Chapter 65.2

Ever since he walked in, Lord Shen had been openly and covertly watching him, even he wanted to ignore it, he couldn’t. But since he only looked and didn’t speak, Shen Fengyue could only respond to the intense gaze, “Has Lord Hou eaten yet?”

Lord Shen shook his head.

“The Empress Dowager is kind and specially brought food for the Emperor, making this minister envious.”

Shen Fengyue, “…” All right, he just wants to eat.

Just as he was about to say something, Chu Xi interrupted him and voluntarily said, “It’s my negligence. I dragged Lord Hou to do things and forgot that he hasn’t eaten yet. Little one, you order the imperial kitchen to prepare a dinner for Lord Hou and send it quickly.”

After he gave the order, the palace staff went to carry it out, and soon dinner was served.

Chu Xi smiled and said to him, “Lord Hou, please.”

“…” Lord Shen took the opportunity to tease the Empress Dowager, but his plan failed and he ate his meal sullenly.

He ate without speaking, and the hall was quiet, with only the slight sound of chopsticks hitting the bowl.

Shen Fengyue was lost in thought on the side, and after another crisp sound, he subconsciously turned to look at Lord Shen again. This was already the third time, and he always felt that this person’s mood was not good tonight and was inexplicably irritable.

Hmm, between him, Lord Shen, and Chu Xi, there seemed to be a strange and eerie atmosphere of a battlefield.

Lord Shen was burning with anger inside as he finally had the chance to see Shen Fengyue, but there was a huge light bulb in between them.

The light bulb was eating the food prepared by his sweetheart, while he was eating the food prepared by the light bulb.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became! Oh, how frustrating!

Even Chu Xi couldn’t stand the inexplicable atmosphere between the three of them and took the initiative to start a conversation. “Mother Empress, should we hold a spring hunt this year?”

When the spring hunt was mentioned… Shen Fengyue thought of the unforgettable experience from the last spring hunt and he had suffered quite a bit.

“Why are you thinking about the spring hunt now?”

Chu Xi replied, “As the new emperor, this son has a lot on his plate with his coronation, and this spring hunt is also a good opportunity for me to get along with the civil and military officials, as well as the royal family.”

After some consideration, Shen Fengyue also thought it was a reasonable idea. Through a spring hunt, he could enjoy himself with his subjects, which would be greatly beneficial for Chu Xi.

“You’re thinking wisely, Your Majesty.”

“Oh, by the way, Mother, since you like birds, this son has especially found one for you. It’s quite rare. I’ll have someone send it to your palace later to amuse you.”

Shen Fengyue’s right eyelid twitched at the words, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

As expected, his premonition came true. Later when he returned to the palace, he found that the emperor had sent a small bird with a snow-white body and a bright red beak. Just as he was amazed by the bird’s appearance, the bird opened its mouth and shattered his beautiful fantasy.

“Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager! Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager! Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager!”

The bird’s call immediately attracted the attention of the flashy bird belonging to Lord Shen.

“Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager! Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager! Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager!”

For a time, the Shoukang Palace echoed with the alternating calls of these two birds, each trying to outdo the other with their volume and clarity, resounding through the spacious hall.

“Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager!”

“Auspiciousness to the Empress Dowager!”

Shen Fengyue, “…” Emperor is really unwilling to lose.

At this point, he still did not know the truth and his attitude was accepting, “The emperor is thoughtful.”

He stayed to eat with them and when they finished, he got up to leave. Chu Xi politely escorted him out, and Lord Shen took the opportunity to say goodbye and accompanied him outside.

The night was cool and the moonlight was soft, the sound of their footsteps rubbing against the ground making a faint sound.

“Is the Lord’s intentions satisfactory to the Empress Dowager?” Lord Shen suddenly asked.

Shen Fengyue was momentarily confused about which “intentions” he was referring to, whether it was the offering of a person’s head or the “Empress Dowager” chattering bird.

Lord Shen, like a tapeworm in his belly1The phrase “like a tapeworm in his belly” is a metaphor used to describe a feeling of knowing or intuition that is deep within someone, knew what he was thinking and straightened up with a sense of satisfaction, nodding his head and saying, “Both are.”

“…” Shen Fengyue laughed out of frustration, feeling that this person really didn’t know what was going on and was still proud of the gift he gave, thinking that he got it right. So he gritted his teeth and replied, “Lord Hou, you really went to a lot of trouble. Your gift is truly one-of-a-kind, there won’t be another one like it.”

Indeed, who has ever seen a gift of severed heads and birds that only know how to squeak “Empress Dowager” and annoy people?

Lord Shen didn’t seem to understand the meaning behind Shen Fengyue’s words, whether he was truly stupid or pretending to be.

“Did the Empress Dowager like it?”

Shen Fengyue forced a smile.

Lord Shen also smiled along, his smile more genuine than Shen Fengyue’s, “That’s good. If I can make the Empress Dowager show a smile, then I would even go through fire and water for it.”

The two of them walked to the fork in the road, one heading towards the palace gate and the other towards Shoukang Palace, and parted ways.

As Shen Fengyue stepped into the outer gate of Shoukang Palace, he heard a sharp sound that didn’t sound human from the inside,

“Empress Dowager, auspiciousness!”

Shen Fengyue’s temples throbbed and he asked Hong Mei beside her, “What is that thing?”

“Answering the Empress Dowager, that’s a gift sent by the Emperor, he said it’s for you.”

Shen Fengyue, “…”

Oh no, it seems that Shoukang Palace won’t be peaceful from now on.

“Empress Dowager, auspiciousness!”

“Empress Dowager!”

Tsk, this is giving him a headache.

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    The phrase “like a tapeworm in his belly” is a metaphor used to describe a feeling of knowing or intuition that is deep within someone


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  1. Just wanna remind you to grab some tissues before this world ends. I forgot to grab mine so don’t forget yours ????

  2. Just wanna remind you to grab some tissues before this world ends. I forgot to grab mine so don’t forget yours ????


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