Chapter 2 – School Transfer

Transmigrating into the Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend
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translator: xiin
editors: baumkuchen & butter

He spent three days in the hospital.

Song Yu used his cell phone and searched up enough news to blot out the sky before finally confirming that he’d really transmigrated into a book.

He’d transmigrated into the stupid book <Gentle Control>, and become that cannon fodder that had the same name as him.

The Third Young Master of A City’s Song Family, Song Yu.

After tossing his cell phone aside, Song Yu grabbed at his hair irritably. When he turned his head, the glass window reflected a young face back at him.

His skin was pale, and his black hair was soft and fine. His facial features were particularly delicate, and his eyes were large and clear. Dressed in a blue and white hospital gown, he looked even more sick and pathetic.

This face looked exactly like his own fifteen year old self.

Damn. Brother Song was about to go and become a shut-in.

As a supporting character in <Gentle Control>, Song Yu’s illness wasn’t worthy of being described by the author’s pen and ink. So, after transmigrating over, Song Yu had asked everyone around him, including the nurses and doctors, nannies and maids, and none of them had been able to give him the name of his illness. They all simply looked at him with tears in their eyes.

Even his mother, a powerful woman of the Song Clan who was strong and resolute, had become red-eyed when she heard his question.

She’d barely managed to squeeze out a gentle smile and sidestepped the question, “Yuyu, be good. When you get out of the hospital, your mother will accompany you to go play wherever you want.”

Song Yu basically understood.

The original author of the novel didn’t want him to live at all.

Don’t ask. If he had to ask, then it was an incurable terminal illness that was still in a blind area of contemporary medical knowledge. In any case, all he had to do was wait for death and be done with it.

The black sedan drove slowly into a villa at the outskirts of A City. This was the house that Song Yu’s parents had bought specifically for him to recuperate in. There were mountains and rivers nearby, the scenery was elegant, and the environment was quiet.

Song Yu got out of the car weakly, his delicate, pale face full of weariness. Mother Song was jumpy and scared when she saw this, worried that any moment of carelessness might result in her darling son losing his life.

Inside the villa, the nanny had already prepared a meal.

That evening, Father Song and Elder Brother Song were at the company and couldn’t get away, so only Mother Song was there to have dinner with him.

Mother Song looked anxiously at Song Yu and placed food into his bowl for him, “You’ve already been discharged from the hospital, Yuyu, why do you have such a long face? Don’t you like Aunt Wang’s cooking the most?”

Song Yu didn’t have much of an appetite and he didn’t want to talk.

Mother Song suppressed the distress she felt in her heart, kept a smile on her face and said, “Since you’re back in A City, mother will arrange a welcome banquet for you, to be held at home. In any case, you’re going to attend senior high school in A City. How about taking advantage of this opportunity to meet more of your peers? Yuyu, what do you think?”

The Song Family could be considered a first-class noble family in A City, and any banquet that was held would be reported by the media. Having Song Yu return in such a high profile way was enough to show how much the Song Family loved him. It was just… getting to know his peers. If he remembered correctly, two of the scum gongs were currently in A City, and they could grudgingly be considered as peers who belonged in the same circle.

Song Yu’s fingers stilled for a long time.

A faint mechanical sound suddenly appeared inside his mind.

[ Beep… System starting… ] 

Song Yu’s pupils contracted and he suddenly looked up, “Mom, I’m going back to my room to rest first.”

Mother Song was stunned and could only watch as her son left the table and ran upstairs.


Song Yu returned to the room, closed the door, and drew the curtains.

After turning around, he looked silently at the pale and ethereal soul standing in front of him.

He frowned, “Are you the one who dragged me into this world?”

The apparition standing in front of him was the Song Yu from this world.

‘Song Yu’ was dressed in hospital wear. His face was so pale it was nearly transparent, and his eyes were as harmless and moist as a little lamb’s. After hesitating for a long time, he nodded his head gently, “Yes, it’s me.”


‘Song Yu’’s face that had originally already been pale turned even more pallid. He spoke in a weak voice, “I’m sorry, It’s because of a malfunction in our main world that I have to pull you in to remedy the situation. I am this world’s Song Yu, but you can also call me System 008. Originally, the value of Song Yu’s existence was based on his ability to talk to the protagonist five years later, enlightening the protagonist and allowing him to let go of his past. However, for some unknown reason, this time, the Song Yu who had gotten sick couldn’t hold on and died in the sick ward.”

“We need someone to finish Song Yu’s plotline, so we took matters into our own hands and pulled you over from a parallel world. Here, let me apologize to you first. However, as compensation, we will remit a payment to you in the original world after matters here are finished. You only have to stay in this world for five years, finish the plot, and then you can leave.”

Song Yu sneered, his clear and dark eyes cold, “Do you think I’m short on money?”

008 stopped talking.

Song Yu considered this to be a stupid book and didn’t want to waste five years of time here at all. He frowned impatiently, “I don’t agree to this. Can you send me back now.”

008 trembled guiltily and didn’t dare to look at Song Yu directly. It lowered its head, “Sorry, I can’t do that.”

It attempted to persuade Song Yu, “In fact, these five years will have little impact on you. As long as it doesn’t affect the plot, we won’t interfere in anything you do. Time in your original world is at a standstill, and in this world, you have a perfect family background and can do many things as you please.”

Song Yu sneered coldly.

008 was very cowardly and disappeared after explaining these things to Song Yu, “That’s, that’s it. Have a good rest. You can call on me at any time if there’s anything you need. Just shout 008 twice in your mind.” Of course, it wouldn’t necessarily come out.

Song Yu stood where he was, so angry his teeth ached.

At this time, Mother Song had also gone upstairs. She knocked on the door from outside, her tone full of worry, “Yuyu, what’s the matter? Everything was fine when we were eating, but you suddenly went back to your room.”

Song Yu adjusted his mood and went out, flashing his mother a smile, “Nothing, mom. Let’s continue eating.”

Throughout the meal, Song Yu was absent-minded and inattentive.

Mother Song kept an eye on his mood and was too worried to eat much. She hesitated for a moment, then said, “Is it that the welcome banquet that mother suggested earlier that made you unhappy?”

Song Yu stirred his congee with the spoon. He paused when he heard this and bowed his head, “No.”

Mother Song was really distressed, “If you don’t like it, then we won’t host one. Mother was wrong, I forgot that our darling Yuyu likes quiet. If there’s any events in the future, mother will also help you push them aside.”

Song Yu sighed in his heart. His inner restlessness and depression melted away bit by bit under Mother Song’s gentle and kind gaze.

He regarded this as a book, but everyone who was inside the book wasn’t just a thin piece of paper. They were real and alive.

For example, the well-maintained lady across from him. That kind of love and concern for her son couldn’t be faked.

Song Yu bowed his head and drank a sip of congee. His eyes were lowered, and his eyelashes were clear and distinct.

Mother Song and Father Song were both very busy, and they seldom had time to accompany him. Today, Mother Song had pushed aside many meetings to free up time to pick him up from the hospital and have dinner with him. In the future, after he started high school, he would probably spend even less time with his family. Song Yu didn’t like A City. In <Gentle Control>, the children of the upper echelons of A City’s society were all crazy or psychopathic. Additionally, for some reason, after transmigrating into this book, he often ended up thinking about the pitiful little Xie Sui.

He swallowed the congee in his mouth.

Song Yu recalled some of the scattered plot pieces from the book.

Xie Sui was the same age as him. He was also in the midst of his summer vacation, but he was far from being as lucky as Song Yu.

During this summer vacation, in order to earn some money for living expenses, Xie Sui worked part-time. He provoked a group of street thugs, and was even tricked by his black-hearted boss. While fighting with the street thugs, Xie Sui’s finger was broken and he didn’t get it treated properly, leaving an old source of pain that remained for a lifetime. The hand injury also left him unable to resist when he was bullied at the start of his senior high school career.

Song Yu thought about all the insults and humiliation that Xie Sui encountered, then thought of how pure and good this youth had been at the start––Xie Sui had gotten into trouble with the street thugs while saving a girl they’d been bullying.

The more he thought about it, the more upset he became.

The book <Gentle Control> should be renamed <Xie Sui’s Miserable Life>.

In any case, when he was reading it, on one hand, he was so angered by those idiots that his head started hurting, and on the other, he felt incredible sympathy towards Xie Sui.

He only had five years of time in this book. He could eat and drink and pass his days however he liked for one thousand eight hundred days, or, perhaps, he could… change a person’s destiny.

Many emotions churned and surged in Song Yu’s dark pupils. Finally, he set down the spoon and a trace of determination flashed by.

“Mom, I want to transfer schools.”

Mother Song: “???”

Xie Sui was located in Jing City. It was Song Yu’s grandmother’s hometown.

Song Yu spoke lightly, “I want to go to Jing City, where grandmother is, and spend some time there.”


The news of Song Yu’s return had already been spread all over the top circles of A City. Everyone was very curious about the Third Young Master of the Song Family who’d been recuperating from an illness and had never shown his face before. He was said to be very mysterious, and everyone was looking forward to meeting him at the Song Family banquet. Only Song Yu’s elder sister Song Wanying knew that this group of people would have no chance to see him at all. This was because he’d already gotten on a plane to Jing City on the third day after leaving the hospital.

In his cell phone, his elder sister’s messages came in like a bombardment.

[ Song Wanying: . ] 

[ Song Wanying: What do you mean by this? Are you targeting me? Not giving me any respect? [Knife] [Knife] [Knife] ] 

[ Song Wanying: I was just boasting with my sisters and guaranteeing that they would be able to see your flourishing beauty, yet as a result, you went off and boarded a plane? ] 

[ Song Wanying: [Knife] [Knife] [Knife] Explain this for me or you’re done for. ] 

At this time, Song Yu had already arrived at Jing City. He got off the plane and settled down in the car headed to his grandmother’s house.

Jing City was a provincial capital city. It was bustling and lively, but not as extravagant and impetuous as A City, which was full of feasting and revelry.

The black sedan headed towards the city center, and the trees on both sides of the road sped by.

The driver was a simple and honest man in his fifties. He smiled at him and said, “The old lady has lived in Jing City alone for so many years. Her days are idle and leisurely, but lonely. When she heard that you were coming, she was so happy that she personally went to the kitchen to cook, making many local Jing City dishes. She’s been talking about it since morning.”

Song Yu smiled and replied to Song Wanying’s messages while saying, “Mm. I believe in grandmother’s cooking abilities.”

The driver asked, “Young master, are you going to attend Jingcheng No. 1 High School?”

Song Yu: “Yes.”

The driver’s eyes lit up, “That’s great. My son is also in Jingcheng No. 1. I’ll definitely ask that stinky kid to look out for you in school.”

It was no secret that Song Yu’s body was weak and he was often ill.

Song Yu accepted this kindness of his and laughed gently, “Thank you, uncle.” However, he didn’t feel that he was so fragile. This illness of his was purely an incurable sickness that the author had randomly given him in order to have him die. In any case, he didn’t feel sick or weak at all, and fighting probably wouldn’t be a problem.

His cell phone was still flashing endlessly.

[ Song Yu: What kind of explanation do you want. ] 

[ Song Wanying: You tell me what kind of explanation I want! You suddenly transferred to Jing City, and you didn’t even give a reason? ––What did A City do to you, I’ve lived there so comfortably for so many years. It now makes me feel uncomfortable all over when I leave the province. ] 

[ Song Yu: Tsk. ] 

[ Song Wanying: Tell me quickly! ] 

[ Song Yu: Reason? The world is so big, I want to go and see it for you. ] 

[ Song Wanying: …… ] There was no way to continue this brother and sister relationship.

xiin: C City appears to be the same city as Jing City.. i’m not sure if it’s a typo or there’s some hidden reason behind it yet so we’ll leave it both in for now~

Butter’s Thoughts:
System: As long as it doesn’t interfere with the plo-
Song Yu: I’m gonna change his fate!
System: (゜ロ゜)


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