Chapter 15 – Bad-Tempered Father Song

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With that thought in mind, Song Yu sent another message over.

[ Song Yu: What do you mean? How come I feel like you seem to be making fun of me? ] 

He waited for a long time before getting a reply from Xie Sui.

[ Xie Sui: Oh, it’s not ‘seem to be’. ] 

Song Yu: “……”

Damn, was this what his personality was like after getting along together for a while? He would rather have that little pitiful kid from back then!

On the other side, Xie Sui had already turned off his cell phone while smiling.

There was a beep and a flash, then an email popped up on his computer. The sender’s name was ‘Xu Shi’en’.

His line of sight landed on it, and while his smile didn’t disappear, it gained a touch of cold.

[ Xu Shi’en: Ah-Sui1Ah-Sui – shortened form ‘nickname’ for Xie Sui, auntie2auntie – she’s referring to herself here is really happy that you’re willing to get in contact with me. What happened with your mother made our entire family very sad, but it’s already been a very long time since then, and it’s too late to say anything about it. We all miss you very much. Where are you now? Your aunt will immediately send someone over to bring you to A City. ]

Xie Sui dropped his gaze and laughed faintly.

They missed him? Previously, the Xu Family had regarded his mother as a disgrace to their family and directly cut off their familial relationship before driving her out alone. They hadn’t even known when she’d died. Now, however, they wanted to take him back. It was presumably because they’d found out that the man she’d run off with was now the head of the Xie Family.

How ironic.

[ Xie Sui: Thank you, Aunt. However, I hope you won’t tell grandmother about me for now. I’ll go back when I’ve reached adulthood. ] 

He hadn’t gotten in contact with her in order to go back to A City.

Xu Shi’en replied very quickly.

[ Why? Your grandparents will be very happy if they know. Ah-Sui is now 15 years old. When you come back, auntie will arrange for you to attend the best high school in A City. ] 

What would they be happy about? Happy that they had a chess piece they could use to get close to the Xie Family?

Xie Sui was expressionless, his peach blossom eyes deep and narrowed.

[ Auntie, I… I’m a little scared. I think I’ll grow up a bit before going back. ] 

On the other side, Xu Shi’en abruptly realized something with his reminder. It was true, it wasn’t safe for Xie Sui to come back too early. After all, Third Master Xie still had an existing wife. When she thought of that woman’s vicious means, Xu Shi’en gave an affirmative reply.

[ In that case, auntie will respect your opinion. Ah-Sui, study hard. Give auntie your bank card number and auntie will transfer you some money first. You can tell auntie if you need anything. ] 

Xie Sui certainly wouldn’t be polite about this, but he hadn’t contacted this aunt of his for merely this. In this life, he would likely return to the Xie Family very early, but he wanted to give the Xie Family a gift before that happened.

[ Auntie, I’ll send you something tomorrow. It’s my mother’s diary. ] 

Xu Shi’en was stunned.

Xie Sui’s lips curved coldly.

[ The Chengnan Club, ten years ago. I hope you can investigate properly and get justice for my mother. ] 

Speaking of which, when it came to how his mother met Xie Sinian and ended up foolishly tricked for so long, this little aunt had been indispensable to the entire affair. Xu Shi’en was stupid and poisonous and, despite her identity, she hadn’t recognized the Xie Sinian who’d just returned to the country. At the time, she’d probably only wanted to help a married man destroy his mother. However, she’d never expected that this man would turn out to be Third Master Xie, a famous man in A City. Based on Xu Shi’en’s brain capacity, she might even feel that his mother had gotten the better end of the deal.

On the other side of the conversation, Xu Shi’en’s eyes brightened! She had a guess in her heart, but she didn’t dare to confirm it and could only probe for more information.

[ Ah-Sui, you’re talking about this… ] 

Xie Sui was too lazy to reply to her further.

[ You’ll find out tomorrow. ] 

The Chengnan Club. Back then, Qin Qiuyun had directed people to go kidnap his mother there, turning that place into a nightmare for his mother.

In his last life, he’d personally sent Qin Qiuyun to prison. He still recalled the scene from last time, when that normally high-spirited woman had finally stopped in front of his car, blocking his way as she sobbed and knelt down to beg for mercy. Xie Sui touched his wrist, anger flashing through his eyes. In fact, at that moment… he’d wanted to drive the car and directly crash into her.

But now, after his rebirth, his hatred towards Qin Qiuyun was no longer so deep.

He just wanted to watch them bite at each other like dogs.


Grandma Meng’s garden had many jasmine plants. They bloomed between May and August, and the green leaves with their pale white flowers looked even more fresh and elegant after a round of rain.

Song Yu took a pair of scissors from the gardener and attempted to cut the flowers several times, but he almost caused the old gardener uncle to have a heart attack from watching him and ended up silently returning the scissors.

He went back to sit in his original spot and looked bitterly at the exam paper in front of him.

Other people had romantic afternoon tea dates in the garden, while he was the only one who was holding a meeting with mathematics, physics. and chemistry.

In fact, Song Yu didn’t want to work so hard.

It was all because of yesterday. His bad-tempered Father Song had finally learned about his school transfer. He’d been furious, calling him directly from A City in order to tear into him and scold him fiercely.

At the time, Song Yu had still been lying in bed and playing with his cell phone. He’d suddenly gotten a message from his sister.

[ Song Wanying: You’re done for. Dad knows. ] 

[ Song Wanying: Mom originally wanted to cover for you and wait until you entered school before telling dad about it, but he unexpectedly came back to the country early. ] 

[ Song Wanying: [lighting a candle][lighting a candle] ] 

Even before Song Yu could reply, his cell phone started ringing.

The caller, his dad.


Song Yu.

After connecting the call, it was a full scolding from the bad-tempered President Song.

“Song Yu, you’re very bold, huh. Your wings have fully grown now, is that it? You only just left the hospital and transferred over to Jing City. Do you not know the state of your own body?”

Song Yu: “……”

Sorry, dad, I really don’t know. Wasn’t it a medical problem that even modern medicine can’t figure out?

President Song: “And you even joined forces with your mother and sister to lie to me! Do you all put no importance on me as the head of this family?”

There was nothing Song Yu could say. This ‘head of the family’ was a title he’d given himself.

President Song: “I’m going to clarify the situation with your grandmother in a moment. You’re going to start packing up and return to A City tomorrow.”

Song Yu was anxious, “No, dad!”

President Song: “It’s no use begging me! You should’ve thought about how things would come to this when you went to Jing City without saying a word.”

Song Yu simply had no way to communicate with this menopausal man. When he thought of the exam paper he’d done during the day, he was suddenly struck with inspiration. He fell silent for a moment, then spoke in a deep tone, “Dad, actually, I came to Jing City in order to study better.”

President Song: “???”

From the other side of the phone came the silence that could be heard before a storm.

Before he could get enraged, Song Yu hurriedly continued, “When I’m in A City, everyone treats me like a clay statue that may break at any time. The school won’t let me take physical education classes, I’m overlooked for anything requiring physical labor, and I have no face in front of the female students. This has seriously affected my mood, thus affecting my learning efficiency.”

President Song: “……”

Song Yu: “You guys are in A City, and there’s also a thousand aunts and uncles, and everything I do there is monitored. I don’t have any opportunity to develop feelings and friendship with female students of the same age, and I’ve lost the right to move around freely. I’m watched even when I want to go to the library. This is a very cruel thing for a 15 year old teenager who loves to learn.”

President Song suppressed his anger, “Everything you’re saying is related to learning! Are you so fond of learning?!”

Song Yu could tell that his father was wavering; it seemed that crying over his grievances was still useful. He let his emotions simmer for a while, then clutched at his cell phone and whispered, “Yes, learning makes me happy. And I only came to Jing City ten days ago, but I’ve already met a very good friend. This is the first friend I’ve made in my life. He has good grades and he’s a good person. We can learn and improve together.”

The teenager’s voice was clear and bright, like sunlight shining on the rice fields.

President Song remained silent for a long time.

The rustle of electric static could be heard for a long time.

President Song, who insisted on maintaining his dignity, sneered and said, “Since you love to study so much, did you think about studying at all when you got a score of 350 points when a full score in A City’s middle school exam is 850?”

Song Yu: “……”

Couldn’t a learning scum like to learn?

Couldn’t he be bad at learning, yet love to learn at the same time?

Didn’t those 350 points count?

President Song continued to sneer like a villain, “You love learning so much? Alright, if you don’t get into the top 100 in Jingcheng No. 1’s monthly exams, you’ll have to get your ass back here!”


Song Yu: “???!!!!”

What the hell?

Song Yu: “Dad, dad, dad––”

However, the answer that he got was the sound of President Song mercilessly hanging up the phone.

Song Yu was an anxious mess as he called back, but his calls were repeatedly rejected.

“Sorry, the person you’ve dialed cannot answer the phone at the moment.”

“Sorry, the person you’ve dialed cannot answer the phone at the moment.”

And finally, it even went to:

“Sorry, the person you’ve dialed has switched off their phone.”

Song Yu: “……”

His mood had really gone to the dogs.

In this way, his father unilaterally made an agreement for the monthly exam results.


At the start, Song Yu had been doing the exam papers perfunctorily, but now, he’d specifically moved to the garden to study, and could be said to be making painstaking efforts. However, the knowledge that had been tossed away for so long couldn’t just be picked up at will. Even before trigonometric functions got involved, the Pythagorean theorem already gave him a headache.

Song Yu put down his pen.

His mood had been ruined thoroughly by the four brothers ‘sin, cos, tan, & cot’, so he decided to vent his anger in Jingcheng No.1 school forum.

He took out his cell phone, logged in, and entered the forum.

It was nearing the start of the school season, and posts were updating very quickly.

Not only had he been forced into an agreement with Father Song about the monthly exams, but he’d also been tortured by junk mathematics for half a day. Song Yu was now a walking tank full of anger, the reincarnation of a metal bar in the playground.

On this day, No.1’s forums were slaughtered by a single person.


[ About to enter high school. What brand of cigarettes will give me more cred? ] 


12L Your Husband, Brother Yu: Snatch the principal’s cigarettes, then smoke them in front of him for the most cred.

13L: ???

14L: hahahahahaha

[ My high school entrance exam score was 287, can I get into your school with my looks? ] 


2L Your Husband, Brother Yu: No. Back then, I handed in a blank exam paper and relied on my courage to sway the headmaster. Can you do it, you piece of trash?

3L: Upstairs3upstairs – refers to the previous poster (forums are referred to as ‘buildings’ in chinese, and each post is a ‘floor’), have we met before???

4L: If you have to rely on courage to get into our No.1 High, then go back and study for another year, fellow brother.

[ U don’t luv me NEmore? Didn’t we agree to be each other’s angels? Why did you leave? ]


3L Your Husband, Brother Yu: Your views on life are different. I want to be ‘tian’, but you’re not willing to be ‘shi’4tian shi – this joke is funnier in chinese. The word for ‘angel’ is ‘tian shi’, which is the word for ‘sky/heaven’ (pronounced ‘tian’) and the word for ‘messenger’ (pronounced ‘shi’) put together. however, ‘shi’ (different character, same pronunciation) also means shit. so he’s saying that he’s willing to be the sky/heaven, but the other side wasn’t willing to be shit….

4L: Brother Yu, why is it you again?!!

5L: LMAO, waiting online for shi

[ Fellow brothers, I’ve decided to go to Moyo to pick up a little sister. Based on the photos, she’s my favorite type. I’ve decided to send a friend request in a bit.

How do you guys think I should send the request? Should I introduce myself first?

Let me explain a bit about my situation: Average height, good appearance, decent grades, can play a bit of basketball, a bit of guitar, a bit of piano, my calligraphy isn’t bad, and painting is alright.

So, what should I write as a reason for applying in the friend request? ] 

39L Your Husband, Brother Yu: Online dating? Say, ‘I like to give out money’.

40L: Listen to what Brother Yu says.

41L: Listen to Brother Yu +1

42L: I declare that Brother Yu is my new male god.

43L: As a girl, I want to say that this kind of application pokes at my heart too much. Money or no money doesn’t matter, I just want to experience the feeling of an online relationship [dog head]

[ Yesterday, I told my boyfriend that I had a 40°C fever, and he said that I was badass…

I would like to ask, do you straight men only know how to comfort girls with the sentence ‘drink more hot water’? Do you think that other than saying ‘holy shit’, it’s all ‘badass’? Is it that you all don’t even know how to love someone? ] 


4L Your Husband, Brother Yu: There’s nothing I can do if that’s what you think.

5L: …. Fierce

6L: Original poster, what happened to you is minor. Take a look at Brother Yu to see what the ultimate straight man sounds like

7L: Brother Yu: I’ll go to any place that needs arguing for the sake of arguing

8L: Brother Yu might be late, but he’ll get there [dog head]


In the crowd of high school students, their reaction probably fell into one of the three following categories.



“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck” (on repeat)

Butter’s Thoughts:
Brother Yu is the most qualified keyboard warrior… One stroke of his keyboard will have you swallow your words and get on one knee!

  • 1
    Ah-Sui – shortened form ‘nickname’ for Xie Sui
  • 2
    auntie – she’s referring to herself here
  • 3
    upstairs – refers to the previous poster (forums are referred to as ‘buildings’ in chinese, and each post is a ‘floor’)
  • 4
    tian shi – this joke is funnier in chinese. The word for ‘angel’ is ‘tian shi’, which is the word for ‘sky/heaven’ (pronounced ‘tian’) and the word for ‘messenger’ (pronounced ‘shi’) put together. however, ‘shi’ (different character, same pronunciation) also means shit. so he’s saying that he’s willing to be the sky/heaven, but the other side wasn’t willing to be shit…


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