Chapter 29 – PE Class

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The only people outside of his family who knew his cell phone number were Xie Sui and Ma Xiaoding, and there were also some conversation records with their class teacher. For someone to be able to send text messages to him, they must have obtained the information from Ou Yilian.

The tone of his words were so disgusting; besides Wang Ci, who else could it be? He hadn’t come to school for a day, had he been investigating him and Xie Sui?

Song Yu’s expression was cold as he turned off his cell phone and put it into his pocket.

That fool Wang Ci had better not come to school tomorrow. Otherwise, he’d beat him up until even his mother couldn’t recognize him. After that, he’d call the parents to top it all off. What trash.

PE was the most anticipated class for high school students. When the bell rang, the crowd of people swarmed out, with Ma Xiaoding was with the group running in the front, dragging Xi Bowen down the stairs with him to occupy the basketball court.

It wasn’t long before there was no one left in the classroom.

The classroom was empty, and there were only the two of them left in the classroom. 

Song Yu turned his head and found that Xie Sui was still sleeping. He knocked on the table twice with his hand and whispered, “Hey, it’s time for class.”

At almost exactly the same moment when he leaned over, Xie Sui opened his eyes. His black eyes were abnormally aware, without the slightest trace of sleepiness.

Song Yu was stunned, “You’re awake. You didn’t sleep at all, did you?”

Xie Sui didn’t explain. His voice was a little hoarse, “Only the two of us are left?”

Song Yu proudly asked for credit, “Right. I’m the only one who waited for you the whole time.”

Xie Sui curved his lips, his meaning unclear. “How thoughtful.”

Song Yu had a mysterious illness, so the school had given him permission not to attend PE class, but Song Yu always felt that this illness was nothing but dog shit and never took it seriously. On the way, Xie Sui picked up a phone call and asked Song Yu to go ahead and wait for him downstairs.

When Song Yu went downstairs, he ran into two girls from the class next door.

The two girls were stunned and stopped on the spot when they saw him.

They only came back to their senses after he glanced over at them.

They blushed, then moved to the wall to make way for him.

Only after Song Yu had walked off did he hear them start discussing in low voices full of excitement.

“Is that really Brother Yu?!”

“I don’t know, the forums are in a mess over it, but there’s been no conclusion. However, no matter whether he is or not, he’s so damned handsome.”

“I was already attracted back when I was looking at the photos, wuwuwu.”

The corners of Song Yu’s lips twitched imperceptibly.

Fortunately, he’d already retired from the internet.

He didn’t want to deal with those unimportant things. In Jingcheng No.1 High, he just wanted to be a study god.

He waited for a long time under the tree in front of the teaching building before Xie Sui finally came downstairs.

Song Yu asked, “What phone call was that? You talked for so long.”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “An unimportant person.”

High school PE classes generally followed a process. There was a simple running warm-up, then the students could arrange freely amongst themselves, choosing between badminton, basketball, rope skipping, and other similar sports. Ma Xiaoding excitedly turned his head to find Song Yu after the PE teacher called for them to disperse, roaring loudly, “Brother Yu! Brother Yu! Basketball?”

Brother Yu. This name was really too hot today. Faces that were both familiar and unfamiliar all subconsciously looked towards them.

Fortunately, Song Yu had long been used to this kind of gaze and replied indifferently, “Tired. Not going.”

Ever since he’d beat up a bunch of people last time, Ma Xiaoding no longer treated him like a porcelain doll. He asked in surprise, “Ah? You’re tired after coming downstairs and running two laps? But the teacher won’t let us go back to the classroom, hey, what’ll you do if you don’t play ball?”

Song Yu raised his eyelids and retorted, “Could it be that the only place where you can study is in a classroom?”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

What else could Ma Xiaoding say? He could only go, “Wow! Brother Yu’s amazing!”

He’d never seen a study god who was as enthusiastic about showing off their study god identity as Brother Yu. Every time he opened his mouth to speak, it was always about learning, and it was like he wouldn’t be able to live if he was separated from learning for a second.

He was puzzled. Why was it that even though they were both study gods, God Xie had never once said a single word about learning?

God Xie, your study god identity must be fake.

Take a look at our Brother Yu.

Song Yu tilted his head and tugged on Xie Sui’s sleeve, “Let’s go, we’re going to go study.”

Xie Sui looked at him in amusement, “How?”

“Find a shady place to sit down and I’ll test you on your poetry.”

Xie Sui pulled his hand back and smiled faintly, “How about no.”

He couldn’t afford the embarrassment.

Song Yu criticized him righteously.

All of a sudden, Xi Bowen ran over from the other side. This little bookworm was so angry that his face was red as he spoke to Ma Xiaoding, “Brother Ma! The court we took over has been snatched away!”

Although Xi Bowen was pale and tender and looked like the kind of child who only focused on studying, he was actually extremely enthusiastic about basketball.

Because, when he was a child, he’d heard someone say that playing basketball would make one grow taller. So, he’d continued playing all the way up to senior high school.

After class, he and Ma Xiaoding had charged their way out of the crowd in order to grab a court, yet they’d had it snatched away just like that; he was really aggrieved.

Xi Bowen was incredibly angry as he took off his glasses, “It’s that crowd from Senior Two’s Class Fifteen!! They’re simply a crowd of bandits! Savage and unreasonable! I said that we arrived first, but they asked if our names were written on the court, if it wasn’t written, then it was theirs! And they even said that we had to fight them if we weren’t willing to accept it!”

Ma Xiaoding’s eyes widened, and he really couldn’t hold back. He rolled up his sleeves as he cursed and swore, “F*ck me! Laozi was a school bully for so many years in Junior High, I’m not scared of him! If he wants a fight, we’ll fight!”

Before he left, he thought about how Song Yu was still watching him from the side. He took a few steps back and didn’t forget to report to Song Yu, “Brother Yu, I’m going to go and preside over justice.”


Every part of Song Yu’s face, from his eyes to his expression, were filled with disdain and rejection.

His expression was the typical disdain and rejection that well-behaved, good students who focused on studying would show towards bad student students who made trouble.

It was hopeless. Ma Xiaoding, what was the point in you attending high school?

Xi Bowen had originally been angry, but he’d just wanted to vent his anger. When he saw Ma Xiaoding’s posture of really wanting to go in and fight, he was a little stunned, then immediately backed down and said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, it’s useless. Brother Ma, I think we’re better off switching places. Senior Two’s Class Fifteen isn’t easy to provoke.”

Ma Xiaoding: “What’s there to be afraid of!”

Xi Bowen spoke anxiously, “There’s a Chen Zhijie in Senior Two’s Class Fifteen. He’s No.1 High’s current school bully and fights like he doesn’t care about his life. He’s a hard one to deal with, we shouldn’t go and provoke him.

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

Ma Xiaoding suspected that he’d heard wrong, “Who?”

Xi Bowen thought that he didn’t know who he was. His heart was filled with anxiousness, and he explained in a mass of incoherent words, “It’s Chen Zhijie! The current school bully of Jingcheng No.1, Chen Zhijie! The one who made someone else drop out of school last semester. I heard that he’s a taekwondo black belt and also learned how to fistfight. He even uses real knives to fight, the type where he’d smash people over the head with bricks. Injuries will happen if you fight with him. Brother Ma, let’s just endure it, just be calm, step back, and it’ll be like nothing ever happened.”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

Ma Xiaoding: “…………”

Chen Zhijie?

That power from last time who’d ended up having his face slapped in the billiards room, hiding behind Plaid Shirt without saying a word, pretending to be dead?

Ma Xiaoding’s fear of the school bully of No.1 High had been long gone since that event. However, his younger brothers were all scattered in other classes and right now there was only Xi Bowen who looked like a weakling at a glance.

There seemed to be a lot of people over there with Chen Zhijie.

Fighting with inferior numbers.

Tch, it was a little dangerous.

Ma Xiaoding’s heart wavered, and his steps came to a stop. After thinking about it, Ma Xiaoding looked back at Song Yu pitifully and said, “Brother Yu, I got bullied.”

Song Yu, who’d seen everything from the sidelines, smiled in a way that didn’t reach his eyes, “Oh, very good.”

A wild youth like Ma Xiaoding should suffer a beating and be hit until he abandoned fighting for culture and started studying hard.

Xi Bowen was stunned, “No, wait. Brother Yu, why are you using this tone when you talk to Brother Yu? Brother Yu’s focused on his studies and can’t fight at all, yet you even want him to step out for you? Aren’t you harming Brother Yu?”

Ma Xiaoding gave him a look filled with pity and didn’t want to explain too much.

He then turned his head and continued to sell his miserable act to Song Yu, appealing to him with both emotion and reason.

“Brother Yu, I was wrong. This isn’t a matter of being bullied at all. It’s about the dignity of our class.”

“We already took the court, but they snatched it up just because they wanted to. They’re really not taking our class seriously!”

“Brother Yu! We should have a sense of class honor!”

Song Yu tilted his head and asked Xie Sui, “If we don’t memorize poetry, how about teaching me Newton’s third law.”

Xie Sui suppressed a smile, “Should I teach you the first and second laws first?”

Ma Xiaoding was afraid that the two of them would leave first. He was almost about to cry and tossed away his dignity completely, crying yingyingying, “Brother Yu, I want to play basketball, Q won’t bail q1Q won’t bail q – autocorrect meme for QwQ!”

Song Yu: “……”

Xi Bowen’s head was covered in question marks, “Q won’t wha?”

They’d been stirring up a fuss over there for a long time. In fact, many people from Class One hadn’t gone far and were still there observing quietly.

The girls whispered amongst themselves.

“What happened?”

“It seems that the basketball court was taken over by another group.”

“It was snatched away by Senior Two’s Class Fifteen, Chen Zhijie’s group.”

“Ah? Chen Zhijie? Is it that bigshot in Senior Two?”

“What do you mean, bigshot? He’s the school bully.”


School bully, bigshot. Was he the only one in the entire school who wanted to study properly?

Song Yu despaired about the environment around him. He was also annoyed by Ma Xiaoding’s nagging and frowned, “Are you done?”

Ma Xiaoding blinked his eyes, looking very pitiful.

Xi Bowen was really stunned when he saw this scene.

The corner of Song Yu’s lips pulled down. He turned to Xie Sui and said, “Wait a minute. I’m going to go preside over justice first.”

Xie Sui laughed, “Okay.” Yuyu was really righteous.

The basketball court was next to the playground.

Several classes were grouped up together for this physical education session. There were people from Senior One all the way to Senior Three, and there were many people around.

Xie Sui from Senior One’s Class One was a name that had become popular throughout No.1 High, and many female students had purposely come to the sports stands in order to see him.

Xi Bowen led the way, and Ma Xiaoding walked up ahead, aggressive like a crab2aggressive like a crab – with backing, one can walk ‘horizontally’ (basically do whatever they like with no regards for the consequences)… Ma Xiaoding now has backing and is scared of nobody.

Looking at Ma Xiaoding’s walking attitude that was enough to get him pulled over on the street for a beating, Song Yu couldn’t bear it anymore, “He’s up front and making it look like I’m going over there to have a fight.”

Xie Sui laughed in spite of himself and said, “You’re not going over to fight?”

Song Yu’s eyes widened slightly, “I’m going over there to talk reason, okay? First come, first served. It’s a matter of courtesy. Why would we attack for things that can be solved through reason? It’s a civilized society, get it?”

Xie Sui listened quietly and didn’t refute him.

Song Yu thought about it for a while and was dissatisfied, “So, in your eyes, am I the kind of wild youth who only knows to fight?

Xie Sui was getting addicted to teasing him. He dropped his eyes, his lips curving up in a smile, “No, you also know how to make phone calls.”

Song Yu stared at him expressionlessly.


Who had I made phone calls for?

Had the ‘smart, lovely, and gentle’ from that morning been fed to the dogs?

Xie Sui was already a popular figure, and adding on Song Yu’s uncertain identity, they’d attracted a lot of attention to their side. The people on the playground approached quietly, their attention centered on the basketball court.

A group of people from Senior Two’s Class Fifteen had just come out of the equipment room with a ball in their arms, but their leader wasn’t Chen Zhijie.

It was a big guy that they hadn’t seen that day.

Ma Xiaoding’s tone was very aggressive, “Didn’t you say that we should come and fight if we weren’t willing to accept it? We’re here, let’s fight. Where’s your leader? Where’s Chen Zhijie? Did he go off and shrink away?”

Behind him, Song Yu’s expression was livid as he pulled him back by the shoulder.

Ma Xiaoding: “Ah, hey, Brother Yu, what are you doing? I haven’t even finished with my trash talk yet.”

Song Yu ignored him. His expression returned to normal, and he looked elegant and polite, “Fellow student…” Let’s talk about the question of who the court belongs to.

However, he hadn’t finished saying the words that came after when the big buy who was holding the ball sneered, his tone prideful, “Chen Zhijie? He abdicated from the position yesterday. His brain was infiltrated by water or something and he suddenly started to focus on studying, even dying his hair back to black. Now, I’m the school bully of No.1 High. Laozi’s the boss of Class Fifteen, Gao Feng!”

Song Yu gritted his teeth and continued to say evenly, “… Our class took over this court first.”

Gao Feng wiped his nose with his thumb and sneered coldly, “Fight! Come on! Today is the day where I establish my fame! After today, the whole school will know that the position of school bully has changed hands!”

Song Yu took a deep breath, “… We should pay attention to the rule of first come first served. So, can we all take a step back?”

Gao Feng continued talking to himself, “Brothers! Show your weapons!”

Song Yu shut up and looked at him coldly.

For a moment, the air became tense.

Ma Xiaoding trembled from behind him, looking at Feng like he was looking at a brave warrior who’d sacrificed himself to blow up a bunker.


Gao Feng found that the atmosphere wasn’t right and finally turned his attention to Song Yu. Seeing his delicate and weak appearance, Gao Feng laughed disdainfully, “What the hell did you say just now? Were you trying to say that you came first and have us back off? Oh, look at you calling out for the basketball court. Did it answer?”

Ma Xiaoding’s expression was both sad and regretful.

Brother, you’re playing with fire. Oh, that’s not right, you’re playing with your life.

Xi Bowen was already unable to watch on anymore. He couldn’t understand why Brother Ma had to bring over the well raised and quiet Brother Yu who only wanted to study.

Song Yu tidied up his emotions.

Damn it.

This ‘talking reason’ thing couldn’t continue.

He exhaled, looked at Gao Feng, then smiled.

“I don’t know if it answered or not, but I know that in a while, when I call you son, you’ll have to answer even if you don’t want to.”

Gao Feng stared.

Song Yu rotated his wrists and spoke coldly, “If you don’t, I’ll beat you until you do.”

Butter’s Thoughts:
Son Yu ran away from Father Yu, abandoned his dye house on the grasslands, and is going to make himself known as Daddy again.

xiin: “No, you also know how to make phone calls.” – lol XS likes to poke at SY way too much, it’s so cute

  • 1
    Q won’t bail q – autocorrect meme for QwQ
  • 2
    aggressive like a crab – with backing, one can walk ‘horizontally’ (basically do whatever they like with no regards for the consequences)… Ma Xiaoding now has backing and is scared of nobody


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