Chapter 30 – Office

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The crowd that had been quietly following behind him sucked in breaths of cold air.

They looked at the raised corners of Song Yu’s lips and heard those crazy words, and strangely found a trace of familiarity.

Gao Feng was stunned for a few seconds, then his expression turned gloomy.

He felt that he’d been insulted, and the insult had come from this weak looking person. It was his first day as the school bully; how could he bear it? His expression grew fierce.

“Your tone is quite wild. Don’t go shouting for the teacher when you get beaten up.”

Song Yu sneered, “Are you a primary school student? Teacher? Those of us who’ve entered society make others call out daddy when we beat them up.”

The crowd of onlookers: “……”

This immortal tone, this familiar rampant style.

Brother Yu, don’t try to deny it. This must be you.

Gao Feng couldn’t beat him with words and was so angry he was gnashing his teeth. He could only go ahead and make a move.

The basketball in his hand shot over from the distance, aiming straight at Song Yu’s face. The basketball moved quickly through the air, spinning as it travelled, and it would likely make Song Yu’s face bleed if it hit.

The girls watching in the crowd were all so anxious their hearts leapt up. Damn it, don’t hit his face, what’ll we do if this face gets disfigured!

Song Yu hadn’t yet responded.

But Xie Sui had already reached out to help him catch the ball.

The teenager’s actions when he caught the ball was natural and handsome, inciting a wave of shrill screams from the fangirls nearby!

Gao Feng narrowed his eyes. He also recognized Xie Sui at a glance, his eyebrows drawing together in a frown, “You’re that school grass from Class One who’s been exaggerated up to heaven?”

Xie Sui didn’t pay him any attention. He turned his head, a smile that wasn’t a smile on his face as he asked Song Yu, “Didn’t you say you were going to talk reason?”

Song Yu: “……”

In the future, would Xie Sui’s impression of him be locked in as a person who had neither learning nor skill and could only fight?

“Talking didn’t work.”

Sure enough, he wasn’t suited to reasoning with others. He was better suited as an internet troll.

Gao Feng glanced at him and laughed, “It’s great that the school grass is here. I was worried that this wouldn’t attract enough interest.”

He pointed to himself, then to Song Yu, “This is between me and him. Don’t get involved. Stay over there to the side, or else you might get dragged in. When that happens, don’t blame me.”

Ma Xiaoding wasn’t happy when he heard this and insisted on sticking his head out from behind Song Yu, “What the hell are you talking about? Don’t you know that my Brother Yu and God Xie are good brothers? They study together and fight together.”

The air was quiet for a few seconds.

“Ahhhhh––” Not only were the girls in the grass around the court screaming, even the ones in the spectator stands had joined in.

Xi Bowen covered his face bitterly. As a geek, he certainly understood what kind of people fujoshis were––Brother Yu’s reputation had probably been ruined by Ma Xiaoding.

Song Yu was focused on Gao Feng, ignoring the commotion around them. His tone was very disdainful, “Will you guys attack together, or are you going to come up one by one.” After speaking, he tilted his head and asked Xie Sui, “How long until the class is over?”

Xie Sui raised his wrist out of habit to look at his watch, but soon realized that he’d been reborn. He put his hand down and laughed, “There’s about 20 minutes left.”

Song Yu frowned, “20 minutes?” He still wanted to study. After thinking about it, he said to Gao Feng, “Forget it. Come up all together and don’t waste time. Hurry up, I still have to go back and memorize poetry.”

Gao Feng was really angered into laughter by his arrogance. He cracked his knuckles, then rotated his head, “Little brother, don’t say such things too early. Otherwise, when you lose face completely, you won’t have anything left for the three years of high school. Just me alone is enough to deal with you.”

Song Yu sneered, “Heh.”

His eyebrows were sharp and they now held a touch of mockery, making them more willful and arrogant.

Gao Feng was instantly enraged. He stepped forward, his hand moving fiercely as he aimed a punch at Song Yu’s head. In that instant, however, Song Yu directly grabbed his wrist, simultaneously picking up the basketball in Xie Sui’s grasp with his hand and smashing it into his face. His movements were neat and precise, and incredibly handsome.

“Wu––” Gao Feng let out a dull grunt.


Not only him; the onlookers were also shocked.

Song Yu’s expression was cold, “Using balls to smash people isn’t a good habit. Son, do you remember now?”

Gao Feng’s eyes suddenly grew wide!

He was incredulous.

How could this weakling be so strong.


And there were shrill screams from the sides!

The girls blushed and quietly took out their cell phones to start recording. Generally speaking, they wouldn’t watch this kind of bad fighting scene and would retreat three feet away.

But there was no helping it today. Today’s main character was too damned handsome!

It wasn’t just Song Yu. Xie Sui alone was already worth them pulling out their cell phones for the entire class.

Gao Feng’s face grew red. He slapped away the basketball with his other hand and roared, “Laozi looked down on you just now! Come! We’re going to duke it out today!”

The atmosphere was poised for war, tense and hovering on a knife edge. It was like they would start fighting any second.

It was just that this fight never started.

After all, there were so many people on the playgrounds. Some of the well behaved students wouldn’t just watch as a fight broke out and had gone to call over the teacher.


The PE teacher blew his whistle as he ran over.

“You students over there! What class are you from! Why aren’t you attending class properly and trying to have a fight in front of me instead?”

All the students who’d been very excited watching the show, “……”

Teacher, why was your timing so unlucky?

Gao Feng’s expression changed as soon as he saw the teacher. He didn’t try to keep the ball and tried to run off with his little brothers.

However, the PE teacher strode over with big steps and blocked him, catching him by the collar and gnashing his teeth, “Since you like making trouble and fighting so much, hit me instead!”

The PE teacher was a burly man with eight abdominal muscles, tall and broad, and it was clear with a glance that he wasn’t easy.

He’d been teaching for ten years, and he was the number one teacher that all the gangsters in No.1 High never wanted to meet all year round.

Gao Feng’s expression was ugly and he didn’t say a single word.

The PE teacher grew even angrier, “You’re pulling faces at me?! Go and run ten laps around the playground for me, then go to the office to write a review. One thousand words!”

Gao Feng clenched his teeth, wanting to speak but stopping again. Finally, he pointed a finger hatefully at Song Yu, “What about him!”

As soon as the PE teacher turned back, he saw Song Yu’s beautiful and well-behaved appearance. He was even more filled with anger, “You might be young, but you’re already full of schemes! You made trouble for others, yet you also want to drag them down with you? Three thousand words! You won’t be getting away with this!”

Gao Feng looked up in disbelief, “I––” f*cking.

The dirty words that followed couldn’t be said as he’d already been dragged over to the playground by the PE teacher.

Xi Bowen breathed out a long sigh of relief.

Ma Xiaoding also sighed.

Xi Bowen said, “Fortunately, we didn’t get into a fight.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Fortunately, we didn’t fight. I think that Gao Feng should thank Mr. Zhang for letting him write three thousand words.”

Xi Bowen: “???”

Song Yu had never really been enthusiastic about fighting. The PE teacher had come at the right time, and after watching Gao Feng get dragged away, he turned to Xie Sui, “Let’s go.”

Memorize books.

He hadn’t finished speaking when the PE teacher ran back. His expression wasn’t very good as he pointed fiercely at the two of them. “You guys should also reflect on how you stirred up such a big fuss. You don’t have to run, but you can go to the office to explain things clearly and write me a review!”

Song Yu: “……”

How much of his study time would this waste?!

He felt like he’d made a major loss by not beating that fool up.

On the other hand, Xie Sui smiled and didn’t seem to mind.

The PE teacher still had classes, so he told them to go to the office first and wait. The office was on the third floor in the education building. It was a relatively old teaching building.

At this hour, most of the teachers had gone off to eat, so they were the basically only ones left in the office. There was a class teacher from another class there as well, talking on the phone.

They were only four weeks away from the monthly exams. Song Yu was racing against the clock, crouching at the desk as he silently copied out ancient poetry.

One table away, the class teacher’s voice could be heard clearly.

“Why do you suddenly want to transfer schools? It’s just the start of school, and you’ve already paid the tuition fee. Mother Zhu, are you sure you don’t want to wait a bit.”

“This… is fine, too. If you want to transfer schools, where do you plan to transfer? Out of the city? That’s a bit troublesome. You can come to school tomorrow, bring your documents with you. I’ll fill in an application form for your transfer.”

“Ah? You’re coming tonight? Oh, oh. Of course I’m free. But this is really rushed. Eh, okay, okay, come then.”

“Eh, Mother Zhu, don’t cry. We’ll get through this.”

On the other side of the phone, the sound of a woman crying could be heard vaguely, accompanied by a mixture of swearing in the Jing City local dialect.

This class teacher was a female teacher who’d just graduated. She was young and immature, and wasn’t used to dealing with matters between parents. She held her phone awkwardly, but her tone was still full of gentleness and patience.

“Yes, yes, take it easy. Okay, okay. I’ll be waiting.”

The other side finally hung up. She let out a long sigh of relief, then rubbed her eyebrows wearily.

On this side, Song Yu had gotten to ‘The whole stream was emerald green’ and then suddenly forgotten the next sentence. He hadn’t listened to a single Chinese class, but he was already eager to learn, “What’s the next sentence? We can see that the mountains are red, the forest is dyed in layers, and the whole stream was emerald green, and then?”

Xie Sui: “Hundreds of barges striving for the current.”

Song Yu held his pen, “What’s striving current? Why does it feel so strange.”

Xie Sui: “Barges.”

Song Yu wrote it out, then slapped his own forehead, “I was saying, why did I have no impression of this. I always memorized this as hundreds of boats striving for the current.”

Xie Sui dark eyes stared at him seriously for a long time, and then laughed, “With your language ability, are you planning to fight for the first place in the bottom of the grade?”

Song Yu’s heart felt guilty and he was unable to get angry, “It’s not that bad.”

The light of the setting sun seeped in through the window. The glass was pure and clean, golden like an orange.

By the time Song Yu had basically finished writing a physics paper, the PE teacher still hadn’t arrived.

It was getting dark by the time the PE teacher finally walked into the office. It had probably taken him a lot of time and energy to teach Gao Feng a lesson.

The PE teacher spoke as soon as he saw them, “Go and eat dinner first. For the review, write 500 words and hand it in to your class teacher tomorrow.”

He answered a phone call from his daughter right after, talking with her as he left.

Song Yu was working on a test paper and only had two questions left. The teacher had let them go, but he didn’t want to go yet.

He couldn’t disrupt his train of thought for this problem.

“Stay a bit longer.”

Xie Sui sat next to Song Yu, pretending to pick up his pen and work on his homework. He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and calculated the time in his heart, then turned his head, “Are you hungry?”

Song Yu didn’t even lift his head, “Not yet, my spiritual world is very rich, and my body is already numb.”

Xie Sui smiled gently, capped his pen, and didn’t bother him anymore.

A while later, someone came in. It was a middle-aged woman, not tall, thin and small framed. She had short hair, a narrow and yellowed face, thin eyelids and a sharp nose. Her features were harsh, and at the moment, she held a bag in her hand, her hair was messy, and her eyes were red and bloodshot. It seemed that she’d been crying for a long time.

One side of her face was blue and purple, and when she walked in, her leg seemed to be limping.

The class teacher was stunned. She stood up half a beat later and asked tentatively, “Are you Zhu Zhixing’s mother? What, what happened to you?”

As soon as the woman sat down across from the teacher, she suddenly collapsed and began to cry in despair. She cursed as she cried, her mouth filled with words like ‘beast’, ‘shameless’, ‘slut’ and other such dirty words.

The class teacher was from Jing City, was extremely embarrassed. She said quickly, “Um, did you bring your documentation? Do you really plan to transfer to another school?”

The woman hid her face in her hands and cried loudly, “Yes, yes, yes. I can’t continue on like this, and I can’t stay in this place any longer.”

The class teacher smiled stiffly, “This… is something wrong in the family? Calm down a bit.”

Zhu Zhixing’s mother burst out into more tears, despairing, “Teacher, you don’t understand how it feels to be talked about and pointed at behind your back, I didn’t even dare to lift my head up when I went out today. It’s that old animal in my family, I’ve been ruined by him for a lifetime. I’m going to take my son and leave. This brings shame all the way to my mother-in-law’s family, it’s become such a big scandal! I’m suffering every second in this damned place!”

The class teacher was stunned, “O-okay.”

Song Yu had stopped writing as soon as he heard the class teacher call ‘Zhu Zhixing’s mother’. He quietly lifted up his head and looked over.

Zhu Zhixing? Wasn’t that the fool who’d bullied Xie Sui for three years in Junior High?

Why was his mother here? And crying so bitterly?

Xie Sui’s expression was very natural. It seemed that he wasn’t concerned about what was happening on the other side. He just asked Song Yu, “Are you finished writing?”

In fact, Song Yu was still stuck on the last question, but Zhu Zhixing’s mother could be considered as part of Xie Sui’s childhood nightmare. That night, Xie Sui had said to let the past go, and he also didn’t want to have these people come to sully Xie Sui’s eyes anymore.

He put away the pen, “I’m done, let’s go, let’s go.”

It was just that when they walked out of the office and headed downstairs, they ran into Zhu Zhixing at the stairs.

It was evening. The moon shone in coldly. Inside the old teaching building, the paint on the walls were peeling off, and Zhu Zhixing stood dejectedly in a dark corner. His eyes were red, and his usual wretched and poisonous gaze was filled with confusion and panic. Like his mother, it was unknown how long he’d been crying for.

Song Yu was stunned when he saw him: It turned out that he’d come, too. He tugged at Xie Sui, wanting to pull him away from him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Zhu Zhixing saw Xie Sui, his eyes suddenly filled with blood. He rushed over in a rage, his fist lifted to punch Xie Sui in the face.

The roar that sounded out in the corridor seemed to tear through his heart and lungs, “It’s you, wasn’t it! You’re the one who sent the photos and the surveillance to the police. You did it, didn’t you?!”

Song Yu was incredibly angry. He grabbed his neck with one hand and pushed him away, “You’re insane! I let you go last time! But you’re in such a hurry to come back and be beaten this time?!”

Xie Sui stepped back, his eyes were so deep that they seemed bottomless as he watched the back of Song Yu’s figure block in front of him, the corners of his lips curving up imperceptibly.

Zhu Zhixing had lost all reason and was like a mad dog, “It’s all over! It’s all over! You’ve ruined my family! Xie Sui! You’re just as hateful as your whore of a mother who seduces men!”

Song Yu was so angry that he punched him, then stuffed the book in his hand into his mouth, “Are you sick or something! Shut up!”

Zhu Zhixing was no longer afraid of Song Yu. The pain he felt on his skin was far less than all the horror he’d experienced that day.

He looked at Xie Sui in a daze.

Xie Sui’s skin was pale and cold. In the moonlight, there was a kind of coldness that seemed surreal, and his eyes were as black as a deep pool. Even now, when his gaze shifted over, it was still careless, cold and indifferent.

Even if he’d manipulated everything from behind the scenes, he didn’t really place any importance on them.

He even disdained to feel disgust towards them.

Zhu Zhixing’s teeth trembled. He instantly felt cold all over, his scalp numb.

The guess that had originally been uncertain was now suddenly confirmed.

Indeed. Who else would understand so much about that kind of thing?

“It’s you…” Tears streaked his face as he raised his hand, trembling, “It’s you… devil… you devil…”

If it could be said that the emotion he felt towards Song Yu was just a fear towards bullies.

At this moment, his fear for Xie Sui went deep into his bones.

Song Yu was annoyed, “Are you––” Done yet.

“Xie, Sui!”

A woman’s hateful voice came down from the top of the stairs, filled with tears and anger.

Before Song Yu had time to react, he’d been pushed hard from behind.

His eyes widened as he saw that he was about to tumble down the stairs, but his wrist was caught and pulled back, and he fell into a cold embrace.

Xie Sui put one arm around him, his other arm going up to grab Zhu Zhixing’s mother’s hand. His expression was as cold as frost in the moonlight.

“Are you looking to die?”

The chill in the tone of his voice could freeze people.

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