Chapter 21.2 – Meeting Acquaintances

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Ma Xiaoding was shocked silly.

He could play billiards, but he usually played 8-ball or 9-ball, and had never touched snooker.

Song Yu’s line of sight went through the crowd and focused on Zhu Zhixing.

He was very short and very thin. He had a lot of acne on his face, looked sleazy, and his behavior was cringing and timid.

He didn’t dare to lift his head when he met his gaze, standing silently behind Chen Zhijie.

Vile, cowardly, poisonous.

And it was such a person who’d caused Xie Sui to have three nightmarish years in junior high.

And he’d tried to target Xie Sui’s grandmother.

He originally felt that there was no need to pursue the matter further since Xie Sui had let it go. However, while Xie Sui might be kind and tolerant, there were some people who wouldn’t change their ways. Additionally, perhaps Xie Sui was still short of an apology and reparation.

Song Yu turned back to say lightly to Xie Sui, “Take them and pull back.”

Xie Sui looked down and stared at him.

Song Yu took a step forward, pressed down on Ma Xiaoding’s shoulder, and dragged him backwards.

Ma Xiaoding stared at him. His heart was guilty, worried, and a little confused about what he was trying to do, but even so, he subconsciously trusted in Brother Yu.

Song Yu’s expression was calm as he stood there beneath the lights, but the smile on his lips was very cold, “I’ll play with you, but I want to change the rules.”

Chen Zhijie didn’t take the seemingly polite Song Yu seriously at all. He flicked his hand and laughed, “Do you think you’re qualified to negotiate with us?”

“How am I not qualified.”

Song Yu suddenly reached out and grabbed the other end of the cue. He took two steps forward, dragging Chen Zhijie to a stop in front of him and grabbing him by his clothes.

His smile was tough and cold, “You can give it a try, I’ll fight against your group.”

The group of gangsters around them all set aside their thoughts of watching a play, and their expressions grew serious.

Just from the moves Song Yu had shown just now, it could be seen at a glance that he was a trained fighter.


Chen Zhijie’s face was flushed. He felt that all his dignity had been lost. He wanted to struggle, but the hand that was holding him by his collar was like iron, and struggling only made it more difficult to breathe. He was about to start suffocating.

Dirty Ponytail came forward, looking as though he wanted to break them apart. But Song Yu had already pulled the cue out from Chen Zhijie’s hands and, as soon as he raised his arm, the tip of the cue came to a stop directly in front of Dirty Ponytail’s eyes, stopping one centimeter short of stabbing straight in.

Dirty Ponytail stiffened and immediately stood still.

He stared fixedly at Song Yu’s side profile.

Only, Song Yu’s gaze never shifted to him. The more careless he appeared, the more frightening it was.

Song Yu spoke, “I’ll definitely be taking Zhu Zhixing away today. There’s no need to add that to the rules.”

“So, let’s change the rules. If I win, you’ll bark beneath the flag. If I lose, I’ll accept the penalty. Those who insult others will always be humiliated; I’ll teach you a lesson today.”

Chen Zhijie was given a chance to breathe. He retreated, then burst out in a rage, “Big brother! I’m not playing anymore! Kill him!”

Plaid Shirt also didn’t have the same lazy and careless attitude from before. He came forward and spoke in a sinister tone, “Little brat, you’ve gone crazy.”

Song Yu raised his eyebrows and smiled, not very modestly, “Not really.” It was back to the same sentence; there was no shortage of fights.

“I f*ckin––”

Plaid shirt was very angry. His expression changed and he punched out with a fist.

The people beside them naturally couldn’t continue to remain stupefied. Of course, they rushed forward from all directions, intending to hold Song Yu down.

“Brother Yu!”

Ma Xiaoding’s expression changed greatly. He rushed up, roaring, “Do you know who he is! If you dare to touch him, there’ll be no way out for you in Jing City!”

Dirty Ponytail was vomiting blood in his heart, but he grabbed Ma Xiaoding on the surface and sneered, “What kind of times are we living in, for you to try this trick? In my territory, I won’t be scared even if the king comes.”

“Brother Yu––!”

Ma Xiaoding was beyond anger! In his mind, Song Yu had always been like a porcelain doll that would break when touched.

What if something happened! How could he explain it to his father! The Meng Family had shown them a life-saving grace, how could he explain this to Madame Meng!

Dirty Ponytail yelled towards the back, “Hold these kids down, don’t let them help.”

Ma Xiaoding was so anxious that his eyes were about to turn red. He tried to break free from Dirty Ponytail’s hold, “F*cking let me go! Meng Family! If you provoke him, you’ll offend the Meng Family––!”

Dirty Ponytail sneered.

In fact, for the common people, the words ‘the Meng Family’ were too distant. Those who weren’t in the circle wouldn’t be clear about it.

Ma Xiaoding’s heart was full of despair. He regretted it, he regretted calling Brother Yu over directly without first understanding the situation, leading him to kick an iron plate this time.

On the other hand, Xie Sui wasn’t very anxious. He stood there beside him, his dark eyes reaching far into the distance. He was as cool and indifferent as the first snow, but he was also watching seriously. He always felt that… this child could give him many surprises.

There was a scuffle at the billiards table.

“Crazy idiot!”

“I’m calling you crazy––ah!”

What rang out were the tragic yells from the youths. There was the sound of a breaking arm, accompanied by a scream.

He was incredibly fierce when he kicked people, and his movements seemed to bring the wind with him.

Song Yu looked at them and recalled his rebellious and wanton student days.

His family background in his original world had been pretty good. He was the third generation of a military family and grew up in a compound in the military region. His fighting skills and physical strength weren’t weak, and after encountering kidnappers as a child, his family had placed more emphasis on his self-protection training.

Even though all of these skills were used to increase his prestige as the school bully during his middle school period…

Song Yu was really able to fight and hold his own against this group of gangsters who only relied on numbers to create momentum, but were in fact both useless and afraid of death.

Now that he was living in school, he didn’t have to worry about making Grandma Meng worry because he’d come back bloody.

So, Song Yu’s moves were even more unscrupulous.

Ma Xiaoding and his group were all scared silly.

They stared dazedly at the teenager standing at the edge of the billiards table beneath the cold lights.

His fighting was like floating clouds and flowing water with a cue stick in hand. He beat down whoever came up, and if two people charged in, he’d beat them both. He was shockingly powerful and nobody could catch him. His actions were quick and fierce, like a wild wolf.

Song Yu kicked away a man with his foot, his lips curled coldly, then pulled down Plaid Shirt’s neck and pressed his head down onto the billiards table.

At the end of the day, the gangsters were greedy about living and afraid to die. After seeing all kinds of tragedies fall upon the people ahead of them, they ignored Plaid Shirt’s roars and looked at each other, not daring to go up and attack anymore.

“Damn you!”

Plaid Shirt had never expected that a teenager who looked so weak would have so much strength. He was so angry he was gnashing his teeth, “Laozi still has people who haven’t come out! You won’t be able to step out of this door alive.”

Song Yu tsked and smiled as he said, “Brother, do you understand the current situation? It’s not a question of whether you let us go or not, but a question of whether I want to leave or not.”

“It’s good that you locked the door.”

He applied strength with his hand and Plaid Shirt’s head hit the billiards table again. The young man screamed while Song Yu laughed, “Based on your younger brother’s character, I figure you’re nothing good, either. Today, since we’re here, we’ll keep you here and beat you up.”

With that last phrase, his lips hooked up. His eyes were narrowed, and his momentum was astonishingly fierce.

Plaid Shirt roared, “Guys!! Guys!! Get the hell out here for me!! Get out here!!”

The fighting in the hall was in full swing, but the songs playing from the music bar room were still playing very loudly. Plaid Shirt’s roar was almost loud enough to shake the floors.

Finally, there was movement from inside.

“What the hell is going on, Laozi was having a great time playing cards.”

Several people stepped out from the bar room.

Plaid Shirt’s small eyes filled with malice, “You want to fight with me? My brothers are all here. They use real knives when they fight! You’re f*cking done for!”

Real knives?

Song Yu laughed carelessly, “Last time someone spoke to me about real knives, they ended up sitting at the police station. Let me have a look and see, whose knives are faster?”

“What’s going on!”

A group of people came out of the music bar and walked through the corridor. Their hair was dyed into dazzling colors, and the one at the front had bright red hair. The scar on his face became particularly obvious as he came closer.

Song Yu looked over.

Red Hair looked at them.



Acquaintances meet.

There was a long silence.

Plaid Shirt slapped the table angrily, “Laozi is being challenged. You guys normally eat and drink for nothing. Now, why aren’t you coming over to kill these young sniveling brats?”

Red Hair stood still and stared at Song Yu’s face.

Song Yu smiled first, “Yo, my sons.”

Red Hair and the other colored hair men behind him, “……”

Last time, they’d been beaten up by Xie Sui in the alleyway, and it had left a psychological shadow on them. Xie Sui hadn’t blinked when stabbing him in the arm, and after being stabbed and beaten, they’d been sent to prison with a belly full of suffering that couldn’t be told to others.

Then, he looked at Song Yu’s current posture and the group of frightened trash around him.

He could tell that this one wasn’t easy to deal with either.

Both of them were prickly hedgehogs.

They were fierce and fearless when they fought, knew how to report to the police, and they were f*cking underage.

Red Hair, who’d just been released from the police’s grasp, really didn’t want to see Song Yu again.

Butter’s Thoughts:
SY: Yo, my sons
SY’s Son’s: D-Daddy! ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)

xiin: i just imagine Xie Sui watching the show and getting more and more intrigued by Song Yu… ahhhh~


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