Chapter 23 – Traces of Living

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Get rich raising pigs.

The taunt in these four words was simply too obvious. Many people held their breath, the atmosphere becoming tense. The gazes they used to look at Song Yu were as if they were looking at a brave warrior––did he know who he was provoking?

The teacher was also stunned, his face going thoroughly red as he stalled and said to Song Yu, “Eh, how can you talk like that as a student? Hurry and apologize, it’s just a speech.”

His eyes were filled with anxiety as he shot Song Yu a look. He was doing his best to admonish him gently, but the other party didn’t appreciate it at all.

Although social affairs shouldn’t come up in discussion while one was still attending school, some social classes were really determined at birth. Song Yu had blatantly provoked Wang Ci and, based on the Wang Family’s power in Jing City, it was incredibly simple for him to make life difficult for him.

Just like this freshman’s speech. Wang Ci wanted it, so the Wang Family put in a word for him and the school directly approved it.

It wasn’t written clearly in the rules, but everyone understood it discreetly and had to accept it even if they didn’t want to.

“Little classmate, you should hurry and apologize. Forget about this matter.”

The teacher wiped the sweat on his hands and really invested a lot of effort.

Wang Ci’s expression had also cooled down after Song Yu said ‘get rich raising pigs’. After listening to the teacher’s words, he laughed and smiled superficially, “What’s there to apologize for, you’ve already said such words. Am I supposed to pretend I didn’t hear it?”

He tilted his head, his eyes deep and meaningful as he looked at Xie Sui with a particularly sinister gaze, “If you were more sensible, it wouldn’t have gotten so embarrassing for you. Originally, I quite liked you.”

Xie Sui smiled when he heard this and didn’t speak. The youth stood tall and straight, his temperament clean and cold. A chilly light fell into his dark eyes, as cold and deep as snow.

Wang Ci narrowed his eyes, inexplicably feeling a little afraid, but it also made him more excited. His tone became even more ambiguous, “Are you regretting it?”

Xie Sui smiled, “No.”

Without waiting for him to say more, Song Yu had already opened his mouth, his light-colored eyes full of impatience, “Why are you still here, don’t you know that you’re very offensive to the eyes? Why aren’t you going off to prepare to get rich?”

Everyone: “……”

The teacher: “……” He advised himself: This student is hopeless, he can’t be saved, give up.

Wang Ci’s fleshy face twitched briefly and he held his speech manuscript as he walked forward. As he passed by Song Yu, his eyes were filled with mockery and malice. He spoke in a low voice that only the two of them could hear, “Nothing but a poor relative of the Meng Family, do you really take yourself so seriously? You’re only able to mix in with a driver’s son like Ma Xiaoding. Do you really think that you’re something?”

The phone call finally connected.

Meng Guang’s voice could be heard from the other side of the cell phone.

“Hey, Yuyu, what’s up?”

Before answering, Song Yu covered his cell phone and shot Wang Ci a smile. He said lightly, “What era are we living in where you still use your family to suppress others? Don’t you know that we’re taking the socialist road now? Idiot.”

Song Yu ignored Wang Ci’s expression that looked like he’d just eaten shit. He held up the cell phone and headed toward a place with nobody around. He dropped his gaze and said calmly, “Elder cousin, are you interested in becoming rich? Student Wang Ci in our school is going to go up on stage as the new student representative and give a speech on how to get rich raising pigs.”

––You have a f*cking problem with getting rich raising pigs, don’t you?!

Wang Ci, who’d punched cotton with his fist, was so angry that his entire body trembled. Finally, he was coaxed and urged by the teacher who had sweat all over his forehead and went up ahead to prepare.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, it’ll be your turn to go up on stage soon.”

Song Yu took his cell phone and went further and further away.

The little followers were all confused, “Brother Ma, who is Brother Yu calling?”

Ma Xiaoding had a whole belly full of words he wanted to use to show off, wanting to explode Brother Yu’s identity in City A, but reason held him back––

Brother Yu was hiding his identity so that he could be a school bully quietly and peacefully! He couldn’t just stir up trouble!

Also, Song Yu’s words just now had really scared him stiff! That’s right! We are taking the socialist road, who needed to mention family background? He stuffed a whistle into his mouth and blew out several depressed ‘Beep––’ sounds in order to vent his feelings.

Ma Xiaoding’s tone wasn’t happy, “Didn’t you hear him calling elder cousin? Then it must be his elder cousin!”

The group of little followers, “……” Of course we know it’s his elder cousin! We just want to know who his elder cousin is!

Song Yu walked upstairs to the second floor of the auditorium. When he stood by the railing, he could see the stage and stairs below him very clearly.

His words just now had really bewildered Meng Guang, what the hell? Getting rich? Raising pigs? What exactly had his younger cousin been subjected to? ––Was the Song Family in decline?! That was impossible. Based on the Song Family’s foundation, if anything happened, the shockwaves would be felt across the entire business and political circles.

Meng Guang, who was confused on the other side of the phone, “Why can’t I understand what you’re saying. Wait––Wang Ci?”

He’d finally grasped the key point. After a moment of surprise, he yelled loudly at the cell phone, “F*ck me! Wang Ci?! How can that straw bag become your freshman representative and make a speech on stage? Does your No.1 High School’s headmaster have a problem with his brain?!”

Song Yu’s pale eyes were indifferent and aloof, “That’s what I’m saying. I feel that, if I have to listen to his speech today, I’ll have been studying in school for ten years for nothing.”

On the other side, Meng Guang burst out laughing.

Song Yu was very decisive, “The Wang Family put pressure on the school to get him a spot on the stage, snatching away other people’s spot. Is there any way to get rid of him.”

Meng Guang had laughed his fill and grew serious. His tone wasn’t polite at all, “That’s for sure. I don’t want your school opening ceremony to be poisoned by that fool. Putting him up on stage is an insult to the entire education industry. Wait, I’ll call my fellow brother in the Education Bureau and ask him to have a talk with your school leaders.”

After thinking about it, he continued to scold, “What is wrong with this Wang Family! A bunch of idiots!”

Before Song Yu hung up the phone, he heard Meng Guang ask with great interest, “Speaking of which, Yuyu, is your school’s opening ceremony taking place today? How can you have nobody there to support you. Just wait, I’ll drive over to No.1 High immediately.”

Song Yu: “??? No, don’t, don’t, don’t––”

Don’t come! He just wanted to quietly attend school!

Meng Guang was determined, and full of enthusiasm, “I’ll show you my latest sports car!”

Song Yu: “… Elder cousin, really, don’t come!”

Damn it. He’d just wanted to get that idiot Wang Ci off the stage. He hadn’t thought that he’d be pulled into the mess too.

At the end, for better or worse, he managed to convince Meng Guang not to come.

On the stage in the auditorium, their school seniors were still performing. Even though this venue usually served as the sports hall, there were lights shining down from all directions above the stage, brilliant and dazzling. The boys sang in deep, hoarse voices, the melody flowing through the auditorium quietly.

Applause broke out at the end of the song. Two hosts, a man and a woman, both appeared on the stage. They were dressed formally and holding microphones in their hands.

“In this golden, osmanthus scented September, the autumn wind is refreshing, and we’re also ushering in a new generation. A dream sets sail, which is also the beginning of a better life. The time for singing and dancing is over, and now, let’s welcome our school leaders onto the stage to deliver their speeches…”

After the school leaders finished their speeches, it was the freshman representative’s turn.

Song Yu hung up the phone and went back downstairs. In the preparation area behind the stage, he saw Xie Sui.

Ma Xiaoding was chirping and chattering around him. He’d already learned about the freshman representative changes.

He was filled with righteous indignation.

“Oh, how does that make sense! Xie Sui, don’t worry! Let the fool Wang Ci jump around for now. Brother Yu will definitely kill him! Brother Yu, hey––Brother Yu is here––”

Song Yu ignored Ma Xiaoding. He just asked Xie Sui quietly, “Are you ready?”

The youth’s hair color and pupils were of a lighter shade than usual, his skin pale. When he looked at a person seriously, his eyes appeared particularly clear and pure.

Xie Sui smiled briefly and didn’t ask about anything. “Yes.”

Song Yu held his hand, “In that case, we’ll be waiting up front.”

The teenager’s hand was warm.

Skin contact.

It was clean and refreshing, like shampoo and the scent of mint.

In the shadows.

Xie Sui’s lips curved.

––It was a boring and juvenile high school freshman’s speech, but now it seemed that it held another meaning.

Wang Ci, who was waiting to go up onto the stage, looked through his speech manuscript casually and didn’t pay them any attention. He wasn’t nervous at all. After all, based on his prestige in No.1 High School, there was probably nobody who would dare to laugh at him.

“What are you guys doing here?”

Wang Ci’s little followers had come as well, and they clustered around him, bloated with arrogance.

When they saw Song Yu and his party, they were full of schadenfreude.

“Didn’t you receive the notice?”

“The freshman representative position was changed to our Brother Ci a long time ago! Good grades aren’t worth anything!”

“At the end of the day, aren’t you just left stranded under the stage.”

“What a pity, you prepared for so long.”

Song Yu didn’t want to pay attention to these stupid people at all.

He simply tilted his head, quietly slipping a mint into Xie Sui’s hand, “I like mints so much due to my childhood. Afraid, sad, nervous, unhappy, all kinds of bad moods are no longer so bad when there’s candy in my mouth. It’s already become a habit.”

Xie Sui held the speech papers in one hand, and the candy in the other. He didn’t quite understand why Song Yu was so insistent on this matter. He lifted his gaze, his eyes dark, “Are you really hoping to see me on stage?”

Song Yu was surprised, “Haven’t you been preparing for it since yesterday?”

During the first night, he’d seen him holding the papers for his speech during self-study. He’d prepared for such a long time, but the school suddenly changed people. Xie Sui was only 15 years old. During such a sensitive period, wouldn’t he be particularly sad?

Speaking of which, this plot hadn’t existed in the original book. It was probably because Wang Ci was dissatisfied with the class seating arrangements, so he was purposely trying to flaunt his power now.

Started preparing yesterday?

Xie Sui smiled slightly.

These pieces of paper, in fact, he hadn’t read a single word 🙂

Although the Wang Family could act above the law in Jing City, when compared with the aristocratic families in A City, they weren’t even worth mentioning. The Xie Family wasn’t some thing they could afford to provoke.

He just didn’t want to acknowledge Wang Ci at all. Dealing with Wang Ci was very simple, but right now, he was more interested in preparing a gift for those uncles of his who were far away in A City.

“Yes, I’ve been preparing for today.”

Xie Sui said.

He tore off the wrapping paper around the mint candy and held it up to his mouth. The youth’s peach blossom eyes were delicate and gorgeous, but his smile was dangerous and enigmatic.

He looked at Song Yu quietly.

“Thank you, it’s very sweet.”

Song Yu was stunned.

On the other side, Wang Ci was listening to his own people flatter and praise him like crazy while taunting and jeering at the other party.

However, Song Yu wasn’t even willing to glance their way.

Wang Ci clutched at his speech in anger.

His brain was filled with hate and ridicule––What was Song Yu acting up for? What gave him the right to act so crazy?

There was a surge of applause from the front of the stage.

The speeches from the school leaders that left them drowsy were over and all the female students seemed to have been injected with chicken blood, filling their spirits with energy!

“Aahhhh”, “God Xie”, “I love you”, all kinds of voices rose up one after another, suddenly mobilizing the atmosphere to a climax.

The last part of the program had finally come!

The hosts came back onto the stage.

“Respected school leaders, thank you for your earnest teachings. I believe that in the new semester, in this new beginning, all the students who have just entered our high school campus will live up to expectations…”

The more excited cheers there were outside, the greater the smile on Wang Ci’s lips became. Just wait, the person you’ve all been looking forward to isn’t even qualified to show up. Xie Sui hadn’t even gone up on stage, yet he’d already put on an empty show of strength and kicked up such a big fuss. Yet once he, Wang Ci, showed up, wouldn’t Xie Sui just be bringing disgrace to himself?

He would let Xie Sui learn who exactly he should try to please.

The host’s voice was sonorous and powerful.

“Next, let’s invite the new freshman representative for this new batch––”

Wang Ci turned around and straightened out his clothes, preparing to go up onto the stage. He’d just taken the first step when he heard the hostess continue in a warm and happy voice.

“––The number one student in the Jing City high school entrance examination, Student Xie Sui, will come up to the stage and give a speech.”


There was a thunderous wave of screams from the girls outside!

Almost drowning the whole auditorium!

As for Wang Ci, he abruptly glared fiercely, his foot landing on air. He almost fell off the steps.

His little followers came back to their senses quickly, going up to hold him steady.

Everyone was confused.

Why had they changed people again––how come it had changed back to the original Xie Sui?!

Clearly, one hour ago, everyone had received the notice that the final speaker would be Wang Ci.

The teacher ran in from outside, panting for breath, “Wait a minute! They switched people! Switch-switched people! The Education Bureau called and asked, asked, switch––”

He’d run too fast, causing his words to stutter and stumble.

However, nobody wanted to hear the reason.

Wang Ci’s finger clenched tight. He found it unbelievable and embarrassing and infuriating, and his eyes tried their best to burn a whole in Song Yu’s body.

Song Yu spoke to Xie Sui, “Treat them like air and just look at me. Go, go, go.”

When he walked by the steps, he tilted his head and shot Wang Ci a cool smile, “Sorry, it seems like it won’t be your turn to perform. How long did you spend preparing?”

Mother, f*cker!

Wang Ci’s teeth were about to shatter from how hard he was gritting them.

The group of people who’d had expressions full of schadenfreude were now blank and empty, silent and speechless.

Amidst thunderous applause.

Xie Sui went up to the stage.

Incomparably noble, his bearing elegant.

There was another wave of frenzied screams from his fangirls.

Some people seemed to be born with that kind of temperament.

It was very well suited for standing in the spotlight at the center of everyone’s focus.

Song Yu didn’t plan to go and sit with Class One and get together with Ou Yilian.

They entered the auditorium from another entrance, sitting in the furthest corner. Ma Xiaoding and the others with their glow rings, bracelets, hair hoops, clappers, and so on were screaming and whistling excitedly as they sat down beside Song Yu, instantly turning this cold and deserted area into a madhouse. Fortunately, the fangirls were also very enthusiastic, and even the screaming chicken that they took out to play with didn’t make much difference to the noise levels.

It was just that it hurt Song Yu’s ears 🙂

Xie Sui’s voice was a little cold, a little chilly, but each word was clear.

The entire room was in a daze, and the girls’ eyes were all bright.

It was a long speech that was read off the official words from the manuscript, but nobody felt bored.

Cold, slightly blue light shone down from above, falling around him thousands of strands, and the lights in the rest of the auditorium were dimmed down.

It was like a quiet Milky Way surrounded by black tides.

The rays of light were deep blue, the stars were bright.

And he was at the center.

“I hope that in the next three years of high school, we will all harvest gains, hold onto our dreams, and never forget our original wishes.”

The cold voice read out these official words.

At this point, there was a brief pause.

He suddenly broke out in a smile.

Looked up.

His line of sight passed through the dimmed, darkened crowd.

Through a thousand rays of light.

Landed on Song Yu’s face.

Song Yu was stunned.

From beside him, Ma Xiaoding was still whistling “Doot––” “Doot––”, and there was the scream of a plastic chicken tearing out its heart and lungs. Several rocked back and forth and looked pleased with themselves, playing endlessly and making an incredible amount of noise.

But at this moment, it seemed that all extra sounds had faded away.

The auditorium turned into a silent universe.

Xie Sui stared at him, smiling slightly, and read word by word.

“The future is like the sea, and many are the years to come.”

Many are the years to come.

These words were gentle and slow.

And so, the stars of the universe fell into his eyes.


There was another round of crazy screams from the fangirls.

Ma Xiaoding’s little followers were a little puzzled, “Did Xie Sui read those last words to us? Wait, that’s not right, to Brother Yu? His eyes were always looking over here.”

Ma Xiaoding took down his whistle and began to show off blindly, “Hey, do you know the meaning of his last sentence? You don’t understand, right? You guys normally don’t read enough books. It comes from Zeng Guopan’s1Zeng Guopan – politician, strategist, Neo Confucianist and literary writer. November 26, 1811 – March 12, 1872. It’s a real quote, but this wasn’t the guy who wrote it. basically Ma Xiaoding mixed up his literary knowledge again Young China2Young China – An essay written by Liang Qichao (1873-1929) in 1900!”

Song Yu: “……”

The small daze he’d originally fallen into was gone after this half-assed explanation from Ma Xiaoding.

“Liang Qichao, Young China.”

With this sentence, Song Yu stood up and left amidst the screams.

The forums of Jingcheng No.1 High School immediately exploded!

There were a crazy number of updating forum posts regarding God Xie.

[ Ahhh I am those years3years – they’re using the quote ‘Many are the years to come’, basically implying in a joking manner that they will be there in those coming years! Wuwuwu, big brother, it’s me! ] 

[ I! Can’t! Speak! Words! Anymore! ]

[ God Xie’s appearance ahhhhhhh! My god, I’m suffocating! ]

Of course, the thread topic that was suddenly pushed all the way onto the hot topics was something like this.

[ Fellow sisters, let’s give Brother Yu a bit of green4green – if someone’s getting cheated on, they’ve been ‘greened’… it originated with the whole ‘wearing a green hat’ tonight ]

Main post: I’m going to go cheat, bye bye.

Butter’s Thoughts:
Imagine having a romantic moment across a sea of squawking rubber chicken and whistles…

imagine having a romantic moment when the other side’s oblivious…
also, i love those 🙂 that made their way into the text… sarcastic txt smiles are the best

  • 1
    Zeng Guopan – politician, strategist, Neo Confucianist and literary writer. November 26, 1811 – March 12, 1872. It’s a real quote, but this wasn’t the guy who wrote it. basically Ma Xiaoding mixed up his literary knowledge again
  • 2
    Young China – An essay written by Liang Qichao (1873-1929) in 1900
  • 3
    years – they’re using the quote ‘Many are the years to come’, basically implying in a joking manner that they will be there in those coming years
  • 4
    green – if someone’s getting cheated on, they’ve been ‘greened’… it originated with the whole ‘wearing a green hat’


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