Chapter 79

This is a starship named “Lone Wolf,” the largest and most powerful starship in the Lone Wolf Star Pirates organization, serving as their flagship and headquarters core.

It is entirely black, with a sleek and streamlined design, boasting an average cruising speed of Warp 6 and a maximum speed of Warp 9.6. The ship is well-armed and equipped with comprehensive sensor systems. Onboard, there are 30 Type-10 phase arrays and 10 Mk.80 photon torpedo launchers, making it a formidable strategic military vessel.

Surrounding the Lone Wolf, there are several smaller starships that serve as its support.

Orril received a message and briskly walked through the corridors of the Lone Wolf starship, making several turns before arriving at the door of a room. He glanced up at the plaque on the door – “Captain’s Quarters” – and then knocked on the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

After three distinct knocks, a voice came from inside the room, “Come in.”

Orril turned the doorknob and entered the room, walking toward the only figure in the room.

It was a man, facing away from him, engrossed in writing something on the desk.

Orril placed his right hand over his left chest, showing respect, and said, “Captain, do you have any orders for me?” He is the head steward of the Lone Wolf organization, responsible for handling all sorts of matters, big and small, and was at the captain’s beck and call.

The man still didn’t lift his head, his voice calm as he said, “Go and fetch Shen Fengyue for me.”

“Yes,” Orril replied promptly, then walked out, closing the door behind him. He raised his left hand and checked the time on the vintage watch on his wrist.

It was exactly noon, 12 p.m.

Following the captain’s orders, he immediately set off to find Shen Fengyue, who resided on a sub-starship dedicated to accommodating miscellaneous personnel.

It didn’t take long to transfer from the main starship to the secondary one. In no time, Orril arrived at the sub-starship and skillfully navigated through the corridors, acknowledging the greetings of passing crew members. Eventually, he arrived at the kitchen, where he opened the door and called out to a busy figure inside, “Chef Shen, the captain requests your presence.”

Shen Fengyue had been flipping the big spoon and frying in the large wok for several days, enduring the thick smoke and fumes in the kitchen. At this moment, his mood was far from pleasant, and he was constantly on the edge of exploding in anger.

Shen Fengyue picked up the kitchen knives and started chopping the meat, the two knives made a crisp and continuous “da-da” sound on the cutting board.


Under his fast and violent knife skills, the pork gradually transformed from a solid piece into tender and soft minced meat.

His eyes were fierce, fixed on the pile of meat on the cutting board, and he became more and more ruthless as if venting his emotions.

Da-da-da-da-da-da, the loud sound of chopping meat drowned out everything, and Shen Fengyue was immersed in his world of chopping, so he didn’t respond immediately to Orril’s request.

“What did you say?”


Orril repeated, “Chef Shen, the captain requests your presence.”

“What does that Captain Orphan1He is calling Captain Lone Wolf as Captain Orphan sarcastically, as, he is named “Lone Wolf” which implies that he is a lone and solitary figure, like an orphan without a family or companions. want now?” Shen Fengyue continued chopping meat vigorously.

Orril couldn’t hear clearly, “What?”

Shen Fengyue corrected himself, “Ahem, I mean, does Captain Lone Wolf has any orders?”

“He asked you to go over. He said there’s something to discuss,” Orril replied.

The chopping sound stopped, and Shen Fengyue’s face turned sour.

Ugh, that pretentious captain is always full of troubles.

It all started a few days ago when Shen Fengyue just arrived in this world. As he regained consciousness, he looked around in panic, wondering where he was.

All he saw were kitchen utensils, pots, bowls, and cooking condiments, and a sense of unease flashed through his mind.

Then, the system broadcasted relevant information about this world in Shen Fengyue’s ear:

Five hundred years ago, due to humanity’s unrestrained greed and plunder, Earth’s resources were depleted, leading to catastrophic disasters that claimed countless lives.

Some humans managed to escape Earth and found another habitable planet, where they settled down. Over the five hundred years, the interstellar world was divided into four major forces: the Federation, the Empire, the Star Pirates, and the Zergs. Thirteen years ago, a star pirate organization named “Lone Wolf” emerged and quickly became the largest star pirate group in the interstellar world after absorbing several major organizations, attracting the attention of the Federation and the Empire.

Shen Fengyue was appointed by the Federation…

Shen Fengyue interrupted in time, “Wait, what did you say my name is?”

The system glanced at him nonchalantly, “Shen Fengyue. So what? Do you have any objections? Don’t interrupt, I’m trying to provide information here.”

Shen Fengyue was astonished, “No, how come his name is the same as mine?”

Upon hearing this, the system chuckled lightly and cruelly revealed the truth, “Of course, I manipulated it all. Changing a name is within my authority, and I did it to make you feel more immersed in the experience.”

Mentioning authority… Shen Fengyue realized that this idiot AI was seeking revenge. He probably discovered that he couldn’t get back at him in real life using his authority, so it specifically entered the mission world to mess with him. No wonder he was so eager to take on missions; it must have been waiting for this.

“Do you have any objections?” the system asked back.

Shen Fengyue shook his head, “…No, please continue.” He thought, once he gets out of this mission world, he’ll team up with the wealthy AI to seek revenge!

The system didn’t expect this man to be so ruthless and heartless. Thinking it had the upper hand, it continued to cheerfully provide world information:

Shen Fengyue was appointed by the Federation to infiltrate the Lone Wolf organization as a chef, providing intelligence for the Federation. However, he was exposed and killed during a mission.

After finishing, an eerie silence fell in the atmosphere.

In this silence, Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but speak, “Is that all?”

The system replied, “That’s all, just this much.”

Shen Fengyue hesitated, “It’s not that I’m arguing, but this person’s identity is a spy, right? But acting as a chef to gather intelligence? Isn’t this a joke? What can a chef do?”

The system shook its head and admitted its helplessness. The world’s information was written like this, and no matter how dissatisfied Shen Fengyue was, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he could only obediently comply.

So, Shen Fengyue proudly became a chef who seemed to be just frying in the big wok, but in reality, he was a spy agent planted by the Federation into the Lone Wolf Star Pirates.

Tsk, this identity felt like a never-ending joke.

He had been frying in the big wok for several days, making his back ache, his waist sore, his hands numb, and his muscles exercised thoroughly especially his biceps.

Originally, he was just a small cook in the kitchen, but either because of his excellent cooking skills or the poor taste of the pirate leader, he caught the eye of the boss and was promoted to the top chef of the Lone Wolf kitchen. As a result, he had to cook more dishes and also handle the boss’s private requests.

Regarding this, Shen Fengyue was filled with foul language in his heart.

Please, spare me. My cooking skills are really not that good; I’m just at the level of a starter.

Returning to the present, Shen Fengyue looked displeased at Orril in the distance.

This person was the chief steward in charge of managing the miscellaneous personnel. He always pretended to be perfect, with both germaphobia and severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. In Shen Fengyue’s eyes, this person was full of issues and completely incompatible with his aura.

He wore a white shirt inside and a tuxedo on the outside, his hair impeccably groomed with hair wax, shiny and impervious to any storms that might come. He wore a watch on his left wrist and absentmindedly checked the time from time to time. A half pair of glasses rested on his eyes, and a long gold chain hung down, making him appear extremely elite. But Shen Fengyue knew how fussy this person could be.

He was standing far away, at the doorway, reluctant to step into the kitchen.

Shen Fengyue understood his meaning; if it weren’t for the boss’s orders, this person would never set foot in this place, let alone have any conversation with him. Shen Fengyue put down the knives, washed his hands, deliberately dried them on the apron, and then walked up to Orril.

“Ah, I get it. Shall we go now?” he said.

Orril visibly furrowed his brows, cleared his throat, and shifted his gaze to somewhere else, unwilling to look at him in such a state. “Take off the apron. It’s impolite to see the captain like this.”

“Oh~~~” Shen Fengyue dragged his voice and, while taking off the apron, deliberately swayed it in front of Orril.

What’s wrong? Looking down on me for being a cook? What are you pretending to be, who knows how many times you must have eaten the dishes I’ve cooked before!

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Orril made a sound of acknowledgment and hastily turned around, leading the way as if he couldn’t bear the situation any longer.

Shen Fengyue knew that given this person’s finicky nature, he definitely couldn’t stand his rough appearance, so everything he did earlier was intentional, just to tease and see him get annoyed.

Having evaded the chief steward, Shen Fengyue was in a great mood, and it lasted until he jumped back to the main starship from the sub-starship and arrived in front of the captain’s office. At that moment, all the joy and smugness vanished from Shen Fengyue’s face, replaced by an expression of despair.

The head of the Lone Wolf organization was named Albert, and he was an extremely difficult person to deal with. From the moment Shen Fengyue first saw him, he felt that this man was not ordinary and not so easy to handle. Moreover, he recently learned from the system that this man was a bug.

To know the identity of a bug accurately, for them, was more beneficial than harmful.

Knock, knock, knock, Orril knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Orril opened the door and gestured for Shen Fengyue to enter before leaving first.

Shen Fengyue entered the room, with a respectful tone, pretending to be proper, “Captain, may I ask why you called me here?”

The man paused his pen, put it down, lifted his head, and turned his chair with force, spinning a perfect arc until he precisely faced Shen Fengyue. Finally, he revealed his true appearance.

Albert extended his long legs, allowing the chair to stop, and skillfully propped up his leg, placing his foot on his other leg’s thigh, supported his chin with one hand, and looked at Shen Fengyue sideways.

Albert’s hair was black, but the tips were all dyed with a faint purple color.

Shen Fengyue felt disdainful: Ugh, a pretentious non-mainstream guy with weird purple hair. This man is definitely not a good person.

With such an obnoxious hair color, he was wearing silver-white clothes with sequins scattered around, and a collar plated in shiny gold, as if he wished to be the most dazzling and eye-catching man in the entire interstellar world.

Shen Fengyue had silently criticized his outfit countless times in his heart, but he never thought after encountering it again, he would still find it worthy of criticism.

Shen Fengyue kept some distance from Albert, who clicked his tongue, “Why are you standing so far away? Am I going to eat you? Come here.”

Shen Fengyue, who resisted in his heart, but surrendered to reality and obediently approached, “…”

When he got closer, Albert seemed slightly satisfied and then hummed in confusion.

“Why didn’t you bring anything?”

“???” Shen Fengyue was utterly confused. Bring what? ???

“Lunch.” Albert released his hand, straightened his head, and pointed to the watch on his left wrist. “It’s already 12p.m, lunchtime.” After saying that he shook his head and with a regretful look and continued, “How come you, who have been following your boss for so long, can’t even sense this?”

Shen Fengyue. “…”

Look, look, the pretentious act has begun. He treats people as if they are mere roundworms in his stomach, having some kind of secret understanding with him. Ugh! Even wears the watch in his left hand, just like that Orril guy, and his personality is also as problematic as that finicky guy Orril.

Thinking in the heart is one thing, but pretending on the surface is another. Shen Fengyue suppressed his displeasure and maintained a respectful attitude, saying, “Captain, I apologize. I’m too dumb to have guessed that.”

“It’s okay, I don’t blame you,” Albert said in an extremely magnanimous manner, but the next sentence made Shen Fengyue want to explode on the spot, “You don’t need to be too smart to cook. It’s good that you’re dumb and silly like this. Keep it up, the boss likes it.”

Shen Fengyue, “…” What, are you also looking down on me for being a cook? If you have the guts, don’t eat the dishes I cook.

Don’t get angry, don’t get angry. Getting angry over small things is unnecessary. No one can replace me to cook if I get sick from getting angry. Don’t get angry, don’t get angry, really don’t get angry… After repeating this silently in his mind several times, he reluctantly suppressed his inner frustration.

Then, that pretentious person continued speaking, “Have someone bring the meal to me later. Oh, by the way, I want a midnight snack tonight. Can you arrange that?”

Nonsense, do you think I dare say no? Shen Fengyue naturally agreed.

“Alright, you can leave now. I still have official business to attend to.”

Before leaving, Shen Fengyue tiptoed and looked over Albert’s desk, only to find that there was no so-called important official business on it, just some stick figures drawn casually. This pretentious person even took the time to draw them seriously.

Shen Fengyue: “…” Bah, lousy captain, eat your pills!2Shen Fengyue being irritated by the Captain was cursing the captain by implying that the captain has a mental illness and should take his pills properly on time.

Quietly closing the door behind him, Shen Fengyue walked back to the kitchen with a sense of wind, continuing to chop the meat.



  • 1
    He is calling Captain Lone Wolf as Captain Orphan sarcastically, as, he is named “Lone Wolf” which implies that he is a lone and solitary figure, like an orphan without a family or companions.
  • 2
    Shen Fengyue being irritated by the Captain was cursing the captain by implying that the captain has a mental illness and should take his pills properly on time.


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