Chapter 13 – Peppermint Flavored Hug

Transmigrating into the Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend
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translator: xiin
editors: baumkuchen & butter

Song Yu wasn’t familiar with the terrain at all. He called the police as they ran.

Panting for breath.

“Hello, is this 110?”

“There’s a group of bad teenagers here in Lianyun Street who are ganging up on a pitiful high school student, does anyone care?”

This group of teenage delinquents with knives and sticks should receive the baptism of socialism, and the police should eliminate violence and establish peace.

The police felt that this statement sounded a little familiar, “Little student…” The one who called the police last time was you as well, wasn’t it.

It was just that Song Yu had already hung up.

There were many alleys along Lianyun street. The moonlight was blurred and the stars were dim, stretching out the shadows of the street lights.

Song Yu went around and around and finally managed to get them stuck in a dead end.


The two of them had circled east and west, managing to leave the gangsters behind for the time being, but this alley was very deep and only connected back to the main street. Returning back the way they’d come was too dangerous.

Song Yu looked to the side, noticed a garbage can, then looked up and measured the height of the low wall. He gritted his teeth and pointed upwards, “Let’s go up and over to the other side.”

Xie Sui tilted his head and looked at him seriously with his dark eyes, “Are you sure?”

Song Yu had already started pushing him over, “Go up.”

The garbage can was made of plastic, so Song Yu only dared to step on the edge of the garbage can and needed to borrow strength from Xie Sui to climb up to the top of the wall.

After both of them sat on the wall, Song Yu turned around and swore into the night. “F*ck me.”

A family’s yard was on the other side of the wall. The fence of the yard was studded with sharp glass fragments, and there were long thorn bushes waiting for them if they jumped down. Additionally, there was a sleeping dog in the yard.

Song Yu: “……”

Damn it, he was scared of dogs.

At this time, Xie Sui was very relaxed as he settled down beside him.

The wind and moonlight on the wall felt different from the street lights.

Their field of vision stretched further away, and the whole night seemed quieter. It was unknown how many peppermint candies Song Yu had eaten on the way, making it so that even the breeze carried the scent; cool, sweet and a little spicy.

Xie Sui followed his gaze and looked back, then lowered his voice and asked with a smile in his tone, “What do we do now.”

Song Yu had been arrogant for such a long time but he fell silent for the first time.

“Found them!”

“This way!”

At this time, the gangsters who’d been chasing after them had found their way over and blocked the entrance to the dead end alley. When they saw the two people sitting on the wall, they started to laugh wildly.

“You brats are here!”

“Hahaha, you guys pushed yourselves into this desperate situation on your own!”

Song Yu wasn’t afraid of fighting against them. In his previous life, he’d spent many years learning to fight and he’d been a big school bully from childhood. He wasn’t worried about that at all.

It was just that they were holding knives and sticks, and it wouldn’t be easy to explain things if he ended up injured. If Grandma Meng was alerted and tried to get to the bottom of the matter, he wouldn’t be able to see Xie Sui again in the future.

Red Hair spat out a mouthful of phlegm, hooked his nunchucks over his shoulder, and swaggered as he walked, “You’re like a living target sitting up there on the wall. Brat, you were so crazy yesterday. I’m going to make you cry as you kneel today!”

Green Hair, who was behind him, timidly put forward a question, “But, boss, what’ll we do if they don’t come down?”

Red Hair reached out to slap him, scolding angrily.

“Are you stupid! Why do you have to ask them to come down? Just throw whatever you have on hand and smash it at their faces!”

A few of the followers tentatively moved to follow his orders.

Song Yu heard this and couldn’t bear it anymore. He sneered and was about to jump down the wall…

Yet when he looked down––Damn it! He’d accidentally kicked the garbage bin over when he was climbing up.

Song Yu was a little afraid of heights, and looking down left him dizzy for a second.

… At this height, wouldn’t he break his leg if he jumped down?

Red Hair saw his pale face and laughed even more recklessly, “Keep going! Keep acting crazy! Today, I’ll show you exactly who daddy is on these streets!”

After he finished appreciating Song Yu’s rapidly changing expressions, Xie Sui restrained his smile and asked, “Where should we go.”

Song Yu’s principle in life had always been to persist to the end no matter how bad the situation was. He rolled up his sleeves and spoke in a cold voice, “We’ll go down and fight and be done with it.”

Xie Sui was really amused by this child.

He held him down and laughed, “Forget it. You went up last time. I’ll deal with it this time.”

Song Yu was stunned and looked up at him.

The starlight in the city was dim, but the light from the yellow streetlamps were clear. The youth’s eyes held laughter and his peach blossom eyes curved on the outside, showing a kind of calm and elegant charm.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

Before Song Yu could finish speaking, he saw that Xie Sui had already jumped down from the wall with ease. His landing posture was particularly handsome.

Red Hair was confused for a moment, then gnashed his teeth, “Are you coming down to seek death?!”

Xie Sui smiled slightly, “Coming down to be a daddy.”


Song Yu’s fingers dug into the wall and his mouth dropped open from shock.

Wasn’t this protagonist a little bit different.

Red Hair, Green Hair, Purple Hair, Yellow Hair, and the rest all exploded on the spot.

“Xie Sui! Is it fun to be a hero? Laozi wants to see you keep putting on an act! This time, we’ll break your legs!”

They all clamored and went up to break his legs.

However, Song Yu, who was sitting on the wall, could see that Xie Sui’s hands moved neatly, and there was no hesitation in his movements.

He grabbed a steel bar and beat two of the gangsters into curled up positions. His actions were skilled as he swung Red Hair into the wall. Every move was deadly, and he didn’t stop until the wall was stained with blood.

For a moment, there were constant howls in the deep alleyway. The gangsters held knives and Xie Sui’s white shirt was splashed with blood, but Xie Sui’s face was expressionless throughout the whole process. It seemed as though the wounds weren’t his.

The eyes and eyebrows beneath the black, messy bangs held a terrible anger. He took the knife from one man’s hand and stabbed it into their palm, causing blood to gush out and splash up onto the teenager’s delicate brow.

He bent over and sneered, his voice both playful and dangerous as he spoke, “I’ll teach you guys what it means to draw blood.”

Song Yu sat on the wall and was stunned as he watched, “F*ck!”

Really fierce.

There was a wounded gangster lying beneath his feet.

Xie Sui’s reason and awareness were brought back to the forefront by Song Yu’s voice.

He dropped his gaze and restrained his emotions.

The police would be here soon. He couldn’t kill anyone.

The summer night breeze was cool.

Xie Sui tossed the knife in his hand to the ground, then lifted his hand to wipe off the blood on his face. He walked over to the wall and looked up.

Between him and Song Yu, one was on the wall and one was beneath it, one had his head bowed, while the other was looking up.

“Are you coming down?”

His voice was soft, the ferocity from before seeming transient and fleeting.

The youth in a white shirt stood at the entrance to the deep alley. Cold moonlight shone down on his delicate features, and he looked clean and gentle.

Song Yu came back to his senses, but there was an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

Looking at Xie Sui’s fighting posture, he recalled that Ma Xiaoding had once said that he’d risked his life before to make money for gangsters on the street.

He suddenly felt incredible heartache––what kind of fighting style was that? It was like he didn’t care about his own life.

Quiet nights would make people feel deeply, but Song Yu’s mood couldn’t even hold up for a second.

As soon as he bowed his head, he discovered that the previous problem was still there.

The garbage bin had toppled over. How could he get down? It wasn’t as though he could ask Xie Sui to go and pick it up for him.

“I… can’t get down.”

He was a little scared of heights. How had he managed to encounter all the unlucky things today?

Xie Sui was stunned, then realized the situation after the fact and began to smile.

“Jump down, I’ll catch you.”

At the end of the day, he was still the heartthrob main character from <Gentle Control>. Even the stars and moon turned gentle when he smiled.

Song Yu bowed his head, his eyes showing a bit of hesitation, but he still nodded solemnly at the end.

“In that case, don’t miss.”

Xie Sui laughed, and there was an indescribable gentleness in his tone, “Okay.”

Song Yu gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and jumped off the wall.

The siren of a police car sounded out through the street.

Lights flashed into the deep alley.

In the dazzling light, Song Yu fell into an embrace that carried a faint bloody scent. He wrapped his arms around Xie Sui’s shoulders and buffered himself, then stood steadily on the ground.

And, as for Xie Sui.

When Song Yu jumped down, it was more like a star had fallen out of the sky and landed in his embrace, bringing a gust of peppermint scented wind.

In this Jing City summer, a peppermint flavored hug.

Butter’s Thoughts:
So, XS is the real daddy…
And SY is a peppermint.

xiin: i actually originally wanted to have the tag for this novel as ‘MINT’ (or PEPPERMINT but it’s too long). this scene was one of the reasons~


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    Mata’y ‘di maipikit
    Can’t close my eyes

    Nang ‘di ka naiisip
    Without thinking of you

    Ang utak, nilalaro
    My mind is playing

    Ang hugis ng puso ko
    With the shape of my heart

    Upuang magkatabi
    Our seats together

    Mayro’n bang kahulugan?
    Is there a meaning?

    Kaibigan o pag-ibig
    Friendship or love

    Ano ba’ng nararamdaman?
    What’s this I’m feeling?

    Nahuhulog na ako
    I’m falling

    Nahuhulog na sa ‘yo
    Falling for you

    Nahuhulog na ako
    I’m falling

    Nahuhulog na sa ‘yo
    Falling for you

    Isang tingin mo lang, tapos na ang usapan
    Only one look from you, my words are gone

    Isang tingin mo lang, nahulog sa upuan
    Only one look from you, I fall on my seat

    Isang tingin mo lang, tiyak na sa isipang
    Only one look from you, my mind is certain

    Isang tingin mo lang, hanggang du’n na lang ako
    That only one look from you, I’m nailed to this chair

    Kamay ay nanlalamig
    Hands are getting colder

    Hindi na mapakali
    Can’t help fidgeting

    Madadampian ba ang
    Will I ever even get

    Kahit anino mo lang?
    To touch your shadow?

    Nahihilo na ako
    I’m getting dizzy

    Saan ba ‘to patungo?
    Where will this go?

    Sa upuan bang ito
    Will this seat let me

    Papalapit sa ‘yo?
    Get close to you?

    Isang tingin mo lang, tapos na ang usapan
    Only one look from you, my words are gone

    Isang tingin mo lang, nahulog sa upuan
    Only one look from you, I fall on my seat

    Isang tingin mo lang, tiyak na sa isipang
    Only one look from you, my mind is certain

    Isang tingin mo lang, hanggang du’n na lang ako
    That with just one look from you, I’m nailed to this chair

    Ang tanging hangad ko lang
    My one and only wish

    Sa t’wing nangangalay ka na
    Whenever you’re tired

    Ay gaya ng upuan
    Just like your chair

    Sa akin ka magpahinga
    Find rest beside me

    Sandal ka lang dito
    Just lean on me

    Sandal ka lang dito
    Just lean on me

    Isang tingin mo lang, tapos na ang usapan
    Just one look from you, my words are gone

    Isang tingin mo lang, nahulog sa upuan
    Just one look from you, I fall on my seat

    Isang tingin mo lang, tiyak na sa isipang
    Just one look from you, my mind is certain

    Isang tingin mo lang, hanggang du’n na lang ba ‘ko?
    With just one look from you, will I always be stuck?

    Isang tingin mo lang, walang pag-alinlangan
    With just one look from you, there is no doubt

    Lahat nasimulan sa dalawang upuan
    Two chairs started it all

    Hindi sinasadyang mahulog sa kaibigan
    With a friend, whom I didn’t mean to fall for

    Isang tingin mo lang, at sa ‘yo na nga ako
    One look at me, and I give myself to you.

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