Chapter 81

Shen Fengyue harbored sinister intentions, with inscrutable motives. Through the help of the system, he secretly prepared a deadly poison, waiting in the shadows for the perfect moment to strike.

At the thought that only by a single bowl of rice, he could send the Captain Orphan to the afterlife, thus completing his mission and escaping the world, his mood would be brightened like a sunny day. In the kitchen, others could genuinely feel Shen Fengyue’s uplifted spirits in the past few days. He no longer chopped vegetables with a murderous expression and sometimes even greeted them with a smile.

However, fate did not align with his desires, and his joy was short-lived.

Shen Fengyue initially believed this would be a simple and smooth endeavor, but to his bewilderment, Captain Orphan seemed to have gone crazy somehow and had inexplicably refrained from eating late-night snacks for several days. How was he supposed to proceed now? Although he could administer the poison during the day, the presence of others made him hesitant, fearing complications. He deemed it safer to administer the poison during the stillness of the night.

Watching the captured duckling stubbornly refuse to enter its mouth, Shen Fengyue felt as frustrated as a cat trying to catch its tail. After finishing his cooking, he paced anxiously in his room.

Taking out his communicator, he stared at the entry labeled “Captain Orphan” on his contact list, silently repeating something in his mind.

Eat! Just have a late-night snack! Late-night snacks are so delicious!

He kept cycling through these phrases, chanting faster and faster, like chanting a potent mantra. It was as though the heavens heard his inner plea. The next moment, a video call request from “Captain Orphan” popped up.

Shen Fengyue held his breath, his eyes gleaming, and with trembling hands, he accepted the call.

Albert’s face appeared on the screen, and Shen Fengyue controlled his overwhelming excitement, asking, “Captain, is there something you need?”

In his eyes, Albert was no longer just a person – he was transformed into a hefty sum of a large bonus.

Whatever he thought was written all over his face. Albert felt curious why this guy seemed so elated to see him today, as he usually wore a sour expression. Bewildered by the fervent attitude and the star-like shimmer in his eyes that seemed blinding, Albert subtly shifted his gaze to avoid being overwhelmed.

Of course, he had never imagined that Shen Fengyue had plans to poison him. He still had no suspicions as he said, “It’s been a while since I had your late-night snacks. I’m craving them a bit. Can you deliver them tonight?”

Shen Fengyue readily agreed, nodding decisively.

Albert chuckled, “You’re so happy about this?”

Shen Fengyue merely smiled.

The plan was on the brink of success, and the heavy burden that had weighed on his heart for days finally lifted. Shen Fengyue felt a sense of relief throughout his being.

In the evening, considering that this might be Albert’s last meal, Shen Fengyue had prepared all the ingredients in the afternoon, meticulously crafting a simple late-night supper into a lavish feast. Pushing a small cart, he arrived at the captain’s office, only to find a few extra faces inside.

Upon hearing the door open, everyone turned their heads toward the entrance.

Orril: “???”

The captain’s favorite deputies, Julian, and Carter: “???”

Others: “???”

Albert also glanced at the door and when he saw it was Shen Fengyue, he smiled and said, “The little chef is here. Come in, quickly. The boss is discussing something with a few people.”

In the instant he saw them, Shen Fengyue swiftly moved the cart behind him. Through the gap, he counted the number of heads in the room.

One head, two heads, three heads, four heads… six heads!

This situation wasn’t good. With so many people, he couldn’t act easily. If someone other than Albert ate the food first and dropped dead on the spot, he would be exposed and might immediately be sacrificed to join that person in heaven.

Reaching behind him, he grabbed two food containers—one in each hand. Then, he kicked the cart to the side, sending it skidding away.

“System, activate stealth!”


He took a deep breath, used his foot to push the door open, and stepped inside. The success of his plan depended on tonight.

“I really enjoy the little chef’s cooking. I always have him deliver late-night snacks,” Albert explained.

Orril’s gaze shifted slightly as he looked past Shen Fengyue to see what was behind him. He said, “I see, but it seems like Chef Shen brought more than just those snacks.”

Shen Fengyue’s expression turned sharp, and he shot a deadly glare at Orril. You annoying Orril, trying to ruin my plan? Thankfully, I have the system.

Orril, in his typical unchanged appearance, allowed Shen Fengyue to step forward and indicated that he could go ahead. Seeing that there was nothing behind Shen Fengyue, Orril adjusted his glasses and nodded as if everything was normal.

Hmph, Shen Fengyue sneered inwardly. Albert cleared a space on the table for Shen Fengyue to place the food containers. Shen opened the containers himself and, upon seeing the dishes inside, Albert couldn’t help but marvel, “Not bad, little chef. It’s as if you knew we’d have a full house today. You’ve prepared such a variety.”

Shen Fengyue smiled shyly, “I’ve been trying out some new recipes lately, so I made quite a few.”

“Oh?” Albert glanced at him, and Shen Fengyue felt an inexplicable nervousness under Albert’s gaze. He was being overly cautious, worried that Albert might sense something amiss. Albert smiled and playfully winked at him, “It seems like you’re treating your boss as an experimental guinea pig.”

“Well, then. The boss will give it a try for you.” Albert picked up a pair of chopsticks.

Shen Fengyue’s excitement surged. To ensure the success of his plan, he had laced the dishes with a lethal dose of poison—just a taste could prove fatal. At this moment, the delicious dishes before him were no longer food but tangible incarnations of deadly poison.

Unaware of the situation, Albert was about to bring the chopsticks to his mouth.

Shen Fengyue watched his every move, yes, just like that, eat, eat quickly.

Albert opened his mouth, forming an “ah” shape.

Every muscle in Shen Fengyue’s body tensed with excitement. Yes, yes, yes, eat, eat quickly!

Albert’s red tongue extended past his lips, about to touch the food on the chopsticks.

In Shen Fengyue’s eyes, everything moved in slow motion, his anxiety for Albert becoming palpable. Just eat already! Even if you just take a lick! Hurry, hurry, oh my, you’re really taking your time.

Albert was on the verge of consuming the dish when, in Shen Fengyue’s widened eyes, an unexpected troublemaker appeared.

The troublemaker suddenly spoke, “Captain, you’ve already eaten a lot tonight. Having such a hearty late-night feast might lead to indigestion, which isn’t good for your stomach. If you really want to eat, maybe next time you could ask Chef Shen to make it for your dinner.”

Shen Fengyue: ????!!!!!

Upon hearing these words, Albert hesitated and reluctantly put down the chopsticks. Orril was his childhood friend, a decent guy with a slightly motherly disposition. Every time he saw Orril, it reminded him of his late mother. If he ignored Orril’s advice and insisted on having the late-night snack, he feared Orril would be like a monk chanting sutras in his ears.

He couldn’t really reject Orril’s concern since Orril was looking out for his health. So, despite how delicious the late-night snack appeared, he couldn’t indulge himself now.

Thus, he sent an apologetic glance to Shen Fengyue, his lips forming silent words, [Next time, okay?]

The coveted duckling slipped away just like that! The anticipated reward vanished into thin air! Shen Fengyue’s anger surged within him, and he immediately shot a furious glare at the culprit, Orril.

Orril was accustomed to his gaze on a daily basis. So he calmly responded, “I apologize, Chef Shen, for disappointing you. I extend my sincere apologies to you.” With that, he placed his right hand over his left chest and slightly bowed, showing all courtesy.

Shen Fengyue wasn’t buying into his act. If apologies could salvage the situation, then what about his bonus?

Others, seeing Albert refraining from eating, quickly chimed in, “Since the boss can’t eat it, we’ll accept it gladly. Tonight, we haven’t eaten our fill yet.”

Just as they were about to help themselves, Albert’s hand struck out and slapped them all down. After a few crisp “smacks,” no one dared to act again.

Albert said, “This was specially made for me by the little chef. How could you all sneak a taste?”


Shen Fengyue fell silent for a moment and made a final effort, “Captain, please take a bite. After all, it’s a gesture from my heart. I put in a lot of time to prepare all of this.”

This was his last bit of stubbornness!

He sounded so pitiful that Albert, hearing his voice, almost suspected that the little chef might pout and cry the next second. Imagining that scenario, with Shen Fengyue sobbing while dropping golden beans, left Albert unsure of how to react. Just as he was about to speak and give in, the troublemaker stepped in once again.

As a member of the Lone Wolf, Orril was often wary of spies infiltrating from the Federation, Empire, and other unknown groups. He had been keeping a close eye on Shen Fengyue, and tonight, the chef’s behavior was unusually peculiar, especially his insistence on having the captain taste his food.

Something was amiss. He passed a judgment.

He turned to Shen Fengyue and said, “In that case, Chef Shen, you can stay here tonight. We’ll be working, and you can enjoy your food on the side.”

Shen Fengyue: ???? This man, is he toxic?

Shen Fengyue looked at Albert for help, his desperate plea seemed to sway him. But just as Albert was about to intercede, Orril spoke up again, “Captain, forgive my bluntness, but when you were ten years old…”

It seemed that old grievances were resurfacing. Albert, fearing Orril’s tendency to nag, surrendered by raising both hands in a gesture of defeat. He then signaled to Shen Fengyue that he was equally powerless in this matter.

Shen Fengyue: ?????

The change in the situation was so swift that it was completely unexpected. Shen Fengyue, no matter how much he calculated, never anticipated that he would fail in such a way. Having done so much work, and put in so much effort, he stumbled here, only to have the consequences backfire on himself.

Orril motioned for him to come over.

Shen Fengyue: “…”

Damn it! Annoying Orril! Ruined my plan and now he’s trying to ruin my dignity!

Orril had been silently observing Shen Fengyue. Seeing that he wasn’t taking action, Orril timely reminded, “Chef Shen?”

Shen Fengyue finally moved. He silently moved the two food containers aside and looked at the lavish spread of food before him. His inner turmoil and desolation were indescribable.

He remembered the scene of him adding poison, the potent quantity that would astonish anyone who saw it.

With just a bite, he might just be departing this world…

He called upon his last trump card, “Brother System, save me!”

The system let out a deep sigh. It hadn’t anticipated things would escalate to this extent. It could only sigh that Shen Fengyue was truly unlucky. It reassured him, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

With the system’s assurance, Shen Fengyue trembled as he picked up the chopsticks and started feeding himself, bite by bite. Astonishingly, he didn’t drop dead immediately from the poison.

Orril, seeing this, breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed there was no problem.

Shen Fengyue had made quite a bit of food, and eating it all by himself would take a while. The others finished their discussions, and he was still eating.

When Albert looked at Shen Fengyue, he noticed that tears were streaming down his face as he ate. He was silently crying. Albert was taken aback, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying while eating?”

Tears blurred his vision. Shen Fengyue’s eyes were filled with a hazy figure before him, like a heavily pixellated image. Shen Fengyue took another bite of food, saying, “It’s nothing. The food I made is just too delicious. The more I eat, the happier I become, the more moved I feel, and I’m so overwhelmed with happiness that I’m crying.”

Indeed, he’s crying, while the poison hasn’t taken effect yet. Who knows what the cost of survival would be?

It was the first time Albert had seen someone cry while eating, moved by the taste. He felt that the little chef was incredibly interesting. He patted his shoulder and said, “Alright, don’t force yourself to finish it. You can save it for tomorrow if you can’t finish it. You can go back now.”

Shen Fengyue nodded, closed the door, and left.

Albert looked at Orril, who said, “He seems fine, not a spy.”

Albert nodded and instructed everyone to disperse and rest.

Back in his room, the system advised Shen Fengyue, “Old Shen, go to the bathroom first.”

Shen Fengyue was puzzled but followed the instruction.

“The threat to your life has been eliminated, but the detoxification process will involve diarrhea,” the system revealed the truth, its tone solemn. “Take care.”

The moment the truth was out, Shen Fengyue with a bitter face sat down on the toilet.

He spent the night suffering from diarrhea, almost wanting to log out because of dehydration, but he barely clung on with the system’s help.

By dawn, he had finally finished the detoxification process. Shen Fengyue’s steps were weak, his legs felt like jelly, and he walked as if he was floating on clouds to his bed.

Lying flat on the bed, his face was as pale as paper. He took out his communication device and requested a day off from Orril, claiming he had a stomach ache. Orril reluctantly agreed.

Shen Fengyue’s head was spinning, his body was in a terrible state, and all he could think about was cursing the damn Albert and scheming Orril.

Damn it! These two wretched people, Albert and Orril, have ruined me!!


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