Chapter 65.1

After returning to the Shoukang palace, he was greeted with another storm-like “Empress Dowager”. Shen Fengyue waved his hand and had someone take the bird with no sense of color1 it means that the bird is clueless or lacks any discernment., and closed the door tightly, not allowing it to come in no matter how much it squawked.

It was almost dinnertime.

Shen Fengyue sat at the table, and at a glance, the long table was filled with exotic dishes, rich and varied, not at all shabby. He couldn’t help but stop his chopsticks and sigh in his heart, “I never thought that at such a young age, I would sit in the position that every ancient palace women dream of.”

“Yes,” the system spoke up after a long absence, helping him emphasize, “women.”


Then it continued, “Your dishes are so rich, but make sure not to waste any. You must know that every grain of rice on your plate is the result of hard work. There are so many people in this world who can’t afford to eat. You are living such a comfortable life, so you must learn to be grateful. Only then can you truly appreciate this hard-earned food, they are…”

Shen Fengyue listened to the system’s long speech in his mind, not moving his hands.

“Empress Dowager?” Hong Mei, who was serving him food, guessed carefully as he remained still. “Is today’s meal not to your liking?”

Shen Fengyue shook his head and didn’t say anything. Only after the system said, “As long as everyone contributes a little love, we will have a better tomorrow. May time be peaceful, and life be stable,” did he speak up, “It’s nothing, I just haven’t heard such wise words for a long time.”

“What?” Hong Mei didn’t understand his meaning. Seeing that he didn’t say anything more, she comforted herself that her master had her own considerations, and her servants couldn’t guess what she meant.

As one can see, after Emperor Chu’s death, the system’s program seems to have malfunctioned, and every time it speaks, it’s so wise. Shen Fengyue couldn’t bear to interrupt it, knowing that it was suffering inside, so he let it vent on its own.

After its routine speech, the system told Shen Fengyue, “Alright, I’m done talking, you can eat now.”

After Shen Fengyue nodded, the system disappeared.

Only then did Shen Fengyue start to eat. The dishes on the table were rich, but he still spotted a dish:

—Stir-fried pork with cherries.

This dish was made with great care, with the meat cut into cherry-sized pieces and cooked together with fresh cherries in a clay pot. Water and seasoning were added slowly and simmered, resulting in a delicious flavor that was both fresh and sweet.

This cherry-stir-fried pork was one of Chu Xi’s favorite dishes, and although he was now an emperor who couldn’t reveal his preferences, he always liked to order this dish when he visited Shen Fengyue as a child. Therefore, Shen Fengyue was aware of his tastes.

Upon seeing this dish, Shen Fengyue thought of Chu Xi and asked Eunuch Yang beside him, “Has the emperor eaten yet?”

Eunuch Yang respectfully replied, “If I may report to the empress dowager, the emperor is still dealing with government affairs in the Hall of Diligence.”

So he hadn’t eaten yet. Shen Fengyue was angry and anxious that the stubborn child had forgotten to eat again due to work. He told Eunuch Yang to instruct the small kitchen to make a few dishes that included the cherry-stir-fried pork, which he would bring to the emperor shortly.

After giving these instructions, he continued to eat quickly and then took the food box to the Hall of Diligence.

It was now around eight in the evening, and it was very dark at night in ancient times. Moreover, If it was raining at night, a lot of candles were needed.

The lights were on in the Hall of Diligence, shining brightly from afar. As Shen Fengyue approached the door, he could hear voices from inside, accompanied by Chu Xi’s hearty laughter. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

“Lord Hou, this is a really good idea.”

“Your Majesty, please don’t praise me too much. I just gave some of my humble opinions.” This was Lord Shen’s voice. Shen Fengyue listened carefully, and this person seemed very respectful in front of the emperor.

“Lord Hou, you’re too modest. Don’t underestimate yourself.” Chu Xi suddenly looked serious and looked at Lord Shen. “How about being my Grand Tutor?”

This was a great compliment. Lord Shen was about to respond, but when he saw the hem of a robe at the door, he hesitated, “Empress Dowager?”

Chu Xi had his back to the door, but Lord Shen was facing it, so he could see the hem of the robe through the gap. He couldn’t explain why, but he could tell who it was just from the hem of the robe.

So he spoke more firmly,

“Empress Dowager.”

Oh no, he was caught. Shen Fengyue’s plan to eavesdrop had failed, and he walked out from the door boldly.

Chu Xi turned around and his eyes lit up when he saw Shen Fengyue, “Mother, why are you here?”

“Why wouldn’t I be here?” Shen Fengyue lifted the food box in his hand and said, “It’s because of someone who sits on the dragon throne and forgets to eat while working. As a mother, I naturally have to come and care for him.”

He put the food box on the table, opened the lid, and took out the dishes one by one, “Come and eat, it’s still hot. I had someone prepare it, especially for you.”

Chu Xi cleared his throat and obediently picked up his chopsticks to eat. Shen Fengyue sat beside him, feeling a hot gaze staring at him, and when he turned his head, he saw a familiar face.

  • 1
    it means that the bird is clueless or lacks any discernment.


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