Chapter 18 – Wang Ci

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Song Yu’s eyes finally landed on the stack of paper in Xie Sui’s hands, “What is this?”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “The freshman representative speech.”

Song Yu picked it up and flipped through it, then tsked, “This is the treatment for the number one in the city. Will you be nervous when you go up to speak in front of an entire grade?”

It was truly a strange question.

Xie Sui had given countless speeches in his last life. In the company, in universities, in science and technology summits. He’d faced men and women, the elderly and the young, the successful and the ordinary, domestic and foreign audiences, industry insiders and those outside the industry. How could he have stage fright because of a high school freshman stage?

However, when he heard Song Yu’s words, he smiled playfully and his eyelids lowered slightly, “A little.”

Song Yu had already forgotten the humiliation of A66, Lagrange, and 135 degrees. He was kind and warm-hearted as he comforted him, “Don’t be nervous. I’ll pay people to support you. 10 yuan for them to clap, 50 yuan to call out, and 100 yuan to go up and send flowers. I’ll pay for the flowers, too, and there’s a bonus for bringing friends. The more people they bring, the more benefits they get.”

Ma Xiaoding heard the second part of his words and raised his hand to sign up, “Brother Yu, are there any extra rewards for acquaintances?”

Song Yu spoke lightly, “No extra rewards for acquaintances. You’re free labor.”

Ma Xiaoding lowered his hand in an aggrieved manner.

Xi Bowen laughed out loud.

Xie Sui’s lips curved briefly.

The classroom remained noisy and bustling for about half an hour.

The teacher in charge of their class was late. Senior one’s Class One’s class teacher was an English teacher, female, last name Ou. She wore high heels, wore a white slip dress, and brought a smell of high-end perfume with her when she stepped into the classroom. Song Yu had a bit of an impression of this female teacher. In <Gentle Control>, she more or less accounted for half the reason why Xie Sui was subjected to harassment and cold violence in his first year of high school.

She was vain and snobbish. In her heart, the students’ family background was the most important thing, while their results came second. When it came to someone who had no background and no results, she wouldn’t spare them a single glance.

Teacher Ou stepped up onto the platform in her high-heeled shoes. She held a list in one hand as she casually gave instructions to two thin, small boys seated in the front row. Her voice was gentle and soft, “You two, go and bring over the student handbooks.”

The two boys scurried to stand up and answered hurriedly, “Okay.”

Teacher Ou flipped her long hair and smiled at the remaining students, “Hello everyone, I will be your class teacher for your three years in high school. My last name is Ou, and my full name is Ou Yilian. You can call me Teacher Ou.” Then, she introduced a bunch of things from her brilliant resume, telling them what university she’d graduated from, how many years she’d studied abroad, and how many outstanding students she’d taught. She deliberately softened her voice, and it could be said that the sound was very conducive to sleeping.

Song Yu started to feel sleepy as she spoke. He opened a slit in the window, letting in the Jing City evening breeze. It was cool and gentle.

He rubbed his eyes, then bumped Xie Sui with his arm, “Call me after she finishes boasting about herself. I’m going to sleep for a while.”

Xie Sui’s eyes were serious as he looked at him, “You’re going to sleep in the first class?”

Song Yu murmured, “There’s no need to listen to her nonsense.”

The first part of that evening’s self-study session was taken up by Ou Yilian’s narcissistic speech.

The bell that signaled the end of class rang. Teacher Ou stopped talking about the nth student’s achievements and how they’d come to thank her many years later. She stood there on the platform, cleared her throat, and said, “In the first month, I won’t arrange your seats for you. You can sit with whoever you want to sit with. I’ll make new arrangements after the monthly exam results come out. Alright, class is over. Everyone should go back and get some rest first.”

She did manage to do one good thing. She let them pick their own desk mates.

During this class, Song Yu had a dream. It wasn’t a very good one.

The scenes were strange and dazzling, yet cold and bloody.

A nameless island, lonely and gloomy like a cage, and then the endless blue sky and ocean.

There was a man leaning on a yacht, his windbreaker fluttering around him like a white gull. The damp, salty wind blew through the messy black hair over his forehead, and his deep peach blossom eyes were cold and fickle.

Someone in the boat seemed to be in a hurry as they rushed out.

The man had a gun in his hand, his expression careless and casual.

Then, glass shattered and stabbed straight at the heart.

There was gunfire, the sea breeze, shouting.

Blood, wind, incredulous eyes.

The scene froze on a corner of the man’s bored and disgusted smile. He turned around and jumped into the sea, his back figure natural and sharp.

Song Yu woke up abruptly. After class was over, class one was noisy and lively. The girls were laughing and chatting, and the boys were playing games together.

Behind him, Ma Xiaoding valiantly tried to find a common topic with Xi Bowen, “Oh, you even like to recite poems. I think I’ve learned this poem before, ‘Ten years, dead and living dim and draw apart. I don’t try to remember, but forgetting is hard.. Golden mink fur hat, a thousand horses across Pinggang1this is actually a mash up of two different poems by the same poet (苏轼). Right?!”

Xi Bowen: “??? There doesn’t seem to be a problem, but I keep feeling that it’s not right. Did you memorize it wrong.”

Ma Xiaoding: “Impossible! It rhymes!”

Human chatter and life was all around him. Song Yu’s confused eyes soon cleared up.

The wind blowing in from the window gave him a little sense of reality. He bowed his head and looked down at his hands, an oppressive depression that couldn’t be relieved circling around in his heart.

Just now, the person he’d dreamed of should be Xie Sui.

In the book, Xie Sui, who’d ended up imprisoned on a deserted island and had the pride in his bones broken down… He’d already dropped the novel by the time he’d reached that point. So, did this mean that Xie Sui had used a gun and killed the three scum? Or, was this the ending that he wanted.

“Xie Sui.” Song Yu’s throat was a little dry. He subconsciously turned his head but found that Xie Sui wasn’t currently in his seat.

Ma Xiaoding heard him call out and said, “Brother Yu, Xie Sui was called to the office.”

Song Yu nodded.

Song Yu lowered his gaze and rubbed at his temples.

At this time, a figure suddenly loomed over from above him as a group of people came around to stand in front of him.

“Hey, little brother, can I talk to you about something?”

The one who’d spoken was a thin and skinny boy. He wore a black t-shirt, his hair was closely cropped, and he had three rows of earrings in his ears. It was clear at first sight that he wasn’t easy to get along with. His smile was evil as he knocked his finger against the desk, and the look in his eyes held no intention to have a good discussion at all.

The classroom instantly quieted down. The people who were playing on their cell phones or chatting all couldn’t help but shift their gazes in their direction.

Song Yu’s style was to act like a daddy even toward the gangsters with knives and sticks on Lianyun street. How could he be frightened by a few high school students?

It was just that he was currently a little weary from the dream he’d had. He lifted his eyelids lazily and looked up, “Speak.”

The tall, skinny boy sneered, “Our Brother Ci wants to change spots with you. Are you willing to change or not.”

Brother Ci?

Song Yu was awake now, his eyes opened fully.

The tall, skinny boy laughed briefly, his tone inscrutable, “Wang Family, get it? Jing City’s Wang Family. Brother Ci wants to switch places with you.”

It just so happened that Song Yu was suppressing an unhappiness that he had nowhere to express. He smiled happily.

He swirled his pen, his tone was light and disdainful when he spoke, “Wang Ci? Who?”

The tall, skinny boy stared at him in silence. The atmosphere in the entire class instantly turned into one where nobody dared to breathe too loudly, growing so quiet that even the sound of a pen falling could be heard clearly. They looked at Song Yu like they were looking at a martyr.

Was this man really a fool, or pretending to be a fool? That was the Wang Family who often showed up on Jing City TV.

“It’s normal not to know. In that case, let’s get to know each other.”

On the other side of the classroom, against the wall, a slightly chubby boy stood up and smiled fakely.

He had single eyelids, his eyes were very small, and his lips were a little thick. On an average face, it would appear simple and honest, but on this boy’s body, it seemed particularly greasy and evil.

Wang Ci got up from his seat and came over to lean close to Song Yu. His sight landed on him like a poisonous snake.

“Little friend, give me some face. I want to switch seats with you.”

Wang Ci had really gotten straight to the point.

For better or worse, Song Yu had just had that dream of his and was so angry he was gnashing his teeth at all the scum in <Gentle Control>.

He laughed leisurely, “Why should I give you any face?”

Hiss. The entire class collectively sucked in a breath of cold air.

Song Yu continued in a light tone, “Is it because your face is big?”

The whole class: “……”


Wang Ci’s lips curved down in an ambiguous, sinister way.

The group with the black t-shirt boy all followed Wang Ci. Now, when he saw that Song Yu was being so provocative, he immediately tore down all superficial politeness and slapped the table, “We’re telling you to f*cking switch seats! What’s all this bullshit! Are you switching or not!”

Only, Ma Xiaoding had stood up even before he could make a move. A canned drink clattered onto the floor and his voice was even louder than the other boy’s, “You just try to f*cking yell a bit louder!”

The atmosphere in the class, which had originally been quiet and oppressed, suddenly grew tense.

Black T-shirt was stunned, “Ma Xiaoding?”

Ma Xiaoding ignored him and came to stand beside Song Yu. He looked fierce and tough, “My Brother Yu already said that he’s not switching! Did you guys not grow ears, or do you want me to chop them off for you?”

Ma Xiaoding had always been hard to deal with in junior high, he was at the school bully level. He had many little brother followers and was fierce when fighting.

Black T-shirt was a little afraid of him, but he couldn’t back down without losing respect from his group. He forged ahead, “Was I asking you?”

Song Yu, who was the one who’d been asked, was amused. He tossed his pen onto the desk. “Not switching. Get lost.”

Four words.

His tone was extremely arrogant.

Blak T-shirt was stupefied and was momentarily unable to decide what to do. His gaze shifted to Wang Ci, “Brother Ci.”

Wang Ci’s small eyes were locked on Song Yu. He stared at him for a long time, and it was unknown what he was thinking, but he finally laughed in a way that made others uncomfortable and went back to his seat without another word.

Their boss had left, and the other three or four people didn’t remain for long.

Black T-shirt tossed down some fierce words before leaving, “You’ve provoked our Brother Ci, let’s see if you can afford to bear responsibility for it!”

Ma Xiaoding was angered by his words, “Bring it! Let’s see who can’t handle it.”

Black T-shirt gritted his teeth but didn’t dare to go up against him. He switched to a low voice and muttered, “Meng Family’s dog. You really think you’re something.”

The atmosphere in the classroom remained chilly for a while, but someone’s cell phone soon rang out and broke the silence. Everyone began to whisper, and the uneasiness in the air slowly eased up.

Ma Xiaoding looked disgusted, like he’d just eaten a fly. “He’s still going on about Jing City’s Wang Family. Ew, what does he think he is.”

If it wasn’t because Brother Yu wanted to study quietly at school and remain low-key, he could bring out his family background and scare these frogs who lived at the bottom of the well to death.

He looked nervously at Song Yu, “Brother Yu, that fool didn’t touch you just now, right?”

In his mind, Brother Yu couldn’t even be bumped, like a porcelain doll who would shatter at a touch and needed to be protected.

Song Yu was too lazy to even concern himself with this group of people. “No.”

Ma Xiaoding was filled with anger, “I’ll find a chance and beat up that boot-licker Jiang Xiu.”

Jiang Xiu was the black t-shirt boy’s name.

Soon, the second self-study session began. Teacher Ou and Xie Sui came in together from outside.

Song Yu’s line of sight was focused on Xie Sui, watching as he walked over from the classroom door to his side.

His gaze was so bright and dazzling that it was difficult for Xie Sui to ignore it. Xie Sui sat down in his seat, looked at his little desk mate, smiled slightly, and said, “What, are you stuck on another question?”

Song Yu shifted his gaze away. He wasn’t in a very good mood and his tone was a little weak, “No, I can do them.”

Xie Sui: “That’s right. After all, you’re the future number one who is just a little short of 800 points.”

Song Yu: “……”

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    this is actually a mash up of two different poems by the same poet (苏轼)


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