Chapter 22.3 – Speech

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

Starting from 7PM, there would be a round of student performances, followed by a long speech by the president and school leaders, then, finally, there was a speech from the freshman representative. There was still a lot of time left for Xie Sui to prepare. When they went in, the student union came looking for Xie Sui, leaving Song Yu playing on his cell phone alone on a stool in the dressing room.

Ma Xiaoding was in the midst of sending him photos.

Sending him photos of all the support itemss he could find in the supermarket.

They were all extremely exaggerated things, such as glow sticks, neon bracelets and bangles, hair hoops, loudspeakers.

There were even more excessive things.

Ma Xiaoding took a picture of a screaming plastic chicken for him.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu! How are these? They make a lot of noise! ]

Song Yu: “……”

He couldn’t bear it anymore.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Get lost. ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: If you dare to bring that back, you’re done for. ]

He didn’t want to be thrown out for making the kind of cry that made one want to tear out their heart and lungs.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: [biting hands anxiously][pitiful and aggrieved] ]

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: [crying][crying][crying] ]

Song Yu ignored Ma Xiaoding.

He went directly to the forums to play around.

Today’s Jingcheng No.1 High forums were still filled with excitement.

The most popular post was about Xie Sui.

[ Guess who the freshmen representative for the new year’s orientation meeting is? ]

Original poster: Hehehehehehe


1L: Laozi is wiping off drool (paper towel)

2L: You don’t have to say it!!! I can guess, too!!!!

3L: Ehehehehehe

Hehehahahahahahaha original poster, I’m going just as crazy as you!

4L: I already bought a goddamned telescope! Just for the sake of seeing my God Xie’s flourishing beauty! Don’t anyone try to stop me.

5L: Don’t say it, a senior three fellow student sister wanted to buy my ticket for 700, but I didn’t agree!

6L: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Let me scream for a few hours first! He’ll definitely have even more fangirls after tonight, big brother won’t only have me anymore wuwuwuwuwu I’m crying so loudly.

7L: 6L fellow sister, wake up and face reality. When did he ever just have you?


At the end of the day, it was still a student forum and not a gathering place for girls. With this kind of forum title and popularity, straight men soon began to click in.

254L: Do you still need to guess this? Isn’t the person who speaks every year the number one in the grade? [nosepick][nosepick]

255L: Tsk, what kind of attitude is that? Lost heart?

256L: Everyone has two eyes and a nose. I really don’t feel that Xie Sui is that much more handsome than I am [spread hands][spread hands]

The 256th poster caused a carnival all on his own.

257L: Pure passerby. I really don’t feel that Xie Sui is handsome.

258L: Pure passerby +1. I feel that Xie Sui’s looks are so-so, just very ordinary.

259L: Pure passerby +2. Am I the only one who thinks he’s weak? Female aesthetics is really strange. I have an eight pack, do you guys want to see?

Song Yu’s eyelids drooped and there was a sneer on his lips. He was already bored, so he simply logged in and added a sentence following the current pattern.

260L Your Husband, Brother Yu: Pure handsome brother, I feel that Xie Sui and I are on the same level.


There was a long silence.

The forums exploded again.

1261L: ???!!

1262L: My god?!! Have I gone blind?! Did I actually see Brother Yu’s reply in a thread about God Xie?!

1263L: Hahahahahaha ‘Pure handsome brother’, ‘same level’ hahahahahaha

1264L: Brother Yu, what benefits do you gain from making me laugh to death?

1265L: Focus on the key point ahhhh, what are you guys doing!! Brother Yu said that he’s on the same level as God Xie ahhhh, husband, I just knew that you wouldn’t disappoint me.

1266L: Brother Yu has revealed his own handsome brother identity and praised God Xie. Haters, go and take a rest, God Xie’s godly level appearance doesn’t need to be explained [slight smile] 

1267L: I’m dying from laughter, can he even self-reveal his own handsome brother identity?

Song Yu was too lazy to read the later posts and poked out of the thread.

He went to look at other posts.

According to his own identity as one who brought the bloody rain with him.

There would definitely be a lot of idiots who jumped out to fight.

He was just bored and idle, so he helped say something for Xie Sui’s sake. He didn’t want to pay any attention to those haters.

Perhaps because he’d appeared in Xie Sui’s thread once, but many new posts appeared in the forum instantly, asking him questions by name, asking him about his relationship with Xie Sui, asking him to share photos, or expressing their love for him or hurling abuse at him.

Song Yu picked some out and replied to them based on his mood.

[ A certain person named Yu, what a fool! Don’t think that you’re so damned powerful and amazing. In fact, in other people’s eyes, you’re nothing at all. ]

3L Your Husband, Brother Yu: ? Don’t talk nonsense, could it be that I’m not a troll in other people’s eyes.

4L: Hahahahahahahahaha

51L: Hahahahahaha I laughed so hard my cell phone almost flew out to hit the class teacher!

Most of those who were clamoring were girls.

[ Brother Yu Brother Yu! You’re particularly annoying today, you know? Annoyingly likeable [shy][shy] ]

[ Where’s the handsome brother? Let’s see the photos ]

[ Hubby, hubby!! I want to confess my feelings to you!!! ]

Regarding these types of posts, Song Yu––

Ignored. them. all.

He was now solidly labelled as a ‘cruel and ruthless scum man’.

His finger flicked up. Song Yu clicked into the most popular thread once again.

He ignored the bloodbath that was centered around his presence, his eyes skimming down, then suddenly growing cold.

His gaze landed on a very humble post.

It was submerged in the tide of replies, but the name of the poster attracted his attention.

[ Long Live Brother Ci: A group of naive supporters. It’s still uncertain who the freshman representative will be. ]

Song Yu’s eyes were cold.

Not long after, Xie Sui came out with his speech in hand. However, there was a teacher standing beside him speaking to him bitterly about something.

Xie Sui leaned against the wall, dropped his gaze, and listened quietly. He didn’t say a word.

Standing beside Song Yu was a member of the student union who was in charge of organizing the event. She was a girl with a double ponytail, and she was so angry that she almost squeezed the balloon in her hand into exploding, “What is this! The standard for the student representative has always been the one who takes first place in the high school entrance examination. What do they mean by suddenly changing people.”

Song Yu turned off his cell phone and stuffed it into his pocket.

…Wang Ci.

At this time, a sharp and noisy sound came out from the entrance, “Tooot––” It was the kind of whistle that primary school students liked to buy. They sold for fifty cents each at the small store at the entrance to the school.

It was Ma Xiaoding and his younger brothers. They each held one, bringing it up to their mouths to blow.

They blew the whistles as they walked and held a pile of glowing things in their hands.

They caught everyone’s attention along the way.

Ma Xiaoding’s eyes were sharp, and he found Song Yu right away. He whistled twice happily, “Toot–– Toot––”, then, he took it down and waved, yelling loudly, “Brother Yu! Brother Yu! Look at me! We’re back with a full load!”

Song Yu: “……”

Damn it! Laozi doesn’t know you!

He walked forward, heading towards Xie Sui.

The teacher was still talking himself dry, explaining the reasons to Xie Sui, when he suddenly saw Song Yu coming over. The careful speech he’d prepared stuck in his throat, and his thoughts jammed for a second.

“Teacher, I heard that you plan to change people?”

Song Yu got straight to the point and didn’t dance around the topic.

The teacher whose brain had just jammed was even more confused and he used his sleeve to wipe at his sweat. He genuinely appreciated Xie Sui; otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted so many words just to explain things to him.

It was just that this sudden change had been arranged by his superiors, and there was nothing he could do. Not to mention the Jing City Wang Family, even just the headmaster wasn’t someone he could afford to offend.

“This… originally, it should be Student Xie Sui going up on stage, but after thinking about it, Student Wang Ci might be more suitable to go up and make a speech. The most important thing for the ceremony for the new school year is to give students a good start… Student Wang Ci has been to many places, and met many people and seen many things. He can build up the atmosphere without having to say all those official words. I…”

The teacher was stumbling and faltering under Song Yu’s gaze, and his voice gradually grew weak.

The door opened, and a well-dressed Wang Ci stepped out of the dressing room. His greasy face became even more disgusting after applying makeup, and he was wearing a suit with a bow tie. When he saw Song Yu and Xie Sui, he smiled meaningfully. He had a brand new speech in his hand, and his eyes were full of arrogant amusement, “What are you guys talking about here?”

The teacher was miserable.

Wang Ci’s eyes bypassed Song Yu and landed on Xie Sui. His small eyes contained disgusting and unclear intent, and the flesh on his face was pinched together in a false smile.

“There’s nothing I can do about such a sudden change in people. Isn’t it arranged by the school? But, you’ve been preparing for so long––how about we go up on stage together?”

Ma Xiaoding and the others had already crowded around them.

They were stunned when they saw this scene. What was going on? Why had Brother Yu run into this fatty again?

It was just that nobody present paid any attention to Wang Ci.

Song Yu glanced indifferently at Wang Ci, who was squeezed into a western style suit. Then, he looked at the teacher and chuckled ambivalently, “Does the school really want him to go up on stage?”

The teacher quietly wiped away his sweat and said helplessly, “Yes, the school must have their reason for making these arrangements. Student Wang Ci will certainly be able to say some new and interesting things.”

“Yeah.” Song Yu took out his cell phone and dialed a number. He smiled briefly, “For example, how to get rich raising pigs?”



Butter’s Thoughts:
WC: My family is powerful! I can do whatever I want in this school!
SY: Is it? You can?
MX: Brother Yu will show them who the real young master is!

xiin: there’s a *lot* of slang in this novel. i sometimes modify them a little bit if they’re too chinese to ‘translate well’ into english, or there are some that i kinda translate as is and leave without a footnote. if there’s anything that you don’t understand from the translations that isn’t footnoted, feel free to ask! (i don’t really have a good grasp on which chinese terms you guys as readers ‘understand’ anymore…)


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