Chapter 1 – Transmigrating Into A Book

Transmigrating into the Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend
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translator: xiin
editors: baumkuchen & butter

<Gentle Control> was an urban danmei novel that was tagged with ‘sadistic love’ and ‘coercion’. The gongs were crazy and perverse, and the shou’s life was terrible and traumatic.

Reasonably speaking, a straight man like Song Yu wouldn’t be exposed to this kind of novel in his lifetime. If anything was to blame, it was the fact that there was someone in the novel with the same name as him.

It was for this reason that his cousin had sneakily recommended him the book.

[ Big brother, there’s a person in the book who has the same name as you ] 

[ Why don’t you try it and open up the door to a new world? ] 

Song Yu happened to be ill and hospitalized. He was bored and idle, so he raised his brows and started reading.

The plot for <Gentle Control> was divided into two parts.

The first part took place in high school. During this time, the protagonist was really pitiful.

The protagonist’s mother was ignorant and muddle-headed. When she was young, she’d been coaxed into bed by the scum Third Master Xie’s sweet words and became his mistress.

After Third Master Xie’s official wife learned of this, her jealousy burned hot and she disfigured the protagonist’s mother’s face, driving her out of A City.

The protagonist’s mother, who refused to accept this reality, commited suicide by jumping off of a building on the seventh day after arriving in a new city. She did it in front of the protagonist.

It was easy to imagine what kind of psychological shadow this left in Xie Sui’s heart.

But, there was an old granny living on the same floor in the apartment across from them who had no children and no grandchildren. She pitied him, so she took him in.

From childhood to adulthood, Xie Sui’s living environment was full of malice. He was bullied in the corridors by bratty children who lived in the same building, and pointed at by children all around the block. They speculated about his mother with the utmost malice, saying that his mother had jumped to her death because she’d picked up a STI from selling herself, and that he probably wasn’t clean either.

Old buildings, narrow and cramped alleys, a vegetable market filled with potholes and grime, and all kinds of unpleasant gossip added up to form his twisted childhood.

These experiences created an inferiority and vulnerability that went all the way into Xie Sui’s bones, and laid out the groundwork that would make him always fall for scum men who showed him any hint of warmth later on.

The story began while Xie Sui was in high school.

Xie Sui had been admitted into Jingcheng No.1 High School’s honors class by getting first place in the high school entrance examination.

There were two types of students in the honors class. They were either students with top grades, or students with excellent family backgrounds.

If Xie Sui just belonged firmly to the first type, it would have been fine, but the key point was that he’d inherited his mother’s beauty; his temperament was cold, and his appearance was outstanding. Once he entered school, he attracted the attention of a perverted rich second generation in his class. The rich second generation student harassed him in class every day, saying malicious words while the people around him egged him on and the teacher pretended not to see.

Xie Sui remained silent and acted as though he hadn’t heard any of it, until one time, the rich second generation escalated and mentioned Xie Sui’s mother, “Your appearance is so seductive, your mother didn’t whore you out, did she?” Xie Sui reacted like his reverse scale had been touched, his eyes red and fierce. He almost beat the rich second generation to death that day.

A notice was circulated around the whole school because of this incident. The rich second generation student was embarrassed and angry, and he bore a very deep grudge against him.

At this time, Gong #1 appeared. He was this rich second generation student’s older cousin, and a playboy who had played around with no taboos in the Capital City. He’d come to Jingcheng No. 1 High School to study in order to hide from his old man, and fell for Xie Sui at first sight. He felt that Xie Sui’s cold energy was particularly attractive and began to flirt with him in all sorts of ways. He pretended to be gentle, admitting that his own younger cousin’s actions had been wrong, and showing up at the right time to act as his savior and build goodwill with Xie Sui.

Everything Xie Sui had experienced from childhood until now had been cold and malicious. For the first time, there was someone who protected and respected him. Gradually, he became confused, and his feelings were affected. He didn’t know if he liked him or not, but he was particularly obedient and listened to everything Gong #1 said.

However, Gong #1’s playboy character settings didn’t fail him. Once the cold beauty had fallen for him, it was no longer interesting. When he tired of playing with Xie Sui, it just so happened that he was about to leave C City. He glanced at his younger cousin who was staring at him eagerly and smiled, “You like him? Then he’s yours.”

When Song Yu read to this point, his expression stiffened and three question marks slowly emerged in his mind, “???”

So, when Xie Sui graduated from high school, he was tricked into going to the rich second generation’s apartment by Gong #1, drugged, and almost **.

Song Yu: “……” He suddenly felt really thirsty, and wanted to drink a glass of water.

Fortunately, Xie Sui was someone who wasn’t scared of death and couldn’t be blocked when he started to fight. He used a wine bottle to knock out the rich second generation and escaped. But when he went home, he received terrible news; seeing that it was so late and he hadn’t returned, his grandma had gone out to look for him and been hit by a car, ending up paralyzed.

This was the last straw that broke Xie Sui. The 17 year old youth seemed to fall into the abyss at that moment.

His grandma didn’t die, but the medical expenses skyrocketed. After Xie Sui went to university, he started to work part time jobs day and night. He also worked in a clubhouse where he was insulted and molested, and encountered Gong #2.

Gong #2 was a president. He was stunned at first sight when he saw Xie Sui, because Xie Sui looked like the white moonlight1white moonlight – Chinese slang that refers to someone who can be admired or loved from afar, but cannot be had. in his heart…


Song Yu, who was so angry that his throat felt like it was full of smoke, went to pour himself a glass of water.

What was with this f*cking group of idiots––if they were sick, then they should get treatment. If they weren’t sick, then go get sick, okay?

He skimmed over the rest of the novel, because Gong #2’s routine was similar to Gong #1. In any case, the overall result was that Xie Sui was really miserable.

It was another section of mental and physical abuse. During this period, Song Yu poured himself two glasses of water.

The plot began to pick up when Xie Sui returned to the Xie Family.

It turned out that Third Master Xie had loved Xie Sui’s mother deeply and felt incredibly guilty about him. He’d even given him the entire Xie Family in order to make up for it.

It was at this time that Xie Sui completely cut off love, gave up that group of scum men, and went abroad.

When he returned three years later, he had become a real, proper proud son of heaven, someone who held power in the Xie Family.

His temperament was noble, his appearance outstanding, and his body carried a cold, aloof aura. He was a newcomer to the aristocratic circle that the ladies in the Capital all flocked to.

And it was at this time that Gong #1 and Gong #2 started to have regrets. Then Gong #3 appeared, and started to make trouble.

These three big guys all stood at the top of the financial circle. When faced with Xie Sui’s indifference and disregard, they felt regret mingled with self-reproach. Their fascination and madness resulted in an unified plan––they would have him even if it meant destroying him. So, they joined hands to destroy the Xie Family, imprison Xie Sui, and begin a coerced love. The key point was ‘coercion’. The comments area had already followed suit and gone crazy, filling up with ‘Wuwuwuwu it’s finally here”, “I love bullying gorgeous beauties”, “Little black room2little black room – a small, dark place where ** and ** happens, usually with tones of questionable consent (or none at all), little black room”.


Song Yu poured himself one last cup of water, then tossed the crumpled plastic cup into the garbage can, closed the novel page, and switched to the chat interface with his cousin.

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness Is Invincible: You’re done for. Your summer vacation is over. ] 

Song Lan replied in seconds.

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: ??? ] 

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: What, what, what, big bro, you can play around, or even mess about, but don’t joke around with my summer vacation wuwuwu. ] 

Song Yu sneered.

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness Is Invincible: Don’t cry, little sis, I really don’t buy that act of yours. ] 

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness Is Invincible: I finished reading <Gentle Control>. Little friend Song Lan, I feel that the thoughts in your mind are very dangerous. You’re in urgent need of a set of college examination books to help you wake up. I’ll tell your mother about it. Work hard during summer vacation. ] 

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: [Black person with question marks.jpg] ] 

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: Don’t!!! Big bro!!!!!! What did I do wrong this time?! ] 

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: I only read a story about a clean and unsullied crispy duck3crispy duck – chinese slang for danmei!!! ] 

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: It wasn’t like I donated blood, or a kidney, or even a uterus or something. Why are you saying that my political thinking is incorrect! Wuwuwu I feel like my life is even more tragic than Xie Sui’s. ] 

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness Is Invincible: Donating blood, kidney, or uterus? ] 

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness Is Invincible: Great. I’ll go to your home this summer vacation to tutor you specifically. Let you experience the feeling of your elder cousin’s warm love this summer vacation 🙂 ] 

Song Lan collapsed. She sent over a line of text, and her anger could be felt across the screen!

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: Gu Bei Yu4Gu Bei Yu! You’re so cruel! – chinese meme, people just like to refer to others by the name Gu Beicheng and call them cruel. here, Song Lan replaced ‘cheng’ with ‘yu’ (from Song Yu) for some extra wordplay! You’re so cruel! ] 

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness is Invincible: Who is Gu Bei Yu? ] 

[ Lanlan Doesn’t Like You: … It’s you. No, wait!!! It’s your future husband!!!! ] 

Song Yu, who’d inexplicably gained a husband, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This little girl was really challenging the heavens.

[ Brother Song’s Handsomeness Is Invincible: Young people should read less online novels and do more math problems. I’ve also arranged the Tianli 38 sample college examination papers for you 🙂 ] 

Song Lan: … Damn it, why?

Song Yu smiled as he closed the chat conversation.

This brat would be attending her third year of senior high next year. Couldn’t she let people worry about her a little less?

After going to the bathroom, he came back and laid down to sleep. Before falling asleep, he recalled the plot of the novel and shook his head, sneering.

The person that Song Lan had said had the same name as him had actually been a cannon fodder who’d only shown up for less than two chapters.

Before the age of six, he’d been the protagonist’s childhood friend. Later on, he’d gone abroad to treat his illness. His only role in the novel had been to meet the protagonist when they were both abroad, and tell him something from the past. He’d said, “Your mother really loved you, don’t hate her”, making it so that Xie Sui could let go of the past.

He’d thought that this would be nothing but a small episode during his convalescence.

He’d really never thought that when he woke up the next day, he would’ve transmigrated into the book and become the sickly Song Yu who’d died young, and had only appeared in less than three chapters of the novel.

Butter’s Thoughts: 4 cups of water later… his bladder is formidable. 

xiin: hello everyone! welcome to my newest pit… Transmigrating Into The Heartthrob’s Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend! (it’s really a mouthful, let’s just use TIHC from now on, lol) TIHC is fluffy, dreamy, sweet, with a few little (maybe?) stabby knives thrown in. the novel starts in summer, which is perfect timing given the hot sunny days we’re having right now… ^^; expect another chapter release this week, and then at least 1 release a week for at least the next month or two as i figure out a reasonable long-term release schedule.

  • 1
    white moonlight – Chinese slang that refers to someone who can be admired or loved from afar, but cannot be had.
  • 2
    little black room – a small, dark place where ** and ** happens, usually with tones of questionable consent (or none at all)
  • 3
    crispy duck – chinese slang for danmei
  • 4
    Gu Bei Yu! You’re so cruel! – chinese meme, people just like to refer to others by the name Gu Beicheng and call them cruel. here, Song Lan replaced ‘cheng’ with ‘yu’ (from Song Yu) for some extra wordplay


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