Chapter 16 – A Merry Night

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Faced with this situation, Jiang Luo only felt a throbbing pain in his head.

He cursed endlessly in his heart. The knife in his hand secretly sawed non-stop at the spider web. His unblinking eyes were fixed upon the Spider Demon’s every move; his every nerve, occupied by the clamouring sense of crisis.

Resurrection was impossible. No matter how powerful a person was, they only had one life. Jiang Luo’s intuition told him

that the Spider Demon had already become Chi You’s puppet.

——Or that it had been possessed by Chi You.

No matter in whichever case scenario, it was the f*cking worst.

Chi You was a million times more dangerous than a Spider Demon. Just a month ago, Jiang Luo had finished torturing Chi You. Now today—a month later—the Feng Shui had turned. He had fallen into the hands of Chi You once more.

Jiang Luo couldn’t hold back again, “F*ck.”

The speed of his hand got faster and faster. The Spider Demon slowly crawled towards him. Its eight spider legs that were covered with a layer of black and yellow patterned, fluffy fur had a terrifying appearance, yet the Spider Demon’s movements could even be called graceful.

Its every step felt like a tightrope performance upon a sharp knife. Forcing others to tremble in fear at every moment as they faced death while standing before its very being.

On the other side, Qi Ye murmured, “Alive? How could it be alive? Didn’t it die? How could it still be alive?”

Jiang Luo thought to himself, the true nature of a human being was, in fact, the voice recorder.

He didn’t have time to contemplate this kind of time-wasting question with Qi Ye.

Jiang Luo struggled hard to break free from the cobwebs on his body. There was a dense amount of sweat droplets at his temples.

The leftover blood on the Spider Demon’s body fell onto the spider web before slowly drawing long, thick, sticky strands as it dripped down from the web. Jiang Luo had managed to successfully free his right arm before the Spider Demon reached him, but right when he was about to lift himself up, new strands of spider silk fell from the sky and forced him back down.

Jiang Luo: “…” He looked at the Spider Demon with a fiery gaze.

Jiang Luo could almost imagine what that pervert Chi You was thinking of. He must have seen Jiang Luo’s little movements as he tried to escape, but he didn’t try to stop him in bad taste. It wasn’t until Jiang Luo had hope of success that he thoroughly ground his hope to dust.

This was something that Chi You would do.

Under Jiang Luo’s glares, the Spider Demon caressed Jiang Luo’s face with its bloody hand. The bloody scent on its body smelled fishy and cloying. Jiang Luo tilted his head as far away as possible; he clenched his teeth so tightly that his lower jaw popped.

Its green, bloody fluids were deliberately smeared onto his face and neck. The black-haired youth tried his best to dodge it, but the more he tried to evade it, the more unyielding the stench-stained hand became. In the end, Jiang Luo simply gave up. With a gloomy face and dull eyes, he stared right at the Spider Demon, allowing it to wreak havoc on his body.

He already knew why the evil spirit took control of the Spider Demon.

He specifically came to disgust him.

On the other side, Qi Ye said harshly, “Spider Demon, if you have the ability, then come at me!”

Strands of spider silk fell from the sky; like a cocoon around a silkworm pupa, it firmly bound Qi Ye.

It was an eye-opening sight for Jiang Luo.

He stared at the Spider Demon, only to feel that Chi You, who had been critically injured by him a month ago, had managed to recover within that very short amount of time. Why did he feel that death had not only failed to weaken Chi You’s strength, but instead it seemed to have broken some kind of shackle and boosted it?

There was more and more blood. Jiang Luo’s clean and pretty face and neck had already turned into a canvas, scrawled full with green-coloured fluids. His mouth was shut deathly tight. The Spider Demon’s gaze lowered and rested upon Jiang Luo’s tightly pursed lips. A trace of interest seeped out of his dark and bottomless eyes.

Damn it.

Jiang Luo could already guess Chi You’s next move.

He made a preemptive strike. Before the Spider Demon’s fingers could touch his lips, he opened his mouth wide and bit down, ruthlessly biting off one of the Spider Demon’s fingers.

Disgusting. The bloody taste was too disgusting, even worse than food from the school cafeteria.

Jiang Luo suppressed his nausea. He smiled provocatively at the Spider Demon, then spat out its finger along with the green blood to the side.

The Spider Demon peered at him.

This gaze reminded Jiang Luo of that previous feeling of being spied upon. He sneered, “The smell of your blood… really reeks.”

The Spider Demon didn’t get angry. Instead, he wiped the corner of Jiang Luo’s lips. Just as if he were a real Spider Demon, he spoke with a sinister, smiling expression, “You are very suitable to become my breeding nest.”

Its voice sounded horrible. It was hoarse and shrill, like a crow speaking with a crushed throat.

The ferocious spider monster and the beauty—this type of imagery was strange and inconceivable, yet it also had a kind of grotesque beauty that made the scalps of onlookers tingle.

Jiang Luo’s expression darkened.

The Spider Demon’s hand slid down to Jiang Luo’s abdomen. Softly, it hummed, but the song’s tune became filled with irritating ridicule under the hoarse and ear-piercing voice.

It joyfully said, “My eggs… will enter your body one by one.”

“Only a meagre few of them will survive. The lucky ones will nurture themselves right here and here. They will become bigger and bigger.” The Spider Demon’s long, slender middle finger drew on a circle on Jiang Luo’s lower abdomen, then slowly moved upwards. “Until they’ve eaten up all your internal organs and ripped open your stomach.”

“That kind of scene would definitely be beautiful,” it said. “Wouldn’t it?”

Jiang Luo suddenly smirked. “And how will you put your eggs into my body?”

The Spider Demon insouciantly replied, “Of course, I will cut open your flesh and put them in.”

“But, I think this method is too boring,” Jiang Luo lowered his voice as if he were speaking of some tempting secret. “Don’t you want to know?—If there’s another way for you to put your spawn inside my body?”

The Spider Demon looked at him, amused. “What do you suggest?”

Jiang Luo said, “First, you should release me from this damn spider web.”

The Spider Demon stared at him for a while, as if it had somewhat guessed what Jiang Luo was planning to do. It laughed as if it had heard a good joke1它戏谑笑了 – transliteral: It banteringly laughed. ; however, it still stretched out its hand and slashed through the spider silk stuck on Jiang Luo’s back.

Jiang Luo grudgingly sat up. There was still spider silk stuck to his front, firmly shackling his arms to his chest. Jiang Luo said, “My suggestion is to…”

His last few words gently drifted into the wind.

Spider Demon: “Hmm?”

It leaned in a little closer.

However, Jiang Luo—with his two hands bound—suddenly burst up, violently slamming himself against the Spider Demon. He fell down, along with the spider monster, through that hole in the spider web where he had previously used to escape.

The Spider Demon dropped heavily onto the ground, while Jiang Luo landed on top of its body. Jiang Luo sat up, straddling the Spider Demon’s chest, and smiled tauntingly at the Spider Demon. He got up and heavily stomped on the Spider Demon with one foot. “Why don’t you go to hell?”

After saying these harsh words, he turned ‘round and ran in the direction of the drones.

Jiang Luo ran very quickly, almost reaching his fastest speed in his entire life. Without wasting a single moment, he used the dagger in his hand to cut off the spider threads on his body. Not even a few steps later, he could hear the gusts of wind behind him.

He turned his head and looked. Dragging along strands of spider silk, the Spider Demon flitted through the trees. With a moment’s glance, the Spider Demon had closed several metres of distance between it and Jiang Luo.

Drone. The drone.

The sound of breaking wind pierced through Jiang Luo’s ears. He subconsciously dove into a somersault; however, he rolled straight into the mud. After he fought his way out of the mud, he once again lost his sense of direction within the Eight Trigrams Array.

All around him were the same trees and same streams; not a trace of the drone in sight. Jiang Luo frustratedly broke free from the spider silk. He looked back and immediately caught sight of the Spider Demon on a branch, just smirking as it watched him.

In the middle of the night, the figure of the Spider Demon was terrifying. The corners of Jiang Luo’s mouth pulled into a sneer. He suddenly threw himself into the stream.

The forest was a battlefield favourable to the Spider Demon. With its eight legs and spider silk, Jiang Luo couldn’t beat it.

No. Even if he could beat it, the other party could still just “resurrect from the dead”.

Within the water, Jiang Luo’s movements were very quick. His figure was thin and long. Although on a regular day he felt he was a little too frail, in these moments, it was an excellent weapon for swimming.

Like a fish, the black-haired youth sped through the water. Shortly after he jumped into the water, there was the sound of another diving in.

Jiang Luo looked back. The night was dim, and the visibility underwater was low, but he could still see a black shadow behind him in hot pursuit.

The corners of Jiang Luo’s mouth raised. He specifically swam to an area with many rocks and the rapids were violent. After an unknown amount of time passed, he finally found a good spot. Jiang Luo turned his body sideways and gently floated through a gap between two conjoined boulders. The Spider Demon behind him wanted to follow him the same way. The upper human half of its body smoothly passed through, but its huge spider legs got stuck in the gap between the two rocks.

Jiang Luo swam out from behind the crack. Taking advantage of his last mouthful of oxygen, he viciously stabbed the Spider Demon with his dagger. A large amount of green blood dyed the river water another colour.

Jiang Luo waited until he was almost out of oxygen before floating to the water’s surface.

His black hair, wet from the water, adhered to the back of his head as Jiang Luo gasped for air. Thin mist rose from his breath. In May, late nights in Yunnan were still as cold as that of late autumn.

He slowly swam towards the shore. When the soles of his feet could touch the bottom of the river, he went towards the bank dripping wet while wringing out his clothes.

The moon was clear and bright. Just as Jiang Luo was about to climb ashore, a pair of black leather shoes suddenly popped out before his eyes.

He paused, then raised his wet face and looked up with a stiff expression.

Under the moonlight, Chi You’s flawlessly handsome face exuded a hint of devilishness. His long eyebrows travelled towards his temples; so beautiful that he seemed to glow lustrously under the dark night. The shadows of the trees danced, casting fine light and shadows upon his body. Compared to the puppet he had just been controlling, there was a huge gap as big as Heaven and Earth.

The devil wore a suit and leather shoes; his posture was calm and unhurried2好整以暇 – an idiom that describes a person being calm and level-headed despite the chaos around them..

“We meet again,” the devil said. “Rat Hour3子时 [zi shi] – an olden time-keeping term; referring to 11-1 am; also known as ‘Child Hour’ cause that’s when those things occur (Ꝋ◞ Ꝋ), midnight. Tonight is still young.”

He paused for a bit, raised his eyebrows, and chuckled softly. “I hope I can give you a… merry night.”

Sorry for the fake update earlier. I had this on scheduled at one point, but forgot to change it so that it wouldn’t auto-update. Anyways, enjoy the chapter. Chapter 17 is the beginning of the VIP chapters and is twice as long so I will split it into to parts when I translate it.

  • 1
    它戏谑笑了 – transliteral: It banteringly laughed.
  • 2
    好整以暇 – an idiom that describes a person being calm and level-headed despite the chaos around them.
  • 3
    子时 [zi shi] – an olden time-keeping term; referring to 11-1 am; also known as ‘Child Hour’ cause that’s when those things occur (Ꝋ◞ Ꝋ)


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