Chapter 67.2

However, the other person was not afraid of him and instead acted extremely arrogant. They buried their face in his neck, swaying their head left and right while humming comfortably.


Shen Fengyue reached back and grabbed the person’s face with his five fingers, pushing them away with force while simultaneously hooking his right foot back, trying to kick them in the groin.

These two moves were very effective, and Lord Shen quickly sensed the danger and agilely backed away. After that, he raised his head and looked at him,

“Empress Dowager.”

Glistening water accumulated in his eyes, shimmering with a watery sheen. He quickly lowered his head, his long eyelashes slightly dampened with tears.

Tsk, this dog of a man is still acting wronged. Shen Fengyue turned around, crossed his arms in front of his chest, and coldly watched him start his performance.

“Not sleeping?” Shen Fengyue took a step forward, forcing him to step back. Shen Fengyue smiled, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

Lord Shen slowly closed and opened his eyelids, his eyes were blank, and the alcohol had numbed his nerves. It took him a while to react before honestly saying, “I want to take you horse riding.”

??? Excuse me??? Going outside to ride horses in the middle of the night???


Lord Shen softly hummed in agreement.

“… ” Shen Fengyue was so angry that he choked, and he angrily asked him, “Why?”

“You were staring at me when I was riding earlier, so I guessed you wanted to ride too, so I came to find you.”

Shen Fengyue, “I don’t want to ride a horse.”

Lord Shen, “You do.”

Shen Fengyue, “How do you know I want to?”

Lord Shen, “You were looking at me.”

“You’ve been staring at me all this time…” He noticed that Shen Fengyue’s expression wasn’t right and realized he had said something wrong. However, he still had the audacity to whisper this statement.


Shen Fengyue posed several questions in return, and the answer to all of them was, “You were looking at me.” No matter how he explained that looking at someone doesn’t necessarily mean he wanted to ride a horse, the drunkard stubbornly held onto that belief, leaving him at a loss for words.

Shen Fengyue couldn’t just say, “I looked at you because you’re good-looking, and I just wanted to look at you!” He still had some dignity.

After a few questions and answers, Shen Fengyue lost his energy and didn’t want to continue arguing with him. He waved his hand to show that he wanted to sleep.

“I really don’t want to, so please leave.” After taking off his clothes, Shen Fengyue crawled into bed and turned over, facing the inside and not wanting to see him.

There was silence behind him, followed by the sound of fabric rubbing.

“I also want to sleep with you.” The next second, a cool breeze rushed in from behind, the blanket was lifted, and a figure agilely crawled into the bed, covering the blanket and turning over to face his back, sticking to his waist and limbs, and the furry head was nestled in his neck as if about to fall sleep.

“… ” Big brother, you’re being a hooligan!

The soft hair rubbed against his skin, causing a shiver and some itchiness that went straight to his heart.

“What are you doing?”

The person behind him hugged him tighter, stretched out his long legs, and tangled them with his, sleeping with their feet touching. Those two long legs firmly locked his legs.

“…” This is unbearable. You dog of a man, you’re asking for trouble.

Shen Fengyue was full of black lines and began to struggle. He wriggled his legs out from under “Shen Ropes” and kicked Lord Shen back a bit.

Lord Shen groaned, but obediently let go of his hands.

Shen Fengyue turned around to face him and threatened him with his fists, “If you dare to play hooligan again, don’t blame me for beating you up. Get off the bed.”

Lord Shen stared at him, his gaze falling on his face. No, more accurately, it fell on his lips that kept opening and closing. Those two lips exuded a damn charm. He looked at them for a while, and in the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation. He leaned forward and kissed him.

“I’m telling you, you stink of alcohol. If it weren’t for the fact that you’re drunk and I’m being generous, I wouldn’t let you off so easily. Otherwise, let me tell you, you, this melon head, will sooner or later be…” Shen Fengyue was in the middle of his tough talk when he was suddenly attacked. He saw a black shadow flash by, and then his lips touched something soft.

When Shen Fengyue realized what was happening, he exploded in anger. He struggled, but the man firmly held the back of his head and hummed and kissed him until he was weak and collapsed on the bed like a pile of mud.

After the kiss ended, Lord Shen let go of him and willingly got kicked off the bed by his foot.

Although he successfully kicked the pervert off the bed, Shen Fengyue still felt aggrieved. It seemed like everything was just the way that person wanted it to be!

“Are you leaving or not?” He moved to the edge of the bed and questioned the person who was sitting on the ground after being kicked off.

Lord Shen remained silent. Silence was the best answer.

Shen Fengyue rubbed his forehead, feeling like he owed him something from his past life and was now being entangled by him in this life.

“I’ll be good,” Lord Shen seemed to sense his concerns and explained considerately, “I’ll just hug you and won’t do anything else.”

This statement sounded strange no matter how he listened to it, and there was a hint of familiarity.

In the end, they compromised. Shen Fengyue let him get on the bed, and Lord Shen promised not to do anything else.

Shen Fengyue curled up in the corner, his back facing the other person, with Lord Shen hugging him tightly from behind.

Two men hugging each other would inevitably lead to bad things. Sure enough, when Shen Fengyue was drowsy and about to fall asleep, something behind him suddenly poked him awake.

“… ” All men know what that thing is.

He hinted gently, “Can you move back a bit? Your thing is poking me.”

“Mm,” Lord Shen responded obediently and moved back a bit, but still kept poking Shen Fengyue.

Well, he got used to it after being poked for a while. Plus, Lord Shen’s sleeping habits were pretty good – he didn’t grind his teeth, snore, or talk in his sleep. In the end, Shen Fengyue fell asleep drowsily and slept until dawn.


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