Chapter 19.3 – Zhu Zhixing

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On the forums, the words ‘God Xie’ and ‘Brother Yu’ were both able to stir up bloody rains. Originally, based on Song Yu’s looks, his photos would have been put up by now. However, because of how things had gone with Wang Ci, the girls in Class One didn’t dare to send them out. Even so, their hands were really itchy and they really wanted to tell everyone that, in addition to having God Xie in their class, there was also another handsome boy. And the two of them shared the same desk.

Song Yu saved the photos from the forums and sent it to Xie Sui. He’d just taken a bath, his eyelids drooped lazily, and his eyelashes were still wet. He looked particularly well-behaved.

[ Song Yu: Look, this is you. ]

Xie Sui, even if he had purified his heart and limited his desires, couldn’t really regard himself as a real high school student. He’d contacted his subordinates with a mysterious identity using the money that Xu Shi’en had given him. At this point in time, Qu Rong had been laid off, and his mother was seriously ill.

He leaned against his bed, his eyebrows cold, his long fingers dancing quickly over the keyboard.

When Song Yu’s message arrived.

Qu Rong had just been completely defeated in the negotiations with him. In the time when his life was most about to collapse, this man who’d fallen from the clouds had given him the only chance he could seize, “Okay, give me 300,000 now and I’ll tear down my self respect and return to the Xie Family.”

Xie Sui looked down at his cell phone. It was a message from Song Yu.

He lowered his gaze, the corners of his lips curved up and he typed out on the computer, “Happy cooperation.”

He stopped paying attention to Qu Rong and picked up his cell phone.

He opened it and saw that it was two photos of himself.

Song Yu was still sending messages over.

[ Song Yu: God Xie, did you know, you have countless fangirls on the forums. ]

[ Song Yu: A lot of people like you. ]

He’d said all these things because he was genuinely happy for Xie Sui.

You see, you don’t need those scum’s hypocrisy to light up your world. There are many people who are crazy about you; to them, you’re the brilliance that lights up their eyes.

Xie Sui’s fingers paused. He didn’t know why, but he thought of the peppermint flavored hug from that night.

The deep alleyway, that high wall, and the teenager with a math book.

Clean and sweet, a little spicy.

He couldn’t help but wonder what such a kiss would be like.

Xie Sui smiled.

He replied, but it was a very short, single word.

[ Xie Sui: Mm. ]

[ Song Yu: What do you mean, ‘mm’! You’re too cold! I’ll send you the forum address so that you can take a look at how your fangirls are confessing. ]

[ Xie Sui: And you? ]

[ Song Yu: ??? What about me. ]

Xie Sui’s eyelashes trembled slightly, his dark pupils carrying a trace of a smile.

[ Xie Sui: A lot of people like me. ] And you? Do you like me?

However, at the end of the day, Song Yu was a ‘if you want to think that way, there’s nothing I can do about it’ type of straight man on the forums, so how he interpreted his statement was completely different.

[ Song Yu: ??? What do you mean? Are you starting to show off? ]

[ Song Yu: There’s definitely many people who like me! You go and take a look! My name is surrounded by bloody rain everywhere. ]

[ Song Yu: I have just as many fangirls as you ]

Xie Sui: “……”

[ Xie Sui: Oh. ]

Song Yu glared and grew anxious. He started acting like a show off machine.

[ Song Yu: Why would I lie to you, you just wait, i’ll send you the address. ]

[ Song Yu: [shared URL] ]

[ Song Yu: Go and see! ]

Xie Sui clicked in.

[ Why is there a special thread for licking God Xie, but our Brother Yu doesn’t have one? Brother Yu’s wife fans, come and punch in ]

1L: Punch in.

2L: Punch in!!

4L: Punch in!

5L: I’m not willing to accept them saying Brother Yu is a troll!

6L: Not willing +1


71L: I don’t know why, but I always feel that such a wanton and wild teenager like Brother Yu is definitely really cute in reality, heehee.

His gaze landed on this post.

Xie Sui’s lips curved in a smile.

He was indeed very cute.


Aunt Bai was already pouring milk by the time Song Yu got up the next morning.

The table was filled with sandwiches, eggs, congee, and fried dough sticks.

Song Yu was scared, “This is too rich, I definitely can’t finish it.”

Aunt Bai wiped her hands and laughed, “It’s the first time I’m making breakfast for you. I don’t know what you like to eat, so I prepared a bit more.”

Song Yu: “Thank you, Aunt Bai, but in the future just milk and bread is enough.”

The ceremony for the new school year was held that evening.

Song Yu had no plans for the day. On this day, most of the students would go out to buy daily necessities. However, his Grandma Meng had arranged everything in advance, so he had nothing to do.

He bit into the bread and flipped over his cell phone. Song Yu had very few friends on his QQ.

Ma Xiaoding’s gloomy Sadako profile picture was particularly obvious when he sent messages, pushing his name to the top

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu, my old enemy from middle high wants to have a fight with me on the first day of school! At the entrance to No.1 High. I’ll go, but don’t worry. ]

Song Yu: “……”

What kind of garbage teenagers were these? Fighting on the first day of high school, what the hell were you going to school for? Go home and farm instead.

Song Yu, who had consciously replaced his own identity to become a study god, sent Ma Xiaoding six dots.

Although he didn’t need to make any preparations, Xie Sui probably needed to. Xie Sui was used to being alone and on his own, he didn’t have friends from childhood to adulthood, and definitely wouldn’t have anyone to accompany him. Eh, it was pitiful.

Therefore, the very understanding Song Yu sent Xie Sui a message.

[ Want to go to the supermarket together? ]

It didn’t take long for Xie Sui to reply.

[ Mm. ]

When Song Yu went out, Xie Sui was already waiting for him. The youth stood at the boulevard in front of the apartment building, playing idly on his cell phone. When he heard the sound of movement, he raised his head, his expression natural, his eyes like the morning fog, light and distant.

“So fast?”

Song Yu had run downstairs after sending out the message, but looking at Xie Sui’s posture, it seemed like he’d been waiting a long time.

Xie Sui: “I went out to have breakfast and received your message on the way back.”

“Oh, oh.”

However, after walking two steps, Song Yu immediately noticed the problem and stopped to look back, “You were coming back after eating. Were you not intending to go out today?”

Xie Sui was calm and elegant, “Mm, no. Accompanying you.”

Song Yu: “……”

So, in the end, he was the one who’d been deluded in his own beliefs and attached himself to him?

The two of them didn’t need to buy anything, so shopping was boring and tasteless. Song Yu felt that he couldn’t just come in vain and bought a lot of things from the snack area. There were many girls gathered around, wearing No.1 High School’s school uniform and sneaking glances at them.

Those gazes were so heated that Song Yu couldn’t even pretend not to notice. He looked back from time to time, but as soon as he looked back, they would immediately pretend to chat amongst themselves and play on their cell phone. He couldn’t catch them at it at all.

“Did you notice that they’re looking at us the whole time?”

Song Yu covered his face with a bag of potato chips and leaned over to speak into Xie Sui’s ear.

Xie Sui: “Yes.”

Song Yu: “Those gazes are giving me goosebumps. Damn it, did you see that? They seem even more excited!”

Song Yu was naturally good looking and had received many adoring and stunned gazes from childhood, but he’d never experienced this kind of strange gaze. It was weirdly heated, and the excitement contained within made his scalp feel numb.

Xie Sui glanced over indifferently. He was tall, with long legs, and his aura was powerful. The girls were scared into cowering, turning around in silence.

When they left, the girls deliberately lowered their voices, but it couldn’t hide their excited words.

“How can they be so loving?!”

“They’re simply a perfect match made in heaven!”

“Wuwuwu all of the CPs I ship aren’t as well matched as they are.”

“How romantic is it to go to the supermarket together?”

Song Yu, who could hear everything clearly, “……”

He picked up the potato chips again and turned his head in disbelief, his eyes wide and staring incredulously, “Did you hear that?”

Xie Sui nodded.

Song Yu: “You’re not angry?”

Xie Sui dropped his gaze, his expression indifferent, “Do you want this bag of potato chips?”

His attitude made Song Yu feel like he was making a mountain out of a molehill. Who cared what others said? He scratched his head, looked down at the shopping cart and saw that they didn’t have this flavor, then nodded, “Yes, yes, yes.”

They walked over to the other side.

Song Yu saw the mint candy on the shelf and his eyes brightened, “Yeah, this one, I really liked to eat it as a child.”

Xie Sui smiled briefly.

For Xie Sui, accompanying someone to the supermarket was a very novel experience.

It was new and boring.

So he started to remember some things in his mind.

He started guessing the colors he liked, the things he liked, and the tastes he liked based on Song Yu’s subtle facial expressions and movements. These things were equally boring, but not dull.

For Xie Sui, wanting to please someone was a very easy thing.

His depressing and gloomy childhood, those bad and disgusting school days, had had some influence on him. It wasn’t minor, nor was it major, but his previous sensitivity and inferiority complex, the way his emotions could easily be manipulated, had finally turned him into a master of controlling other people’s emotions.

He looked at the time.

Forty minutes.

They left the supermarket.

Song Yu asked, “Would you like to go to my place for lunch?”

Xie Sui smiled, “Thank you, but no.”

Song Yu was carrying a particularly large bag full of snacks. It was September, and the heat hadn’t yet dissipated. After taking a few steps to the bus stop, his face had turned red from the heat.

A young master who didn’t have to leave the house in A City, when had he ever experienced this kind of suffering?

However, he didn’t want to call for a taxi.

Song Yu had a lot to do. He had to check the bus route with his cell phone and look at the bus stop sign while carrying a heavy bag in his hands.

He grew annoyed with the cicadas chirping endlessly on the tree and frowned.

Xie Sui rolled up his sleeves, revealing his pale and powerful forearms. He took the bag of snacks from his hand, “You look it up, I’ll hold it first.”

Song Yu didn’t think that it was heavy, so he simply handed it over.

“Route 7, Route 258.”

In the eyes of the other people who were also waiting for the bus, these actions meant something else. The two girls in skirts and backpacks looked at each other and could both see the thick unhappiness in each other’s eyes.

“That’s too considerate, right? When will my boyfriend have this level of insight?”

“You’ll probably have to wait until the Year of the Donkey1Year of the Donkey – basically, never. a time that will never come (because there is no Year of the Donkey). I think you might as well switch to another one, it might be faster that way.”

“Hey, you’re so annoying. You’re starting to persuade me to break up over this?”

The two of them laughed, and bus No. 7 arrived. The girl with the yellow skirt planned to get on the bus but was stopped by the girl behind her.

“Don’t. No. 7 goes to the main entrance. There’s a fight there. Let’s take 305.”

The girl with a yellow skirt was surprised, “Fighting? Who is it.”

The girl behind her pursed her lips, “I don’t know. Someone in the dormitory group told me. They’re fighting in the lane across from the main gate, and it seems very fierce, with bricks and knives. We’d better avoid it.”

Song Yu, who’d gone on one step ahead, stopped again. The corner of his lips twitched and his expression turned a little ugly.

Did high school students really fight so seriously these days?

Song Yu spoke, “Wait a minute.”

Song Yu called Ma Xiaoding directly.

The call connected immediately. The environment around Ma Xiaoding sounded a little noisy.

Song Yu asked coldly, “You’ve been fighting for a whole morning, you’re not done yet?”

Ma Xiaoding sounded particularly aggrieved as he roared, “That’s not it, Brother Yu, we were caught by the security guards at the school gate. I don’t know which passer-by complained, and now we have to change battlefields. We’re at an internet cafe!”

Song Yu was stunned for a second, “You guys fought your way to an internet cafe?”

Ma Xiaoding: “Yeah! We put down our swords and guns and decided to have an e-sports competition between men!”

Song Yu: “……”

He wanted to hang up the phone.

Ma Xiaoding suddenly lowered his voice by several degrees.

“Brother Yu, come quickly, come quickly. I discovered that Zhu Zhixing is here just after I arrived. Let’s teach him a lesson together.”

Song Yu thought about it for a long time before remembering who Zhu Zhixing was. He bared his teeth and laughed angrily, “I remember that I said before––” I want you to beat up Wang Houxiong, not Zhu Zhixing!

He hadn’t had a chance to finish his words when he was interrupted by an indignant Ma Xiaoding, “Damn it, this retard is following that school bully from senior two and being an ass licker. Chen Zhijie’s favorite goddess is interested in Xie Sui, so now they’re planning to fight Xie Sui in front of the girl. Zhu Zhixing said that he knew that Xie Sui’s family only has one elderly person and that he doesn’t have parents. As long as he doesn’t die, they can mess with him however they like. If Xie Sui dares to call the police, then they’ll use his grandmother to threaten him. F*ck! Tell me, is that something a person would say?!”

“After I’m done with this BO5 game and finish winning against these dogs, I’ll go teach him a lesson. Brother Yu, are you coming?”


Song Yu swallowed the rest of his words back down.

He gritted his teeth.

There was a cold light in his eyes, and his voice was also cold, “Coming. Give me the address.”

After hanging up his cell phone, he tilted his head to look at Xie Sui. He thought about it, then said, “I’m  going to go beat someone up later. Do you want to come with me?”

Xie Sui: “……”

He felt that Song Yu had really come to Jingcheng No.1 High in order to be a school bully.

A strong interest suddenly rose up in his heart. Xie Sui gazed at him quietly with his dark eyes. A long time later, the corners of his lips rose up, “Okay.”

Butter’s Thoughts:
XS x SY shippers spotted! Reporting a new hobby! Open the gates to the fanfiction world!

xiin: … this was a really long chapter @_@

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    Year of the Donkey – basically, never. a time that will never come (because there is no Year of the Donkey)


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