Chapter 19.1 – Zhu Zhixing

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translator: xiin

Pretending to be a study god felt great for a while, but he’d be dead by the time the monthly exams came.

In order to avoid embarrassment, Song Yu pulled out a physics test paper and began to study physics.

Ma Xiaoding was restless. When he saw Song Yu switch to this ‘Compulsory Physics I’ exercise book, he looked very excited, “Brother Yu, you’ve finally given up mathematics?”

Song Yu had just opened up the first page and felt that there was a problem with his words. The corner of his lips turned down, “Your words should be more respectful. What do you mean, given up?”

Only now did Ma Xiaoding react to this. Brother Yu also had the identity of a study god in A City. He immediately felt ashamed, “Oh, I’m so stupid! Brother Yu must have mastered it thoroughly already.” 

Xi Bowen was full of enthusiasm, “Brother Yu, do you have any recommended methods for learning mathematics?”

Song Yu raised his eyes briefly. Although he wasn’t a study god in his previous life, his grades hadn’t been bad. He perfunctorily used the old but practical advice, “Take notes seriously, learn to summarize, and be good at generalization. Ask if you don’t understand; don’t leave any loopholes in your knowledge.”

Otherwise, you will suffer in senior three.

Ma Xiaoding was dissatisfied. “Brother Yu, your words are no better than saying nothing.”

Song Yu rolled his eyes, “That’s you being hopeless!”

Xie Sui’s pen paused and he laughed briefly.

He’d thought that Song Yu would share some strange learning methods. After all, he was someone who wanted to challenge Lagrange after just graduating from junior high. He hadn’t expected his advice to be so moderate.

Ma Xiaoding was still chattering on, “If you ask me, mathematics is an anti-human existence. In particular, functions have the world’s greatest malice towards me. I bent over to pick up a pen during junior high, and could never understand this class again.”

Xi Bowen disdained him, “Then how did you get into No. 1?”

Ma Xiaoding was a little proud and puffed up his chest, “My Chinese is good! Have you never seen a study god who is partial to liberal arts?”

Xi Bowen: “…….”

Was his language good.

Based on his ‘Ten years, dead and living dim and draw apart.’?

Ma Xiaoding couldn’t stop himself from going on, “Although I usually look like a gangster, I’m still a literary youth in my bones. I especially like reciting poems. If I were in ancient times, I should be a swordsman who would read a poem for every person he killed. I would punish evil and promote good, and be badass and stylish.”

“Let me recite some poems for you…”

Ma Xiaoding latched onto his desk mate and started his own personal show.

Xi Bowen: “…….”

He felt that if he continued listening to him recite, his language and understanding of written poetry would be in danger.

Song Yu no longer paid them any attention and began to study quietly.

After spending the night studying and finishing a physics test paper, he was able to find sufficient confidence.

“I think my talent may lie with physics.”

After comparing the answers and capping his pen, Song Yu let out a sigh.

He handed the paper over. His pen pointed at the end of a mechanics unit volume.

“Look, I can even do the last question. Amazing, right?”

Xie Sui tilted his head to look at him.

In fact, he didn’t understand how blindly doing questions without any structure or plans was useful to Song Yu.

However, when he met Song Yu’s eyes, they were as bright as a falling river of stars. Certain words made a u-turn at his throat and then went back down.

He glanced down at the test paper.

What Song Yu had completed was a high school mechanics test paper. The last question was related to the principle of leverage.

Song Yu asked, “Amazing, right?”

Xie Sui stared at him and said slowly, “Amazing.”

Song Yu tsked and was increasingly proud, “It turns out that my talent lies with physics.”

Xie Sui suddenly remembered the forum replies he’d seen when he tracked Song Yu’s IP before school began and smiled slightly, “No, I think that your talent lies in bickering.”

Song Yu: “……???”

The bell signaling the end of class rang.

Ou Yilian rushed to the front to finish wrapping up class affairs and said, “You have the day off during the day, and the welcome ceremony will be in the evening. The class will get together at 7PM, then go to the auditorium together. Remember not to be late.”

“Alright. Class is over. Song Yu, come to my office.”

Song Yu, who’d been cued out of nowhere, was full of confusion.

Ma Xiaoding was also stunned, “Brother Yu, do you want me to wait for you?”

Song Yu picked up his books and snorted, “We live in opposite directions. What are you waiting for me for?”

Ma Xiaoding made two ‘oh’ sounds and looked back several times as he left, “In that case, take care of yourself.”

When Ou Yilian saw Song Yu come in with his books, she frowned with clear displeasure. She didn’t say another word as she walked into the office in her high heels.


Inside the office.

Ou Yilian didn’t look at Song Yu. She focused on the name list, “Song Yu, right? I heard the headmaster say that you’re a special student and require special treatment?”

Although Ou Yilian’s character in <Gentle Control> couldn’t be praised, at the moment, she was still a teacher and hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

It wasn’t to the point where Song Yu would embarrass her.

When he heard this, he shook his head, “No, no need for special treatment. Thank you, teacher.”

Ou Yilian was expressionless as she used the red pen in her hand to make two marks on the paper. She said, “How about I transfer your seat to the edge of the platform? Your body is in a special situation and needs a clean environment. If you aren’t at a noisy table, it’ll be more calm.”

Song Yu: “……”

Song Yu was also expressionless, “Isn’t there no seating at the edge of the platform?”

Ou Yilian: “I can arrange one for you.”

Song Yu laughed, “Thank you, teacher, but my lungs aren’t very good.”

Ou Yilian set down her pen. Her movements were very exaggerated as she frowned and clearly showed her annoyance at Song Yu.

Her tone was cold, “Xie Sui’s results as the first in the city have come in. Don’t you feel a lot of pressure sitting beside him?”

Song Yu replied with a question, “Then, won’t Wang Ci feel pressure sitting next to him?”

Ou Yilian’s intentions had been exposed. She didn’t talk and stared at him.

Song Yu’s eyes were clear and dark. When there wasn’t even a hint of a smile on his face, he looked cold and unreasonable, “Teacher, you called me to the office just to have me give up my seat for Wang Ci?”

Ou Yilian avoided the topic and spoke coldly, “Song Yu, is this your attitude towards your teacher? Is this what you’re like as a student?”

Song Yu was too lazy to pay her any more attention. He took out his cell phone, “Since I’m Xie Sui’s desk mate, and you also said that students could sit wherever they wanted, why didn’t you ask him about his wishes?”

Ou Yilian was angry enough to start losing her composure, “Talking to him is my business, not yours. What we’re talking about now is your attitude. Your teacher is just asking you to change your seat, yet you’re already going against me. If you’re so amazing, then switch classes for me! I don’t want to be in charge of people like you. You’ll be the scum of society when you go out anyway.”

Song Yu didn’t plan to negotiate and pressed a few numbers.


The sound of a call rang out.

Song Yu handed her his cell phone, “About switching classes, how about you talk to the headmaster.”

All of Ou Yilian’s words were stuck in her throat.

Her line of sight was on Song Yu’s body, wishing she could tear of a layer of his skin.

She laughed in anger, “You’re threatening me. Do you really think I can’t do anything do you?”

Song Yu laughed briefly.

The call connected.

The headmaster on the other side spoke kindly, “Yuyu, why did you call all of a sudden?”

Ou Yilian was stunned, and then changed her tone. She spoke in an aggrieved tone, “Headmaster, it’s me, Teacher Ou, Song Yu’s class teacher.”

The headmaster: “Oh, Teacher Ou? What’s the matter?”

Ou Yilian’s tone made it seem like she’d suffered grievances as big as the sky, “Headmaster, I can’t manage this student. I just called him over to ask him about his seats and he got angry with me and called you to threaten me. I’ve been teaching for so many years, yet I’ve never seen such a perverse student. He’s not in good health, and I don’t dare say anything to him. I can’t touch him or scold him, and can’t teach him. It would be better to change him to a more competent teacher.”

There was a long silence from the headmaster.

“Yuyu isn’t in good health. You should be a bit more tolerant.”

Teacher Ou said bitterly, “Headmaster, it’s not that I’m not being tolerant, but that he’s looking down on me and disrespecting my work. Have you ever seen a student that goes against their teacher on the first day of school?”

The headmaster: “Give the phone to Yuyu.”

Song Yu watched on coldly as she made unfounded charges, then accepted the cell phone, “Hello, headmaster.”

Ou Yilian stared at him and sneered.

Song Yu lowered his gaze and appeared particularly well-behaved.

He glimpsed Ou Yilian’s expression and the corners of his lips curved up playfully.

“No, I think Class One is very good. Teacher Ou is very good, too.”

“I have no plans to change classes for the time being.”

“She wanted me to sit at the podium, but I didn’t want to, so she began to scold me, saying that I would be the scum of society in the future.”

Ou Yilian’s smile stiffened.

The headmaster was obviously angry, “Teacher Ou, is what Yuyu said true?”

Ou Yilian was suffering unbearably, “Headmaster, this child, alas, this child is taking things out of context. I was worried about his health and wanted to keep him close to watch out for him, so I told him that I would arrange a seat for him at the podium. I asked him for his opinion, but he started arguing against me. Wasn’t I just administering some tough love? I treat every student like my own child. Seeing that he wasn’t willing to listen, my words became a little harsher, but it’s for his own good. However, perhaps he understood it as me being mean to him and that I don’t like him. This has also become a knot in my heart, and I don’t want to speak more about it. For his own good and for my good, headmaster, you should change classes for this child.”

There was a long silence, and then the headmaster’s words came out.

“Yuyu just said that he likes you, and likes Class One. If he doesn’t want to leave, then let him stay. Also, Teacher Ou, not all words can be said at will under the cover of ‘for his good’. You have your own teaching methods, but please also consider the children’s tolerance levels.”

“Yuyu was born with bad health, and you should take good care of him. Don’t cry in front of me for every little thing.”

Ou Yilian was completely stunned.

Song Yu was still holding his study materials. He smiled.

A busy tone came over the phone.

Ou Yilian’s expression was red, black, and green. It was very interesting to watch.

Song Yu smiled elegantly, “Teacher Ou, for the next three years, please take care of me.”

I will definitely become the most distinctive student in your teaching history––teaching you how to be a person.

Ou Yilian’s pen almost scratched through the name list in anger as she flipped through Song Yu’s information in a frenzy. It seemed that he was just from an ordinary working family––so was it because of his illness? He was given so much privilege?

She didn’t know how to explain the situation to Wang Ci, and she’d also lost a chance to curry favor with the Wang Family. It made her so angry she was gnashing her teeth.

“Fine, we’ll be changing seats after the monthly exams. We’ll see if you can still sit next to Xie Sui then.”

Song Yu put away his cell phone and smiled slightly, “Okay, goodbye, teacher.”

It’s not certain whether you’ll still be in this class next time, hey.

He couldn’t understand why, when there were so many knowledgeable and amiable class teachers in Jingcheng No.1 High School, Xie Sui had to encounter this kind of singular character.

She was stupid and poisonous, and, with her intelligence and character, had she really gotten her teacher’s qualification on her own?

Song Yu left the office and went downstairs. He saw Xie Sui beneath the streetlights.

Xie Sui was currently squatting down, teasing a stray cat with his fingers. The cold light fell onto his side profile, his thick eyelashes and pale lips. His entire body’s temperament seemed noble and cold.

Song Yu was surprised, “You were waiting for me?”

Xie Sui stood up and didn’t deny it. He just smiled, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something.”

Song Yu really was a little hungry. He nodded.

He asked as they walked.

“You didn’t go back to your bedroom first?”

“I live in the same apartment block as you. It’s on the way.”

Holy shit!

Song Yu’s eyes widened.

“How did you end up living there too.”

Xie Sui spoke lightly, “The headmaster arranged it.”

Song Yu understood. Was it because he was first in the city? He’d been assigned a single room right from the start of school.

Wait a minute, did the original book have this setting, too? Damn this dog memory of his; he didn’t remember.

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