Chapter 42


Shen Fengyue can clearly feel his blood from the body was rapidly converging towards his left hand, and because the pain was too intense, he was already a little numb. He could not even feel the existence of his hand, leaving his face pale because of excessive blood loss.

When Siren carried him to dive into the sea, his heart was full of despair, thinking that he would most likely be choked to death.

Who knows the moment he entered the sea, the blue liquid surrounded him, as the seawater entered his nasal cavity, leading to some kind of transformation, only the oxygen was left behind.

Shen Fengyue touched his neck, afraid that his neck might have grown six gills.

The smooth touch on his neck finally made him put his mind at ease.

Siren hugged him under the sea, and then emerged from the surface, a vast cave appeared in front of the eyes.

Siren lifted him up with force, sending Shen Fengyue to the ground. He was half immersed in the water as he took Shen Fengyue’s injured hand and looked down at the bloody hole in the palm of his hand.

Because of soaking in the seawater, the edges of the wounds were white and even the flesh looked a little deformed.


This wound looked ugly, Shen Fengyue himself cannot bear to look, but seeing Siren blaming himself like that, he can not help but comfort, “I am fine, not at all painful, you see.” He said as he moved the injured hand, with a smile on his face.

Siren pressed down the restless hand and raised his eyes to look at Shen Fengyue.

His eyes were covered with a layer of water. There were a few drops of water on the eyelashes too. Siren with his watery eyes was looking at Shen Fengyue as his eyes became faintly red.

Shen Fengyue couldn’t tell whether it was seawater or tears. The next moment, Siren’s eyes drooped as he kissed his hand.

As he lowered his gaze, his eyes blinked. A line of water flowed down the corner of his eye, sliding across the cheek, forming a round little water drop at the jawline.

As the water drop fell, Shen Fengyue subconsciously reached out his other hand to catch it and a bright white pearl appeared in his hands.

The merman’s tear fell and became pearls.

Siren stuck out his tongue and licked the edge of the wound step by step, little by little, slowly and carefully.

Where ever his tongue licked, it brought up a tingling sensation, as if it set ablaze a fire. Shen Fengyue felt so hot that he wanted to withdraw his hand, but was suppressed by Siren with an unquestionable attitude.

Immediately afterward, several more water lines slid down the previous trail, turning into pearls falling on Shen Fengyue’s hand. The collected pearls collided with each other, emitting a crisp and pleasant sound.

Shen Fengyue put the pearls on the side, raised his hand to wipe the tears from Siren, his thumb wiped off the water stains against the corner of Siren’s eyes, he said softly, “Don’t cry.”

Siren was still crying, wetting his thumb with a warm liquid, and licking the wound for Shen Fengyue. 

After Siren licked the wound inside and out, he finally lifted his head.

“You’ll be alright.”

As his words fell, a miracle happened. The flesh around the bloody hole squirmed, the two sides of the flesh intersected as the blood formed silk-like threads. The blood threads were woven into a dense web, gradually filling the gaps in the hole, finally turning into flesh.

At last, the epidermis grew, also as silk threads. By the end of the process, Shen Fengyue’s hand looked intact and smooth as new.

Siren touched his hand, again and again, his eyes filled with hidden joy.

“I will never let you get hurt again.” Shen Fengyue was suddenly embraced. Siren buried his head in the nape of his neck and swore.

“Okay, I know.” Shen Fengyue obediently hugged him back after a moment of surprise, wrapping his hands around Siren’s strong, thin waist.

Siren suddenly remembered something after the hug, and gave Shen Fengyue a kiss on the cheek, and then jumped into the sea.

Only leaving an, “I’ll go find some food.” And then disappeared.

Shen Fengyue covered his face and did not come back to his senses for a while.

The system was surprised, “Wow, you’ve been kissed again.”

Shen Fengyue, “…”

Because he and Siren were fugitives, they certainly cannot return to the town. So, Shen Fengyue began living a fugitive’s life with Siren by the sea, and their relationship became more and more intimate.

Something was quietly changing in the dark.

It was another full moon night.

Shen Fengyue was sitting on the edge of the cave, staring at the full moon. Suddenly there was a splash, someone emerged from the water, picking him up with ease and running.

Shen Fengyue was put on a reef with a dumbfounded face. Siren stood half a meter away from him, with a serious and contemplating expression. His hand cupped into a fist, trying his best to restrain something.

The night sky was surprisingly beautiful. The moon was hanging in the sky, sprinkling its moonlight on the sea, casting blurred moon reflection and causing waves of light. The stars were all over the sky, from time to time emitting a bit of light. In front of the blue sea stood a merman, half immersed in the sea, looking at him seriously.

Inexplicably, a sentence suddenly appeared in Shen Fengyue’s mind.

— The moon reflected on the sea is the moon in the sky, and the person in front of me is the person I like.

He shook his head to shake off these messy thoughts, thinking what these were all about.

“Siren, what’s wrong?”

Under the water, Siren’s restless tail twisted wildly, but the upper body looked calm and self-composed, as he hid an object behind his back with his hands.

“Anton, I want to give you something.”

Shen Fengyue couldn’t figure out why would he be so anxious in just giving something, “What is it?”

“You close your eyes.” Siren shook his head, “I’ll give it to you only if you close your eyes.”

Shen Fengyue wanted to tease with a few words, only to see the serious glare in Siren’s round eyes. Shen Fengyue was defeated and said, “Well, well, I want to see what you want to give by being so mysterious.” after that he closed his eyes obediently.

When Siren saw that he really closed his eyes, only then did he carefully take something out from behind him.

It was a necklace, in which a thread strung a translucent blue crystal. The thread looked long, thin, and easy to break, but in fact, it was incredibly tough.

Siren stretched his hand into the water to wash away the sweat from the palm of his hand, swam to Shen Fengyue, approached him, and carefully put the necklace on his neck.

The moonlight illuminated half of his face. The person in front of him had his eyes closed, casting a black shadow of eyelashes under his eyes. What was even more eye-catching was the necklace around his neck.

A bit of blue, lined with the white, the crystal shone with a brilliant light.

Shen Fengyue felt a small, cold object on his neck. His skin felt a jolt. He opened his eyes and looked down to see the blue crystal.

The crystal was not big, only the size of a thumb. Shen Fengyue took it in his hand to turn and play with it and found that it seemed like a small drop of water was hidden inside. As the angle of the crystal changed, it gave off different polarized lights.

“It’s beautiful.”

The corner of Siren’s lips curled up as he asked him, “Do you really like it?”

Shen Fengyue did not understand its meaning and nodded his head.

The next moment, he was kissed by Siren’.

A very tender, lingering kiss.

Shen Fengyue reached out his hand to push back, but he was circled in the arms of Siren and cannot move, so he stared at the ugly fish, found that person had been enjoying with his eyes closed. He stared fixedly at him with no chance of getting released.

The system sighed. “It’s exceptional to be kissed for the third time by a different person.”

Shen Fengyue, “…”

He wanted to tear up this broken data but felt a strange change happen. Faint singing voices emerged from underwater. The direction of the sound was not clear. It was impossible to say for a moment. He vaguely felt that there was something hidden under the entire sea.

The figures floated underwater, climbing upward from the depths, getting closer and clearer.

When the familiar tune floated into Shen Fengyue’s ears, he was shocked to the extreme.

The day of the distress at the sea, the blue moon shining that night… are, are all the same!

There is the wind blowing, caressing the calm blue sea, and in a moment sound of splashing came and went, as the various heads emerged from underwater. They all had pretty faces, half standing on the sea, men and women, young and old, approaching towards them, shrinking around them into a circle.

Their mouths hummed the same tune as they quietly gazed at the man and the fish in the center of the circle. Although the species was different, the emotions were familiar. Shen Fengyue saw the same emotion on all their faces.

— Wish… Blessings?

After the kiss was over, Siren reluctantly separated from Shen Fengyue, his long hair hanging down to cover half of the face, his arms circling the person in his arms, with his eyes filled with deep love.

The meaning of this was self-evident. Shen Fengyue’s heart secretly felt something wrong. Before he could think of a way to get out of the situation, he was pulled into the sea by Siren.

All the merpeople saw their leader leaving. They also leaped into the sea to follow.

“Damn! Shit! You’ve been proposed!” The sound of the system clattering and flipping information came to his ears.

There were so many changes tonight that Shen Fengyue’s brain was still confused.

The system’s voice was still intermittently going, “What about after the proposal… After being proposed, let me see…” system was in a hurry, and finally, the flipping sound stopped.

The system tremblingly said.

“After the proposal is… the merman transformation ceremony.”

“What?” Shen Fengyue didn’t understand the meaning of the system and was forcibly pulled by Siren straight into the deep sea. He swam extremely fast, as if in a hurry to do something.

“If a mortal wants to be married to a merperson, they must perform the merman transformation ceremony.”

“Old Shen, this ceremony is painful. I’ll give you a pain shield. I can only help you to this point, Ah! You hold on.” The system said, “This ceremony is not something I can watch.” As soon as the words left his mouth, the system disappeared. No matter how he called, there was no response.

Merman transformation ceremony? What the hell?

Siren pulled him into an enormous palace. The palace was supported by several huge stone pillars through which they entered.

It was like a plaza, with a circular hole broken in the zenith, allowing light to shine through the hole and onto the circular platform raised by the steps below.

The merpeople followed in, closed the door, and instantly the square was plunged into darkness, with only a beam of light hitting the two in the middle, both of them were in the half-bright and half-dark place, with countless pairs of eyes staring at them.

Siren hugged Shen Fengyue, lowered his head, and rubbed his face intimately, “Anton, thank you for choosing me.”

“Ah, no, that, I didn’t… well…”, Shen Fengyue knew something bad would happen next so he hastily refused and tried to explain, but Siren sealed his lips with his own.

Siren’s kiss was careful and dense, from the lips gradually shifting downwards. He moved down, licking all the way to the neck of Shen Fengyue, grinding on it for a while.

The sharp teeth showed up, his upper teeth gently gnawed on Shen Fengyue’s skin, producing a slight itching sensation. Shen Fengyue leaned to the side but was held by Siren.

The teeth rubbed on the flesh and made it wounded. Instantly, blood oozed out of the wound and drifted into the water. Siren stretched out his tongue, placing the tip of his tongue against the wound.

When a male shark is in heat, the tip of the tongue will emit a substance. If that is injected into a human body, it can assimilate the person into a merperson. A small needle-like thorn appeared on the tip of the tongue. The thorn pierced the person’s neck forcefully; the substance followed the wound and entered Shen Fengyue’s body through the wound.

“Um… what is this thing?!” Shen Fengyue’s body stiffened for a moment. However, he felt his body become strange.

At the same time, Siren’s tail climbed like a snake and wrapped around his legs. Shen Fengyue started scratching with his hands randomly, leaving red scratches on Siren’s body with force, but his lower body was still firmly bound.

“What are you doing?!” He exasperated, feeling anxious and angry.

Siren did not say a word, looking at him with downcast eyes, the love that was about to turn substantive flowing in his eyes. He seemed to look at his partner, who was throwing a tantrum because of trivial things, sending his indulgence without reservation.

Siren leaned down to kiss him.

The leg bones of humans and merpeople are different, so…

The next moment, the tail wrapped around his legs tightened, only to hear a click, and something was broken off.

Shen Fengyue opened his eyes wide, not daring to believe. Because the system turned the pain shield on, he could not feel the pain, but that clicking sound was obvious. It was evident that his leg bones were crushed! Thinking of this, he can’t help being scared.

Siren hugged his partner whose body was trembling violently, deepening that kiss, hand stroking his back one by one to soothe, but the movement under his body did not stop. The tail continued to tighten, ringing a series of sounds of breaking bones.

Shen Fengyue pushed against him as his tears could not stop flowing out, at the same time his neck was hot, and suddenly a trembling intense sensation struck over him, sweeping him into a torrent of pleasure.

He couldn’t help but arch his body because the lower half was firmly trapped, only the upper half was writhing wildly as if doing so would throw the burst of pleasure out.

Siren moved with his movements, the upper body showing the scene of the most tender kiss, but the lower body performed the cruelest series of actions of churning his own partner’s bones.

Such exciting scenes, if melted into one, could even shock the soul.

Shen Fengyue cried, begging with his eyes. His gaze was pitiful and heartbreaking, but Siren simply closed his eyes, trying to avoid it.

The beam of light glittered on them, making this cruel scene look like a holy one.

The painful clicking sound continued as the mate’s legs sagged helplessly as the powerful fishtail squeezed over them, churning everything inside them.

Blood stained the nearby seawater, slowly rising filaments of blood and seawater intertwined. Shen Fengyue opened his eyes and watched these red filaments float by before his eyes, mixed with tears and seawater.

He guessed that his leg bones should be all shattered because he could no longer feel their presence.

As if to deny his perception, a fine tingling rose from his legs, as silver scale burst out through his skin, making slight sounds after being clashed.

The two legs entwined together, the gap between them was also filled, no longer separated from each other, and the two feet turned into a fishtail.

—A beautiful silver tail.

The silver tail was entangled with the obsidian tail, and the moment Siren looked up, his face seemed changed.

Black hair, prominent nose, crimson lips, picturesque eyebrows.

The divine face was adorned with a pair of deep blue eyes, as if icy depths of the sea, profound and cold, should have been emotionless, rather it was tinged with blood.

He had seen the owner of the face for a long time, as he had never left him. Shen Fengyue gave a wry smile, and fell feebly into Siren’s arms, cold all over, like falling into an ice cave.

The long, painful, and touching ceremony finally ended, and the merpeople watching around applauded and congratulated.

Siren put Shen Fengyue’s head on his chest and looked down at him as the light came down, the deep blue waves flowed in his eyes.

“You finally belong to me.”



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