Chapter 24 – Your Husband, Brother Green

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

1L: Count me in! I’m God Xie’s woman today!!!

2L: Yes! Today, I’m going to give the cold and heartless scum man Brother Yu some green today! Stinky man, did you really think that I wouldn’t be able to live without you?!

3L: Hahahahahahaha I’m dying from laughter

4L: Do you guys really think Brother Yu would be scared of this?

5L: Brother Yu: If you want to say bye bye, then bye bye. The next one will be better

6L: Hahaha, that’s not right.

Brother Yu: Little sister, do you want to eat shit?

7L: Hahahahahahahhhhhh, why are you all so talented


35L: Wuwuwu God Xie really has a godly appearance, he’s a school grass and a learning god, damn it, how can there be someone as perfect as God Xie in this world! It’s not fair!

36L: Yeah! It’s not fair! So, let me be his girlfriend, have him be blind for once and fall in love with me, that’ll make things fair!

37L: Wuwuwuwu, that’s too honest, having to be blind in order to fall for me, is it that I don’t deserve you wuwuwu


5L: For real, when he said that the future was like the sea and many are the years to come, I really felt like all the stars, the moon, the mountains and the rivers, all the beauty in the world was in his eyes. Sound disappeared, lights dimmed, and my heart stopped for a second.

I’m switching sides, sorry Brother Yu TUT

60L: Previous poster little sister, amazing! These rainbow farts1rainbow farts – exaggerated praise/boasting are too good!


121L: Original poster, let’s green him together!

122L: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love God Xie.


251L: Tsk, Brother Yu can change his name now. In the future, we’ll call you Your Husband, Brother Green.

252L: ??? Hahahaha Your Husband, Brother Green.

Song Yu: “……”

He was outside the auditorium waiting for Xie Sui, flipping through the forums when he saw this popular post that was going on at full steam. Then, he clicked in and found that he was being forced to change names.

Your Husband, Brother Green…

What the hell!

You guys like Xie Sui, what does that have to do with me?

The green above my head?

Little sisters, can you afford it?

Messing around foolishly.

The Song Yu who’d been promoted to the level of a national husband but didn’t have any self-awareness regarding this matter curled his lips and logged into his account. He was just about to reply when Father Song’s call suddenly came over. Song Yu, who’d been squatting on the steps, saw the caller ID and almost dropped his cell phone.

How could President Song, who had tens of thousands of things to deal with every day, be calling him for anything good?

Song Yu’s hand trembled slightly when he pressed the connect button.

“Hello, dad.”

“School started today?”

On the other side of the cell phone, President Song’s voice was low and deep, full of majesty.

Song Yu was scared when he heard him mention school. He held up his cell phone and answered quietly.

“School started. The freshmen celebration just ended, and formal classes will begin tomorrow.”

President Song was silent for a long time, then sighed and said in a sour tone, “Forget it. Since you already colluded with your mother and your sister and kept it from me all the way from the beginning to the end, what can I, as your father, say?”

Song Yu could only give a dry laugh, “… Haha.”

You’re holding an overbearing CEO script, so don’t act like a bitter old father, Dad.

It was probably that President Song also recalled his own character design very quickly. He snorted, “Don’t assume that I can’t do anything to you just because you’ve started school! Since you love studying so much, then study obediently in Jing City. Don’t make trouble, and don’t make your mother worry.”

In fact, based on the status and position of the Song Family, nobody would put pressure on Song Yu even if he was the bottom last in the grade. President Song simply wanted to make sure he was occupied with something while he stayed in Jing City.

The environment in school was relatively mild and simple. If Song Yu was peacefully focused on studying, then they could also rest assured in A City.

Song Yu glanced at the exercise questions he’d taken with him to the auditorium and felt no psychological burden at all. After pretending to be a study god for such a long time, he’d really started to feel like one. He said frankly, “Dad, you don’t have to worry about it. I can guarantee that you won’t be able to find another person who loves learning more than I do in the entire school.”

President Song sneered, “Three hundred and fifty?”

Damn it. Song Yu wanted to quit! “Why do you guys keep talking about my high school entrance examination results? Why can’t I rise up during high school? Don’t you know that a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold2a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold – Broken bones well set become stronger, basically he’s implying that he’ll be even better now that he’s turned a new leaf!”

How could President Song not understand his temper? He said cynically, “Do you know how many points your elder sister got in this year’s college entrance examination? 735, second place in A City’s province. You have the same mother and father, but why is the gap so big.”

Song Yu: “……”

President Song chuckled, “Nothing to say?”

Song Yu gritted his teeth, then adjusted his mood. He spoke in a particularly sympathetic tone, “Tsk, how did my 750 point elder sister only achieve 735 and get second place in the province!”

Then, he quickly calmed down, “Dad, you should quickly go and persuade her to retake the exam. One’s life should not have flaws, and losing those 15 points in the college entrance examination will become her lifelong regret, the type that will make her depressed and angry when she grows older and thinks back on it. Additionally, as a person, we should pursue first place. Getting second place in the province is unworthy of the Song Family identity––this isn’t a matter of scores, it’s a matter of face. I suggest retaking the exam.”

President Song: “……”

He’d never met anyone who was more antagonistic than his son.

The President Song who couldn’t bear it anymore roared, “Don’t think about pressuring your sister about getting second place in the province until you enter Jingcheng No.1 High’s top 100!”

“Retake the exam if you don’t get full marks? Fine, it’s really unworthy of being a son of my Song Family. If you can get a full score on any of your monthly examination topics, I won’t concern myself about your studies in the future.”

The more President Song thought about it, the angrier he got. He continued to roar.

“If you can’t even score half the points, you’ll be hauling your ass back to A City!”


Song Yu: “……”

He’d run his mouth a bit to feel good, but now he was regretting it to death.

Once again, he’d ended up at odds and parting unhappily with President Song because of learning matters.

Song Yu was in a gloomy mood and no longer had any thoughts about trolling the forums. He signed out.

He poked Xie Sui on QQ.

[ Song Yu: I’m waiting for you at the steps near the door. Hurry up. ]

Xie Sui replied a few seconds later.

[ Okay ]

There were no stars in Jing City’s night sky, and the wind was a little cold in the evening. The host was giving an impassioned closing speech, and it was warm and lively inside. Song Yu stood outside alone, growing hungry as he waited.

Just then.

His sister sent him a message.

[ Song Wanying: 🙂 ]

[ Song Wanying: I heard that you look down on my 735 and want me to retake the exam? ]

Song Yu: “……???”

Had his dad gone to vent his anger so quickly?

What kind of magical father and son relationship did they have? He was sold out in the blink of an eye.

[ Song Yu: I didn’t, who told you that ]

[ Song Yu: [head scratching][head scratching][question mark][question mark][confused][confused] ]

[ Song Wanying: Stop putting on an act. When dad called, the whole family was listening beside him ]

[ Song Wanying: You’re done for. Now, we’re all waiting to see your monthly exam results ]

[ Song Wanying: I made a bet with mom, and our big brother will be the referee. I bet that you’ll be number one from the bottom, don’t let us down. ]

Song Yu: “……”


Had he pretended to be a study god for so long just as a joke?

Song Yu typed calmly.

[ Song Yu: Don’t look down on others ]

[ Song Yu: Listen to my advice and bet on being number one from the top so that you can build up the family fortune ]

[ Song Wanying: Heh. ]

[ Song Wanying: I’m afraid it’s more like losing everything. ]

[ Song Wanying: Not chatting anymore, I’m going to prepare to retake the exam 🙂 ]

Song Yu couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud, holding onto his cell phone. It was just that, as he was laughing, a vague feeling that had been lurking in his mind appeared again.

Song Yu was stunned for a moment. It was like… ever since he’d arrived in this world and interacted with the original host’s family, there had never been any sense of strangeness.

Everything was natural and familiar.

This rather confused line of thought was interrupted by Xie Sui’s voice.

“Let’s go.”

Song Yu looked back and saw that the people in the auditorium had begun to leave. Xie Sui had come out first, in front of the densely packed crowd. The teenager was tall, his legs long, seeming to carry moonlight with him, his appearance as delicate and cold as a painting. Fortunately, he’d left early. Otherwise, he would have been surrounded by people.

On the way back.

Song Yu said, “Your speech today was great. You didn’t look nervous at all.”

Xie Sui froze briefly, then smiled, “Your suggestion worked well.”

Song Yu’s suggestion had been found on Baidu at the last minute. When he heard it being praised, he was actually a bit embarrassed, “That’s not it, credit should be given to the fact that you were fully prepared.”

Xie Sui dropped his gaze and smiled but didn’t say anything.

If not reading a single word beforehand was considered preparing.

Of course, he didn’t feel that a high school speech was worth preparing for.

His voice was as light as the wind and as calm as the clouds.

“Just looking at you made it particularly simple and easy.”

Song Yu was stunned.

He couldn’t figure out how to reply.

On the way back to the teacher’s apartments, there was a milk tea shop that was still open. When Song Yu, who was already a little hungry, glanced at the shop, he became too lazy to think about how to reply. He tilted his head, “Wait a minute, I’ll go buy a cup of milk tea.”

Xie Sui raised his brow imperceptibly.

But he didn’t say much and followed him over.

“One cup of original milk tea, no pearls, no coconut…”

Xie Sui glanced at him, then said to the shop assistant, “Room temperature.”

Song Yu’s last two words, ‘with ice’, were forcibly swallowed back down.

Song Yu was waiting for the milk tea when his cell phone rang. He bowed his head and opened up the screen. It was Ma Xiaoding bombing him with messages.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu, did you and God Xie leave first? ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: You guys missed out on Wang Ci’s expression! I feel like he’s about to die from anger! When I walked past him, whistling, he was still calling his family non-stop. He yelled for a long time, but the other side didn’t give him a single word of comfort. Hahahahaha, I feel great! His followers are also so angry they’re half-dead and didn’t say a word. Those idiots’ faces have been beaten up3beaten up – figuratively, they’re ‘swollen’ from all the ‘face-slapping’ that just happened so much they’re swollen. ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Oh, he even glared at me. Ha! Who’s scared of him! ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu, I feel that this idiot won’t give up and let things drop. I heard him making a call, and he currently still thinks that you’re a poor relative of the Meng Family, and that it was the Education Bureau who was targeting him this time. He’s stupid and poisonous and hopeless, but it doesn’t matter, people like us who take the socialist road aren’t bothered by these things! Hahahahaha ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Also! Brother Yu, have you seen the forums? There are actually people there who want to green you! I’m so angry! What the hell do they understand! God Xie was clearly saying those words to you! The brotherhood between the two of you can’t be broken apart by those fickle women! ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: I’m going to go and continue with helping you get back at them now ]

Song Yu: “……”

He had a vague premonition. He opened up the browser on his cell phone and went into the No.1 High forums, clicking into the hot post once again. Amidst a group of people who were laughing and calling out confessions to the green person, an ID that really had Ma Xiaoding’s personal style, ‘Sadako Really Really Really Really’, was changing the style and direction of the whole thread.

1315L Sadako Really Really Really Really: What do you mean, green! Have you guys never considered that Xie Sui and Brother Yu might be good brothers? You’re all just trying to mess with other people’s feelings.

1316L: Sadako Really Really Really Really: Let me tell you! I’m Brother Yu’s follower! Just now, I was sitting beside Brother Yu! Xie Sui’s last sentence was spoken to Brother Yu! Got it?!


1317L: ???!!

1318L: Oh my, I have a very, very bold idea

1319L: Got it… I seem to have understood something…

1320L: Brother Sadako, you seem to have opened up a new door for me.

Butter’s Thoughts:
Brother Sadako is the Captain of the Peppermint ship!

xiin: Brother Sadeko, the oblivious straight man who started it all… maybe this is why Xie Sui tolerates his existence?

  • 1
    rainbow farts – exaggerated praise/boasting
  • 2
    a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold – Broken bones well set become stronger, basically he’s implying that he’ll be even better now that he’s turned a new leaf
  • 3
    beaten up – figuratively, they’re ‘swollen’ from all the ‘face-slapping’ that just happened


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