Chapter 19.2 – Zhu Zhixing

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translator: xiin

Song Yu didn’t intend to tell Xie Sui about Ou Yilian. Since he’d decided to help Xie Sui get rid of the nightmares that haunted him in his previous life, the darkness of their class teacher wasn’t something he needed to know.

The back street behind the school was a snack street. Many of the shops were closed at this hour, but the business in the barbeque stands was on the rise. The squid sizzled on the grill, and the fragrance drifted through the entire street.

Song Yu was in high spirits, “One skewer of gluten balls, one order of rice cakes, one order of leeks, and a pair of chicken wings…”

Xie Sui stopped him helplessly, “Enough, don’t eat too much at night.” He turned to the stall owner and said, “Just the gluten balls and rice cakes is enough for him.”

The corner of Song Yu’s lips curved down, but he let him do as he liked.

The stall owner exclaimed disgruntledly, “Young fellow, do you think you’re managing your girlfriend?”

Song Yu had already switched battlefields and gone to buy oden. When Xie Sui, who’d stayed behind, heard these words, he laughed meaningfully, his emotions hidden in his dark eyes.

“Does it seem like it?”

The stall owner had lost business due to him. He rolled his eyes and complained, “Yes! Why not!”

By the time Song Yu came back with the oden, the rice cakes and gluten balls were already finished. His hands weren’t free, so he gave Xie Sui his books to carry first.

He ate fish balls as they walked down the boulevard of No. 1 High School. When he thought of that night’s self-study session, Song Yu suddenly found it funny. He asked vaguely while chewing, “Are you really afraid that I’ll surpass you?”

Xie Sui couldn’t keep up with his brain circuits. “What?”

Song Yu: “Number one in the city.”

When he looked at his bright, smiling eyes. For no reason, Xie Sui suddenly thought of his gnashing teeth appearance when he was working on test problems.

He was amused in his heart, dropping his gaze to look at him quietly, “Sca-red––”

He deliberately extended his tone.

He looked at Song Yu’s surprised expression and took his time saying the words that came after, teasing and joking.

“Scared that you’ll cry.”

Song Yu: “???” He threw the skewer sticks into the trash can. He found it unbelievable, “Do you think that I’m a man who would cry over math?”

If crying once meant that he would go up ten points, then he’d be willing. The key point was that physics and chemistry didn’t believe in tears.

Xie Sui changed the topic, “You care a lot about your studies?”

This was a sad topic for Song Yu. Now that it was brought up, he looked up at the sky, “It’s not that I care. My father cares, he threatened me that if I don’t study hard, I’ll have to go home and farm. He wants me to get into the top 100 every month. My high school entrance exam score was 350, hey, isn’t he thinking too highly of me.”

Xie Sui remembered that Song Yu had an elder brother. The burden of the Song Family wouldn’t fall on his shoulders, and for this ill younger son of theirs, the Song Family indulged him all the way up to the heavens.

Perhaps it was only that kind of love and doting that could raise up such a pure, kind, and sincere soul.


Xie Sui dropped his gaze and laughed faintly.

Just a bit short of 800 points. As expected, it wasn’t even 400.

Song Yu continued to look up at the sky. He really hadn’t imagined that he would be distressed by his studies one day. He gnawed at the barbecue skewer, “How many points are needed for the top 100?”

Xie Sui really didn’t know the answer to this question.

The learning god who stood at the top of the pyramid couldn’t feel the suffering of ordinary study gods.

“You can do it.”

What he could give him was only this mindful, understated encouragement.

Song Yu sighed, “Forget it. In any case, you’re my desk mate. I’ll just ask you more often if I can’t do it. My grades will at least go up.”

Xie Sui gave Song Yu an amused look, “Okay, but don’t ask about Lagrange.”

Song Yu: “??? Why.”

Xie Sui spoke lightly, “You’re asking for nothing, you can’t use it, and wouldn’t understand.”

Song Yu: “……” ? He was now starting to look down on people!

At the teacher apartments, Song Yu lived on the fourth floor while Xie Sui lived on the third floor. For better or worse, they were both in corner apartments, making them neighbors who lived above and below each other. When he learned of this, Song Yu was startled and came to a conclusion, “So, if I jump down from the balcony, I’ll end up in your balcony?”

Xie Sui glanced at him briefly, “Don’t seek death.”

Song Yu tsked, “I’m jumping down to ask you about test questions. How could matters related to learning be called ‘seeking death’.”

After pushing him through the door, Xie Sui stood at the entrance. The light around him was half bright and half dark, and his expression that held a smile that wasn’t a smile also seemed divided, shockingly gorgeous, “Your love for mathematics is the ultimate seeking death.”

After that, he didn’t wait for Song Yu to speak.

He’d already closed the door for him.

Song Yu, who’d been left behind to react, raged futilely at the door.



On the first day of his stay at school, everyone in the family was very nervous.

Song Mama called from A City to see how he was doing, and asked about all sorts of things.

After talking for an hour, Song Yu was quickly getting tired of saying the phrase ‘very good’.

Song Papa’s method of expressing concern was very simple and practical. He directly transferred a sum of money to his bank card.

His elder brother, who was overseas, sent him an email. As the successor to the Song Family, he was elite and restrained in all things, and his words were precise and concise. After a series of greetings, he left a telephone number. It belonged to his assistant in China.

[ If there’s anything that you’re embarrassed to ask Dad for, call this number. ]

Song Yu really wants to give his brother a ‘like’.

As his elder sister, Song Wanying was used to mutually aggravating him. She felt too awkward to say anything and sent him a short full stop.

[ Song Wanying: . ]

[ Song Yu: ? ]

[ Song Wanying: ! ]

[ Song Yu: …… ]

They shared a tacit, vague conversation.

[ Song Wanying: How did you persuade dad? ]

[ Song Yu: I used my passionate love for learning? ]

[ Song Wanying: 350? ]

[ Song Yu: You only know to look at scores. You won’t be able to reach my level in your entire life. ]

[ Song Wanying: … Badass. ]

After he also gave Grandma Meng and his uncle a phone call, his tasks for the day were finally finished. He tossed the apple core into the garbage can and went to lie down in bed. Before going to sleep, Song Yu was idle and went to browse the forums.

As soon as he went in, he saw his own name.

On the first day of school, No.1 High School’s forum traffic had exploded. There were two hot posts at the top.

[ Did any freshman find anyone who might be Brother Yu in their class? ]

Song Yu, who’d been inexplicably cued, felt that there was a problem with this forum. What were they looking for him for? To fight? No way, when the time came and they weren’t able to win against him with words or fists, wouldn’t that be too disgraceful?

Song Yu was really idle and clicked in.

Main post: Getting straight to the point. There is nobody with ‘Yu’ in our class. Pass.

1L: Report, there are three people in our class who have ‘Yu’ in their names. One pretty girl, a simple minded big guy, and a short-sighted nerd. I don’t think any of them is Brother Yu. Report over.

2L: There are too many people with ‘Yu’ in their names that there’s no way to start at all. Additionally, based on Brother Yu’s provocative and aggravating personality, I think that his appearance should be very prickly [manual dog head]

3L: ? Hahaha, what does someone with a prickly appearance look like? Describe it?

4L: Damn, don’t make fun of my husband, okay? I’m going to beat people.

5L: I think that Brother Yu should be very handsome, but even if his online nickname has ‘Yu’, it doesn’t mean his name has ‘Yu’. I used to go by the name ‘Illustrious Dream Star · Die Liushang’ [dog head]

6L: Like hell he’s handsome! He’s just an internet hater. In reality, he’s probably a short and fat loser. I really admire the eyesight of the girls in my school, they’ll fall for any type of fool.

7L: I think that my eyesight is quite good for not falling for you [smile].

Three hundred rounds of trading insults x1.


123L: Brothers and sisters, don’t rip into each other. I’m really curious about what kind of person Brother Yu is! QwQ

124L: Don’t waste your time. Since Brother Yu dares to go against the sky and earth like this online, he certainly wouldn’t expose his real name.

125L: That’s right, if he exposes his real name, he’ll be surrounded and beaten up.

Song Yu scrolled down all the way to the bottom and was thoroughly shocked. He was shocked about why so many people were speaking for him, and why so many others were hating on him.

Tsk, how inexplicable.

So, he sent out his thoughts.

126L Your Husband, Brother Yu: ……


127L: ????

128L: !!!!!

129L: Group photo ahhhhhh! Hubby ahhhhhh!!

130L: F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck!

131L: Even his ellipsis are so handsome, I’m so happy!

132L: Ahhhh, this is the closest I’ve ever been to my hubby.

133L: Passing by and punching in.

Song Yu: “……”

After the carnival of fans and passers-by checking in, the haters began to come out and do business.

165L: What kind of badass act are you putting on! Low class people like you only seek prestige on the internet.

166L: Report your name, let me see what the hell you look like.

167L: Since you’re so capable, let’s make have a fight at the school gate tomorrow! Don’t get beaten up to the point where your mom won’t recognize you.

168L: I’m laughing to death. Do you guys deserve to see my Brother Yu?

169L: You fools can continue to hate. I’ll consider it my loss if I stop being a fan.

Three hundred rounds of trading insults x2.

“They started arguing again?”

The corner of Song Yu’s eye twitched.

Their replies came out so fast that Song Yu couldn’t keep up. He was dazzled by the sight and simply retreated.

The second host post on the forums was equally popular.

[ Is there going to be a reshuffling for the school grass selection? ]

Main post:

If the school grass selection doesn’t include my God Xie, then what kind of pheasant selection would it be [smile][smile]?

Won’t say more. Putting up photos.

1L: [photo]

2L: [photo]


In just two short minutes, this forum post had already filled up an entire page. It was a uniform stretch of screams and shrill cries.

[ Ahhhhhhhhhh!! ]

[ Let me perform dying on the spot for my fellow sisters! ]

[ Ahhhhhhhh these eyelashes, that gaze, that aura, I’m going crazy! ]

[ Wuwuwu, what kind of immortal beauty is this? I don’t deserve it wuwuwu I don’t deserve to breathe the same air as him! ]

[ Oh my god, my hands are still shaking. I really feel like my heart stopped for a moment when I clicked in. ]

There was crazy screaming and crying, as well as all sorts of big rainbow farts.

Song Yu’s fingers stopped on the photo of Xie Sui in the main post.

It should be a sneak shot. Xie Sui was sitting in his seat, holding several pieces of paper in his hand. The light streamed in from outside the classroom. His eyelashes cast shadows on his cheeks, but his expression was cold and lazy.

White, clean shirt, cold and abstinent aura. It was just like the school male god who appeared in all campus novels.

The next photo should also be a sneak shot. Xie Sui was holding down the paper and looking over. His delicate facial features showed their charm through the camera lens, his eyes dark and deep, but his gaze sharp and cold.

The peach blossom eyes that didn’t hold a smile seemed thin and distant and especially difficult to approach.

“The protagonist is still handsome.”

Song Yu sighed.

Last time, he’d taught Zhu Zhixing a lesson, and those rumors hadn’t made their way from junior high to high school. In fact, he was quite happy to see such a development; Xie Sui should live in a bright and excellent way.

Some people came to share that this was the city champion in the high school entrance exams, and there were instantly fans who screamed for a few pages. ‘God Xie is amazing’, and ‘Immortal brother’ were accompanied by all sorts of ‘ahhhhh’ and ‘wuwuwu’ posts. Looking through it made Song Yu want to click the ‘x’ again. Were these girls’ feelings all so abundant? They repeated a single word so many times. Little sisters, weren’t you tired from typing?

However, just when he was about to exit out of the thread, he saw his own name again, again, again.

231L: Liking this kind of person who is good looking with good results is normal. I don’t understand why you guys like that hater who doesn’t dare to show his face. Are you guys crazy?

Song Yu: “……”

232L: ???

233L: Do you have to f*cking cue my Brother Yu even for this?

234L: Liking God Xie and Brother Yu isn’t contradictory. Fool haters, if you say another word, your mom will definitely have to pay extra for her groceries tomorrow!

235L: I’m laughing to death. The licking dogs are coming here again. If he’s so amazing, then have your Brother Yu get first in the city in the exams and become a school grass.

236L: It’s enough for Brother Yu to be your daddy.

Three hundred rounds of trading insults x3.

The people who’d come to watch the gossip at the back sighed silently.

512L: Your Brother Yu is really a man who brings his own bloody rain with him [eating melons][eating melons]

513L: Brother Yu is the spokesman for bloody rain [manual dog head]

Song Yu: “……”


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