Chapter 31 – You Reap What You Sow

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

Zhu Zhixing’s mother froze, staring at Xie Sui in a daze. The teenager in front of her was both familiar and strange.

When she opened her mouth again, her blood stained eyes that had been covered with fear seemed to clear out, once again filling with crazed hatred.

She cried and yelled, “It’s you, it was you!” If it wasn’t for your bitch of a mother who seduced people, how could that old beast in my family fall down the stairs and break his leg. Now, this kind of thing has happened again, your whole family is a disaster star! Harbingers of disaster!”

Song Yu came back to his senses after being pulled upright by Xie Sui. The next thing he heard was the scolding voice of this shrew, and the anger he felt instantly burst out from his heart.

“Have you finished yet.”

Song Yu ignored how he was still in Xie Sui’s arms and raised his head, his expression carrying traces of gnashed teeth.

“I think that you guys are the real disaster stars. It’s really eight generations of bad luck for Xie Sui to have met you guys over ten years ago.”

Zhu Zhixing’s mother’s spirit was on the verge of collapse. Her eyes were still locked on Xie Sui, and she was now a little crazy, hating endlessly, “You’ve destroyed my family, so I won’t let you live well, either. I’ll haunt you as long as I live.”

Song Yu was so angry he was smiling. His light pupils refracted the dim lighting in the corridor and he mocked sarcastically, “Don’t do that, Auntie, I might have nightmares with you haunting me.”

Once he got started, he didn’t even need to make use of his expressions to fill the area with the scent of gunpowder.

“Based on the words you said earlier, you’re a monster yourself. Your man is a pervert, yet you’re blaming others for looking good.”


Zhu Zhixing’s mother was so enraged that she couldn’t speak, her face turning red, her fingers trembling. She pointed at Song Yu, “Someone like you who plays with a prostitute’s child isn’t anything good either, you uneducated, waste goods! I’m not sick! It’s Xie Sui, this little bastard, who has––!”

Song Yu thought of Xie Sui’s three years in Junior High and his expression instantly grew cold, “Do you want to try saying it again?”

How could Zhu Zhixing’s mother be afraid of him, “AIDS! He has AIDS! That dirty disease! A disease that kills––ahh––!”

There was a cry of anguish from the woman in the corridor.

Zhu Zhixing’s mother had been grabbed by her hair, pressed against the wall, and punched hard. However, the one to do it wasn’t Song Yu and Xie Sui, but a man who smelled of alcohol all over that had rushed into the corridor at some unknown time.

There was a problem with one of his legs so he limped as he walked. He had messy hair and stubble on his face as he grabbed Zhu Zhixing’s mother by the hair, hissing, “You sticky woman! So what if Laozi has AIDS? You want to do the transfer procedures behind my back? And you even want a divorce? I’ll beat you to death before the divorce! Laozi won’t let you go after coming out of prison! Don’t think about getting rid of me in this lifetime!”

Zhu Zhixing’s eyes were red, “Dad!”

Zhu Zhixing’s mother burst into tears, crying loudly for help. She was in an extremely miserable state in the corridor.

Song Yu stared dazedly for two seconds, then his vision suddenly turned black.

It was Xie Sui who’d suddenly covered his eyes. It was his enemies who were biting at each other like dogs in front of him, but the teenager’s voice was careless, “Don’t look, your eyes will be dirtied.”

Song Yu’s heart suddenly felt a little sour.

What kind of people were the Zhu Family? Was this what Xie Sui’s living environment had been like before? He was only a high school student.

He bit his lower lip, then raised up his hand to pull Xie Sui’s hand away.

“No. I want to see it, seeing it will lessen my anger.”

But Song Yu’s tone wasn’t filled with anger, but indignation. There was even a touch of grievance and heartache that he himself didn’t notice.

Xie Sui’s lips curved briefly, but his line of sight was cold when his dark eyes swept to the family.

Last time, Song Yu had brought him to the wall, bringing back some dark memories from his past. At the end of the day, he wasn’t Song Yu, and his means of revenge weren’t simple and childish.

When he decided to deal with the Zhu Family, they were doomed to be dragged into hell.

Zhu Zhixing’s mother’s cry shocked the class teacher.

When the class teacher came down from upstairs, she saw Zhu Zhixing’s father holding Zh’s mother by the hair and slamming her desperately against the wall.

It was like a horror movie taking place in the darkened building hallways.

The young class teacher was so scared that her face was pale. She didn’t dare to go up and provoke the man who carried the stench of alcohol and looked like he’d lost his reason, so she called for school security.

Later, the security guards came along with the police.

Zhu Zhixing’s father was delirious and even wanted to attack the police. He was pressed to the ground, then stuffed into the car.

Zhu Zhixing’s mother had a swollen nose and was black and blue, having almost been beaten to death. She was crying so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath.

Zhu Zhixing’s tears had already dried up. He was like a walking corpse as he stood to the side, watching the police take notes on pen and paper. In one night, his life had turned upside down, and his parents had shown unprecedented ferocious sides. His entire person felt like he was drowning at sea, unable to see the way ahead, numb and desperate.

“I’m hungry.”

Song Yu didn’t want to look at this terrible family anymore. After staying there for so long, his stomach finally called out.

Xie Sui had originally been waiting for him. He smiled slightly, “Okay, let’s go eat first.”

Song Yu: “I’ll go get my test papers first.”

Xie Sui was almost amused into laughter by his hard-working spirit.


After Song Yu left.

Xie Sui stopped smiling, and the last traces of tenderness on his body disappeared. His entire person stood straight beneath the lights, his side profile clear, his temperament elegant and cool.

He glanced at the clock on the wall, his eyes like a dark abyss, his expression bored and uninterested.

Zhu Zhixing’s eyes were empty.

The world was roaring, and his soul felt like it was being strangled by a hand, dragging it into the suffocating abyss.

He just stared ahead blankly, “It was you, right, Xie Sui.”

Xie Sui heard his voice and turned his head.

Song Yu wasn’t there, so he was too lazy to even show that last bit of harmless innocence. The corner of his lips curved briefly, “Yeah.”

This was the last straw that crushed the camel’s back. The rims of Zhu Zhixing’s eyes were red, his hands clenched into fists, and his body trembled.

However, he’d suffered too many blows that day and had no strength. He laughed like a madman, “The police came to arrest people today, saying that my father molested female guests. The surveillance videos and witnesses were all in place. In the afternoon, not only my mother, but also the entire street all received text messages of my father going out looking for prostitutes, followed by the diagnosis that he’d hidden. He was diagnosed with AIDS, hahaha, AIDS.” He’d spread those rumors for three years in Junior High, but he hadn’t expected that they would end up coming back to him.

Zhu Zhixing’s eyes were red, “After receiving the text messages, I knew that someone was trying to harm us. Who hated me so much? It was you, there was only you!”

When it came to dealing with them, Xie Sui was too lazy to even think too much about it. He thought of how Zhu Zhixing’s mother had pushed Song Yu just now and smiled slightly, his words graceful and elegant, “Don’t collapse too early.”

His tone was calm, “It’s just the beginning.”

Zhu Zhixing didn’t even dare to think about how Xie Sui, as a senior high school student, could do these things. He just covered his face bitterly and knelt down slowly, “I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong. What’ll it take for you to let us go?”

Song Yu had already come back with his test papers in his arms.

Xie Sui tilted his head to look quietly at Song Yu, his face starting to show a smile. It was the kind of gentle and clean smile that a fifteen year old teenager should have.

But his words were spoken to Zhu Zhixing.

Careless, cold, and dangerous.

“At the very least, one person has to die before it stops.”

It was still early.

Deliberately set up gambling games, huge debts, creditors that found their way to their door, scandals that were known to everyone.

Zhu Zhixing’s father’s release from prison would just be the start of their family’s real nightmare.

However, he was too lazy to spend time focusing on these matters.

Compared with those people, he was more willing to spend time enjoying the bright and warm high school life that Song Yu had deliberately created for him.


“What do you want to eat?”

Song Yu was really hungry. He was asking Xie Sui, but his line of sight lingered on the barbecue stand.

Xie Sui glanced at him and said first, “Don’t want barbecue, don’t want milk tea.”

Song Yu: “……”

You’ve said it all.

Finally, Song Yu obediently ate a proper meal.

He’d already sent a message to Aunt Bai telling her not to cook dinner that day when they had to stay behind in the office.

They went back to the apartment after eating out.

Song Yu had eaten his fill and was now in a good mood. He started chatting on the way back, “It’s good for that Zhu Zhixing to transfer to another school. That way, we won’t have to see that fool during our three years of high school. It would be best if their entire family moves away, they’re really offensive to the eyes.”

Xie Sui smiled, “Don’t worry. Their family won’t appear in Jing City again in this lifetime.”

Mentioning the fool Zhu Zhixing made Song Yu angry again. Last time, he’d only let him off because he’d been giving Xie Sui face.

Today, he even came back to bite the hand that’d fed him. As soon as he came up, he wanted to beat and slander people!

When he thought again about the early parts of Xie Sui’s life in <Gentle Control>, Xie Sui’s habitual silence and the way he endured everything.

Song Yu’s lips pulled down. He decided that he would teach him a good lesson.

“When dealing with these kinds of people in the future, don’t forgive them so easily. You see, you let him off so easily last time, only having him wipe off the words, and he came back and bit you like a madman today as a result. I feel that their entire family is mentally ill!”

Forgiving so easily?

Xie Sui found it amusing in his heart, but all he said was, “Okay, I won’t forgive people so easily next time.”

Song Yu was really scared that he would repeat the same mistakes and be harmed like he had in the original story, “Also, don’t trust a person so easily. Don’t be so determined to treat them like a friend just because they’re a little bit good to you.”

Xie Sui suppressed his laughter and tilted his head to look at him, his dark pupils holding a bit of fun––Yuyu, are you talking about yourself?

Of course, Song Yu didn’t notice it and went on, “Those who approach you inexplicably and make advances all have ulterior motives! Maybe they’re coveting…” He got stuck. After thinking about it for a long time, Song Yu recalled the characteristics of the three slag gongs and said firmly, “Maybe they’re all coveting your looks.”

Xie Sui: “……”

Xie Sui burst out laughing.

His laughter made Song Yu feel a little embarrassed. He groused, “I’m being serious! Can’t you listen properly!”

Xie Sui asked him, “You, too?”

Song Yu: “Ah?”

Xie Sui’s smile was soft, “Approaching inexplicably and making advances, ulterior motives, coveting my––looks?”

There was a pause before his last two words, carrying a trace of banter.

Song Yu: “……” Damnit!!!

Song Yu wanted to explain, but the hole he’d dug for himself was too deep, and it would take him a while to come out of it.

His mouth remained open for a long time, but his reasoning wasn’t justified, his heart felt guilty, and he was lacking in confidence, “I’m not like them.”

Forget it, this broken pot could just shatter to pieces.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, it’s just not the same.”

Finally, he was basically spouting nonsense blindly, “Last time, didn’t you ask me why I was being so nice to you? I’m kind, hey, don’t you understand being kind-hearted?”

Xie Sui looked at his expression where he’d almost made himself angry all on his own, and his own bad taste flared up. He decided to add fuel to the fire and said slowly, “In fact, it doesn’t matter if you covet my looks.”

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu: “…………….”

There was no way to continue this conversation, bye!

He strode ahead, angry at himself, but then ran into Gao Feng on the way to the canteen.

Gao Feng had just come out of the small snack shop beside the canteen. He was followed by a group of younger brothers and held a box of instant noodles in his hand. As soon as his line of sight swept over, he saw Song Yu and Xie Sui. After being taught a lesson by the PE teacher for such a long time, he was also forced to write a 3000 word review. When Gao Feng saw Song Yu now, it was really a case of being exceptionally furious whenever one encountered their enemy.

“Oh! It’s you again, brat!”

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Song Yu was currently in a bad mood. He sneered, “What a coincidence. You didn’t get beaten up in the afternoon, so you came to pick up the beating now?”

Gao Feng: “……”

Gao Feng’s younger brothers: “……”

If it wasn’t for the instant noodle box in his hands, Gao Feng would’ve already started fighting by now.

He knew that he couldn’t beat Song Yu with words and was too lazy to curse at him. He said darkly, “It’s not certain who will be beating who.”

Song Yu was too lazy to continue trash talking him. He’d already learned in the daytime that it was useless to try to reason with these kinds of people. He raised his eyebrows, “How about you all come up together?”

He wanted someone to vent his anger on, and someone had actually sent themselves to his door.

Gao Feng really couldn’t bear it anymore.

The little brother beside him pulled him back, whispering, “Boss, we still have a fight with the gang from Class Nine tomorrow. Save your strength, save your strength.”

Gao Feng suppressed his anger and glared fiercely at him, “You piece of garbage, do you think I have time to fight with you”

Song Yu snorted and ignored him––was there even a schedule for fights with the school bullies these days?

Gao Feng got angry again when he saw Song Yu’s expression that seemed to be mocking him. His hand clenched, crushing a dent in the instant noodles box. He raged, “Don’t think that I’ll let you off! Friday! This Friday! After school, at the Shushan Building near the school gate, Laozi will fight you! If you don’t come, you’re my grandson!”

Song Yu wanted to be busy with his studies. He said, “Do you think I care?”

Gao Feng had nowhere to vent his anger, “Great! I’ll be waiting for you there! If you don’t come, you’ll be my grandson! Laozi just asked around for your name, you’re Song Yu, right! Regardless of whether you come or not, you’ll be losing face for sure!”

Song Yu: “Heh, if I don’t go, you’ll still have some dignity. If I really do go, I’m afraid that you’re going to end up crying for two years.”

He ignored Gao Feng’s roars from behind him.

Song Yu walked on, but in fact, he’d already vented most of his anger after aggravating someone else for a while. After saying goodnight to Xie Sui, he went upstairs without looking back. He might’ve vented his anger, but he was still embarrassed!

After taking a bath and turning on the desk light, he went over the test paper he’d finished during the day and summarized the questions he’d gotten wrong.

Song Yu opened up his cell phone and looked at the time. It was already eleven o’clock.

His gaze paused slightly on Ma Xiaoding’s message on his screen.

Song Yu clicked in.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu? Are you really that fierce? ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Your agreement to fight with Gao Feng’s already a hot topic. ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Do you want to go to the forums and take a look? ]

Song Yu: “……”

Brother Yu, who’d decided to quit the internet in order to study, finally went back to the forums.

The thread on the forums ‘The future is like the sea, and Xui x Yu are happy together’ was one that Song Yu had always ignored. If it could be blocked, he’d have been the first to do so.

The rest was also about him, filled with all kinds of conjectures and confessions, floating around on the front page.

[ I’m going to die, Brother Yu’s not here ]

[ Big brother, come back and look at me QaQ ]

[ Let’s have a rational discussion about the possibility that Brother Yu is Song Yu ]

Song Yu skimmed by.

Of course, there were many other forum posts. Pointless posts, complaints, cursing, and so on. After all, these were still student forums.

However, the thread that was bumped up to the top again and again that night was a declaration of war, very similar to the juvenile style seen in ancient martial arts novels.

[ According to the grapevine, there will be a follow-up to the unfinished fight that took place during the day in PE class. My friend is from Class Fifteen, and he said that Gao Feng already announced it in the class group. He’ll be fighting Song Yu on the roof of Shushan Building on Friday ]

Original post: Eh, Chen Zhijie suddenly changed his ways,  abandoning the depraved way of life and returning to the path of virtue, focusing on his studies. In the past, Gao Feng had always been fighting with him for the position of school bully, and he thought that his position as the next school bully would be stable once Chen Zhijie stepped down. Unexpectedly, a dark horse showed up during PE class. I saw some videos posted by some girls on the forums, and Song Yu doesn’t look like he can’t fight. Even so, there seems to be a big difference in physical strength between the two. Why don’t you guys bet, who will win?

1L: Of course my husband Brother Yu will win heeheehee

2L: Song Yu isn’t that fool of a troll called Yu, how many times do I have to say it.

3L: ? You can even see these things from the video? Am I the only one watching it for the sugar? That scene where he intercepted the basketball was too indulgent, hey.

4L: You guys are disrupting the thread yet again, why is it always these two groups of people? Either fujoshis or Yu haters, how about you guys start off a love hate relationship [knife][knife]

5L: Original poster, I’ll help you bring the topic back. I think that Gao Feng will win. After all, he was already famous for his fierce fighting when he was a freshman.

6L: Song Yu is all show, with no practical skills. I bet on Gao Feng.

7L: Gao Feng +1


26L: Am I the only one who wants to bet on Song Yu? If for nothing else just based on his good looks, I’ll be voting for him.

Butter’s Thoughts:
Today, Daddy Yu met someone who wanted to be his granddaddy. Of course, Daddy Yu wasn’t going to let him tarnish his name. Daddy Yu upgraded to Granddaddy Yu after beati- *cough* after talking reason with the foolish challenger. 

xiin: Song Yu: ‘There was no way to continue this conversation, bye!’


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