Chapter 53.1


On New Year’s Eve, the palace would naturally celebrate with great fanfare. In addition, there was another important event, which was to celebrate the triumphant return of General Pao Hui.

Early in the morning, Shen Fengyue was awakened. At first, he complained, but when he heard that the ladies from other palaces had already dressed up and were only waiting for him, Shen Fengyue, who had been sleeping in lazily for many months due to his pregnancy, decided not to say anything.

“Your Majesty, today is a joyous occasion. Let me style your hair in a unique way,” Hong Mei said, pushing him to the dressing table.

Shen Fengyue agreed and then closed his eyes and sat there, allowing Hong Mei to tinker with his hair. Although he didn’t know what it looked like from behind, he had a vague feeling that all his hair was flying upward…

“Your Majesty, it’s done.”

Shen Fengyue opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror, unable to speak for a while due to the shock.

His intuition was correct. All his hair was swept upward and styled into a blooming peony, with gorgeous vermilion hairpins and jade ornaments shining brilliantly. Truly, it was a beautiful peony flower.

Shen Fengyue looked at Hong Mei with a complex expression, who was eagerly waiting for his judgment. With the peony hairstyle, he really became the most flamboyant “woman” in the entire palace.

“How is it, Your Majesty?” Hong Mei was pleased with her work. “This is a new hairstyle I learned recently, which complements Your Majesty like the richest and most beautiful noble flower in the world.”

Since Hong Mei had said so, Shen Fengyue didn’t want to dampen her confidence and could only praise her with a clear conscience, “It’s very unique, and I’m delighted with it.”

After getting the affirmation from the imperial concubine, Hong Mei couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Her smile became more charming.

Shen Fengyue widened his eyes and held up the mirror to take a closer look. He shook his head left and right, but the peony hairstyle remained as steady as Mount Tai. The jewelry on it glittered and shimmered as he moved his head. After looking at it for a long time, he strangely felt that it was so beautiful.

The banquet was held in the evening, and the main event was about to begin after a day of anticipation.

The palace was decorated with red silk ribbons, and lanterns of the same color hung on the trees along the way. At night, the candles in the lanterns were lit, casting a dim red glow. The entire palace was filled with joy and festivity, with everything painted in red.

Emperor Chu hosted a family banquet, which was attended by members of the royal family, court officials, favored ministers, and victorious General Pao Hui.

Emperor Chu sat at the head of the table, with the Empress seated to his left and the others arranged in order of rank on either side.

Shen Fengyue’s hairstyle lived up to Hong Mei’s expectations, attracting the attention of everyone present, albeit in a subtle manner. Although his hairstyle was somewhat unique, his good looks compensated for it.

He was about to sit in his assigned seat when Emperor Chu whispered a few words to Eunuch Shen. Eunuch Shen then walked over to him.

A few young eunuchs moved his table to the Emperor’s right side. Shen Fengyue asked, “What is this for?”

Eunuch Shen’s gaze lingered on his hairstyle for a few seconds before turning away. After a pause, he said, “The Emperor has granted permission for the lady to sit there, closer to him.”

As soon as Shen Fengyue was about to leave, Eunuch Shen couldn’t help but make a snide comment, saying, “The hairstyle of the Imperial Concubine today is quite unique.”

Shen Fengyue, “…”

He was daily exasperated (ಠ_ಠ)

Shen Fengyue walked away with an angry expression and as soon as he reached Emperor Chu, he immediately transformed into a charming and gentle person and said, “Sanlang.”

Emperor Chu felt extremely relieved hearing the call of “Sanlang,” and asked him a few caring questions, leaned over, and even touched his belly a few times, with a face full of sweet and affectionate fatherly joy.

Shen Fengyue was afraid that the system would go crazy, but he didn’t expect the system to be sensible and only snorted disapprovingly before remaining silent.

The dishes were served, and everyone’s table had the same dishes. The specialized palace dancers began to dance in the empty space in the middle, accompanied by the sounds of silk and bamboo music, bringing great enjoyment to the mind and body. Shen Fengyue was fascinated by the performance.

The wine glasses were filled with wine, and Emperor Chu raised his glass to the northwest towards the triumphant General Pao Hui, saying, “I wish the General a triumphant return!” General Pao Hui quickly stood up and also raised his wine glass, saying, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

After they drank, Emperor Chu seemed to recall some old memories and appeared nostalgic.

“Since the downfall of the Shen family, you have taken on the responsibility of defending the border. For many years, you have been loyal and devoted, enduring the separation from your wife, children, parents, and family. I am deeply moved. General, you have suffered for so many years.”

General Pao Hui was a military commander, and his words and actions were more straightforward than those of a literati. He faced Emperor Chu and bowed, saying, “Protecting the kingdom is my duty, and serving Your Majesty is the greatest honor of my life.”

“I only hope that our Chu Kingdom can continue to prosper and be peaceful!”

“Good!” Emperor Chu applauded, “Your words are my sentiments. With our joint efforts, how can our country not be prosperous?”

After that, they drank a few more cups together, while Shen Fengyue coldly observed and couldn’t be bothered to listen to these superficial words. 

After mutual flattery between the emperor and his officials, the emperor brought up the topic of the Shen family, expressing his disappointment: “I am truly heartbroken about the Shen family…”

General Pao Hui quickly played along with the emperor’s act and said, “Your Majesty, don’t be sad. The Shen family betrayed your expectations and committed the shameful act of treason. Although I used to be their comrade, I do not condone their actions. I have always been loyal to Your Majesty alone.”

The emperor was pleased with General Pao Hui’s discernment and, after being comforted by other courtiers, sighed softly and didn’t bring it up again.

Eunuch Shen saw their fawning behavior in front of him and concealed his eyes, filled with malice. He clenched his teeth and struggled to control himself.

General Pao Hui was a former comrade of Eunuch Shen’s father, who had helped him rise to his position, but he had betrayed his former master and switched allegiance to the emperor.

Midway through the banquet, Eunuch Shen had one of his eunuchs take his place and quietly withdrew. 

During the banquet where the emperor of Chu and General Pao Hui flattered each other, Shen Fengyue began to pay attention to Eunuch Shen. He noticed that Eunuch Shen didn’t look too good and quietly left the banquet. Shen Fengyue used the excuse of wanting to think alone and went outside to get some fresh air.

He saw that there weren’t many people outside and dropped his act of acting cool, and hurriedly went to look for Eunuch Shen. Finally, he found him at the corner of the corridor.

He was leaning against a pillar, gazing at the distant scenery. The wind lifted his hair and a few strands covered half of his eye.

In the distance, there were many lights and red silk hung like a dragon. The lanterns were so red that they were eye-catching.

Everything looked so still, like a painting. Shen Fengyue held his breath, afraid to disturb him.

Eunuch Shen was very sensitive and noticed him when he approached. He glanced at him lightly but didn’t say a word.

It was this glance that made Shen Fengyue’s heart skip a beat. He took a few steps closer and sat next to him in the corridor after seeing that Eunuch Shen didn’t reject him. 

Following his gaze to view the distant scenery.

They both remained silent, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the gentle breeze.

“After all, you’re not feeling well?” After a while, Shen Fengyue broke the silence.

While Shen Fengyue sat down, Eunuch Shen was still standing. He lowered his gaze to look at the colorful headpiece, and as it moved slightly, a beautiful face lifted, with a concerned expression in the bright eyes.

Eunuch Shen moved forward slightly and caught a glimpse of the fair neck that the imperial concubine had exposed under her heavy winter clothes.

On the straight line of her neck, there was a slight bulge, almost imperceptible unless you looked closely.

Eunuch Shen’s eyes flickered, and a hidden glint passed through them.

“I’m not very happy,” he replied to Shen Fengyue’s question.

“Hmm?” Shen Fengyue was surprised by his straightforwardness.


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