Chapter 25 – Happy Together

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

Sadako Really Really Really Really single handedly changed the direction of the whole thread with his efforts.

1321L: What did you say? Can you say it again?! Who did God Xie say those words to?!

1322L: I’m going to pull out a knife, damnit, damnit, damnit! Let me just throw out this sentence first, you rotten girls1rotten girls – fujoshis, get the hell out of here ahhhh!

1323L: Bwahahahaha the door to a new world has already been opened and the back door is locked. Don’t anyone even think of leaving.

1324L: Fellow sisters above us, don’t be angry. A single direction online love is so self-abusive. Why not ship CPs together with us? [little panda holding a pinwheel]

1325L: The future is like the sea, and many are the years to come. Eee~~~

1326L: Do you remember how Brother Yu spoke up last time in God Xie’s face-licking forum thread? I can’t even believe that a person as low-key as Brother Yu would actually be willing to self-reveal his status as a handsome brother for the sake of a person [cry][cry] What kind of touching brotherhood is this? Wuwuwu I won’t believe you if you tell me that there’s nothing between them! [heart][heart][rose]

1327L: Upstairs, do we know the same Brother Yu?

1328L: ??? Hahahahaha not bad, not bad, you win, you win. Low-key Brother Yu, self-revealing as a handsome brother

1329L: Are you guys sick? Can a class representative come in and circle the key points! Brother Sadako is Brother Yu’s little follower, God Xie looked in Brother Yu’s direction. I want to see what my husband looks like ahhhh!

1330L: Upstairs, let’s raise up our paws together––ahhh, did anyone record it! Is there a replay? Let me look for my husband ahhhh! Brother Sadako, big brother, big brother, big brother, look at me QWQ

1331L: Big brother Sadako, look at me QAQ, let’s be friends? Whether or not there’s Brother Yu is unimportant, the key point is that I like the look of climbing out of the television with messy hair.

1332L: Are you there? How about making a trade? Send me a photo, and I’ll. let you do. whatever you like. with my TV!

1333L: Big brother, daddy, uncle, little brother Sadako, I can be whatever you lack at home QAQ

Brother Sadako might have become the biggest winner in this forum thread.

Song Yu: “……”

If his identity was exposed like this, he would beat Ma Xiaoding up tonight.

For Song Yu, getting his identity exposed on the forum would just be making things more troublesome for him. He only wanted to quietly attend high school and study. Why was it so difficult to achieve?

“Your milk tea is ready.”

The shop assistant’s words brought Song Yu’s thoughts back to the present.

The straw was plugged in and he took a sip of the warm and sweet milk tea. The more Song Yu thought about it, the more angry he became, so he simply stopped walking and sat down on the seats inside the milk tea shop, “Wait a minute, let me curse someone out first.”

Xie Sui: “……”

If he wasn’t hitting people, he was cursing them out. Why was this child so wild?

There weren’t many people in the milk tea shop. At this time, there were only the two of them.

Song Yu was worried that Xie Sui would be bored, so he made it a point to give the practice questions that he’d taken to the auditorium but hadn’t found a chance to start on to Xie Sui, “If you have nothing to do, you can first work on these practice questions.”

Xie Sui’s upbringing was excellent and he declined politely, “There’s no need.”

Song Yu was habitually vague as he said, “Don’t be polite.”

After saying so, he bowed his head and opened up his chat conversation with Ma Xiaoding, his fingers flying over the keyboard as he typed.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: ? Do you want to die! ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: If you expose my identity on the forums today, let me tell you, you’re done for! ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: I’ll go to your house and smash all your things, do you believe that I’ll do it 🙂 ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: If you don’t explain yourself clearly, you’ll be dead within a day [smile] ]

On the chat page, the words ‘the other side is typing’ appeared, then disappeared. The trembling, shivering silence could be felt across the cell phone screen.

A long time later, Ma Xiaoding tentatively sent over an emoticon.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: [big brother, have a beer.jpg] ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: [smile] ]

Ma Xiaoding cried in fear.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Wuwuwuaaah Brother Yu, I was wrong! Q won’t bail q2Q won’t bail q – this is a chinese autocorrect meme… basically if you type ‘qwq’ it will auto correct into ‘q won’t bail q’, eventually it became a thing on its own! I’ll immediately go and request to be deleted from the thread! I’ll clarify things right away! ]

Q won’t bail q?! QwQ?

The corner of Song Yu’s mouth turned down. Had he just learned it? Was he using it without even knowing what it meant?

He couldn’t bear it any longer.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: You look really stupid when you’re trying to act cute 🙂 ]

Ma Xiaoding, who didn’t dare to speak any more, lost all of the proud joy that he’d felt when the fangirls wanted to become friends with him and trembled as he sent out a new message on the thread.

1429L Sadako Really Really Really Really: Don’t guess anymore, I was just joking with you guys. I just don’t like watching you guys green my Brother Yu. [smoking]

1430L Sadako Really Really Really Really: I don’t know Brother Yu, but I like him, the kind where I want to be brothers with him.

1431L: ??? I’m f*cking bursting into tears wuwuwu!! Wuwuwu, I just knew that there was no relationship between God Xie and Brother Yu, I couldn’t accept my two husbands cheating on me with each other behind my back wuwuwuwu

1432L: Brother Sadako, were you threatened by Brother Yu?!

1433L: Look at this gay-sounding speech. I don’t know Brother Yu, but I like him, the kind where I want to be in a relationship with him.

1434L: If you’ve been threatened, change your name to Sadako Really Really Really Really

1435L: Upstairs, can you stop messing around! They said they don’t know each other, so they don’t! God Xie isn’t in a relationship with anyone! Fujos, get the hell out here and ship CPs, okay!

1436L: Yes. I recorded a video, watched the replay, and I feel that those last words were spoken to me 🙂

1437L: 1436 must be dreaming, I could see my own reflection in his eyes

1438L: Wuwuwuwu Brother Sadako, I love you, I was saying, I clearly remember that the moment that made me fall for him was when he looked into my eyes and said those words with such gentleness.

1439L: ??? These posters above me, do you guys need to get your eyes checked

1440L: I think they need to get their brains checked

1441L: Let me analyze it rationally; Brother Yu won’t be found. At the time, the lights were all aimed at the stage in the auditorium. God Xie looked up and glanced over, and his gaze should have been towards the left, but there were too many people there. [spread hands][spread hands]

1442L: My Class Five was seated to the left. I always f*cking felt that he’d fallen for me at first sight through the crowd! Don’t wake me up from my dreams like this, are you guys not pursuing the Chinese dream?!

1443L: Fellow sister, do you have a score of 0 in politics? The Chinese dream isn’t your daydream.

1445L: I have reason to suspect that Brother Sadako spoke the truth, so Brother Yu grew angry and forced him to come out and clarify

1446L: Goddamnit, just because you guys’ brains have nothing but BL, it doesn’t mean that everyone is together. I’m Brother Yu’s wife fan 🙂 The type that’s super poisonous and super focused, if you guys keep going I’m going to start scolding people

1447L: Alright, alright, stop messing around. Regardless of whether Brother Sadako’s words are true or not, regardless of whether God Xie and Brother Yu know each other or not, it’s still true that he has opened a new door for me. Fellow sisters, let’s go and open up a CP thread. I’m looking forward to Brother Yu’s expression when he arrives and sees it [funny][funny]

1448L: Ahhhhh sister upstairs, take me along!!

1449L: Hahahaha Brother Yu is really damned pitiful tonight. He’s been greened and gayed, what exactly did he do wrong? He clearly didn’t say a single thing.

1450L: Brother Yu didn’t do anything wrong, so at this time, @Brother Sadako quickly come out of the TV and get beaten

1451L: @Brother Sadako, stretch your head out

1452L: Damn, don’t do this in the middle of the night. In fact, I’m actually quite scared of ghosts.

1453L: I started the thread! [The future is like the sea, and Sui x Yu are happy together3Sui x Yu are happy together – this was originally a word play 绥喻而安 where the first word 绥 is taken from Xie Sui’s name and means ‘happy/peaceful’. the second word 喻 is taken from Song Yu’s name. the phrase 绥喻而安 means ‘being happy with you’, so i changed it a little to make more sense in english]! Let’s go! 

1454L: ???!!!! I’m coming!!

1455L: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Happy Together CP!!! Big sister, you’re too amazing wuwuwu

1456L: Brother Yu, I’m going to find you a husband heeheeheee

1457L: I can’t win against you with words, so I’ll find someone to screw you 🙂

1458L: Hahahaha I’m going to die because of Brother Yu sooner or later!

1459L: Is nobody going against it?? Brother Yu, if you end up reading my post, remember to reflect on this for a moment, is your image as a scum man too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people?

1460L: Quick, head to the forum thread next door!!!


The boys who’d been watching God Xie’s fangirls, Brother Yu’s wife fans, and even the CP fans who had been tearing into each other for a long time and enjoying the show finally started to pop up.

1600L: 666666! Other than ‘6’, what else can I say

1601L: The two of them have already gone off and formed a pair, sisters, come with me instead [pick nose][pick nose]

1602L: A 1.8m tall senior three big brother is here accepting little sisters who have been hurt by the two gays, I’ll give you a shoulder to cry on, those gays aren’t worth it

1603L: Xie Sui is too miserable. He didn’t even say much. When is that Yu guy going to get his identity exposed? Laozi will go and beat him up, just looking at him makes me angry

1604L: Are the stupid straight men here again? Only the crazy CP fans have left the thread, we’re still here 🙂 Continue cursing, I’m already very skilled at dealing with you guys.

As the two men who brought the most bloody rain in Jingcheng No.1 High’s forums.

The style of the posts that came after wasn’t unexpected. They started fighting for another three hundred posts.

On QQ, Sadako’s profile image flashed twice.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu [poking fingertips][aggrieved][biting handkerchief] ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: I went to clarify, and they won’t be able to find you ]

Song Yu ignored him. His milk tea had just reached the bottom when he clicked out of the thread and saw a new [hot] thread. Within minutes, the number of replies had almost broken past 500.

[ The future is like the sea, and Xui x Yu are happy together ]

Main post: My husband, Brother Yu, I’ve found you a husband, are you happy? [showing teeth][showing teeth][laughing][laughing]

Song Yu: “……”

Like hell.

With this, it became even more important for them not to know who he was 🙂

The air in the milk tea shop was sweet and the corridor outside smelled crisp and cold, filled with moonlight and lights. The forum was bustling with activity, but in reality, the environment was quiet and gentle.

He subconsciously glanced over at Xie Sui.

Xie Sui had declined his invitation to do practice questions, but he was looking over the questions he’d already done before with interest.

The teenager’s hand was slender and pale as it held a pen. He had a tall nose, thin lips, and long eyelashes that left shadows on his cheeks. His long legs were stretched out in front of him as he sat, appearing elegant and graceful.

He seemed to become aware of Song Yu’s gaze, looking up and smiling briefly, “Finished?”

Deep, dark eyes, cold with a trace of a smile. They looked better than the moon.

Song Yu thought about that ‘Happy Together CP’ and the corner of his lips couldn’t help but pull down. He quickly turned off the screen for his cell phone and thought to himself that he definitely couldn’t let Xie Sui see that thread.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

In the future, he couldn’t visit the forum regularly. He’d let the ID ‘Your Husband, Brother Yu’ become a legend––to constantly remind himself that he was here to learn!

Previously, he’d just been kicking up a fuss and putting on an act for the entire family, even though it had only resulted in that one sentence from President Song after he lost his temper.

However, Song Yu had taken the matter of getting a full score to heart.

There was still one semester to go before Gong #1 transferred over from another school. He didn’t have anything to do with his spare time. Since he was reliving campus life and had already started acting as a study god, he might as well sit solidly in that position. Just like how every student had the ambition to study hard at the start of a new semester, Song Yu did as well.

He asked Xie Sui, “Do you think it’s possible for me to get full marks in math?”

Xie Sui said, “Yes.”

Song Yu was relieved, “Then how long would it take if I wanted to surpass you?”

Xie Sui dropped his gaze to look at him. He laughed, his tone a little languid and perfunctory, “Not long. It won’t even take any effort. If you want to surpass me, I’ll just hand in a blank test paper.”

Song Yu: “???”

He didn’t mean that!

All of the interest and fun that Xie Sui found in high school life lay with Song Yu. He tilted his head and smiled as he continued, “If you want to be first in the grade, the one you need to surpass isn’t me, but the second in the grade.”

He added in his heart, however, based on how you use methods that no common person could think of to solve many of your practice questions, you should first work to surpass the second place from the bottom.

Song Yu: “… Okay.”

In fact, at the end of the day, Xie Sui had been a learning god from the very start and had never come into contact with others during his school days, which was why he felt that Song Yu’s results were poor. If his current test paper was given to a match teacher, Song Yu would probably have received some words of praise. He couldn’t be considered a top-notch study god, but he at least qualified as a small study god.

Butter’s Thoughts:
1457L: I can’t win against you with words, so I’ll find someone to screw you 🙂
Butter: [Surprised] It’s like they already know where this is all going

xiin: *jumps on the CP ship!* also, poor Song Yu, getting attacked for his mediocre study abilities just because Xie Sui doesn’t know what’s ‘normal’~

  • 1
    rotten girls – fujoshis
  • 2
    Q won’t bail q – this is a chinese autocorrect meme… basically if you type ‘qwq’ it will auto correct into ‘q won’t bail q’, eventually it became a thing on its own
  • 3
    Sui x Yu are happy together – this was originally a word play 绥喻而安 where the first word 绥 is taken from Xie Sui’s name and means ‘happy/peaceful’. the second word 喻 is taken from Song Yu’s name. the phrase 绥喻而安 means ‘being happy with you’, so i changed it a little to make more sense in english


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