Chapter 5

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After the rehearsal, several boys, including Shen Fengyue, Qin Yuan, and Wei Tianze, were responsible for moving the props. Qin Yuan, after finishing his rehearsal first, said bye to Shen Fengyue, took some props, and left first.

The sun was shining on him along the way to the storage room, which made him feel a little hot, but he didn’t care. He only walked in places where the sun was shining, and the smile on his face could not be restrained. 

All of a sudden, the expression on his face changed. His eyes which were blocked by the bangs seemed to be full of interest. He walked towards the shade and said with a smile, “You seem to be always smiling recently.”

Then the interest in those eyes suddenly disappeared and returned to the usual slightly cowardly look. He replied, “Am I?”

If anyone was there, they would be amazed to find two people living inside of him and talking like that.

He raised his eyebrows, “You didn’t notice?”


What didn’t he notice? Then suddenly he realized, “Ha.” He started laughing without any restraint, extremely blatantly. His front bangs blocked his sight, so he raised his hand to pull them back. When he had enough of laughing, he threw the props to the ground and walked over to the edge of the shade and raised his hand to the sunshine.

A column of light fell onto his hand. It was so bright that you could even see the dust floating in the air reflecting the golden light.

His face, covered by both the light and shade, half glowing with light and half darkened by shade.

He stared at the light shining on his hand for a moment, then asked, “Is it because of Jian?”

“…” The other side didn’t answer for a long time. 

He got tired of waiting, seemed sick of the other’s silence, and scoffed, “Cowardly bastard.” After that, he disappeared.

Leaving only Qin Yuan staring at props scattered on the ground. 


When Qin Yuan looked back; Shen Fengyue ran to him, his forehead was hot and covered with a bit of sweat, he asked, “What’s the matter? Can’t carry them?” After asking, he picked up half of the Qin Yuan’s props. He walked a few steps and found that the other side didn’t follow, so he turned to call him, “What are you waiting for? Come on!”

“Oh, oh okay.” Qin Yuan picked up the rest of the props and lagged behind Shen Fengyue by a few steps.

Throughout the way, Qin Yuan was silent, Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but ask him, “What’s the matter? Don’t want to talk?”

Qin Yuan replied, “It’s nothing.”

Shen Fengyue saw that Qin Yuan didn’t want to say anything, so he didn’t force him. The two of them put the props away and went back to class.

Shen Fengyue spent the afternoon chatting with the system.

Shen Fengyue sighed, “Actually, Tong’er, I still don’t know how to eliminate the bug.”

The system also sighed, “In fact, Shen, I still can’t believe I’ve been chosen to participate in such a mission.”

Shen Fengyue, “…” 

Shen Fengyue, “Don’t you have any ideas?” 

System replied, “What ideas?”

Shen Fengyue, “…” 

Shen Fengyue, “Tsk, stupid system.” 

System, “Tsk, you don’t make any sense.” 

One person and one system broke up unhappily.

Unlike Shen Fengyue, who was bored, Qin Yuan was distracted all afternoon.

He was worried about what to do now that Jian had attracted that guy’s attention. What would he do if that guy wanted to hurt Jian? He couldn’t compete with him…

That guy was his other personality. 

Qin Yuan had always been bullied on campus before he made friends with Shen Fengyue. Those days were worse than death, only accompanied by darkness. When he wanted to end his miserable life, he developed a second personality, which was brutal, perverted, neurotic, and an extremely dangerous guy. 

It was Friday so they would leave the school earlier than usual because there was no self-studying session.

Soon it was time to leave school. Qin Yuan was frightened all afternoon, and he still looked pale and frightened until the end of the lectures. Shen Fengyue was a little worried about him, but when he asked him, Qin Yuan evaded and said nothing, so Shen Fengyue had to give up. 

They walked together on the way after school, passing by a snack bar. Shen Fengyue suddenly wanted to eat ice cream, so he pulled Qin Yuan to stop.

The canteen was usually private and sold things casually. The cashier was sitting in front of the cash register with an iPad in front of him, enjoying a play he was watching. After hearing the movements outside, he just glanced at them, said hello, and then continued to watch the play.

“Once you’ve made your choice, just come and pay for it!” 

“Let’s see…” Shen Fengyue looked at the variety of ice cream through the glass door of the freezer and pondered about what to eat. Then he saw a simple name that struck him. The ice cream was called “Green Tongue”, with a green tongue-like thing painted on the wrapper, and on it, it wrote that it would get softer and softer the more you licked it. 

It’s kind of interesting. 

Shen Fengyue immediately decided that he would be buying this, then he asked Qin Yuan what he wanted.

Qin Yuan replied, “The same as you.”

After getting an answer, he went along and got a Green Tongue for Qin Yuan as well, then went to the cashier to pay.

Quickly glancing at them, the cashier said, “Four yuan.” 

Shen Fengyue put the money on the counter, and the boss took it without looking at it, his eyes never leaving the screen. 

Shen Fengyue, “…” It’s a good business.

Shen Fengyue tore open the bag and took out the green popsicle. In the sunlight, it looked a bit like transparent green, looking watery and qualitatively good in appearance. He wanted to see what it was like to make the popsicle soft, so he took a third of the popsicle into his mouth and licked it. Then took it out, and repeated his previous actions again and again. After licking it several times, he found that the top of the popsicle became soft.

He swayed it gently and found that the “tip of the tongue” also swayed gently.

It’s really interesting.

The Green Tongue aroused Shen Fengyue’s great interest for a moment, and he put it into his mouth again, taking in a bigger portion than he had before. 

While he was trying to lick it, the system suddenly said, “You know, I heard that eating ‘Green Tongue’ gives the sensation of a tongue kiss!” 

Shen Fengyue’s Green Tongue was still in his mouth, and he stopped his actions, but he didn’t take it out.

“…” After a while, Shen Fengyue slowly took out the green tongue. Looking at the soft Green Tongue in front of him, he suddenly couldn’t put it in his mouth anymore, so he cursed, “Damn, this system is so dirty!”

The system was very happy to have succeeded in its wicked plan, and couldn’t help but let out a silver bell-like laugh.




“…” Shen Fengyue was very annoyed, he really wanted to repair this string of arrogant data, and let it know what a man’s anger is. It wouldn’t be able to bear his fury.

Qin Yuan looked at Shen Fengyue who was in a daze and asked him, “Why did you stop eating?”

Qin Yuan was still addicted to the scene he just witnessed. Jian’s lips aren’t thick nor thin, its plumpness was just right; his lips were red and gorgeous, just like the sky dyed with a haze. The combination of his white skin and red lips were like a red plum tree standing in the snow with breathtaking beauty.

The corner of his lips naturally curved upward, hooking into a nice curve, looking fiercely beautiful. He opened his mouth and inserted the popsicle in his mouth, putting red and green together originally made the two colors look vulgar, but now it seems to become a great beauty.

Qin Yuan was in a trance and inadvertently followed him to make the same movements. When he realized what he had done, his face became red, immediately taking out the popsicle. He was glad that the other party didn’t notice his series of actions.

He wanted to covet him so that Jian would always think of him. He wanted to… possess him!

Qin Yuan was a coward. He was afraid that his obscure mind would be made public. He was very afraid of Shen Fengyue’s reaction after knowing the truth. It could be an expression of anger, disgust, or even ridicule. 

He doesn’t care if other people thought of him like that, but not Shen Fengyue. 

He immensely cared about this fact.

Shen Fengyue was also embarrassed to hear Qin Yuan ask this question. He couldn’t tell Qin Yuan what the idiot system said just now. Wouldn’t that make it seem like he had the same mind as that melon child system?

“Nothing. I don’t think the green tongue tastes delicious.” Shen Fengyue casually pulled a reason, “We’d better not buy it next time. It’s not delicious at all.”

Qin Yuan nodded. As long as Shen Fengyue said it, he felt it was right.

Shen Fengyue smiled at him and thought, Qin Yuan really is too silly and gullible

When they reached the separation point, they said goodbye and went back to their respective homes. 

When night came, Qin Yuan turned on the bathroom light and stood in front of the mirror to wash his face. He soaked the handkerchief, wrung it dry, and began to wipe his face. After wiping it once, he soaked the handkerchief in the water and wrung it out again. He suddenly looked up and the look of the person in the mirror had changed! 

“Do you want him?” He mumbled into the mirror, parting his wet bangs and revealing a beautiful and innocent-looking face. Now, however, it had an expression that contradicted his appearance.

The man’s eyes flashed with a dark light, madness hidden deep within them. He was like a bow drawn to the extreme which would fall apart with a little more force.


Qin Yuan chuckled and continued, “Don’t be silent, I know you want to.”

Then he added, “I like him too.” 

Another person seemed to be eager to express his will. The expression of the man in the mirror began to change. He seemed to be afraid, but he stated firmly, “Don’t hurt him.”

“Of course.” He lowered his eyes, then suddenly raised them. His eyes looked a little scary as they were opened to the maximum, his pupils were dilated unnaturally, his grin becoming wilder and wilder. He stated in a shrill voice, “He’ll be ours. He can only be ours, heh, I can share him with you.” 

The next second he suddenly grimaced, staring at his face in the mirror, he punched it with such force that the mirror shattered. Several cracks appeared on the smooth surface of the mirror in an instant, and the tiny fragments of the shattered mirror were plunged into his hand, blood gurgling out of the wound, dripping into the sink.

The white sink was dyed bright red. 

The dim light of the bathroom, the unpredictable man, and the blood-stained sink made the scene seem a little eerie and strange at night. 

He didn’t care about the strange atmosphere, he just looked at himself in the mirror and said, “No, I’m jealous of you. I’m going insane with jealousy with just the thought of sharing him with you.”

“I’m insanely jealous.” He gritted his upper and lower teeth, glaring fiercely at his reflection in the mirror as if he had bitten his other self down the throat, letting the foul and rusty taste of his blood pour into his throat.

“Heh.” He suddenly began to laugh nervously, hurting his hand against the broken mirror and writing something with his blood. 

After a while, he finished writing and said,

“I want to monopolize him.” 

Then the smiling boy in the mirror suddenly stopped. He lowered his head timidly, but he unwillingly lifted it up again. Facing the gaze of the boy in the mirror, expressing the firmness of his will.

He looked at the name, “Jian”, written with the blood on the mirror, and said word by word, “I won’t give him to you.” It was the first time that he didn’t stutter. 

The boy in the mirror began to laugh again as if he had heard the most ridiculous joke in the world. He laughed more and more loudly, laughing at his other self with all his might, and finally wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

He raised his eyebrows dangerously, then his smile disappeared in an instant. He replied with a stern face, “You trash. Do you want to fight with me?”

“Hahaha-” he laughed at the man’s silence, half sarcastic and half joyful. 

He kissed the blood-stained name gently, and there was a mixture of piety and hysteria in his movements. Suddenly his words became softer, but with frightening madness and resentment.

“Why does he only know you, why should I only be a second personality?”

“You can’t compete with me.” 






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