Chapter 32 – What kind of reward do I get?

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

There were always some people who gained influence through after-dinner gossip. These ‘good people’ spread the word quickly, and some even went to start up another post in the spirit of watching the excitement.

[ Come on, come on, this historic scene needs to be named. ]

Original post: Gao Feng has been famous for a long time. Laozi is in the same class as him, and his deeds are known throughout the grade. Last year, he directly went up against the head of the grade, angered the language teacher so much he left the classroom in a rage, skipped class every day to fight, and is basically a cruel character. Chen Zhijie was more or less able to crush him and become the school bully due to his elder brother who became a gangster after he entered society. Now, it really surprises Laozi that Song Yu is suddenly going to have a fight with him.

If I were to come up with a name, then it’ll be––“Rising Up from the Grassroots, Those Years When I Single-Handedly Fought Against the School Bullies.” Hehe.

1L: 666, that’s what it sounds like.

2L: Why do I feel like there’s a sense of history when I call it a ‘Song Controversy’.

3L: Grand Event in No.1 High: Two dragons fighting for the throne

4L: Decisive Battle at Shushan!!!

5L: The Great Battle of Shushan Building

Most of the people who came out to discuss this topic were boys who’d read many fantasy and martial arts novels. They had a lot of fun with the discussion.

6L: Welcome to Jingcheng No.1 High’s martial arts program, who is the school bully on this turbulent campus.

At this time, a familiar ID appeared.

7L Your Husband, Brother Yu: You might as well call it a special start of the year parent-child ethics program, a tear jerker that sends Gao Feng off to find his father.


The entire forum.

8L: … I want to laugh, but I’m from Class Fifteen and I’m afraid I’ll get beaten up. I’d better hold back.

9L: A certain Yu’s troll remarks never let me down.

10L: Didn’t he quit the internet? Now he’s back.

11L: F*ck me hahahahahahaha, I was eating a late night snack and laughed so hard I almost dropped my phone into my bowl.

12L: Alright, it’s confirmed. Brother Yu, admit it, you’re Song Yu.

Song Yu turned off his cell phone and ignored the follow-up development of the situation. It was the first time he’d seen someone rushing over to get beaten like this; Gao Feng really was a strange person. Before he went to bed, Grandma Meng sent him a message asking him if he would go home that Saturday. Song Yu pressed his finger on the screen and paused, wanting to call.

However, considering that his grandmother was probably already asleep, he decided against it.

[ Yes, I’ll be back over the weekend. Good night, grandma ]

Unexpectedly, Grandma Meng hadn’t slept yet at this hour. About ten minutes later, she sent him a reply.

[ Yuyu, are you settling in well at school? I started chatting with a friend today, and she said her granddaughter and you are both in Class One. Would you like to get to know her and make a new friend? ]


Song Yu frowned. In fact, ever since school started, he hadn’t gotten to know anyone except for the people around him.

But when it came to his grandmother, he used a very gentle tone and refused euphemistically.

[ I might be willing to get to know them, but they might not necessarily want to get to know me [smiling & crying] [smiling & crying] ]

[ Things like becoming friends should happen naturally~ ]

After that, Wang Ci continued to not show up at school, making it so that Song Yu had no way to find him and make trouble. On Thursday morning, when he went out to use the bathroom, he ran into Ou Yilian disciplining a female student at the entrance to the classroom.

The female student looked a little familiar. He recognized the star-shaped hair clip in her hair, yellow and shiny.

He realized when he thought about it again; wasn’t it the person who’d called him ‘husband’ directly that day?

Ou Yilian’s eyebrows pulled together in a frown, and she spoke impatiently, “Asking for leave just a few days into the start of the semester? How can a student encounter so many ‘important things’.”

The girl was both anxious and aggrieved, her eyes red, “But, teacher, my grandmother is really ill. My parents called me and said that it was very serious. I’m afraid that if I don’t rush back, I’ll miss my last chance to see her.”

Ou Yilian’s tone was disdainful, “Elderly people experience countless illnesses in a year, big and small. Could it be that you’ll be asking for leave every time.”

The girl was already crying, “I’m really scared. Wait a minute, I’ll ask my parents to give you a call, alright? Please approve my leave first, I’m begging you.”

Ou Yilian was really annoyed now, “How about I approve it when the phone call for their death comes? What are you so anxious about.”


The girl had tears in her clear eyes as she looked at the teacher. She never thought that such words would come out of a teacher’s mouth.

Ou Yilian seemed to realize that what she’d said wasn’t right after she said it, but she couldn’t bear to take a step back and apologize to a student. She rolled her eyes and stalked forward on her high heels, leaving behind one final sentence before she entered the classroom, “If you like crying so much, you can stand outside for a class first. You can go in when your tears are dried up. Students nowadays like to moan about nothing and ask for leave for any little thing.”

Song Yu spoke up coldly from behind them, “Hold on.”

Ou Yilian was familiar with this voice. She looked back at Song Yu, her expression turning even worse, “Song Yu? Isn’t it early study time right now? What did you go out for? You have no discipline at all and you don’t act anything like a student. I think you should accompany her and stand outside for a class! People like you will become the scum of society in the future. What will you rely on to eat later on? Are you going to rely on your illness? Say––”

Her voice was interrupted by sounds from Song Yu’s cell phone.

A clear conversation came out from the audio recording.

“But, teacher, my grandmother is really ill. My parents called me and said that it was very serious. I’m afraid that if I don’t rush back, I’ll miss my last chance to see her.”

“Elderly people experience countless illnesses in a year, big and small. Could it be that you’ll be asking for leave every time.”

“I’m really scared. Wait a minute, I’ll ask my parents to give you a call, alright? Please approve my leave first, I’m begging you.”

“How about I approve it when the phone call for their death comes? What are you so anxious about.”

Ou Yilian’s face turned pale.

The girl with the hairpin’s eyes were still red, but she was now standing on the spot in a daze.

Song Yu’s gaze was very light, and his face was expressionless, “Do you deserve to be a class teacher?”

Ou Yilian just felt dizzy. If this conversation was spread out, the consequences would be unimaginable as she was currently still in the process of a teacher probation period. Her fingertips, which were wrapped around her teaching plan, whitened with tension, and after a while, she managed to squeeze out a smile, “My, my head is dizzy from preparing the teaching plan yesterday. What I said just now was all nonsense. Forget it, both of you come to my office first.”

Song Yu wasn’t about to listen to her, “Approve the leave slip first.”

Jingcheng No.1 High was very strict about controlling the entrance and exit to the school, students couldn’t go out without a leave slip during class time.

Ou Yilian gritted her teeth and glared fiercely at Song Yu before signing her name on the girl’s leave slip. Her actions were so fierce that her pen almost went through the paper, “The seal is in my office.”

The girl was a little frightened.

Song Yu took a step forward and said lightly from beside her, “Let’s go, I’ll accompany you.”

The girl was stunned for a moment. She held a pen between her fingers and looked at the tall, thin youth under the morning sun. Her eyes reddened again as she choked out, “Thank you… Thank you, Brother Yu.”


After Ou Yilian finished stamping the leave slip, she showed a gentle smile and spoke to the girl in a quiet voice, “Lin Shuangqiu, Qiuqiu, right? Don’t worry about the things that teacher said just now. It’s all because I was busy preparing lessons for you all yesterday. I was so busy that I lost my mind for a moment and spoke some nonsense. I also have grandparents, so of course I can understand how you feel.”

“Oh, I’ve also looked up your personal information. Qiuqiu’s hometown is in the countryside, right? Your family conditions aren’t very good, and your admission was based on your results, so tuition is free. This semester, each class has a quota for national funding for poor students. When the time comes, teacher will get in touch with you.”

Lin Shuangqiu clutched the leave slip tightly in her hands and kept her head bowed. Her shoulders trembled, and she made a quiet sound to indicate she’d heard.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Her brain felt confused and heavy. Song Yu was right beside her and, as a sensitive girl going through an insecure teenage phase, she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to find a spot in the ground to drill down and hide.

But, she’d gotten the leave slip, and nothing was more worrying to her than her grandmother. She practically ran out of the office.

After Lin Shuangqiu left, Ou Yilian threw her pen onto her table. It was clear that she had a belly full of anger. She couldn’t maintain her smile when she faced Song Yu, but she still managed to suppress her anger.

“I’ve already approved the leave slip. Just now, I said the wrong thing, but it was a once-off mistake. Your teacher is also human and sometimes speaks too quickly. You shouldn’t take it to heart. The words I spoke may have hurt Lin Shuangqiu, but I’ve given the compensation that I should. What else do you want?”

Song Yu spoke lightly, “Originally, I stayed in this class in order to deal with you. But I’ve since realized that, in fact, you’re the one always aiming at me.”

This was probably the first time in Ou Yilian’s life where she’d been spoken to so sarcastically by a student. She tossed aside all pretense and flew into a rage, “Song Yu! If you don’t like me, then get the hell out! Class One doesn’t have room for a big god like you! So what if you release that recording? No matter what the public opinion is outside, you just wait and see if No.1 High School will get rid of me or not!”

With her teaching qualifications, it was impossible for her to have been admitted to a key provincial high school and become the class teacher unless she had someone backing her.

It was just that in Jing City, Song Yu was the most unafraid of comparing backgrounds with other people.

He smiled at Ou Yilian, “Okay, I’ll wait and see.”

Ou Yilian’s gaze was cold as it attempted to drill a hole through his body. A long time later, she curled her lips up coldly and sneered, “Song Yu, let me teach you a lesson. It’s good for young people to have a sense of justice, but many things aren’t as simple as they are in the textbook. When you go out into society, you will realize this, and you will also come to understand some of my practices.”

Song Yu gave a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, “Oh.”

Song Yu sent the recording to the headmaster after he returned to his seat. It was just that one recording was far from enough; Ou Yilian would definitely put in some effort to win over Lin Shuangqiu, and for something that was no longer important, most girls at their age would be timid and unwilling to further trouble. After all, if Ou Yilian didn’t end up fired, then the remaining three years would become a nightmare.

He could understand this.

The high school’s early studies period was very lively. There were no mandatory studies and some people recited poetry, some memorized English, and some slackers took advantage of the noisy background to chat.

Ma Xiaoding was showing off to Xi Bowen, “Yesterday, I played that game that the internet cafe boss recommended to me yesterday, that Extreme Owl Mania game. I originally thought that it would be f*cking amazing, but it turned out that the whole thing was nothing but boring clicking clicking clicking clicking, then doing quests to build up battle power. Werewolf Killing is more fun.”

Xi Bowen had played it with him once, and it had been a pure nightmare, “Is it that one, where I am a prophet, and whoever jumps at me, I’ll knife them verbally?”

Ma Xiaoding: “… The truth is false, and false is true. I was trying to confuse the good people, don’t you get it?!”

Xi Bowen: “You succeeded in confusing people. The good people thought that you were either a wolf or a fool. There was no loss there.”

The people sitting around them all laughed out loud.

Xie Sui discovered that Song Yu was distracted ever since he came back. He asked him about it.

“What’s the matter?”

Song Yu didn’t want him to know about these things, so he shook his head, “Nothing.”

Ma Xiaoding suddenly patted Song Yu on the shoulder, his two eyes shining, “Brother Yu, Brother Yu! You really agreed to tomorrow’s Shushan Building fight!”

Song Yu: “……”

Oh, he just remembered that this was still happening.

Ma Xiaoding was 100% not concerned about Song Yu, “Tch, the No.1 High school bully position is going to change ownership. I bet that it won’t even be ten minutes before Gao Feng topples to the ground and calls out Daddy.”

Xi Bowen covered his ears, “Keep your voice down, I think you’re just overpraising Brother Yu.”

Song Yu didn’t want to say anything.

Ma Xiaoding was still filled with enthusiasm, “After the fight, after school on Friday, Brother Yu, do you want to go to the internet cafe? Extreme Owl Mania, give it a try! Although I just said that it was boring, the character modeling in the game is pretty good. The legs are long, the chests are big, and the clothes are minimal, heeheehee.”

Song Yu rolled his eyes, “I don’t like big chests.”

However, when it came to weekends, Song Yu suddenly recalled that Xie Sui seemed to work part-time every weekend.

“What are your plans for the weekend?”

Xie Sui didn’t have any plans. The matters with the Xie Family in A City were far away, and there weren’t any terrible people around him. Just as he thought this, his cell phone suddenly vibrated.

He put down the pen that he’d been flipping in his fingers, dropped his gaze and read the message.

It was a stranger. They’d sent a photo taken in secret of his grandmother’s back as she went upstairs. There was one sentence.

“Stay behind in the classroom after school on Friday.”


The corners of his lips ticked up imperceptibly.

Song Yu was still asking him, “I’m going home for a visit on Saturday. How about going to the library to study together afterwards? You can help me study a bit.”

Xie Sui deleted the message. He tilted his head, his dark eyes locking on Song Yu as he smiled, “In that case, do I get a reward?”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Granddaddy Yu decided that the smelly teacher that had been bothering his precious child Xie Sui needs to be taken care of. Granddaddy Yu promises he’ll be very reasonable. 

xiin: you know, SY, if you were a girl, that would be a date… (well it’s probably still a date but you don’t know it?)


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