? Would he feel ‘lost’? He just wanted to study well and let Grandmother Chen live a better life, but the malice that plagued him in life was endless.

Meng Guang rushed off to deal with the matter in a fit of rage.

Song Yu’s heart was very upset after hanging up. He stared at the cell phone screen for a long time, wanting to talk to Xie Sui but not knowing what to say.

He first sent a few dots, brooding.

[ Song Yu: …… ]

After Xie Sui hired someone to dig up the information for Song Yu, he’d focused his own efforts on dealing with the matter regarding Grandmother Chen.

Xu Shi’en had given him a lot of money, which had become a very big bargaining chip in his hands.

He’d determined that the person who’d sent the photo was indeed Wang Ci.

Xie Sui took a sip of his black coffee and lowered his gaze to cover up the cold light in his eyes. As a matter of fact, for him, he could barely remember all these insignificant people from his school days at twenty-five.

Rebirth had cleansed his heart and muted his desires, but someone always sent themselves up to the muzzle of his gun.

His cell phone lit up. It was Song Yu. Xie Sui looked at the six dots and rubbed his finger along the edge of his cup.

[ Xie Sui: Why haven’t you slept yet ]

He could deal with Ou Yilian in a more thorough and ruthless way.

However, he was more willing to fulfil Song Yu’s juvenile spirit and sense of justice.

Song Yu lay down on the bed with his cell phone and scratched his head.

[ Song Yu: I can’t sleep. ]

[ Xie Sui: Why? ]

Song Yu just wanted to chat with him. How could he talk about things in the book that hadn’t actually happened? He scratched his head for a long time but couldn’t find a topic of conversation, so he simply resigned himself and threw away his dignity.

[ Song Yu: …… I’m afraid that I can’t beat him. ]

Xie Sui chuckled out loud.

[ Xie Sui: Mm ]

[ Song Yu: What do you mean, ‘mm’, if I can’t win, will you help me fight? ]

He probably wouldn’t be watching Song Yu’s fight tomorrow afternoon.

[ Xie Sui: If you can’t win, then don’t go. ]

[ Song Yu: No way, it’s already come to this point and I’ve already said all that trash talk. How can I give up halfway. ]

[ Xie Sui: Then, it’s more about participation ]

In fact, Xie Sui didn’t like having this child fight all the time. What if he hurt himself? 

What did he mean by that? Did Xie Sui mean that it didn’t matter whether he won or not, and it was enough to just participate?

[ Song Yu: You’re so cold and cruel ]

[ Xie Sui: Did you just find out? ]

[ Song Yu: …… ]

Song Yu felt like this conversation couldn’t be continued, but he still felt very depressed, especially when faced with Xie Sui. He stewed for a long time, wanting to know more about him.

[ Did you have any favorite books as a child? ] He’d first start with good memories.

It was a typical case of casting around for a topic.

Xie Sui chuckled. In his two lifetimes, Song Yu really was the worst he’d ever seen at trying to deliberately start a conversation.

However, he was willing to spend time and accompany him to talk about these meaningless things.

[ No. ]

Song Yu didn’t give up.

[ None? You really didn’t have any? Like <Peter Pan> and <The Little Prince> or something ]

Xie Sui.

[ Children enlightenment type books? ]

Song Yu: “……”

The words ‘children’s enlightenment’ caused him to choke back all of his following words.

Song Yu held his cell phone, gritted his teeth, and typed out one last line of words.

[ I’m going to sleep! I have to replenish my energy to become the school bully tomorrow! ]

Xie Sui smiled slightly.

[ Good night ]

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