Chapter 6

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A week passed by smoothly and the progress of the mission was still zero. Every day, Shen Fengyue repeated the same boring routine of going to school, listening to lectures, doing homework, dealing with the idiot, and chatting with the system in school, then returning home at 2 p.m. Life was so boring that he gradually began to become a Buddhist, and even his relationship with the system began to ease. 

They even started talking about each other’s hobbies.

Shen Fengyue asked the system, “Do you have any hobbies?”

“Yes.” The system said, “I like drinking after work, talking about AI news, watching movies, playing games, reading books, and taking care of myself.”

So lavish?! Shen Fengyue was a bit unconvinced. He thought to himself, Was the entertainment development in A.I. world so superior? Even the lives of data have become so refined now.

“You can drink wine?”

The system said unhappily, “Yes, why? Can’t I drink it? Let me tell you, the wine in the A.I. world is very expensive, and a jar of good wine costs about several worlds of wages. I’m more of a wine drinker, that’s why I have saved money from several worlds, bought ten jars of my favorite wine, and stored them at home.” 

“…” Shen Fengyue remained silent for a moment. It took him a while to digest the information given by the system before spitting out another question, “What is it made of? Why is it so expensive?” 

When it came to wine, the system became a blabbermouth, “There’s only one master brewer in all of the A.I. world and their family has been passing down their trade from generation to generation. They use the freshest 1010101010 and 23333333 to make the base and then add &%#@*9898. I like the flavor of 789 best.”

“….” Shen Fengyue was at a loss for words.

“Right, after this world is over, add me as a friend on A.I. message, and I’ll send you some pictures”

Shen Fengyue was so confused that he could only nod his head. The world is so mysterious, even the data are playing on A.I. messaging. And now there’s a string of data telling him to add it as a friend and chat with him.

The Art Festival arrived to the students’ eager anticipation. The school had set up the venue in the Exhibition Hall and spent a huge amount of money to create the lighting and musical effects, making it obvious they weren’t 50 cents.

Their stage play was the finale of their exhibition, so they waited until the speech, dancing, and singing were over.

The play was being performed on stage.

The paladin was kneeling on one knee, panting, as he leaned on his heavy sword which was pinned to the ground. The light shone on his bulky golden armor, reflecting the dazzling light and exposing the condition he was in — bruised and battered.

Blood stained the floor under him, while he struggled to look up at the demon king on the opposite side, his eyes reflecting many emotions.

He had seen the demon invade the earth, destroying houses and killing countless people.

He had seen women wailing as they grieved the death of their husbands and the fact that they have no one to turn to in the future.

He had seen young children blankly staring at the destruction of their homes.

He had seen the rain wash away the blood into the river, staining it with a dazzling, yet sorrowful red.

They were the people he was guarding and they who had blessed him with their hearts, looking forward to his triumph.

Therefore, he can not lose.

Absolutely not.

“Stupid ants, why don’t you quickly give up? Stop this useless resistance.” The Demon King looked at him with false pity, and an exclamation full of mockery came from his mouth.

Arvid took a deep breath and stood up slowly, pulling out his heavy sword, and clenching it.

The devil no longer opened his mouth and only looked at him, finally uttering a “tsk” with disdain. 

He appreciated the guts of this ant, but that was all.

Goodbye, poor man.

The two exchanged looks and then rushed to each other, their eyes filled with determination.

Finally, Arvid roared and thrust his sword right into the Demon King’s heart. The demon’s eyes widened in disbelief. His black claws had only cut a wound on Arvid’s face and then loosened feebly.

The devil’s massive body fell to the ground with his eyes wide open, filled with deep reluctance to accept his death. 

Arvid looked at the demon king’s body silently for a long time, then squatted down and covered his unwilling eyes with his hands, and closed them for him. Great joy swept over him. He had been entangled with this old enemy for most of his life. After ending this old enemy, he was suddenly a little disappointed.

Arvid didn’t know how to go on. 

With watery eyes, he raised his head and burst into tears. He looked at the sky and said in a trembling voice — 

“I won.”

The venue was quiet for ten seconds, and then thunderous applause broke out from the audience.

Wei Tianze, who was lying on the ground pretending to be a corpse, opened his eyes and smiled towards Shen Fengyue, then pushed himself off the ground. Shen Fengyue wiped the tears from his face and went up to the front of the stage with the other performers and bowed in thanks.

System: “Bah! Drama queen! And you say you can’t act, wasn’t your performance quite good?”

Shen Fengyue was so happy that he smiled like a child at the system. After seeing him, the system couldn’t help laughing like a silver bell. 


“…” Shen Fengyue was silent.

In a dark corner of the hall, a figure was gazing obsessively at the scene on the stage.

The young man on the stage was like the sun, so dazzling and bright.

Suddenly, his demeanor changed, making him a completely different person. He looked at the dark corner he was in and mocked, “That’s all you got?”

“If you like it, you have to fight for it, observing from a corner will do nothing good.”

Then he stepped away and slipped out when no one was looking.

“Heh, trash.”

Meanwhile, Shen Fengyue was smiling and thanking everyone from the stage for their support, and after discovering that Qin Yuan wasn’t there, he asked the person next to him where he had gone.

The person next to him said, “I think he said he wasn’t feeling well, so he went back first.”

Shen Fengyue nodded, showing that he understood.

After the performance, everyone was exhausted and went back to the classroom to drink some water. When Shen Fengyue returned to the classroom, he found Qin Yuan lying on the table with his head buried in his arms.

“What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable somewhere?” He walked over and gently nudged him on the shoulder.

Qin Yuan was awake the whole time. He couldn’t wait to see the look of Jian when he saw the love letter. After hearing his voice, he rubbed his head in his arm and lifted it a little while pursing his red lips almost turning them white.

“It’s nothing, I just felt a little sleepy.” His bangs had become messy when he laid down, revealing a pair of damp eyes. 

Shen Fengyue looked at him as if he was lying. He knew a little about Qin Yuan: he was a stubborn child who would keep quiet even if he felt uncomfortable.

“Get up quickly, I’ll take you to the infirmary.” He pulled on Qin Yuan’s shoulder to pull him up, and suddenly heard him say, “Someone asked me to give you the love letter they wrote.”

Shen Fengyue went to look, and sure enough, there was a letter on his desk, but at this time the love letter wasn’t as important as Qin Yuan’s body. He took a glance and then turned back, “This isn’t important. I’ll send you to the infirmary first.”

Who knew that Qin Yuan seemed to be obsessed with the love letter and insisted that he go and read it. Shen Fengyue couldn’t resist him and had to read it.

After opening the white envelope, he found that there was only one sentence on it.

—You are the light in my life.

The writer’s strokes were heavy, leaving indentions on the paper.

Shen Fengyue read it and folded it back to put it away, feeling it was nothing special.

“Don’t you like it?” All of a sudden, Qin Yuan came up behind him. Due to his closeness, his breath sprayed onto Shen Fengyue’s nape as he spoke. Shen Fengyue was startled, so he took a few steps to the side and said, “It’s alright, I guess a little girl wrote it.”

Qin Yuan asked again, “Then what are you going to do with it?”

Shen Fengyue said while putting the love letter inside the desk, “Throw it away after school, of course.” 

When Qin Yuan heard his words, his eyes sank, and his tone became a little unhappy, “Why would you throw it away?” 

Shen Fengyue felt puzzled and said, “People send me love letters every day, if I keep them all, where would I have room for them? I always throw them away secretly after school, when no one is around so that the girls don’t see it. Won’t they be a little less sad this way?”

“It turned out that it’s not rare. Hehe.” He lowered his head, and the bangs hid all his abnormalities.

The system suddenly said, “Shen Fengyue, Qin Yuan suddenly stopped stuttering.”

Shen Fengyue was notified by the system and looked at Qin Yuan in surprise, “Ah, Qin Yuan, you just spoke fluently.”

Qin Yuan found that he was almost exposed because of his uncontrollable emotions, and immediately disguised himself. He began to stutter again. “No, I… I don’t know, suddenly it’s like that.” 

“What, what’s the matter?” 

Shen Fengyue looked at him and patted his shoulder, comforting him, “It’s fine. Let’s go to the infirmary now.”

“Okay, okay.”

The doctor said there was nothing wrong when they went to the infirmary, so Shen Fengyue felt at ease and brought Qin Yuan back to the classroom.

When school ended, Qin Yuan said that he had something to do and wouldn’t be able to go back with him. Shen Fengyue suspected nothing and went back alone.

12:30 at night, Shen Fengyue was left very exhausted after writing the last word of his homework that his eyes were almost closed.

Afterward, he washed up, turned off the light, and lay down on the bed.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

One system and one person exchanged their goodnights and went to sleep.

A young man was standing under a street lamp downstairs, the orange light casting his shadow onto the ground. He leaned against the lamppost and looked up at Shen Fengyue’s floor, greedily watching the person he was thinking about. Until the person turned off the light, only then did he take back his sight and turn away.

He was humming happily when suddenly he remembered something and stopped. 

“It wasn’t rare…” He said in a deep voice. 

“Tell me, what should we do if he doesn’t want it?” 

Then suddenly his voice softened. He said while stammering, “Don’t, don’t hurt him.”

After hearing this, he snorted happily, “Don’t worry, how could I hurt him?” How could I be willing to hurt him? Huh…” 

“I just wanted to,” he paused, then almost sighed, “I just wanted to get his attention.” 

The man turned toward his home. The street lights on the way mottled light onto the man, flickering on and off, making his figure bright and dark.

All of a sudden, as he took a step, his eyebrows rose slightly, and his eyes looked full of interest.

A man stumbled in from afar, with a bottle in his hand and his mouth spitting gibberish, he looked drunk.

When he approached, Qin Yuan saw his face clearly. He looked short but was big and thick, like a bear.

The drunken man was Wu Yu.

“Tch,” he said, “Isn’t that the man who bullied you the other day?” 

“Don’t, don’t make trouble, let’s go, let’s go.” 

“Oh, all right.” He was too lazy to bother, and after a boring response, he planned to ignore the drunk.

Apparently, Wu Yu didn’t think the same, and he reached out to stop Qin Yuan as he brushed past him.

“Hey, boy, stop.” 

He stabilized his stumbling body and then approached Qin Yuan. After looking at him carefully, as if he remembered something, he said, “Aren’t you that coward?” A smile appeared on his face, “Today, it’s your bad luck to come across me here. Isn’t there a saying ‘Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will dig to get there.’ That little white face beat me last time because of you, so I won’t spare you today”

“Burp.” He burped, and the smell of alcohol made Qin Yuan take a few steps back. 

Qin Yuan pushed Wu Yu aside, “Go away. I’m leaving.”

Wu Yu became angry and broke the wine bottle in his hands on the ground, then picked it up and pointed the spike at Qin Yuan, threatening, “You can’t leave! I told you you can’t so you can’t! I’m going to teach you how to behave!”

“When I’m done with you, I’ll teach that pretty boy a lesson too.”

The spikes of the wine bottle shifted in Qin Yuan’s line of sight, and he stopped and looked at Wu Yu with interest.

Wu Yu was still waving the broken bottle and yelling, “What? Are you scared? Ha, even if you’re scared now, there’s nothing you can do about it. You coward!” 

“Hahaha!” Qin Yuan suddenly burst out laughing. The sound of laughter echoed in the narrow alleyway.

Wu Yu became infuriated by Qin Yuan’s laughter and attacked him with the wine bottle, but he easily dodged it.

“Wu Yu, it’s you who is looking for a dead end…”

“Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate, but men will dig to get there.’”

“That’s what you said, right?”

Qin Yuan smiled at Wu Yu, looking like the devil in his eyes.

Then there was a dull hum, and a heavy object fell to the ground. Wu Yu’s mouth was covered as soon as he tried to let out a scream. 

The dying prey revolted in vain, and this scene became a joke in the eyes of the devil.

Strange laughter rang out.







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