Chapter 60.2

The Beast Garden was far away, so Emperor Chu was too lazy to walk and had palace servants carry a sedan chair. He sat on the left and let the right side for Shen Fengyue to sit. He stretched out his hand with bloodshot eyes, which was truly terrifying but strangely energetic.

Emperor Chu was on the verge of death. When Shen Fengyue saw this, only one sentence flashed through his mind. It was strange that he seemed to have a premonition and confidently asserted that Emperor Chu’s days were numbered.

Shen Fengyue got on the sedan chair, which was lifted very steadily by the palace servants, making it almost imperceptible.

Soon, they arrived at the Beast Garden.

Emperor Chu led Shen Fengyue out of the sedan chair and looked up at the so-called Beast Garden.

It was a large building with various beast patterns carved in relief on the outside, some of which he could recognize, while others he did not know.

The door was only slightly ajar, so small that one could not see inside clearly, making Shen Fengyue even more curious about what was inside.

Before they even approached, a thunderous roar burst out from the still partially open door, as if it were a signal, followed by several other roars that intermingled.

These roars were filled with a sense of misery and brutality, as the beasts were roaring with all their might. Shen Fengyue was so frightened that he stumbled back a few steps.

“Don’t be afraid, they’re just animals,” Emperor Chu patted his hand, forced a smile, and suddenly said, “Sometimes, animals can be more loyal than humans.”

His words were so unreasonable that it made people puzzled, and a strange feeling welled up in Shen Fengyue’s heart. He glanced at Emperor Chu with a side-eye, as if sensing something.

The palace guards led them inside, the large door opened, and for a moment the crack widened, revealing the true face of Mount Lushan1“revealing the true face of Lushan Mountain behind” suggests that there is something hidden or unknown that is being exposed or revealed. behind it.

Countless large iron cages were placed on both sides, containing different types of animals. Shen Fengyue realized that all the fierce beasts were locked up in iron cages, while those with no or lesser aggression were treated much better, with twice as much living space.

The fierce beasts inside the cages were already restless, and upon seeing people, they became even more agitated, frantically clawing at the cages and making loud noises.

The sound surrounded them from all sides as if they were constantly surrounded by beasts ready to escape their cages and pounce on them at any moment.

However, Emperor Chu was unfazed by all of this and seemed to enjoy the noisy atmosphere. He released Shen Fengyue and approached a tiger, taunting it with a grin on his face.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.”

The tiger was further provoked and became even more furious, repeatedly charging toward the cage and slamming into it without giving up. It gathered its strength again, kicked its legs, and continued charging.

This amused Emperor Chu, who then called for food to be brought. When the palace maid brought it, he picked up a bloody piece of red meat and threw it at the tiger’s head as it charged toward him again.

“This is your reward.”

The red meat landed with a thud on the tiger’s head, then bounced off and fell to the ground, staining a large patch of fur on its head with red blood.

The tiger didn’t go for the piece of meat but walked slowly towards the iron cage and stared at Emperor Chu with its sharp eyes.

Emperor Chu also stared back at it and suddenly lowered his head to look at his hand, which was stained red from the meat. He then slowly moved his hand toward the tiger.

The onlookers didn’t understand his intentions and dared not speak, so they could only watch his actions.

The hand was reflected in the tiger’s brownish-yellow eyes and approached closer and closer. The hairs on its face trembled slightly, with blood droplets quivering on them.

As Emperor Chu’s hand got closer and closer, it suddenly opened its mouth and bit down. Emperor Chu quickly pulled back his hand, and the tiger’s impact on the iron cage made a loud noise that pushed the cage outwards a bit. The force was so great that it was evident.

The onlookers’ hearts stopped for a moment, and they breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the emperor was unharmed.

Shen Fengyue also watched with a pounding heart, but Emperor Chu acted as if nothing had happened, waving his blood-stained hand and laughing, “See, it’s just a dumb animal.” He then turned back to look at the tiger.

The tiger paced restlessly in front of the cage, and Emperor Chu laughed heartily.

“Yan Yan, look how stupid this animal is,” he asked Shen Fengyue.

Shen Fengyue looked at him as he casually wiped the blood off his body and continued to tease the tiger.

He’s gone mad.

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    “revealing the true face of Lushan Mountain behind” suggests that there is something hidden or unknown that is being exposed or revealed.


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