Chapter 61.2

Since entering this ghost-like world, his values had been shattered, and he had taken the path of a cross-dressing expert. Shen Fengyue had always held a grudge in his heart, and this resentment had accumulated more and more. Finally, at this moment, he wanted to settle all the scores with Emperor Chu one by one.

“Posthumously naming the Empress Dowager?” Shen Fengyue patted Emperor Chu’s chest and smoothed out his anger for him. “How is that possible? Yan Yan is going to be a real, living Empress Dowager.”

“Of course, thank you for naming my child as the Crown Prince and giving us mother and son the supreme glory. I just have to wait for you to die, and then I’ll have limitless power, wealth, and honor.”

“Do you know who caused you to become like this?” He leaned close to Emperor Chu and asked softly.

Emperor Chu began to struggle, and the bright yellow bed sheets were creased by his movements. Shen Fengyue used his foot to press down on Emperor Chu, who was gnashing his teeth and scratching and pointed to himself with his finger, winking playfully at him. “You guessed it, it’s me.”

“Poison, poisonous woman!” Emperor Chu finally managed to speak and saw Eunuch Shen standing not far away with his head down and silently pleading for help. “Help…help…”

Eunuch Shen lifted his head and walked over upon hearing the words.

“Save… save… save me!” Emperor Chu immediately begged for help upon seeing his response.

Seeing him come, Shen Fengyue raised his eyebrows, retracted his foot, and made way.

As soon as he retracted his foot, Emperor Chu immediately resumed struggling, baring his teeth and claws, his forehead covered in fine sweat, but his face showing a hint of pleasure.

He directed Eunuch Shen, “Kill, kill…”

It was obvious who he meant to kill.

Shen Fengyue smiled lightly, successfully silencing Emperor Chu.

Eunuch Shen came and, inspired by Shen Fengyue, skillfully used his leg to press down on Emperor Chu.

History always has surprising similarities.

Emperor Chu, “…”

There was only one difference: Eunuch Shen pinched Emperor Chu’s neck with one hand, raising his eyebrows and saying, “Your Majesty, asking me for help is useless.”

The smile on Emperor Chu’s face disappeared, replaced by panic. He anxiously twisted his neck but was firmly held between Eunuch Shen’s palms.

“We conspired to harm you and made you addicted to the pills.” Eunuch Shen continued while his grip tightened more and more, and the emperor’s pale gray face turned slightly red, “One by one, you sacrificed your own life for it.”

He suddenly let go, and Emperor Chu was able to breathe, inhaling the precious air in large gasps, his chest heaving heavily.

… … …

Eunuch Shen looked at Shen Fengyue, who smiled back with his red lips stained with lipstick.

Because his breathing was too rapid, and with just a moment of carelessness, he choked on his own breath. Emperor Chu tightly grasped the bedding, his nails deeply embedded in it, his body curled up into a bow shape, as he held on like that for a while before finally calming down.

Eunuch Shen also didn’t hurry and waited for him to recover before taking out a bottle from his pocket and said, “Do you still recognize this? It’s a two-element Pill, also known as the ultimate death pill that will send you to the afterlife.”

Emperor Chu exclaimed, “You poisonous woman! You Traitor!”

Eunuch Shen let go and casually threw the bottle at Emperor Chu, hitting him. Suddenly, he remembered something and said to Emperor Chu, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that what’s underneath me is also still there.”

Emperor Chu, “!!!”

“You treacherous scum! Shameless!”

Eunuch Shen laughed softly, and Shen Fengyue was amused by him too. The woman Emperor Chu loved the most and the eunuch he trusted the most turned out to be brothers with handles, which almost made him lose his mind.

“In fact, I have a different opinion about your conclusion just now,” Eunuch Shen spoke again, and Emperor Chu knew that when he spoke, there would be trouble.

And indeed, there was trouble.

“You have governed the country with diligence and integrity, selected talented individuals, promoted sincerity and harmony, and created a prosperous and flourishing era for Chu. Your achievements will be remembered for a thousand years and you are a model for future generations. But are you really deserving?” Eunuch Shen repeated Emperor Chu’s praise of him just now and ended with a sudden question.


Before Emperor Chu could respond, Eunuch Shen continued, “The empress who swore to be with you until death cursed you, the crown prince whom you entrusted with high expectations rebelled against you, the favored grandson died young, and your beloved Prince Qi is forever separated from you. These are all retribution, divine punishment from heaven for you!”

Eunuch Shen’s legs were sore from standing too long, so as soon as he lifted his leg, Emperor Chu suddenly sat up and then fell heavily onto the bed, making a loud thud that sounded painful.

“You condoned the treacherous minister Wei Yunping to be in charge, persecuted loyal officials, and let my Shen family suffer from calamities. But you want to whitewash the peace and let future generations sing your praises?!”

“Do you remember the edict you issued against my family, the Shen clan?”

Emperor Chu raised his hand to grab Eunuch Shen but missed each time, only to fail helplessly, “Shut up… shut up…”

“All adult males of the Shen family shall be beheaded and displayed, women shall be sent to serve as official prostitutes and never redeemed, underage males shall be castrated and sent to the palace as eunuchs. Those who should be killed shall be killed, those who should be sold shall be sold, and those who should be humiliated shall be humiliated. You really had a good plan to wipe out the Shen family and leave no descendants. You’re really playing a clever game!”

Emperor Chu struggled to turn his body and pounded the bedboard, accidentally falling to the ground with a loud bang.

Eunuch Shen stepped back and looked down at him struggling on the ground condescendingly.

At fifteen years old, he was “castrated” and for thirteen years he served in front of his own enemies, enduring humiliation day and night. He carried the deep hatred of his family’s blood feud, the tragic deaths of his father and brothers, and the shame of his sisters. All of this accumulated resentment lingered in his heart.

He had been waiting for an opportunity, a chance to avenge the Shen family, and now it had finally come.

Eunuch Shen squatted down, his eyes dark and gloomy as he looked at Emperor Chu.

This was no longer an emperor; the long-term use of elixirs had depleted his body, leaving him with sunken eye sockets, no flesh on his cheeks, and only the dry and withered skin remained. His hazy yellowed eyeballs turned very slowly, and a malicious glint flickered in his eyes. A sound came from his dry lips, and he muttered something quietly. Upon closer listening, it turned out to be a call for Wei Yunping.

“Hah.” Eunuch Shen tilted his head and sneered, “Want to call for Wei Yunping? Don’t waste your breath, he can’t come in.”

“This is what you owe me, what you owe the Shen family.”

He said this quietly, then took out another bottle and poured out a pill, holding Emperor Chu’s cheek and forcibly stuffing it into his mouth.

Emperor Chu resisted fiercely, but Eunuch Shen dislocated his jaw and the emperor despairingly watched as the pill went down his throat with a gulp.

Shen Fengyue didn’t know what the pill was, but it was extremely effective. The next moment, Emperor Chu’s body began to convulse, his hands clawing wildly at the ground, his eyes rolling upwards, showing large yellowed whites, and his mouth making constant “gugugu” sounds.

After about five minutes of torture, Emperor Chu suddenly jerked, his movements stopped, and he died with hatred. His eyes stared fixedly at the sky, refusing to close.

Shen Fengyue walked over and closed Emperor Chu’s eyelids, then carried him horizontally and laid him on the bed, covering him with a blanket. After disguising the scene, he turned around to look at Eunuch Shen.

Eunuch Shen had red eyes, and tears flowed down as he closed his eyes in hatred.

“Father, brothers, sisters, mother, the Shen family….. has not let you down.”

“Are you okay?” Shen Fengyue walked over and asked with concern.

Eunuch Shen lowered his head and looked at him directly. He wiped away all the tears, and his eyes gradually cleared, as if everything just now was an illusion.

He sincerely thanked him, “Thank you.”

Shen Fengyue shook his head and said it was nothing.

Everything was over, only the ending was left. Shen Fengyue walked towards the door, and as he walked, he began to accumulate his tears. When he reached halfway, he suddenly realized that the system had no sound.

“System? Are you still there?” Shen Fengyue asked.

“Hahaha, hahaha, ha…” The system was still laughing, but its voice was stuttering. It said with difficulty, “I’m, so happy…that the program short-circuited…”

And then, it went offline.

Okay, the system was gone, but the act still had to continue. When Shen Fengyue reached the doorway, tears had already accumulated. As he opened the door, tears poured down and he said mournfully,

“Your Majesty, has passed away!”

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