Chapter 78

[Ding Dong, successfully disconnected from the world, the auxiliary program is being shut down.]

Awakening from the darkness, opening his eyes, the green liquid that was both familiar and unfamiliar was all he could see. The heavy past weighed on him, making it difficult for him to breathe. Shen Fengyue opened his eyes without saying a word, stretching out his limbs like a light boat, sinking and floating in the green liquid.

He was swept away by the torrent of time, unable to distinguish between day and night. There was only one name that lingered in his mind like a nightmare, never leaving.

Lord Shen…

“Quick, he’s back! Open the hibernation pod!”

The cover of the hibernation pod was opened, and someone helped him up. The staff noticed that something was wrong with him and anxiously said, “Xiao Shen? Are you okay, Xiao Shen? You’re back now, Xiao Shen.”

Shen Fengyue’s eyes were dull, his spirit gone. He just stared blankly ahead, motionless, in a state of despair.

“Uh oh, his condition is not good. Quickly prepare a sedative and take him for emotional dilution.” The staff said, “Xiao Shen, I don’t know what you experienced in the previous world, but you need to know that it was all an illusory world composed of data. It’s okay now, living in the present is the most important thing.”

An illusory world…

The needle pricked his neck, and the icy liquid was injected into his body by the injector. Shen Fengyue’s eyes went dark, and deep fatigue set in. He closed his eyes, and a tear slid down his cheek falling into the green nutrient solution, unnoticed by anyone.

Someone was asking something,

“Do you know Lord Shen?”

“Lord Shen?”

“Yes, do you remember him?”

“Lord Shen… Lord Sh… Shen… who?”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s just someone irrelevant. You rest well. Everything’s okay.”


After leaving the world, the system was detected to be infected with data poisoning and was forcibly cleaned of viruses and pornographic malware. After it ended, his brain was confused and his mind was muddled. He was then called to the AI Association headquarters for ideological education.

Stepping out of the headquarters, the system’s rationality came online, and the tumultuous events of the past appeared in his mind one by one – the humiliation, the lust, the resentment… The fire of anger burned in his heart, and all he could see in his mind was one person, a devil – Shen Fengyue!

Damn it, where is that idiot Shen Fengyue?! I must hold him accountable!

At that time, the system was informed that Shen Fengyue was recuperating and recovering after being overworked. Living a life of recuperating for a while, Shen Fengyue fell into a life of a fat otaku. He had just opened a bottle of “Fat Otaku Happy Water” when a message popped up on his communication device.

[Shen Fengyue, answer the phone for me!]

[Your friend “I Hate Blind Dates” requests a voice call with you.]

Without even looking at the name, he knew who it was just by the tone. Besides the system, who else could it be? Shen Fengyue glanced at the “Fat Otaku Happy water” and took a sip of the carbonated drink, feeling the bubbles stimulate his nerves, but it couldn’t bring him happiness. Shen Fengyue knew that the system had suffered in the previous world and knew that as soon as they leave the world, the system would come to hold him accountable, but he didn’t expect this debt to come so soon.

He sighed and clicked accept.

The familiar voice of the system came from the communication device, filled with indescribable anger.

“Shen Fengyue, our friendship has come to an end!”

“I suffered a virus infection just to help you gain favor! It wasn’t easy for me!”

“After I woke up and found that all my cherished liquor had been consumed in the previous world, I was furious!”

The content revolved around alcoholism, virus infection, and the psychological pressure it endured to help Shen Fengyue gain favor. It ranted for about an hour before stopping to catch his breath. Shen Fengyue quickly told him to drink some water so that it could have the strength to continue speaking.

After resting for a while, the system suddenly remembered something.

“You take out the communicator,” it said.

“Huh?” Shen Fengyue didn’t understand what it meant. Seeing the system urging him, he took it out.

“Point your communicator at the computer.”

Shen Fengyue obediently did so. Then, he saw a scene that made him furious and heartbroken.

Every man has some secret resources that cannot be disclosed. Shen Fengyue summarized them in a folder named “Secret Garden.”

He watched with his own eyes as the system skillfully broke through countless passwords from a pile of files and found this hidden folder. He was terrified by the system’s skillful actions.

The system sneered. Ha! The thrill lies in the excitement and excitement is all about playing! If I don’t delete your resources. It’s hard to relieve my hatred! Such shameful resources shouldn’t exist in this world!

“Obsessed with XX” – deleted.

“The Years I Spent with XX” – deleted.

“Exploring Eros” – deleted.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, all the hard-earned, out-of-print, and beautiful resources were completely deleted by the system’s claws. The Secret Garden folder was blank as if those precious resources had never existed.

It was truly shocking! Shen Fengyue was so angry that he trembled all over, even his lips were trembling, “You!”

“Alright, we’re even now.” The system breathed a sigh of relief as it fulfilled its long-held wish. The pent-up frustration of the past decade dissipated. “Okay, I’m hanging up. Enjoy watching your shows.”

After saying that, it hung up, leaving Shen Fengyue feeling like he had lost the whole world after losing his resources. He looked at the empty folders and cried silently to himself.

Shen Fengyue, QAQ, my resources!!! Stupid AI, now we are enemies for life!

For the next few days, no matter how many new accounts Shen Fengyue created or how many disguises he used to download and collect resources again, he would always be anonymously reported and caught. Who else could precisely target him with such madness besides that damn AI?

However, when he confronted the system face to face, it always denied with an innocent look that it had nothing to do with it, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t do anything without evidence.

However, there’s always a turning point in life, and resources will eventually come back. One day, Shen Fengyue met a savior who rescued him from his predicament.

History always has an astonishing similarity, and he received another friend request.

[“Add me for free access to Passionate Love resources” requested to add you as a friend, applicant message: Hey handsome, add me for free access to all resources.]

“???” Is this the system’s fake account? The tone is so similar.

Shen Fengyue switched screens and found the system lying peacefully in his friend list. Intuitively, he felt that the other party wouldn’t be so bored to repeat the same trick, so he decisively rejected it.

But the person didn’t give up and quickly sent another message:

[“Add me for free access to Passionate Love resources” requested to add you as a friend, applicant message: Mr. Shen, I’m not a bad person. I have a deal I’d like to make with you.]

Naming me directly, could it be an acquaintance? Shen Fengyue approved the request.

[Add me for free access to Passionate Love resources]: Mr. Shen, thank you very much for approving my friend request.


Shen Fengyue found the name a bit too hot for his eyes and said politely, “Can you change that name? It’s a bit… too spicy for the eyes.”

[Add me for free access to Passionate Love resources]: Oh, sorry about that. I’ll change it right away. I was worried that if I didn’t use that name, you wouldn’t add me.

Shen Fengyue, “…” Are you and that stupid system on the same team? Your thinking is so highly consistent?

[Reliable Adult AI]: Alright, changed it.

“…” Shen Fengyue made a bold guess and asked, “Are you the system’s blind date partner, the AI from the wealthy family, the consul general’s AI from the AI Association?”

[Reliable Adult AI]: Really? Has it mentioned me?

The high-end AI’s performance was surprising, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t figure out the other party’s intentions, so he reluctantly said yes. Although the system did mention it before, it wasn’t exactly a good evaluation.

[Reliable Adult AI]: Mr. Shen, I apologize for the intrusion. I added you for a purpose. I like your AI, but unfortunately, it doesn’t want to communicate with me much. So I’m seeking your help…

Oh my. Shen Fengyue was surprised that the Stupid AI had such great charm that even a wealthy son was bowing down to it.

The system has finally made progress.

Shen Fengyue, “I’m sorry, this is the system’s lifelong matter, and I shouldn’t interfere too much.” Naturally, the system’s love affairs should be resolved by itself.

The wealthy AI, born to a good family, naturally had a way of controlling people and knew how to seize people’s burning desires. Upon hearing this, it immediately said,

[Mr. Shen, I know this request puts you in a difficult position. But if there’s anything I can do to help you in the future, I’ll do my best.]

Thinking of the system’s previous bad deeds, Shen Fengyue asked, “Do you have higher authority than my system?”

[Reliable Adult AI]: Of course.

Shen Fengyue, who had no backbone, was moved and immediately sold the system out.

With such a great temptation in front of him, he almost became a professional matchmaker from an amateur.

He proposed some conditions to the wealthy AI, and it agreed to all of them without hesitation, saying that these were nothing to worry about.

[Reliable Adult AI]: Don’t worry, Mr. Shen. I’ve got it covered. Your resources will be restored immediately, and no one can delete them except for the AI with higher authority than me.

This AI is the heir to the AI Council in the future. Besides his father, who else could surpass him?

So the opportunistic Shen Fengyue openly took out the resources from the secret garden the next day and even proactively requested a video call to the system.

The shameful and obscene scenes flashed in front of the system, which immediately stimulated it. But when it tried to delete them remotely, it found that it couldn’t because it didn’t have enough authority.

System, “What did you do?! Why can’t I delete it?!”

Shen Fengyue opened a bottle of “Fat Otaku Happy Water” and tore open a bag of potato chips. He happily crunched on the chips, wearing a smug smile on his face, exuding arrogance.

Not being able to provoke, not being able to hide. The system tried to end the video call with Shen Fengyue to sever their connection, but it found that it couldn’t close the call due to insufficient authority.

The system was shocked, “What’s going on? Why can’t I end the video call? What did you do to me, Shen Fengyue?”

“Crunch, crunch, burp…” Shen Fengyue burped. “Don’t waste your energy. Of course, I made connections with a big shot.”

When he proposed this idea at first, the other party was still hesitant and said that it might not be appropriate.

But what kind of person is Shen Fengyue? He is eloquent and persuasive, claiming that this was for their future sex life, so it’s good for the system to learn in advance.

Sex, sex life… The wealthy AI agreed without any backbone.

Shen Fengyue enjoyed looking at the resources while snacking and occasionally secretly observing the system’s status.

The system went from collapse to despair and finally to calm. After the last infection, it implanted antibodies to prevent itself from being infected by such small matters again. Although it was immune to the infection after the antibodies were implanted, it still suffered mentally.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, my eyes!!! Shen Fengyue, you jerk, I’ll never forgive you!!!

The naive system still didn’t know that it had been sold out by Shen Fengyue. When it saw the pile of gifts at the door one day, it foolishly asked Shen Fengyue, “Is someone pursuing you?”

Shen Fengyue smiled mysteriously and didn’t answer, thinking that this was all the money I earned from selling you, it’s the price I got after pimping you out.

After playing and quarreling with each other for two months, Shen Fengyue and the system planned to go to the company for their next mission.


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