Chapter 28 – husband

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

note: the ‘husband’ in the title was originally already in English

After he was done being a troll on the forums, Song Yu quickly turned off his cell phone and no longer cared about those miscellaneous things. 

Brush off one’s clothes and depart after the deed was done, not leaving a single word and hiding one’s merits and fame.

He was still stuck on the reading comprehension question he’d started in class and didn’t know whether to choose B or D.

After thinking for a while, he put down his pen. What was the point in being so tangled up about it? Wasn’t there a study god living downstairs?

When he thought of this, Song Yu picked up his pen and paper and ran downstairs.

Xie Sui was answering a phone call in the room.

The teenager sat in a chair, his hand on the table, his tone casual, “Send the video to the police. As for the photos and diagnosis, why send them to me? Send them to his family.”

The person on the other side of the phone said something.

Xie Sui dropped his gaze, listening expressionlessly, then pressed the button to hang up the call.

The sound of hurried knocking sounded at the door.

Xie Sui could easily guess who it was. He raised his gaze indifferently and looked toward the door––this child wasn’t sleeping during the noon break, did he plan to sleep through three consecutive classes in the afternoon?

Song Yu knocked for a while, then Xie Sui finally came to open the door. His brain was filled with the English words ‘neutral’ and ‘criticize’. 

When he saw Xie Sui open the door, his eyes lit up.

He met his dark, cold eyes and stilled for a moment, then directly said, “I came to study with you.”

Xie Sui’s hand was on the door handle. His lips curved slightly.

“You don’t need to work on math now.”

Song Yu: “… It’s English. Let me in to sit first, it’s so hot.”

Xie Sui felt that he really showed more than enough patience toward Song Yu.

Who else would dare to talk to him like this in his last life?

He had a reputation for being cold-blooded and ruthless, and countless celebrities flocked to him, but none of them would dare to step foot in his private domain.

Xie Sui let him in, then spoke lightly.

“Don’t ask me about words that you can look up in the dictionary.”

Song Yu: “……”

Damn it. In that case, my cell phone would already be enough. What’s the use in having you?

The layout of the rooms in the teacher apartments was similar. Song Yu sat on the sofa in the living room and started doing his homework.

Xie Sui didn’t go into his bedroom. He sat beside him and read a book, accompanying him.

The feeling of doing his homework on his own and doing homework with another person was completely different.

In any case, for Song Yu, he tended to loaf around less often with Xie Sui around.

After finishing two questions, Song Yu checked the answers. His correct answer rate was 50%!

He really was a genius for being able to achieve such good results on an English paper after not studying the subject for such a long time.

He gave himself a thumbs up in his heart.

There was hope for coming in the top 100 of Jingcheng No.1 High. Song Yu was really happy as he picked up the water from the table, took a sip, and looked over at Xie Sui. He was quite curious, “How come I only ever see you either sleeping in class or playing on your cell phone after class, without any intent to study at all.”

Xie Sui’s fingers turned the page and he spoke in a calm voice, “It’s probably because high school studies aren’t worth my attention.”

Song Yu finished drinking water and set down the glass heavily.


Ha. Look at how amazing you are.

Song Yu took the frustration he felt as a learning scum and plunged back into the sea of English.

All the way until the last question in the fill in the blank section.

Song Yu was stuck on it for a long time.

It was the kind of thing where it was so familiar that it couldn’t possibly be more familiar.

He clearly knew that he knew the word, to the point where he didn’t need his cell phone to figure it out, but his brain remained blank.

Xie Sui glanced at the time and said, “It’s time for class.”

Song Yu didn’t lift his head, “Wait a minute, I’m on the last question. Don’t talk, I have the answer right away.”

Xie Sui raised his eyebrows but didn’t urge him. He put away the book in his hand and went to pour him a glass of water.

His mouth said ‘right away’, but five minutes passed in a flash. Song Yu’s pen still hadn’t moved, and his eyebrows were twisted tightly in a frown. It was the familiar feeling of gritted teeth and getting into a fight.

This child always seemed to be going into a battle when he answered test questions.

Xie Sui went over and was just about to set down the water.

Song Yu finally gave up and said wearily, “Husband1husband – in English.”

Xie Sui was stunned.

He wasn’t able to hold the cup steady, and water splashed onto his fingertips.

Song Yu gritted his teeth, “What does ‘husband’ mean, do you remember? I feel that I definitely know it, but I just can’t remember.”

Xie Sui stopped for a few seconds, and then he asked, “What? I didn’t hear you clearly, say it again.”

Song Yu was about to die from frustration at this question, “Husband, is it clear? What does it mean.”

Xie Sui laughed, “Say it slower.”

“Husband! H,u,s,b,a,n,d!”

Xie Sui finally set aside his bad sense of humor and stopped teasing him.

He sat down beside Song Yu and pulled over the exercise book.

“Let me see the question.”

Song Yu was stunned, then slapped the table angrily, “What does it mean! I’m asking you to tell me what it means!”

Xie Sui picked up his pen and pointed it at the question, ignoring his powerless fury.

“‘Husband’ means husband, legal husband, but here, it’s Mrs. Green calling her lover, and it isn’t so formal. So, you should choose C, ‘my dear’.”

He tilted his head, smiling as he looked at Song Yu. His voice was low and beautiful.

“My dear.”

My dear.

Xie Sui’s voice was a little cold, but these two words held a trace of laughter and gentleness, so attractive it could make one’s scalp go numb.

However, Song Yu was too straight and only had one reaction; he was confused and angry, ‘So, just now, I took such a long time to think about what ‘husband’ meant, but it’s not even the right answer?”


Xie Sui gave him a deep look and set down his pen.

His tone was cold, “Yeah.”

He should’ve just told him to flip through the dictionary just now 🙂

And it really turned out as Xie Sui expected. In the afternoon, Song Yu directly slept through Chinese class.

September had originally already been a month that made people want to sleep. When the Chinese teacher began to read from the textbook, Song Yu felt like his eyelids were fighting against him.

The Chinese instructor was a middle-aged, expressive old man. When he read poems, his voice was filled with emotion, and his hands waved along with him. “I was here with a throng of companions, Vivid yet those crowded months and years. Young we were, schoolmates, At life’s full flowering;…2At life’s full flowering –” It was just that his tone was too slow, and Song Yu’s head almost hit the table.

Bang. The slight pain woke him up for a moment.

He’d given himself a **ing study god character design. Song Yu’s burden as an idol was simply too heavy.

He shook his head and tugged on Xie Sui’s sleeve, “Pinch me, don’t let me fall asleep. I want to listen to class.”

With that, he stretched out his arm.

They wore short sleeved shirts in summer, and the arm he exposed was pale and tender. It was clear that it had been well taken care of with a glance.

It was hard to tell where the energy that came about when he beat people up came from.

Xie Sui looked down and said lightly, “Pinch yourself.”

Song Yu was dazed for a moment, then gave a very genius suggestion, “I can’t do that to myself, how about you stretch out your hand for me to pinch?”

Xie Sui was angered into laughter.

He wanted to sleep so he’d pinch other people to wake up. What a smart move.

“Dream on.”

The way they got along with each other was becoming more and more casual. Song Yu didn’t feel that anything was wrong with it. Knowing that he’d been asking for it, he could only find another way out. He turned around to Ma Xiaoding, who was always particularly active in language classes, and said, “Hurry, pinch me, I’m about to fall asleep.”

Ma Xiaoding was immersed in the sea of poetry and didn’t understand what he wanted when he first heard him, “Brother Yu, what do you want me to do?”

Xie Sui had already tugged Song Yu’s hand back and turned him around.

“Sleep. I’ll call you for the key points.”

Song Yu’s eyes widened. He was so tired there were tears in his eyes, making his eyes appear particularly clear and dazed.

“Nah, that’s not very appropriate. I’m a man who wants to focus on studying and get full marks.”

His tone of voice was still the type that was asking for a beating.

Xie Sui: “The next class is physics. If you don’t sleep now, will you wait to sleep later?”

Physics and Chinese.

The former was one where if he didn’t listen to one class, he’d probably end up silly for three years.

With this comparison, Song Yu obediently shut his mouth and fell asleep on the table.

The location of their desks was practically a VIP learning scum area. It was by the window, there was a hypnotic breeze and the teacher’s voice as a lullaby. Soon, Song Yu fell into a deep sleep.

In fact, their side of the classroom had constantly been on the receiving end of much attention.

The forum thread attempting to figure out Brother Yu’s real identity had been going on for a long time, but the person involved never spoke up and they could never lock anything down.

The haters all agreed that a certain Yu must be a short, ugly and annoying plebeian in reality, and it was impossible for them to match him up with Song Yu. It was just that the fujoshi’s brains had all short circuited and they were all blindly making CPs.

The girls were divided into two groups. Xie Sui’s girlfriend fans were still the majority on the forums, and as soon as they heard that they were deskmates, they were so angry they wanted to throw up blood, digging in and refusing to believe it. These two people couldn’t possibly have a relationship!

The rest of the fangirls who shipped CPs were as happy as fairies, and the forum threads were flying with activity, just like it was a New Year celebration.

Their stance on the forums was just as hateful as people who beat gongs and drums in front of other people’s funerals.

For example, this analysis by a fairy forum poster.

“Damn! I’m so happy! Song Yu, SY, Xie Sui, XS, both of them have an ‘s’ in their initials, what does that mean––it means it’s real! Are you guys familiar with XY? In mathematics textbooks, it’s the never separated XY axis. What does this mean––it means that no matter how far into the future they go, their origins are always interdependent. They were born a couple, don’t you get it?”

Other people.


“… Amazing.”


“You guys can really f*cking translate into flowers.”

“Don’t you get it? Hahahahaha I get it, I get it.”

Of course, they were so excited they were dancing into the skies on the forums, but it was just online.

In reality, the group of girls wouldn’t dare to say much even if they were all certain that Song Yu was Brother Yu.

After all, that scum man temperament of Song Yu’s that went against the heavens and the earth was too obvious to be ignored, and they were all scared.

Before the truth came out, they were choosing to watch in secret.

However, the more they waited and watched, the more they felt that it was god’s arrangement to have these two people sit together at the same table.

The first physics class of their high school year.

Song Yu showed an energy level of 120%. He sat upright, his posture straight, refreshed and full of spirit.

On the other hand, Xie Sui spread open his physics textbook and said, “I’m going to sleep first. When it’s time for PE class, knock on my desk and wake me up.”

Song Yu: “??? You’re going to sleep in physics class?!”

Xie Sui made a sound of acknowledgement.

Song Yu was shocked, “Did you sleep very late yesterday?”

Xie Sui smiled, “Not really.”

Zhu Zhixing’s family affairs weren’t significant enough for him to waste much of his energy on. In comparison, he paid more attention to the Wang Family.

Song Yu himself had slept through Chinese class, but he felt no remorse and even turned around to educate others, “That’s not good, Let me tell you, physics is a discipline. If you sleep in the first class, you won’t be able to understand anything that comes after. Do you know how many people fail at the gate to physics every year? Hey.”

Xie Sui ignored him.

He laid down on the table and closed his eyes.

Thick, long eyelashes swept down.

When Xie Sui’s eyes were closed, the mysterious momentum around him dissipated, and he looked tired and fragile.

Song Yu looked at his sleeping face and was stupefied for a moment. He stopped talking shit and muttered in a low voice, “How can you sleep so much.”

Xie Sui, who hadn’t yet fallen asleep, found it funny when he heard these words.

He wasn’t actually a person who slept much. On the contrary, he’d developed a habit of insomnia in his previous life. For a long time, he’d only closed his eyes for two or three hours a day, and his sleep had been very shallow, where he’d wake up with the tiniest sound.

Coming back to his fifteen year old self, he’d then found out that he was always able to sleep well when Song Yu was nearby.

It was really magical.

Wang Ci hadn’t come to class all day, and Song Yu felt that this was a good thing. Just the things that Wang Ci had done to Xie Sui in the original story were already enough to disgust him to death.

The last class was PE.

Song Yu tidied up his things, then pulled out his cell phone, planning to attend the next class.


A message appeared on his cell phone, from a stranger.

There was malice everywhere between the lines.

[ Do you think that there will still be so many people praising and chasing after Xie Sui if his mother’s affairs are exposed? Would they still call him God Xie? A prostitute’s son. ]

[ The things that I take an interest in, I won’t give to others even if I have to destroy them. You want to fight me? I’ll destroy him and drag him down to hell. Let’s see who he’ll come to beg when the time comes. ]

Song Yu read it. His eyes filled with coldness, his smile chilly.

He’d been wrong.

Stupid fools were everywhere.

Song Yu replied.

[ Come on. ]

[ Let’s see who destroys who at the end 🙂 ]

Butter’s Thoughts:
Come 🙂

Song Yu: what’s with all these messy things? just let me study, damnit!

  • 1
    husband – in English
  • 2
    At life’s full flowering –


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