Chapter 16 – September

Transmigrating into the Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend
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translator: xiin
editor: butter

Song Yu became famous after a single appearance in the No.1 High School forums and many related posts appeared on the front page.

Some were confessing their love, some were full of ridicule, and some criticized him directly.

Like below.

[ What business is Brother Yu in, why are his words are so crazy? ]

Your Husband, Brother Yu: I don’t deal with business. Crazy? Not really, in any case, I haven’t been short on beatings ever since I was a kid.

[ Brother Yu, I want to confess to you! Why are you so excellent? Every word you say makes me want to scream, and even your name pokes at my young girl’s heart. I feel that you are a man who matches all my tastes! We’re soul mates, a match made in heaven [dog head]! ]

Your Husband, Brother Yu: So, unsurprisingly, I won’t have anything to do with you in reality.

The style of the comments in this thread was strangely quiet.

[ What a miserable girl ]

[ Brother Yu: Don’t love me, nothing will come of it. ]

[ Yo, hating on fans? How overbearing, I love it ]

[ Brother Yu, wanna share your real name and photo? I’m a 36D with a loli voice, do you want to meet in the woods when school starts? ]

[ Brother Yu, don’t believe them, there’s no 36D loli! The one up there is a liar! Look at me! I’m super sweet! ]

[ Husband, are you lacking leg accessories? ]

Song Yu was in a low mood and casually picked a comment to reply to.

––Your Husband, Brother Yu: Lacking a walking stick, are you willing?

Towards the end, there was another person calling out to confess their feelings.

[ Brother Yu, Brother Yu, guess what kind of uniform I like best? ]

Song Yu raised his eyebrows and sneered.

––Your Husband, Brother Yu: Want me to subdue you? No way, little sister, I’m not falling for it.

The onlookers.

[ Hahahahahahahahaha ]

[ No way, little sister, I’m not falling for it. How come I can hear a voice in my head saying these words? ]

[ Hear a voice +1 ]

[ Brother Yu is such a cruel, emotionless man. ]

[ Damn you! I don’t want to be your little sister, I want to be your girlfriend! ]

Song Yu didn’t want to pay any more attention to that group of people. After stirring up trouble and making himself feel good, Song Yu went back to bury himself in his exam papers, sending himself head first into the dead sea of mathematics.

And, while he was unaware of the situation.

The situation in No.1 High School was still brewing. By virtue of this momentum that screwed the heavens and damned the earth, this arrogant ID that was just begging for a beating somehow became the new ‘hottest man on the internet’ and ‘new male god’.

At the end of August.

Song Yu was about to start school, so Grandma Meng asked Meng Guang to take him to the mall to buy some new clothes.

When the shopping guide at the front of the shopping mall saw Song Yu, her eyes lit up. This teenager had good bones and would look good in anything. However, no matter how much she praised and boasted all the way up to the heavens, Song Yu only chose two sets of clothing. High school students wore a uniform all year round, so there was no need to buy too much.

Meng Guang stared at him for a long time, then finally tsked and said, “If you go to No.1 like this, you might not be able to get the title of school grass, but you can at least get a class grass1class grass – hottest guy in class title.”

The corner of Song Yu’s lips curved down and he seriously said, “I don’t wanna, I want to be a study god.” He wanted to get into the top 100 in his grade and wash away the shame of getting 350 points.

Meng Guang couldn’t stop laughing, “Oh, I didn’t think that your ideals would be so high!”

How was this Song Yu’s ideals? It was all forced on him by his father. Just thinking about all that damned math made his back molars itch.

On the way home, Meng Guang told him a bit of news in the car.

“Wang Beidan went to prison.”

Song Yu paused in fastening his seat belt, “What?”

Meng Guang laughed lazily, “Arrested for doing drugs. Surveillance and recording pen evidence were both provided. There’s both human statements and material evidence. I don’t know who is out to get him, but they handed it over to the Public Security Bureau directly and even the Wang Family can’t protect him. He’s basically done for life, tsk. Feels great.”

Song Yu laughed briefly. He didn’t feel much toward this cannon fodder who had zero sense of existence in the original book.

In the evening, Song Yu learned that the accommodation that Grandma Meng had arranged for him at the school was a single room in the teacher’s block.

He was stunned silly, “No, grandma, I want to experience the kind of high school life where four people sleep in the same room, where it’s crowded and lively, do you know what I mean?”

Grandma Meng didn’t understand what he meant. She continued to slowly help him pack, “Four people together is noisy and your sleep will be unstable.”

Song Yu: “……”

Finally, after he begged repeatedly, Grandma Meng ultimately didn’t send over a group of bodyguards to escort him to school.

Song Yu and Ma Xiaoding went to No.1 High School in Uncle Ma’s car.

In the car, Ma Xiaoding was very excited, “Brother Yu, we’re very likely to be in the same class!”

Song Yu was also happy to have someone he knew in class. He smiled, “That’s great.”

Uncle Ma held the steering wheel and said, “Based on your scores, you should’ve been at the bottom class at best. The Old Madame arranged for you to be in the same class so that the Young Master would have a companion. The Young Master isn’t in good health, so you should take more care of him in school.”

Ma Xiaoding patted his chest to express assurance, “Dad, don’t worry! If anyone breaks my Brother Yu’s wings, I’ll destroy their entire heaven!”

As an older man, Uncle Ma couldn’t understand his words, “What are you talking about? What wings?”

Song Yu: “……”

Ma Xiaoding was really living up to his reputation as a non-mainstream youth.

As a key provincial high school, Jingcheng No.1 High School occupied a significant amount of land in Jing City, where each inch of land was worth its weight in gold.

School started in September, and big banners were hung up at the school gate. Luxury cars gathered together in front of the school gate as people came and went.

Fresh and cool autumn weather. The fragrance of cassia bark trees floated in the air.

Song Yu got out of the car. He wore a white t-shirt and black trousers, lookinged clean and simple, and suddenly attracted many people’s attention. The teenager’s skin glowed white in the sun, and his hair was a soft, light brown. His eyes were big, his pupils dark under his double eyelids, and his expression was weary and listless. He was the kind of person where it was obvious with a glance that his external appearance didn’t match what was inside. He looked well-behaved and clever, but was actually eccentric and unreasonable.

Light flashed twice in their direction, and there was a series of ‘ka-cha’ sounds.

Ma Xiaoding looked back and saw that two schoolgirls were taking pictures of them, laughing and whispering amongst themselves with bright eyes.

Oh, were these little sisters secretly taking photos? The feeling of responsibility that he had to take care of the Young Master rose up in his heart. Ma Xiaoding opened his hand and blocked Song Yu behind him, then yelled out in their direction, “What are you taking pictures for? Haven’t you seen a handsome big brother before.”

Song Yu: “……”

The two girls quickly put away their cell phones and stuck out their tongues.

His voice was so loud that it immediately caught everyone’s attention.

When faced with the gazes that swept their way, Song Yu finally couldn’t bear it anymore and dragged Ma Xiaoding by the arm, heading towards the school.

Ma Xiaoding’s chivalrous spirit and middle school-level immaturity were still burning fiercely. He adhered to the spirit of sacrificing himself to protect Brother Yu and looked back as he walked, “In the future, you’re not allowed to take photos of my Brother Yu! If you like to take photos so much, then shoot me! Shoot me! Get it?!”

The two girls: “……”

Oh, you’re really great.

Song Yu was amused by him, “I think that you can only live with Sadako in this lifetime.”

Ma Xiaoding scratched his head, “Ah?”

After entering the school, they were first greeted with a tree lined boulevard, with many people riding bicycles along it. The greenery in No.1 High School was very good, and the school buildings were built in an older style. The red walls were very eye-catching.

Song Yu’s teacher apartment was located in a quiet corner to the south of the school.

He took the elevator to the fourth floor and went inside. The interior of the room had already been cleaned up by housekeeping.

There was a living room, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, everything was there.

Additionally, the lighting was very good. The view was bright, and there was a small stretch of woods outside the window.

After turning on the air conditioner, Ma Xiaoding sat down on the sofa and bit into a washed apple, “Brother Yu, let’s rest up first. In any case, we only need to go to the classroom by seven.” He turned on the TV, tuned in to a children’s channel, and hugged a pillow as he watched with relish.

Song Yu glanced at him, “Aren’t you going to go to the dormitory to take a look first?”

Ma Xiaoding: “No need. I went yesterday and took over a good spot ahead of time.”

He nodded.

Song Yu stopped paying attention to him and went to the bedroom to settle in. He first filled up his wardrobe, then pulled out a first year high school mathematics test book from his pile of study materials, picking up a pen as he decided to begin his bitter journey of self study from the very first evening.

Grandma Meng had also specifically found him a cooking auntie. Her last name was Bai, and her craft was very good.

She had probably been informed about his preferences ahead of time. All the dishes that she made were things he liked to eat.

After dinner, Song Yu sent a message to Xe

[ Where are you sitting? Save me a seat next to yours. ]

In order to avoid Wang Ci’s harassing Xie Sui, he felt that it would be safer if he directly sat next to Xie Sui. Additionally, Xie Sui was a study god, so this arrangement couldn’t be any better for Song Yu, who urgently needed to improve his school performance.

A few minutes later, Xie Sui replied.

[ Mm. ]

Song Yu smiled happily, in a great mood.

After mooching a meal and entertainment at Song Yu’s place, Ma Xiaoding felt that his standard of living had gone up a level. After eating and drinking his fill, he followed behind Song Yu like a little flatterer and helped him bring his books to the school building.

They chatted as they walked.

Ma Xiaoding: “Brother Yu, do you remember the guy called Zhu Zhixing? This person is really sneaky. After we surrounded him at the school gates and threatened him, he’s always wanted revenge. He spent the summer flattering a school bully from senior two, and I met him when I came to pick a bed yesterday. That brat actually trash talked me. Heh, just like a dog threatening people using the strength of its master’s power. I think he just doesn’t know that, now that I’m here, No.1 High’s school bully position is about to change.”

Song Yu: “Can’t you focus on your studies?”

He even wanted to be the school bully. What kind of lame title was that.

Ma Xiaoding was wronged and aggrieved, “The main reason is that he’s still scolding you, saying that the person who wrote all those bad reviews for his store is a piece of trash and full of shit.”

Song Yu: “Why are you paying attention to him.”

He picked up a math tutorial book and pointed to the name ‘Wang Houxiong’, “This is the name that you should remember the most during your three years of high school.”

Ma Xiaoding: “……”

As they continued walking, Ma Xiaoding suddenly thought of something else. The more he thought about it, the more likely he felt it was.

“Brother Yu, that hater on the network forums that has been very popular recently, is it you?”

Song Yu’s fingers paused for a moment and he narrowed his eyes, “The popular what?”


Ma Xiaoding only felt a chill pass by overhead and immediately changed his tune, “No, no, no, that very popular national husband.”

Song Yu stared at him, “Guess.”

Ma Xiaoding was just about to take another step, then ended up patting himself on the forehead as he recalled, “F*ck me––I almost forgot after I changed your nickname, your internet nickname is exactly that! It’s you! Brother Yu!”

The man who’d aggravated the entire forum!

As for Song Yu, he’d already walked off far ahead.

Butter’s Thoughts:
After reading, I feel my standard of living has been too low. Not only was I not the forum bully, but I didn’t get to live in my own apartment with a cooking auntie who catered to my tastes! I only have two words! Too! Rich! Want more words? I’m! Jealous!

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