Chapter 12 – Scared Of You

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Xie Sui rolled his sleeve up slightly, exposing his pale wrists, and sat down across from Song Yu.

When his gaze fell on Song Yu’s blank chemistry paper, he laughed briefly, “No ideas at all?”

Why wasn’t he using the ‘constant dripping wears away the stone, and heaven rewards the diligent’ method anymore.

Song Yu’s mind wasn’t on the paper at all. He asked Xie Sui, “Do you remember a man named Zhu Zhixing from your junior high school class?”

Xie Sui was surprised. His memory was very good and he recalled him a moment later––that idiot who, other than committing himself to uniting the entire class in isolating him, did nothing else for the entire third year of junior high?

“What about him?”

Xie Sui’s tone was light. He didn’t care about it internally but pretended to be surprised on the surface.

Song Yu looked at his expression and thought that Zhu Zhixing must really have been one of his nightmares during junior high. He became even angrier.

“Is there anything you want to scold him for? I’ll write it down for you in his mom’s shop.”

He thought about it, then tossed his cell phone to Xie Sui, “Forget it, maybe it’s more effective for you to vent by writing it yourself. I have a thousand accounts, so you can curse him however you like.”

Xie Sui bowed his head and looked at the screen on Song Yu’s cell phone. Zhu Zhixing’s mother’s restaurant was shown on the page.

All the comments that could be seen were alt accounts with one star reviews, and the latest one had only been sent out three seconds ago.

“I was so angry that I missed a breath today. Your restaurant should take responsibility. One star.”

There were even more unreasonable ones above it.

“After eating a bite of food, I started thinking about the poor people in Africa. They’re very pitiful, so I’ll give you a one star review.”


Xie Sui.

Song Yu sipped his milk tea and chewed on a pearl distractedly. “You don’t have to be polite, scold however you like.”

Xie Sui couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing. He didn’t know why, but he was always amused by Song Yu’s actions.

“Thank you, but there’s no need.”

Song Yu looked at him with wide eyes, “Is it that you don’t find it fun? In that case, how about beating him up when school starts?” The midsummer light streamed through the window and landed on Song Yu’s eyelashes. The teenager’s eyelashes were very curved and were coated in a layer of pale gold. His teeth gnawed at the straw, and the color of his hair was light and soft. His entire person looked well-behaved and gentle.

But the image of Song Yu with fierce eyes and a cold smile from last night floated up in Xie Sui’s mind. This child’s tone was really incredibly arrogant.

He smiled and shook his head, “No need.”

Song Yu glanced at him, then took back his cell phone to continue doing his own thing.

The milk tea shop was very quiet now, the camphor trees rustling in the hot, dry wind.

Xie Sui touched his right wrist subconsciously, a habitual action that he made when thinking. However, he found that there was nothing around his wrist, no watch… black pupils contracted as he remembered that he was currently 15 years old.

For Xie Sui, there was nothing to be obsessed with after his rebirth. In his previous life, he hadn’t missed out on any of the revenge that should be dished out, and everyone who should die had died.

Returning back to his youth, his only regret was probably Grandmother Chen’s death during his third year of senior high.

Even going to Linshui to collect evidence of Wang Beidan’s drug abuse was only done because the Wang Family had messed with him first. It was the same for the mother and son pair.

After rebirth, Young Master Xie, who had caused bloody storms in A City in his previous life, was now much more indifferent and calm than before.


After getting off work at the milk tea shop, Song Yu took Xie Sui to apply for a phone card.

“After you have a cell phone, we can keep in contact with each other online. Now that I’m running over here every day, my grandmother is getting curious.”

As they walked down the street, Xie Sui gave a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “What did you tell her?”

Song Yu: “What else can I say? Didn’t you get first place in the high school entrance exams? I told her I knew a study god and was running over for advice.”

Xie Sui laughed and recalled Song Yu’s math paper which had been too terrible to look at from yesterday, “What an honor.”

But there was no need to ask for advice. It was hopeless.

They came to an intersection. There was still ten seconds left on the green light and, when Song Yu saw it, he held Xie Sui’s hand and started running.

“Quick, let’s go.”

His wrist was held by the teenager, and Xie Sui was stunned for a moment as they rushed forward.

The glow from the sunset made the earth orange, and the wind held the scent of camphor trees. There was the sound of car horns in the distance, the muted drone of the radio, and the voices of passers-by talking.

He looked at Song Yu’s back, his eyes growing darker and deeper.

They wasted a lot of time at the store queuing for a phone card.

By the time it was their turn, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

“Save my phone number first, then add me on QQ.”

Xie Sui input his number, searched him up from his contact list, and saw ‘Your Husband, Brother Yu’. He tsked lightly in his heart; he really was a child.

“How’d you come up with that name?”

Song Yu’s reply was very straightforward, “It’s cool.”

He approved the friend request.

Song Yu found that Xie Sui’s online nickname was a full stop, and his personal signature was also a full stop. His profile image was pure black, and the overall tone was even more immature than Song Yu’s own profile.

“Full stop-kun? You’re so pointless.”

Xie Sui: “……”

When they left the store, Song Yu felt thirsty and went to the nearby small shop to buy a bottle of water. When paying, he picked up an extra bag of mints.

He liked lemon, mint, and other such cool flavors. They felt refreshing in his mouth and even made him feel like much of the heat and dryness of summer had been lifted.

As they walked towards Lianyun street, the traffic became lighter, and the lights grew dim.

“Want one?” Song Yu offered the mints to Xie Sui.

Xie Sui didn’t like sugar. He shook his head.

“Oh.” Song Yu put away the candies.

At this moment, a gloomy, cold voice rang out in front of them.

“I want one. Little friend, can you give me some?”

His words were followed by a burst of evil laughter from the crowd.

Song Yu and Xie Sui looked up ahead.

A group of gangsters came out of a side alley––it was the gang from last night, but they had twice as many people as yesterday.

Red Hair held a pair of nunchucks in his hands, and there was a chilling smile on his scarred face. Yesterday, he’d only been aiming at Xie Sui alone, but today, his hatred had spread to include Song Yu as well.

Behind him, Yellow Hair, Green Hair, and Purple Hair also had looks of dislike and resentment.

“You brat! You really fooled me yesterday! This time, Laozi caught you on your way back, and I’ll make it so that you can’t even make a phone call.”

New hatreds and old resentments added up. As a Lianyun Street bully, Red Hair felt like he’d really been insulted by two little brats and was so enraged that he could feel his teeth itch.

“Don’t bother with nonsense today! Beat them up first!”

The little follower from yesterday was still angry over having been tricked the day before. He held a knife and stick in his hands and headed toward Song Yu to attack.

“We won’t let you go until there’s blood on the streets today!”

Song Yu: “……”


Xie Sui narrowed his eyes and felt that this group of gangsters really needed to be dealt with. He pulled on Song Yu’s hand, telling him to run first. Who could’ve known that Song Yu would do the same as he had yesterday and move to stand in front of him?

Red Hair laughed viciously, “Scared? It’s too late to be scared now.”

Song Yu: “Like hell I’m scared of you! You want to see blood? Sure.”

He rolled up his sleeves.

His tone was annoyed as he roared, “Laozi might be short of many things, but I’m not short on insurance. If I lose a single drop of blood, your entire family will be ruined trying to pay it back.”

Xie Sui: “……”


Red Hair and his gang actually fell for his bluff at the start, but later on they remembered how he’d put on a show and tricked them yesterday.

They were instantly enraged.

“Still so arrogant when you’re about to die.”

“You’re done for!”

Xie Sui: “I…” I’ll deal with it.

It was just that the following words never made it past his throat.

Because Song Yu had already grabbed his hand and ran off towards the other side of the street, moving as fast as the wind.

“Run quickly!”

One second ago, he was still dropping trash talk; one second later, he’d turned around and run off.

The gangsters were stunned. When they came back to their senses, they were practically jumping around in anger.

“If you’re able to run away today, I’ll call you daddy!”

Butter’s Thoughts:
And so SY picked up a bunch of babies….
SY: I don’t claim them


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