Chapter 4

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Wei Tianze was at a loss for a moment, but he recovered quickly. He continued to make trouble during class and didn’t stop until the bell rang.

Shen Fengyue could finally enjoy some peace and serenity. He couldn’t help but sigh, coming to class earlier than usual had made him very tired. 

Shen Fengyue said, “That child is quite capable of making a racket in the morning.”

The system was also tortured by Wei Tianze, he could still hear him call out “Jian” over and over again. Now there was suddenly some peace, and he just tiredly replied, “That’s right.” 

Shen Fengyue heard the system’s exhausted voice.

“Ugh.” One person and a system sighed simultaneously.

The well-dressed and meticulous homeroom teacher came in and announced that an art festival would be held next week. The program selected for their class was a stage play, and the roles were decided by drawing lots. In the excited atmosphere of the class, everyone went up to the teacher’s desk to draw lots. Shen Fengyue took a paper ball from the desk and opened it. After seeing the words on the paper, he froze.

“Oh, shit.” 

There were two words neatly written with a black pen on the white paper. 

— [Paladin Arvid]

This stage play was called “The Paladin”, a story full of positive energy, and the main character was Arvid. A person who was cheerful, generous, and bright like the sun. He was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and loved ones.

Shen Fengyue didn’t know how to act, and he drew out the protagonist. It was really God’s will to kill him.

The system knew that this was a good time to make money and immediately recommended himself, “I, I can do it. If you can’t do it yourself, I can help you.”

Their business competition was particularly fierce.

“Young man, it’s best to not push yourself too hard when you know you can’t do it.” 

Shen Fengyue smiled and rejected the system’s kindness, saying that he wouldn’t give him any chance to grab the bonus even if he embarrassed himself while performing. 

“Huh?!” The system was so angry that he became silent. 

Shen Fengyue and the system’s plastic friendship once again came to an end.


Shen Fengyue choked at the sound of the voice, but he had to turn towards it with patience.

“What’s the matter?”

Wei Tianze held up his note to show Shen Fengyue the words written on it. It read: [Devil King Alex.]

Shen Fengyue, “……..” For a moment he was actually speechless.

Wei Tianze continued, “I secretly caught a glimpse of your paper and saw that you got the role of Arvid. That means we’re going to be partners.” 

Demon King Alex was also an important role in Paladin, for he was Arvid’s lifelong enemy.

Originally, Shen Fengyue thought that the embarrassing performance would already be the limit of his bad luck, but he didn’t expect to be partnered up with Wei Tianze. Why did his situation become unexpectedly worse? This was too much…

Shen Fengyue was unable to bear this despair alone, so he decisively poked the system, “Well, weren’t you so energized a moment ago? Do you still have the same energy now that we’re partnered up with Wei Tianze?” 

The system fell silent.

“Tsk, didn’t you want to save up money to marry a wife? Now’s a good time to earn money, ah.”

The system was annoyed by him and gave a “humph”, then resolutely refused to speak. Even after Shen Fengyue tempted it with all kinds of temptations, he held firm.

The morning passed in a blink of an eye, and it was time to eat lunch. Wei Tianze hooked Shen Fengyue’s shoulder, escorting him to the door. Shen Fengyue was going to bring Qin Yuan along, but Wei Tianze tried to prevent him from taking Qin Yuan out. 

After calling out to Qin Yuan, they went to the canteen. Wei Tianze was a bit unhappy that his plot failed. Looking at Qin Yuan walking beside Shen Fengyue, he was so angry that he didn’t speak along the way.

It’s an unwritten law that when three people are walking together and one of them isn’t  familiar with the other, and the last person is their middleman, there’s an 80% chance that an awkward situation will be triggered. 

Shen Fengyue was now at the center of this awkward situation, with a quiet little cutie on one side and a fool with a temper on the other. The awkward atmosphere between the trio didn’t dissipate until they arrived at the canteen. 

They lined up in an orderly fashion, and soon it was Shen Fengyue’s turn to get food. The aunt in front of him was burying her head, scooping a spoon of vegetables. He prepared to play the necessary skills of persuasion which was commonly used on kitchen aunts. Shen Fengyue saw the opportunity and hurriedly said, “Thank you, Auntie. You’re very hardworking!” 

The kitchen aunt looked up and saw a face with an incredibly bright smile.

Kitchen aunt thought, Oh, children nowadays are so sweet.

The spoon in her hand stabilized, and she scooped another big portion of meat for Shen Fengyue. 

Wei Tianze tried to do the same, but when the kitchen aunt looked at Wei Tianze smiling like an idiot, her hand shook again. Finally, she only gave another piece of meat to Wei Tianze because of his pitiful eyes.

Wei Tianze, QAQ. 

When Qin Yuan was also done getting his food, Shen Fengyue took the little cutie and the fool to an empty table to sit down and began to eat.

“How old are you this year?” Shen Fengyue scooped a spoon of scrambled eggs with tomatoes into the rice and started stirring them to eat. 

His favorite dish was scrambled eggs with tomatoes. It meant a lot to him. Not only was it the first dish he ate, but it was also the only dish he would eat. The dishes in the cafeteria were always either very salty with too much salt or tasteless with too little salt. But this dish was rare and just right, so delicious that Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips. 

Shen Fengyue was always like this. When he eats delicious food, he will be in a good mood. 

Qin Yuan noticed that he was in a good mood and was also affected by his joy. The corners of his lips were also raised slightly and he answered Shen Fengyue’s question, “I-I’m 17 years old this year.”

Shen Fengyue continued to ask, “I also happen to be 17. What month were you born?”

“August, August.” 

Shen Fengyue patted his chest and replied, “Hey, then I’m older than you, I’m from March, you should call me brother.” 

Qin Yuan was so shy that his ears were red. He held back for a long time and said, “Brother Yan.” 

Shen Fengyue replied, “Yes.” 

“Brother Yan.” 


“Brother Yan.” 


“Brother Yan.” 

Shen Fengyue didn’t reply and just stared at him to see what he was going to do.

Qin Yuan couldn’t stand it any longer and said, “I-I just wanted to call you.” 

Shen Fengyue didn’t know what he meant. He just said, “It’s ok. You call me as much as you want.”

Wei Tianze on the other hand couldn’t help it any longer and interrupted, “Who told you to call him without any reason? Moreover, ‘Brother Yan’, even I haven’t called him this intimately.”

Qin Yuan became silent again by his interruption. Shen Fengyue was a little annoyed because no results were achieved these days. He couldn’t go back until he finished his task. Now, seeing Wei Tianze being so overbearing, he immediately chose to protect Qin Yuan. 

He faintly said, “Wei Tianze.”

When Wei Tianze noticed the change in his tone, he listened to him with a proper attitude.

“Now that Qin Yuan is my friend, you shouldn’t treat him so badly. Qin Yuan is very nice and so are you, I hope you can get along harmoniously.”

“Mm…” Wei Tianze also knew that he had gone a bit too far, but he was too embarrassed to say that he was jealous.

Shen Fengyue knew that his words had taken effect, and it was best not to say anything more, so he just nodded and concentrated on eating his meal. 

It was somewhat quiet for a while, but when Qin Yuan saw that Shen Fengyue was only eating one dish, he opened his mouth and broke the silence.

“Brother Yan, do you like scrambled eggs with tomatoes?” 

Shen Fengyue nodded and replied, “Sweet and sour, it’s weird but delicious.”

Then suddenly a spoon appeared in Shen Fengyue’s sight, filled with scrambled eggs with tomatoes. The spoon placed the scrambled eggs with tomatoes onto his plate. Shen Fengyue looked at the owner of the spoon. The owner of the spoon tightened his lips nervously and said, “I’ll give you mine, okay?” 

Shen Fengyue smiled and thought, this little cutie is really too cute. 

“Okay, thank you, Xiao Yuanzi.” 

When Qin Yuan heard this name, his action of scooping up vegetables paused for a while, then continued, the smile on his lips widening a bit.


Qin Yuan looked up and saw Shen Fengyue scoop all the chicken ribs into his plate, and the other side winked at him and said, “Exchange.” 

Qin Yuan carefully took a bite, and then smiled happily.

When he smiled, it was like the sun was suddenly shining into a dense forest, breaking the darkness and dispelling its haze. Shen Fengyue looked at him and felt that Qin Yuan’s smile was very beautiful and that he should smile more. Young people should be energetic. 

Wei Tianze stopped interrupting them. He only gave Shen Fengyue the scrambled eggs and tomatoes from his plate as well, and then quietly ordered two pieces of meat from him.

Wei Tianze said while taking the meat from him, “Think of it as an exchange!”

It was supposed to be a rest break after eating, but Shen Fengyue and Wei Tianze couldn’t take a rest because they had to rehearse the stage play. They had to wait in the rehearsal room according to the instructions of Ruan Shulan, the literature and art commissioner.

In the middle, they found out that Qin Yuan had drawn the role of [Attendant Cyril] so they brought him along as well.

Cyril was Arvid’s follower, and ever since Arvid picked him up, he had sworn to be loyal to Arvid and had been following him and suffering all kinds of hardships without complaint.

It didn’t take long for everyone to arrive, and Ruan Shulan gave out scripts to everyone.

Ruan Shulan was a very gentle-looking girl, with a single ponytail, short height, thin, and white. 

“Let’s take a look at the script first.”

Ruan Shulan told everyone that they could partner up with people on their own to practice, and Shen Fengyue looked at the Devil King’s embarrassing dialogues and chose to practice with Qin Yuan first.

After he informed Wei Tianze, Wei Tianze asked, “Why don’t you match up with me?”

“The lines are too embarrassing.”

“Is it?” Wei Tianze, on the other hand, started reading a few lines to him, “The demons have descended, this continent is ours after all. Humans are like ants, resisting my clan is like hitting a stone with an egg… Draw your sword, Gryphon, and let me see your strength!”

Shen Fengyue covered his face. Sure enough, just the written dialogue felt very embarrassing. He didn’t expect it to be more shameful and embarrassing to act it out. He’d better go to Qin Yuan cutie, right? 

Shen Fengyue looked for Qin Yuan to practice the scene when they first met. 


The surrounding environment seems to be blurred, Qin Yuan seems to be wandering in a busy street, he was no longer Qin Yuan, but the little beggar Cyril who was picked up by Arvid. 

He crouched by the garbage heap, the sun was shining. Under the sun the smell of the garbage was getting more and more intense, he was dressed in rags, disheveled, and was numbly looking at the passers-by. 

He counted the flies that fluttered around him as people avoided him in disgust.

One, two, three… 

Suddenly, a pair of hard-soled boots made of good lambskin appeared in front of him. He looked up and glanced over the man’s gorgeous clothes, and finally, his eyes fell on the man’s solemn little face. 

He was followed by several black armor guards who were carrying knives. 

The young master of a rich family. Cyril came to that conclusion by looking at the man’s appearance.

The young master said, “Do you have no home to go to?”

He didn’t like these rich and unruly young men and girls, so he turned a deaf ear to them. 

“If you have nowhere else to go, I’m still short of an attendant here.”

 He simply laid down on the floor as arrogantly as Lucifer.

“Food and accommodation are provided every month.” Who would’ve thought that the young master actually crouched down, grabbed his arm, and looked directly into his eyes.

His lips moved, and in the end, he finally answered.


The young master smiled with satisfaction, and the mask that he had been forced to put on was broken, revealing what a young man should look like. 

Looking at that smile, he knew he had fallen, thoroughly fallen. The man smiled like the sun. He was the light, and he, himself, was like a moth attracted by that light. Even though he knew the future would be torn into pieces, but he still didn’t want to turn back.

He was willing, completely willing.





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