Chapter 53.2

Shen Fengyue had a clean gaze, and it was hard to imagine that the legendary Concubine Yan, who was favored among the six palaces, would possess such a clean pair of eyes.

Perhaps it was her clean temperament that attracted him, making him unable to resist getting closer to her step by step, to get to know her.

Or maybe it was during that heavy rain when she looked down and he saw those eyes full of trust, sparkling like black pearls, unaware of any malice towards him, filling his whole being, making him unable to do anything to harm her.

In each of her glances, Eunuch Shen discarded his armor, retracting the evil thoughts he had already released. Just as before, for the first time in thirteen years, he was willing to open up and dig out his memories, telling them to this clean and pure person.

“My father, Shen Yang, was a famous general in the Chu Kingdom. He came from humble origins and joined the army at the age of seventeen. With a body full of battle achievements and scars, he exchanged them for later glory.”

“He fought in many battles, and every time he returned victoriously, my mother would hold me as a child and join the people in welcoming him along the way.”

Eunuch Shen looked at his hands and said, “Everyone was overjoyed, clapping their hands until they turned red and welcoming him with cheers.”

“Flowers, applause, and cheering filled the air.”

As he described the scene, Shen Fengyue was also transported back to the past.

The people stood guard at the gate of Chang’an City, and as the gates opened, a general riding a tall horse and wearing armor led his troops from Chang’an Street to his own doorstep, amidst the applause and praise of the people.

The people clapped, their faces flushed with excitement, welcoming the great general who had returned victorious from battle to protect their homes and defend their country.

Victory, the hearts of the people, and honor all belonged to him.

“He was often away from us, and he wasn’t good at speaking. When he sent letters home, they were only a few short lines,” Eunuch Shen said.

“What did he say?” Shen Fengyue asked.

“The words were few but powerful, ‘Seeing your words is like seeing your face. Don’t worry about me. Are you doing well?'”

Eunuch Shen sighed. “I used to resent him, but as I grew older, I came to understand and admire him and was proud to have such a towering father.”

“The general, he…” Shen Fengyue had already guessed.

Finally, Eunuch Shen didn’t reveal the outcome, only saying eight words, “An emperor is heartless, wicked officials gain power.”

Shen Fengyue fell silent, a faint sadness welling up in his heart. 

He thought back to the information the system had given him about the ending of the general. It was just that he had achieved great success and was feared by the king, and his fame had attracted the jealousy of wicked officials.

Recalling the two shameless men’s behavior during the banquet just now, Shen Fengyue made a decision. He wanted to do something for the loyal and brave general. He should not be treated so poorly.

Suddenly standing up, Shen Fengyue arched his eyebrows and smiled lightly, but his tone was very serious. “Don’t be troubled any longer, I have a gift for you that I want to give you later.”

Eunuch Shen was not interested in the gift he mentioned.

Shen Fengyue didn’t stay any longer and left after speaking. “System, get to work.”

The system had also heard his conversation with Eunuch Shen and understood his intentions. “Received.”

After discussing his plan with the system, brother system said it would take care of the small matters.

Later, Eunuch Shen wanted to stay for a while and space out after the imperial concubine left, but his mind was in a mess. He looked in the direction of the imperial concubine’s departure and decided to follow her.

Meanwhile, Shen Fengyue returned to the banquet and suddenly spoke out loud to the Chu Emperor, “As a humble woman, I have never seen such a brave and martial man as General Pao Hui. Everyone praises him for his extraordinary martial arts skills and his unmatched ability. I have just obtained a new troupe of performers, who are said to be very skilled and can use cloth as weapons. I dare to borrow this small troupe to witness General’s extraordinary martial arts skills.”

The Empress scolded, “Concubine Yan!”

Emperor Chu did not have much confidence in this proposal, but he was mesmerized by Shen Fengyue’s smile and agreed.

Feeling insulted that he was being underestimated by a concubine, General Pao Hui picked up the sword by his side, got up from his seat, dispersed the dancing girls in the middle, and moved his limbs before looking at Shen Fengyue and saying, “May I have some instructions, Your Majesty?”

Shen Fengyue clapped three times, and several performers in costumes, made by the system, walked out holding cloth as weapons from the door.

General Pao Hui looked at these delicate-looking women and sneered, “Is Your Majesty making fun of me? These weak women are so fragile that I’m afraid they won’t survive one of my strikes.”

Shen Fengyue shook his head and said, “General, you are mistaken. The difference between the two sides is too great. For the sake of fairness, please blindfold yourself with this black cloth provided by the palace.”

The General took the black cloth brought by the palace maid and tied it to his face in three or two moves.

Eunuch Shen saw this scene when he came in, his interest was aroused, and he looked at the shining and confident figure of Shen Fengyue from a distance, wanting to see what tricks she was going to play.

“Has the demonstration begun, Your Majesty?”

“General, please.” Shen Fengyue got up from his seat, ready to watch a good show. Playing with brother system? He’s courting death.

With Shen Fengyue’s command, the performers began to move. They threw long silk scarves gently toward the general, but he missed with his sword swing. At this moment, a scarf hit his feet, and the artillery general stumbled a few times before regaining his balance.

“You lowly slaves!” He shouted and began to swing his sword randomly.

The performers’ fluttering silk danced around, avoiding the general’s swordplay with remarkable skill, making him look like a silly monkey. 

The furious general swung his sword wildly but couldn’t land a hit, becoming more and more agitated and losing all sense of technique. 

The system had disrupted his thoughts, leaving him nothing more than a brute beast running amok.

Shen Fengyue was the first to burst into laughter, covering half his face with his sleeve, and soon everyone in the room was laughing uncontrollably. 

The more the general tried to stop them from laughing, the more ridiculous he appeared, and the more hilarious the situation became.

The performers continued to wrap the long silks around the general’s body, subduing him like a fierce beast. 

By the time he realized what was happening, he was already tightly bound by the silks and unable to move.

The contest was over, and the performers released their hold. The general angrily tore off the blindfold and glared at the performers. “You shameless sluts! I’ll make sure you pay for this!”

Several performers quickly knelt down, and Shen Fengyue spoke in time, “General, please calm down. These slaves have no eyesight, playing such a prank on the general. This concubine will take them to be disciplined.”

General Pao Hui then remembered who was behind it all and looked fiercely at Shen Fengyue, “Concubine Yan, what do you mean by this?”

Emperor Chu first glared at Shen Fengyue, then came to mediate, “Alright, release the general and send him to rest.”

“Concubine Yan, you are causing trouble,” said Emperor Chu, not calling her Yan Yan, indicating his genuine anger.

But Shen Fengyue knew the old man’s character and whispered “Sanlang” in a pitiful tone, then apologized, “Sanlang, Yan Yan was wrong.”

“You, you!” Emperor Chu couldn’t do much with him and finally just glared at him before refraining from punishing him further.

The crowd marveled at the Emperor’s favor towards Imperial Concubine Yan.

After Emperor Chu brushed over the matter, the banquet continued with laughter and harmony.

Eunuch Shen recalled the comedic farce that had just happened and was amused. He subconsciously looked towards the direction of the Imperial Concubine, and who knew Shen Fengyue had just turned his face towards him, winking as if to invite recognition.

Understanding his gift, Eunuch Shen turned his face away and pretended not to look at him, covering his smile with a light cough that couldn’t conceal his amusement.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Shen Fengyue started talking to the system, “Brother System, well done.”

The system modestly replied, “It takes one to know one1The phrase “it takes one to know one” is often used to suggest that the person making an accusation or criticism has the same fault or behavior they are accusing someone else of having., you’re not bad yourself.”

They continued to praise each other with a false sense of brotherhood between them.

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    The phrase “it takes one to know one” is often used to suggest that the person making an accusation or criticism has the same fault or behavior they are accusing someone else of having.


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  1. lol, between the ML’s melancholia and MC/system fake brotherhood, I love this arc a lot.

    Thank you for the chapter!! <3 <3

  2. lol, between the ML’s melancholia and MC/system fake brotherhood, I love this arc a lot.

    Thank you for the chapter! <3 <3


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