Chapter 50


As the ancients once said that a person should be steady in their demeanor, exhibiting the calmness of Mount Tai even if the mountain should crumble before them, and the unwavering focus of a deer even if a fellow deer should pass by. However, facing the four wolves with their menacing eyes, Shen Fengyue believed that sometimes one must learn to be flexible. When it’s time to back down, one should immediately show their cowardice rather than forcefully act as a hero.

He tightly gripped the arrow feather in his hand, staring fiercely at the wolves, and then his body moved slightly, taking a retreating step in a cowardly manner.

The head wolf had a scar above its right eye, making it look like a fierce character. It tilted its head and shook its fluffy fur as it watched the human in front of it slowly retreat.

Shen Fengyue’s strategy was: If the enemy does not move, I will move first.

The head wolf stepped forward after the human retreated.

But when the enemy also moved, Shen Fengyue’s mindset almost collapsed. He immediately stopped retreating and continued to play the game of staring at each other with the wolf, a stalemate that wouldn’t make anyone fall in love with each other.

Both sides were assessing each other’s strengths. Shen Fengyue had no idea what to do. Although he had decent skills, facing the danger of being surrounded by a wolf pack, without the system, he felt like a salted fish. Rushing into battle recklessly would only lead to a dead end.

The prolonged stalemate made both sides exhausted. He could clearly feel the wolves’ impatience and restlessness, and the war was about to break out.

Shen Fengyue took a deep breath, closed his eyes tightly, then opened them forcefully, making the decision to charge forward directly. He could end his own life, also this humiliating world, and settle the score with the system.

The wolf pack also seemed to sense something, raising their bodies in a bow shape, emitting a threatening growl from their throats. Shen Fengyue also aimed his arrow at the wolf pack, ready to charge forward.

At this critical moment, the system came online.

“Fuck%#@$*&…… finally, I’m back,” the system suddenly appeared and startled him. “Concubine Shen, linking up!”

Then, Shen Fengyue felt like his body was no longer under his control. There was a power unique to the system that was manipulating him. Using an arrow feather, he repeatedly shot left and right, leaped, and dodged, with agile and ghostly movements.

A wolf leaped towards him, but his body suddenly bent backward, forming an angle greater than ninety degrees, successfully avoiding the attack.

Shen Fengyue was almost in tears. The pain from just now felt like he had broken his waist.

In the moment of bending down, he immediately performed a backflip, landing on the waist of the wolf. Taking advantage of his weight, he pressed down on the wolf like Mount Tai, making it unable to move. Then, he curled his five fingers into a claw-like shape and attacked the wolf’s neck, instantly releasing its strength.

The wolf howled and lay on the ground motionless. “Shen Fengyue” still sat on its body, raising his chin and looking down on the other three wolves who were trying to surround him.

“Come on, let this palace see what you’ve got.” “Shen Fengyue” taunted, his tone slurred and intoxicating, like a murmur, with a thick nasal sound. Finally, he even spat on the ground, “you little things.”

The head wolf shook its head and gave a signal to the other two wolves. The three wolves jumped forward together, aiming at different parts of “Shen Fengyue” to attack.

Because this was not his own body, the system allowed one of the wolves to bite his sleeve. Then he swung his arm around, and with a clattering sound of bones, the wolf was thrown out one meter away.

It took a long time for the wolf to climb up from the ground and dared not move rashly.

“Shen Fengyue” used the arrow feather to wedge between the front legs of the head wolf, then rushed forward towards a tree, forcing the head wolf to retreat with great speed and strength, before slamming it heavily onto the trunk of the tree.

Bang, bang, bang. The head wolf’s body made a dull sound as it collided with the tree trunk three times in a row. It could no longer bear it and let out a mournful howl, then whimpered in surrender.

With its howl, the other wolves also howled and stopped moving, completely submitting.

Eunuch Shen, who was watching from a distance, had mixed feelings as he saw the situation coming to an end. He secretly used the dagger hidden in his sleeve to injure two horses.

The two horses neighed in fright, then ran away, but the system and “Shen Fengyue” did not notice.

“Shen Fengyue” inserted the arrow feather into the tree trunk, swayed his body, and walked unsteadily to the center. At this time, the sky was already dark with clouds, and a bolt of lightning struck, followed by a flash that disappeared without a trace.

Gudong gudong gudong, another bottle of alcohol was down.

“Shoot the horse before shooting the man, catch the leader before catching the thief, and attack the head wolf first.” The system shook its head and looked around at its own achievements. “Have you learned it, Concubine Shen?”

Shen Fengyue saw that system was weird again, probably drunk, and only whispered, “I will report you.”

“Heh.” The system disdainfully dismissed it and removed the power attached to him. “I advise you to drink more alcohol, get drunk today, and let tomorrow worry about itself. I no longer care about these external things.”

Shen Fengyue was choked and angry, so he ignored the system, returning to find Eunuch Shen. After the system removed its power, he felt weak and even his speech was feeble. He saw the disappeared horse and asked, “Eunuch Shen, where’s the horse?”

Eunuch Shen heard his weak voice and raised an eyebrow slightly, replying, “My apologies, Imperial consort, this servant was incompetent. The thunder frightened the horse, and it ran away. This servant couldn’t control the horse. Please forgive me.”

Shen Fengyue did not doubt or blame him, saying, “It’s fine. Let’s return.”

“Your Majesty,” Eunuch Shen looked at him with shining eyes. “You have great skills.”

“… ” He smiled bitterly, waved his hand, and gestured for him not to mention it again.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and felt uncomfortable and sticky. He urgently wanted to take a bath.

It seemed that the heavens heard his prayer and showered him with heavy rain, immediately fulfilling his wish.

The heavy rain caught them off guard, and Shen Fengyue quickly raised his hand over his head to try to block some of it.

“Let’s go,” he said urgently.

They were drenched like wet chickens, and the mountain road was already muddy, making walking in the heavy rain even more difficult.

But in his mind, he could hear the sound of the system pouring one glass of wine after another, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but grumble, “Aren’t you afraid of getting too much water in your data and breaking down while you’re drinking?”

“How is that possible?” The system replied as if it was self-evident. “Let me finish this glass… #$@%^ farewell wine!” Even in the face of great difficulty, it managed to finish its sentence before going offline and downing the glass of liquor.

Shen Fengyue clicked his tongue in frustration.

Being repeatedly slapped in the face by the system made his heart ache, and just then they were going down a slope. Shen Fengyue lost his footing and slipped down the steep slope.

He instinctively tried to grab onto something, catching onto a piece of fabric, but it was ripped away by Eunuch Shen lifting his sleeve. Amidst the chaos and panic, Shen Fengyue didn’t notice any of this and tumbled down the slope.

Upon hitting the ground, he felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his right foot, likely from spraining it.


“Your Majesty?” Eunuch Shen called out from above.

Shen Fengyue was covered in mud and grime, in a sorry state. His right foot was weak and even the slightest movement caused great pain. He replied, “Eunuch Shen, it seems like I sprained my foot.”

Hearing this, Eunuch Shen pondered for a moment and pulled out a dagger from his sleeve, hiding it behind his back. The rain had made it look even sharper and brighter.

Since the wolves didn’t manage to kill her, he had to take matters into his own hands…

He walked to the edge of the slope and leaned out, coincidentally at the same time that Shen Fengyue was struggling to look up, their gazes met.

The Imperial concubine’s hair was wet from the rain, sticking to her face in strands. As she looked up at him with discomfort and blinked her eyes due to the rain, her eyes were clear, pure, and without any impurities.

Those eyes projected his image in them.

The Imperial Concubine frowned in pain, looking at him with her eyes.

Eunuch Shen felt moved by this gaze and couldn’t bring himself to use the dagger. He quietly watched the Imperial Concubine for a few seconds before silently putting away the dagger.

Suddenly, he couldn’t bear to kill her.

“Imperial Concubine, I’m here to save you.”

Eunuch Shen descended to the bottom of the slope in just a few steps. “Imperial Concubine, forgive my impudence.” He lifted her up with a horizontal embrace, covering Shen Fengyue with his whole upper body, shielding him from the wind and rain.

Finally, they found a cave to shelter from the rain. When Eunuch Shen put Shen Fengyue down, he realized something was wrong – Shen Fengyue’s face was flushed, and he was tightly clinging to him, murmuring incoherently.

“Your Majesty?” Eunuch Shen called out, but there was no response from the imperial concubine.

He reached out to touch Shen Fengyue’s forehead and face, both burning hot, indicating a high fever.

Eunuch Shen gently laid him on the ground and gathered some firewood in the cave. He used flint to start a small fire and did his best to warm the space.

He helped Shen Fengyue move closer to the fire.

The warmth helped to ease his discomfort. Shen Fengyue’s frown eased, and he murmured something before falling into Eunuch Shen’s embrace.

Eunuch Shen, “…”

He wanted to move him, but after thinking for a while, he decided to indulge him.

The heavy rain outside showed no signs of stopping anytime soon, so in order to make Shen Fengyue more comfortable, Eunuch Shen kept the same posture without moving.

He also fell asleep in a daze, accompanied by the sound of pouring rain and the crackling of the burning fire.

Not long after, the noisy voices of people awakened him. Eunuch Shen’s drowsiness disappeared in a matter of seconds as he looked at the sleeping Shen Fengyue in his arms and gently moved him out.

Glancing outside the cave, he realized that the rain had stopped at some point. He could hear the shouts of the guards who were searching for the imperial concubine.

Eunuch Shen extinguished the fire and walked out of the cave, shouting to the guards, “The imperial concubine is here!”

The imperial concubine was taken back and still unconscious, making Emperor Chu furious. He personally interrogated the relevant personnel.

This Autumn Hunt was the full responsibility of Prime Minister Wei Yunping, so he was the first to be questioned about the incident with the wolves and how they appeared on the hunting grounds.

“When did the imperial concubine encounter wolves? How could wolves appear in the hunting grounds?” When Eunuch Shen served tea, Emperor Chu took the teacup and threw it at Wei Yunping.

The teacup shattered beside the Prime Minister without hitting him.

Eunuch Shen lowered his head and retreated, but he was paying attention to everything. Seeing this, he sneered in his heart. No matter how angry the Emperor was, he still had considerations. The courtiers were ultimately subjects, but these ministers are ministers after all.

Wei Yunping knelt on the ground, “I have neglected my duty and disappointed Your Majesty’s trust. I deserve to die a thousand deaths.” He kowtowed to the Emperor and promised, “There are suspicions in this matter. It is feared that there are spies among us. Your Majesty, please allow me to investigate. Three days later, I will give you a satisfactory answer.”

Emperor Chu impatiently waved his hand to signal Wei Yunping to retreat, “Go down. If there is anything wrong with the imperial concubine, I will hold you accountable!”

Wei Yunping bowed and retreated.

Emperor Chu went to see Shen Fengyue again, stayed with him for a moment, and then went out to handle government affairs.

“If the imperial concubine wakes up, be sure to send someone to inform me.”

All the palace maids inside the room agreed.

At night, a figure opened the window from outside, climbed in through the window, and looked at the person sleeping on the bed.

Eunuch Shen reached out to test his forehead temperature and found that the fever had already subsided significantly. He realized that his body was not harmed, so he lifted the corner of the blanket to check his right foot.

It had already been medicated, although it was still swollen and red. Eunuch Shen touched his foot and felt that the bone structure was not displaced, so he covered him back with the blanket.

After finishing everything, he unconsciously looked toward Shen Fengyue. When he saw that the other party only frowned for a moment and quickly relaxed, he felt relieved.

Fortunately, he didn’t wake the person up.

He tucked in the covers for the person and then turned to sit on the windowsill, staring at him for an hour before leaving when the moon was at its zenith.

“Come out,” he beckoned the shadow guard.

The shadow guard knelt down on one knee, bowing his head and waiting for his orders. He waited for a long time, but only received a single sentence in response, “Let’s not move the imperial concubine for now.”

The shadow guard was surprised by his words and couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master, why did you change the plan?” Realizing his mistake, he immediately begged for forgiveness, “I spoke out of turn.”

Eunuch Shen nodded his head, looked back in the direction of the Guangju Palace, and said, “I don’t know either.”



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