Chapter 11 – Venting Anger

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Uncle Ma’s face was covered in question marks after receiving this phone call, “What???”

But he still followed the young master’s words and drove the car in.

The car lights were on, and two beams of light cut through the dark street.

The gangsters only felt that their eyes couldn’t stay open, their expressions turning frightened.

“F*ck me! Was he for real?”

Red Hair looked at Song Yu as if he were a madman. Likely because he was worried that something might actually happen, he stumbled and climbed up from the ground, “Just you wait!” A few of his followers dropped the things in their hands with a clatter and helped their leader up to run away.

Uncle Ma honked his horn a few times and watched silently as the gangsters left. He drove in and came to a stop in front of Song Yu.

Song Yu was still talking to Xie Sui, “It’s just a group of gangsters. When they come to fight you, don’t go up against them. Make use of 110.”

He was afraid that Xie Sui would end up with a broken hand again when he wasn’t there.

Xie Sui’s dark eyes held a genuine smile as he nodded his head briefly.

Song Yu continued, “Did you buy health insurance?”

Xie Sui: “No.”

Song Yu taught him how to do it, “Go and buy health insurance so that you can walk horizontally across Lianyun Street in the future.”

Xie Sui smiled a little, “Okay.”

Uncle Ma: “……” Young Master, I think there’s something wrong with how your mind works.

Once he was seated in the car, Uncle Ma held the steering wheel and asked him curiously, “Young Master, is this your friend who felt like an old friend at first sight?”

Song Yu: “Yeah, isn’t he very handsome?”

Uncle Ma laughed, “He’s a very handsome fellow, just like the young master.”

When he got home, Grandma Meng asked him about his study session. Song Yu was too embarrassed to show her his test paper that was less than 20% correct and only said vaguely, “I managed to get a feel for it.”

Grandma Meng was very pleased and purposely made him a bowl of soup that nourished the liver and cleared the eyes.

After drinking the soup, he took a bath and went to bed.

Song Yu clicked open QQ. The first thing he saw was that someone with a female ghost profile image had sent him a good many consecutive messages.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu, I’ve looked into the the things you asked me to investigate. ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: I called a few brothers over, blocked that idiot Zhu Zhixing at the school gates, and asked him to come clean. ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Zhu Zhixing said that he doesn’t know if Xie Sui is sick or not. He heard his mother and several aunties in the block talking about how Xie Sui’s mother had AIDS, so he believed it. What a fool. ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: I then went to investigate further. Damn, what do they mean, Xie Sui’s mother has aids? It’s probably that this group of gossiping old women couldn’t hold on to the men in their family. When Xie Sui’s mother moved in, they probably went to court her, and the women grew jealous and talked nonsense. ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: His mother seems to have opened up a small restaurant. How hateful. I’ve decided to bring over a group of brothers and make trouble there tomorrow. We’ll tell everyone in the street that the food there doesn’t taste good and anger her to death. Let her experience how it feels to be the target of mean gossip. ] 

Song Yu was amused by his words.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: What you’re doing is called lies and slander. It’s better to shout that you have a brother who ended up hospitalized after eating there and yet to recover. ] 

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Or, hold up a banner and march down the street. ‘This old bitch boss lady put poison in her food and the little pet I raised for ten days died just like that’ ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: 666, my Brother Yu is still fiercer than I am! ] 

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: To hell with fierce. Do you really think you can beat that group of shrews? ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: [biting hands anxiously][pitiful and aggrieved] ] 

In fact, Song Yu didn’t plan to do much against that person. If they really were to go into it, every person on that street had helped spread the rumors, and even Xie Sui’s junior high school schoolmates were indirect perpetrators. Not only during those three years in junior high, but also in the ten years prior, Xie Sui had encountered even crueler things. Shouting and yelling on the street might not help him vent his anger and might even result in them being surrounded by a group of shrews on the street.

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Brother Yu, if that’s the case, then what should we do? ] 

Song Yu suddenly recalled that there seemed to be an app called ‘Diner’ in this world that was very popular. Even those who ordered takeout would use it as a reference.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Send me the name of his store. ] 

[ Sadako Won’t Forget Those Who Dug The Well: Oh, okay. ] 

Song Yu entered the name of the store and found that this restaurant’s ratings were very high. It was near the top of the rankings for its food category, and the reviews were all positive, but based on how the praise sounded very mechanical, they were probably all fake reviews.

Diner was currently holding an activity that was related to each store’s ratings, and the restaurant that won could receive a 10,000 dollar prize. However, each user could only vote once.

Song Yu narrowed his eyes.

Then, he took a screenshot and forwarded it to his sister.

[ Song Yu: This app. How about getting me 500 accounts. ] 

[ Song Wanying: ??? ] 

[ Song Wanying: What’s up with you?! My poor, pitiful brother. ] 

[ Song Wanying: Is it that mom and dad took away your living expenses and grandma tossed you out of the house? ] 

[ Song Wanying: Have you now been reduced to writing reviews for a living TUT ] 

[ Song Yu: That’s right, sis. ] 

[ Song Yu: Aggrieved, don’t want to talk about it QAQ ] 

Acting cute? Was there anyone who couldn’t do it? 

[ Song Wanying: … Ew. ] 

[ Song Wanying: What do you want 500 accounts for? ] 

[ Song Yu: Accumulating virtue and doing good deeds. ] 

These words were filled with aggression.

Fortunately, Song Wanying was quite reliable. She immediately found him 500 accounts and sent them over in a neat list with the usernames and passwords.

Song Yu was too lazy to organize a water army.

When it came to negative reviews, writing them personally was a better way to vent anger.


The next day. 

Song Yu went back and sat at the milk tea shop, but this time he had a chemistry test paper in front of him. Xiao Xi chewed on her straw as she sat down across from him, baffled by his actions. “Brother Yu, what are you doing? It’s been two hours. How come you haven’t answered a single multiple choice question yet?”

Song Yu slowly switched accounts, “I’m busy, don’t disturb me.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes were bright as she leaned in to look, “What are you busy with?”

Song Yu: “Busy writing bad reviews.”

Xiao Xi: “……”

At the beginning, Song Yu had been very witty and eloquent. He went on about everything from service attitude to speed of service to hygiene to the taste of the meat, the freshness of the dishes, dissing all of it. He would even add a very provoking ‘I’ve never eaten there’ at the very start, aspiring to become a cloud customer who angered business owners into illness. But, after writing for so long, it was difficult to avoid running out of inspiration, so his style changed little by little. His reasons for leaving negative reviews became no different from that of an internet troll.

“I ordered husband and wife lung slices, but they actually didn’t have a couple?! Suspected fraud, reported.”

“Does the boss lady have a boy or a girl child? They’re so ugly they hurt my eyes. One star.”

Later on, they became even more arbitrary.

“When I went to pay, I discovered that I was still as poor as before. Unhappy.”

Negative review.

“I only saw one sun when I went out today and am now in a bad mood.”

Negative review.

“Why am I still a single dog? Sad.”

Negative review.

“I can’t see the stars during the day. Upset.”

Negative review.

“Syria is still at war today. The Syrian people are too pitiful. I’m in a bad mood, so I’m giving a bad review.”


Xiao Xi went around to stand behind Song Yu, saw this series of negative reviews, and laughed so hard she almost ended up crying.

“Brother Yu, what are you doing? You’re going to anger this business to death!”

It was at this time that Xie Sui came over.

Him and Xiao Xi took turns being on duty. She immediately stuck her tongue out at him, then laughed as she ran over to the cashier, “Brother Xie, hurry and stop him, Brother Yu’s gone crazy!”

Song Yu: “……” Is this how a lady like you should speak?

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Woke up as myself and not a pampered princess, unhappy! Negative review!


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