Chapter 9

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Shen Fengyue was stunned, his lips trembled as he said, “System, do you still remember what the world plotline said?”

The system also found the word “rose” to be particularly eye-catching.

“Wait, I’ll bring it up for you.”

“World plotline: There have been several murders in society. The murderer is extremely cruel and places a bright blooming rose on the victim’s chest as a mark. Jian was the most handsome boy of school A and was sought after by countless people, but one day, he was brutally murdered in an alleyway on his way home after school, and the original peaceful campus life was shattered.”

“What did he mean by mentioning roses? Threatening me?” said Shen Fengyue while staring at those three words, “So this rose…”

The system also calmed down and analyzed the situation, then said confidently, “I guess he wants to kill you and put roses on your chest after killing you, or maybe he prefers roses better because it fits his death aesthetic. He asked you if you liked roses, maybe he’s discussing with you about switching to another flower if you don’t like it?”

Shen Fengyue was so angry that he slammed the table, the noise was extremely loud, attracting the attention of other students, he also noticed the eyes of the people on him, but the ugliness of his family’s system should not be spread outside, so he smiled to show that he was fine, easing the mood before reopening his mouth, “You really think a lot.”

The system thought he was wimping out again and was especially righteous, “Don’t be afraid, hold me tight. I’ll give you a plug-in when the time comes, so you can kill him back!”

Shen Fengyue was very touched and rejected the kindness from the string of data. This system can be really capable, just like a fire, every word he said burned his soul, and he can’t wait to immediately pull out a knife to execute it on the spot.

Apart from this little episode, nothing happened in the morning, and at noon Shen Fengyue was called to the office to help grade homework.

Wei Tianze was very upset recently. He has always been good to Jian Yan, but now suddenly there is another person, Qin Yuan in the middle, just like a third party stepping in, he felt very unpleasant to look at him.

Jian was away at noon again and there was no one to talk to, so he could only be bored and write his homework.

The movement of his hand kept on, and the tip of the pen made a slight rustle when he was writing on the paper. He was upset, the more he wrote, the heavier he felt. In the end, he couldn’t take it anymore.

Standing in front of Qin Yuan’s table, he stopped and snickered abruptly.

“Hey, are you free, let’s go to the playground, I have something to say to you.”

Qin Yuan was solving a math problem, which was a little hard for him to figure out at the moment, so he was just meditating there, with his pen bitten in his mouth. It was a bad habit of his, but he just couldn’t change it.

Suddenly a person came to his desk to interrupt his thoughts and the voice was very familiar.

He looked up and found that this person was very tall, and finally he noticed that the person has a familiar face.

With pride and some cynicism, he had a tough attitude. This was his true face, the truth that only people other than Jian could see, no, precisely, only he could see.

This was Wei Tianze.

Wei Tianze was handsome and had excellent grades, plus his family was good, so there was a cluster of people surrounding him.

Qin Yuan had been ignored by his classmates, it was reasonable to say that such a character wouldn’t be interested in him, but now that he suddenly came to him alone, there must be no good news.

He was here to find him trouble.

Qin Yuan thought this way, his body couldn’t help but start to shrink, he lowered his head and the tip of his pen poking at the paper stopped moving.

He didn’t dare to look at him directly.

“Yuanzi, you have to be confident, you’re good, you have to believe in yourself, you’re no worse than anyone else.” Jian Yan’s gentle and tender voice suddenly appeared in his mind. Qin Yuan could even recall how he looked when he said this to him, those gentle, watery peach blossom eyes gazing at him with a faint smile on his lips, waiting for him to respond.

There was no reason, but he suddenly felt that he had the strength to resist Wei Tianze. He didn’t want to go out with Wei Tianze, so he refused, “Can I, can I not go?”

“I don’t want to go out with you.” He lifted his head and looked directly at Wei Tianze through his bangs.

 As soon as he said that, the expression on Wei Tianze’s face began to change, seemingly smiling. He locked eyes with Qin Yuan and chuckled after realizing that his eyes were starting to dodge.

He thought how tough Qin Yuan could be, turns out to be nothing more than that.

Wei Tianze braced his hands on Qin Yuan’s table and pulled out the pen he was holding tightly in his hand, then set it aside and casually flipped over the exercise book on his table, “I’m not asking you.”

In a quiet voice, he said, “It’s an order.”

The tip of the pen left a black ink stain on his hand, but Qin Yuan still refused, sitting in his chair without moving.

His appearance somewhat irritated Wei Tianze. He grabbed Qin Yuan by the collar and pulled him in front of himself, then approached him and said, “Little stutterer, you’ve gotten quite daring. When Jian was here I was still concerned about him, and now that he’s not here, what do you think I’ll do?”

There were blatant threats in those words. Qin Yuan’s eyes darted habitually in the direction of Shen Fengyue, but he could only see an empty seat.

After discovering that Shen Fengyue wasn’t there, his confidence was clearly lacking.

Wei Tianze, on the other hand, saw his action and also glanced at Shen Fengyue’s seat, then sighed in a pity-like manner and let go of his hand.

“Tsk, what a pity, trying to move soldiers to save the day1searching for reinforcements, huh? But Jian’s not here.”

“What to do? There’s no one to save you-” the voice trailed off, “So, you better be good and come with me.”

Qin Yuan was released violently, somewhat unsteady on his feet, he took a few steps backward. He looked around at the people again and found that there really was no one trying to help him.

These people were already used to this.

He was a transparent person ignored by the entire class as if he had never existed.

They were studying or chatting, and even the closest person who knew the situation would just glance at them, then turn away as if nothing had happened and continue laughing or talking.

They will not intervene, they just mind their own business, they will just let it happen.

This bystander like attitude encouraged each of his bullies to become more and more bold and unruly.

It was as if he was in two different worlds from them.

They were silent, they were unheeding.

Only Jian, only Jian will help him…

“Are we still going?” Wei Tianze urged.

Qin Yuan nodded and was dragged away halfway by him.

School A had the best greenery among all the schools in the city, with tall trees scattered around the campus, looking extremely green and vibrant when summer came.

The large number of trees inevitably leads to the formation of small, secluded groves, a good place for couples to meet, avoiding high-risk areas under the strict supervision of the head teacher.

Wei Tianze dragged Qin Yuan to a small grove farthest away from the teaching building, where the trees were the tallest, hiding in there, a person can be very well hidden from people.

“Do you know why I’m looking for you?” He tugged Qin Yuan over and looked at him.

Qin Yuan was forced to retreat by the sudden glare and couldn’t help but stop until his back was against a large tree that he couldn’t retreat from.

“I don’t know…”

“Ah, You don’t know.” Wei Tianze was still glaring at him as if remembering something he said, “When did you and Jian start contacting each other? Why didn’t he pay so much attention to you before?”

Qin Yuan said, “When I was bullied by Wu Yu, he saved, saved me.” Speaking of which, he remembered the gentle smile of the teenager in the dusk on the day the sun shone into his life.

He couldn’t help but lift the corners of his lips.

“Don’t smile!” Wei Tianze couldn’t bear to see him like this and immediately scolded him. Qin Yuan was frightened, he tried very hard but really couldn’t suppress his smile. The corners of his lips just uncontrollably curled upwards.

He was used to it, used to smiling whenever he looked at Shen Fengyue, used to smiling whenever he was mentioned, this person seemed to be synonymous with his happiness. As long as he thinks of him, even just by reciting his name, he starts to glow from within with something called happiness.

He was an existence that was sweeter than sugar.

“I’m sorry…”

“Are you showing off to me?”

“Ah, let me guess what you’re approaching him for.”

Wei Tianze then smiled maliciously, his fingers rubbing his chin, making a thoughtful appearance.

“You must be secretly rejoicing in your heart, so long everyone has avoided you like a scourge, now there’s suddenly a silly boy befriending you, so you’ll definitely try everything possible to catch him.”

“He can tutor you if he studies well, and you can use him if his family is good.”

“You must be wondering how to hold on to him firmly and trick him right?”

Wei Tianze was speculating about him with the utmost malice.

Qin Yuan shook his head hurriedly, “No, no, no, I never, ever thought of it that way…”

But Wei Tianze didn’t care about that and continued, “Jian is popular, what do you want to use him for?”

Qin Yuan could only shake his head.

“Now that Jian doesn’t know all this and is still friends with you, but what if he knows?”

“No, I wouldn’t, wouldn’t do that,” Qin Yuan argued.

Wei Tianze then laughed, mockingly, “You mean if you don’t do that, he’ll continue to be with you?”

Qin Yuan nodded.

“But what if…” he suddenly approached Qin Yuan and stared at him with malice in his eyes, “What if we all say that you were intending to approach him?”

“You know how three makes a tiger2Three people spreading reports of a tiger make you believe there is one around. A lie, if repeated often enough, will be accepted as truth, don’t you?” Wei Tianze spoke slowly.

Those words were a fatal blow to Qin Yuan, his pupils dilated in shock and he shook his head frantically.

Wei Tianze didn’t let him go, laughing as he shook his head, a cruel sentence spilling out of his mouth, “I’ll make a few people, oh no, I’ll make the whole class talk to him. Say what? Let me think about it. They’ll say, “Qin Yuan is intentionally getting close to you, he’s using you, and you have to get away from him as soon as possible, Jian.”

Qin Yuan listened dumbfoundedly.

“What do you think Jian will do when he finds out the truth?”

Qin Yuan covered his ears with his hands and shook his head frantically.

No, no, no, he doesn’t want to hear it! He doesn’t want to hear it! He never did that! Jian wouldn’t do that to him, no way…

But Wei Tianze still said it, and it was said to his ear, the sentence was very clear.

He said, “He’ll be surprised.”

“He’ll be furious.”

“He’ll be incredulous.”

“And then he’ll be staying away from you, hate you, and not even want to see you anymore.”

No! —

Qin Yuan fell to the ground, weakly lowering his hands down, looking at the black soil on the ground absent mindedly.

Jian will be surprised… Jian will be furious… Jian will be incredulous…

Then what? He’ll stay away from him, he’ll hate him, he’ll never see him again, and even… will follow others and bully him!

Tears came to his eyes as he thought about it, and he wept silently as great sadness swept over him. The mere thought that Jian would leave him made him so sad that he couldn’t contain himself.

“Little stutterer.” Wei Tianze crouched down and said with pity, “You’re disgusting.”

“What makes you worthy of all the beauty and tenderness in this world?”

Qin Yuan sniffed, like a rusty robot, and looked up at him, his movements cadenced.


“Aye,” Wei Tianze repeated, “What makes you worthy of all the beauty and tenderness of this world?”

Qin Yuan’s tears grew more raging as he followed Wei Tianze’s word by word, “I, I don’t deserve ……”

“Yes, you don’t deserve it.”

“I’m unworthy, unworthy of all the beauty and tenderness of this world, of this world….”

“Yes, you don’t deserve it.”

“I don’t deserve…”

Finally, he couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

Wei Tianze was so satisfied that he no longer cared about Qin Yuan and went back. He had accomplished his goal and had taken out his anger, even letting this little stutterer know what he was doing and stop pestering Jian.


  • 1
    searching for reinforcements
  • 2
    Three people spreading reports of a tiger make you believe there is one around. A lie, if repeated often enough, will be accepted as truth


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