Chapter 21.3 – Meeting Acquaintances

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translator: xiin
editor: butter

Plaid Shirt was a little confused by the atmosphere.

Red Hair stared at the situation in front of him for a long time and didn’t know what to do.

He glanced behind him; some of his young followers were still wounded. They looked at Song Yu like they’d seen a god of plague and very consciously stepped back a little.

Red Hair: “……”

Song Yu had already let Plaid Shirt go.

Plaid Shirt no longer had the energy to go up and establish his authority. He retreated, gasping for air.

Chen Zhijie was also retreating, his face pale.

After recovering his breath, Plaid Shirt pointed to Song Yu and roared at Red Hair, “Him! Just him! Aren’t you guys a group of street gangsters from Lianyun Street! Now you’re afraid of dealing with just a high school student! This son of a bitch came and challenged me!”

Red Hair’s lips twitched, making the scar on his face seem even more ferocious, “Came to challenge, ah…”

Everyone in the room held their breath to listen, but then they saw Red Hair tilt his head and say slowly to Plaid Shirt, “… Why don’t we go call the police.”

As soon as he said this, the air around them fell silent.

Plaid Shirt was so angry he blew up like a puffer fish. He really wished he could go up and punch Red Hair in the face, but he ultimately retained some rationality and roared, “Call the police?! Call the police over here to arrest all of us?”

Red Hair’s expression was stiff for a few seconds, but his mood was very clear from his eyes. They seemed to say, ‘Laozi doesn’t want to deal with this situation’.

The group of gangsters in the room, including those lying on their back and whining, all experienced the same mix of fear and confusion at this moment.

They’d originally thought that it was a sheep who’d sent themselves into the tiger’s mouth, but unexpectedly,  they’d led a wild wolf into their own den.

Inviting a god inside was easy, but sending them back out was difficult; now, this god of plague was still here!

Dirty Ponytail was also confused by the way this situation had developed. The hand that had been holding Ma Xiaoding down loosened subconsciously.

Ma Xiaoding’s expression wasn’t much better than his. He rubbed at his eyes with both hands, afraid that he was dreaming.

Holy sh*t! Was Brother Yu so fierce?!

Although Chen Zhijie was a self-claimed No.1 High school bully, he always hung out with a group of followers and relied on his superior numbers to bully his classmates.

Even without mentioning Song Yu, Chen Zhijie was unable to beat any of Red Hair’s followers. When faced with this situation, he was pale and trembling as he hid behind his big brother. He didn’t dare to say a word.

As for Zhu Zhixing, who acted as one of his followers.

He was so scared that he’d fainted.

Song Yu supported himself with one hand and jumped up to sit on the table. He held the cue stick and smiled as he looked at Red Hair, “I heard that you fight with real knives?”

“The kind that draws blood?”

Red Hair: “…………”

At this moment, the scars on his face seemed to reveal some of the vicissitudes of life.

“Boss, what should we do…”

Green Hair took a trembling step forward and asked hesitantly.

Red Hair looked back at him with a heart that was as dead as ashes.

He didn’t want to say anything.

He wanted to light up a cigarette.

Plaid Shirt’s eyes were wide and incredulous, “You guys are actually afraid of him?! It’s just a high school brat!”

Red Hair shot him a fierce glare. At the end of the day, he’d once been a street thug and his momentum was still there.

Plaid Shirt’s throat tensed up at his glare. He choked his words back and didn’t say anything else, but his face was flushed as he turned his head to stare fixedly at Song Yu.

When Red Hair encountered Song Yu before, they’d rushed in to find trouble with them twice and ended up in trouble themselves.

Now that Song Yu had come to challenge them, his inner despair overflowed into a river.

He gritted his teeth, then tried to squeeze out an expression that looked like he was smiling at his father’s killer. “This… little friend.”

Song Yu smiled, stroked the cue stick, and said politely, “Don’t do that, little brother. I won’t pick a fight with you today, so don’t try this act with me.”

Red Hair: “……”

Everyone: He’s! Really! F*cking! Crazy!

In Ma Xiaoding’s mind, his image of Song Yu was broken down and rebuilt, going from a clay Buddha to a living King of Hell.

Brother Yu was badass!

Look at that sitting posture, that tone of speech, that cold and ruffian smile. Ma Xiaoding felt that the three years he’d spent as a school bully in junior high school was just like being a housewife in comparison.

Song Yu lifted his chin, his eyes landing on Chen Zhijie. His lips curved up, and his voice was slow as he mocked, “Snooker, wanna play? Do I now have the qualifications to decide the penalties for winning and losing?”

Have the qualifications to decide?

It was like a hot and spicy slap on the face.

Chen Zhijie bowed his head and shivered all over. He didn’t dare to say a single word, hiding himself in the shadows.

Red Hair looked left and right and was basically clear about the situation. He coughed and tried to make his voice soft, hypnotizing himself to believe that he was a close brother.

“Oh, hey! How is this a big deal! Isn’t it just a conflict between students? How did it become such a big thing?”

It was just that he looked fierce and threatening, so when he put on this amiable appearance, it was both twisted and strange. The crowd of people who were watching found it so creepy that the hair on the back of their necks rose up.

Red Hair slapped Chen Zhijie on the shoulder, hard enough to shake his entire body. His lips curled up and he smiled broadly like a fox, “Little Chen, it’s not that big brother is telling you off, but you’re from the same school, and you’ll be supporting each other when you enter society in the future. Go ahead, if there’s a misunderstanding, then apologize. If there’s no misunderstanding, then explain things clearly. Go and shake hands with your classmates and we’ll consider this matter finished! Everyone can even sit down together to play games and drink.”

Chen Zhijie: “……”

Plaid Shirt: “……”

Everyone: “……”

You’re a f*cking high and lofty street bully, yet you’re not going out to toy with little girls and rob middle school students. Instead, you’re acting like an old lady?!!

It was the first time Red Hair had done this kind of thing. The more the people beside him looked at him, the guiltier he felt. Finally, he grew angry and gave up.

He stamped a foot onto the table and exposed his true nature, “What the hell do you want me to do!? Last time, this guy sent Laozi to the police station! Don’t you know to run if you can’t win?! Damn it, Laozi isn’t gonna care about this! Greenie, we’re leaving!”

Plaid Shirt was about to die from anger, “You––!”

Chen Zhijie’s face turned white. He bowed his head and his shoulders shriveled up further.

Red Hair’s gaze looked straight ahead. He didn’t even look at Song Yu as he headed to the door without acknowledging a relationship with anyone. He swept aside the gangster blocking the door, swearing and cursing as he left.

His little followers swallowed hard. They also ignored Plaid Shirt’s fury as they quickly followed behind him. They didn’t want to be in the same room with the god of plague at all.

However, they were still very arrogant as they left, as if they were looking down on people from their noses as they walked.

They closed the door behind them.


There were several consecutive bangs, followed by the sound of people clattering down the stairs.

Each step seemed to carry liberation and joy.



Ma Xiaoding’s admiration for Song Yu rose up again, and there were now stars in his eyes.

Xie Sui stood in the shadows, looking silently at Song Yu. His dark, calm eyes were thoughtful.

At this point, the situation had reached a deadlock.

Right now, everything was in Song Yu’s hands. Nobody could intervene with his decision regardless of whether he chose to retreat or press on.

Ma Xiaoding finally started to feel bold and elated. Just now, he’d been humiliated and ridiculed by the crowd, but now he spoke in a louder voice, “Brother Yu!”

Were they going to kick up a big ruckus now? Would they become legends on this street from now on?!!

Ma Xiaoding, who was still going through an immature period, was rubbing his hands in glee.

Yet as a result, his Brother Yu jumped off the table and tossed aside the cue stick.

His actions were dashing and direct. He paid no attention to Plaid Shirt and Chen Zhijie and went step by step toward the corner, his eyes staring at Zhu Zhixing, who quickly pasted himself against a crack in the wall.

Today was definitely a nightmare day for Zhu Zhixing. From childhood till now, this was his most fearful and desperate day.

Even the feeling of being targeted by an evil spirit wouldn’t be as scary as what he felt now.

Song Yu: “You’re Zhu Zhixing?”

Zhu Zhixing’s legs went soft and he was so scared that he slid directly to the ground. His eyes were wide and unfocused, and his brain was filled with nothing but the words, “I’m done for.”

Plaid Shirt was also stunned. He’d just been racking his brain thinking about how to send off this god of plague.

However, he’d never thought that this person had never taken them seriously at all.

Ma Xiaoding followed over and leaned in.

Song Yu glanced at Zhu Zhixing on the ground and commanded, “Take him out for me.”

Ma Xiaoding no longer defined himself as a knight, but as a little follower. After listening to Song Yu’s words, Ma Xiaoding was delighted to have something to do, “Got it!”

When Song Yu passed by Chen Zhijie, he stopped and placed his slender fingers on the table. His face was expressionless as he turned his head, the teenager’s pale eyes reflecting the cold lights. His lips curled and he laughed, “Chen Zhijie? School bully?”

“Are you only able to support your vanity by trampling on others?”

Chen Zhijie was so scared he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

Song Yu tapped on the billiards table and smiled slightly, “Don’t mess with me, fool.”

“If I see you again, I’ll play with your head like a billiards ball.”


Butter’s Thoughts:
SY isn’t just a forum bully. He’s the real school bully! Mess with him and he’ll play with your head like a billiards ball!

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